Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Range day was nice. Very slow day I guess because the Forecasters were calling for rain. Not a problem for me as it only sprinkled a bit and the biggest thing I had to deal with was an intermittent crosswind. Woot!

I started out on the 25m range to run the pistol through its paces first while I was waiting for the sun to rise a bit so I wasn't blinded on the 100m range. Here are the results of that. Not too bad considering I am shooting a Taurus Millinium Pro .40 cal with a 2 1/2" barrel.

Here is the first set from the SKS at 100m I had fired a few warm up rounds at a larger target to get a feel for the wind. While doing that I realized that the front post was causing me to unfocus. I went ahead and replaced it(formerly 3/32") to one that is smaller (1/32"). Much happier with the results of the change.

Here is 20 rounds Rapid fire at 100m. Had 2 flyer's that were right on the edge of the paper so I am not disappointed with the results.

Considering that this is a 1954 SKS out of the Tula arsenal and has never been refurbished, I am not one bit disappointed with the results. The only modifications that I have made other than the stock was to replace the original rear sights with a set of TechSights. This opens up the sight picture a full 10" and makes fine tuning the POI easier as it has adjustable windage and elevation. One other factor to consider is that I am shooting Wolf black box pretty much exclusively. I have a few hundred rounds of Good Hungarian ammo but I would prefer to hang on to that for a later date when its needed(for whatever it may be needed for.)
EDIT NOTE: I did do the trigger work and it now has a 12# pull compared to the original 34# pull. Polished the Sear and Hammer faces so it doesn't feel like you are dragging over gravel. MUCH nicer. The improvements show from the original shots at the range where with Quality ammo I was only able to Hit paper without holding a pattern at all.

So while on my way home I over heard that the CEO of Freddie Mac commmited suicide last night. I notice that no one is speculating why he did himself in. I guess that when you only off yourself its depression and when you off yourself and others its a psychosis and not Angst.

Sadly I see more of this kind of thing happening more in the near future. I think that we will see more mass shootings and more high profile suicides. The mass shootings I can see being grabbed up by the MSM's to help push the gungrabber agenda. I can also see the suicides being swept under the rug as best as possible to try and keep mass panic about the economy from spreading. Just my opinion.

PS: was doing an inventory tonight and realized that MAYBE its time to lay off the range trips for awhile. I am still sitting on a decent amount of ammo but I am under a 1000 rnds in both pistol and rifle rounds(though over a 1000 total.) It amazes me still how quickly rounds can go down range(no pun intended) Ah well. We learn more than just shooting skills while at the range. Lessons in respect, safety, economics, history, Human nature, Mother nature, you name it you can learn it at a range. My Lessons today were economics, and self awareness. Lessons learned AGAIN.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calling a range day.

Tomorrow is range day. Its time to burn up some angst by abusing pieces of paper at a distance.
Being unemployed it may not make for good budgeting but what the hell. Everybody needs a release now and again.

Here is some of what I read today that got the blood to boil a little. (all while I am also reading " A Patriots History of the United States")

This from Billy Beck over at 2-4
His article links to THIS which in the Int3rw3bz just leads to further reads and more blood boiling.

On a lighter note I did find this that had me giggle quite a bit and lead me to e-mail the author in appreciation. Yes it still follows the same theme of my day but in a much more snarked way.

So in appreciation of the founding fathers, the minutemen and all the support that they had while dealing with a tyrannical gubbmint, I will follow suit tomorrow in the only way I can (at present) and shoot some hole in a piece of cardboard. Figure I haven't touched the pistol in a few weeks so I will pull out the Taurus and put a couple of Mags through her too. In Tams words, "shooty goodness all around!"(and yes reading Tams tales of shooty good weekend gave me the urge too. Nothing like the smell of gunsmoke in the morning. Almost better than coffee. Almost.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Now for a little time trip to a time when I was even more angry but unable to really figure out what I was mad about. Fair warning to those that are of a mellow nature: You may want to turn the volume down. To the rest Crank it UP!

Sadly I am unable to embed this since The Sony Label thinks its a bad idea. Whatever.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Patriots Day to all that remember

and We aren't talking the 5th of November here.

May the Tea Party's start that which needs to be done and hopefully this can reach a conclusion soon enough with a satisfying ending for all.

the new economic Stimulus?

(go here for the home page.)

Makes ya wonder if this is the end result that we are headed to.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the other side of the coin.

Coin literally being what I mean here.

When I am not yelling about the Gubmint, walking peeps through what not to do on their 'puters, or making little holes in paper at distance, I do the following.
(My apologies for by crapass camera.)

Last night was a 'national' night. We provided full rig to Skid Row and had a pretty decent night. I have to say that things have much improved over the debauchery of the early 90's. Not so much Booze and NO DRUGS!!!! Woot!
Good crowd, no fights, LOTS of beer sales. The Club was happy, the Band was happy, the Crowd was Ecstatic, the crew; not so much. 18 hour days tend to wear out any enthusiasm and make tolerance levels slim. Not to say we weren't happy but more to say we were WORN the FUCK OUT! Fuss-man managed to have a good end to the night.
The one not in 'hottie gear' is his GF Tavia so its not like he is pulling anything on anyone.

Here is another 'backstage' shot. Again, my camera blows for action shots but its what I have so I live with it.

I am doing another show tonight but its a local Coverband so no real excitement there.
So that is the other side of the coin I earn. whoohoo. I am asked all the time the usual questions about 'groupies' and drugs/partying/general mythology of Road life. I can tell you that those that are serious are VERY NORMAL PEOPLE and highly intelligent and talented: usually rather quiet and reserved. The Stories come from the sidelines and are typically overblown out of proportion. Thats not to say that there aren't some 'interesting' things that happen behind the scenes: they tend to be nothing that you wouldn't see in 'normal' life though. Yes the Secretary may be blowing the Boss who is married and his wife is doing the pool guy and the pool guy is married to his first cousin etc etc etc. Its all the same in whatever context you want to put it into.

With that aired out I am going to lay back and enjoy the rest of this Fine afternoon and I will be back on the political scene and Job hunting Just as soon as I wake up on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hypocrisy, backstabbing and calling the Kettle Black

Well it's been widely pushed today that, well pretty much anyone, that doesn't side with the new Administration is a 'Right Wing Extremist'. A'ight! I can live with that. I have always been something of a round peg in a square hole anyway.

So with no further ado: on to the news that is going to get buried by the AM.

First up. Obama files his taxes. bullet points here.
1) He filed his taxes! Now he is the one that isn't keeping up with his current staff. Better send in the Accountants and double check. There has to be something hidden.
2)It states that he and his wife earned (?) 2.7 million. Hey we know that they aren't exactly 'commoners' so that's to be expected. So lets go out on a limb here and see if his current legislation to tax the hell out of anyone making over $250,000.00 applies to him or if there is some loophole to get him out of it. You know, like that leader of the Free world get out of bill paying card?

Next on the list. U.S. Surveillance Report. So our current leaders seem to think that 'Transparency' means our privacy? Now how is it that Bush(whom I was no fan of to be honest) was Raping our privacy. He at least trusted us with Guns which is one thing that I can see that this Administration doesn't. (no matter that they keep contradicting themselves on this point. And Pelosi, I wanna play poker with that tramp. NO poker face what so ever. Lying witch that she is.)

Next up. Obama vows to change the Tax Code. Talk is good but the walk is that of a one legged spider. Mr. Teleprompter, I have an idea. Drop all of the income taxes and make due with the excize taxes that are on EVERYTHING we touch in this little country of ours. They did this back in the late 1800s and actually had an Excess that embarrassed the hell out them at the time. If you can't make due with that then find some Alphabet gang to do without. You have enough of them I am sure that somewhere there would be some other group to take up the slack. Just a thought.

P.S. Something to think about. I came to this realization some time ago but didn't have the eloquence that Concerned American does here. There will have to be some serious adjustments on a family level or some serious Re-thinks on a personal note if what we are really asking for comes about. Think hard about this one.

Tam has a post about today

This is a must read about what the 'Left' is saying about us. You need to read the comments section of BOTH pages to get the ideas.

There are those of us that will do all that is necessary to KEEP America Free. Socialist and liberals be damned. We ARE used to hard work and doing things we don't like to keep the machine rolling.

April 15th TEA Party. UPDATE

Was just going through my mail and happened upon the Yahoo home page.

Key note. Tea Parties are in the head line.

Down note. The MSM's are trying like hell to downplay this as 'Just a tax protest'.
There were several small counter-protests, including one in at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, where about a dozen people protested the protesters, one carrying a sign that read, "Where were you when Bush was spending billions a month 'liberating' Iraq?" The anti-tax demonstration, meanwhile, drew about 4,000 people.
This ONE person get an Honorable mention! ONE person not a dozen, and just offhandedly mention that the other protest included over 4000. 'K. No bias here. Yeah Right.

This is the reason I turned off the cable except for my internet connection. I don't want to be brainwashed by these pansie assed socialistic ,,, GAH!!!!!! I just flat run out of euphemisms for them Far too quickly. GRRRRRR!

April 15th TEA Party.

Well I managed to get another tax of a sort while at the Tea Party in Downtown Cincy. How about $35 parking ticket. Go Figure. Missed the meter by 5 minutes and that's what I get.

Enough about me though. This is a movement to say the least. 550 events in the 50 states. Who knows how many people involved.

Here are some picks from the Cincy party.

This is Captain. He was trying to make friends with another dog the size of a pony. lol.

and this was my favorite sign out there after this one below.

So the Local Government couldn't seem to find a way to stop this without raising a bigger fuss but they did something else to 'limit' the size of the event. If you have ever been to Fountain Square you know the size of the place. The City put out temporary flower beds that took up about 70% of the square. Here are some pics of that mess.

To keep things low key though they did shut down one block of Vine St do the crowd could form up there.

I have been involved with several Protests here in Cincinnati and I have to say that Midwestern weather REALLY blows. Every-time I am out there its Frigging COLD! Or raining. Funny thing was it was in the low 60's yesterday and today is in the High 30's. Good event though. Only a couple of counter protesters around and the local news channels were out this time.

I would like to say that these events give me hope for the country's future. They don't. I am a die hard Cynic. I see these people getting angry at the way the Government is treating them yet I think if the tyranny grows further these same people will (a majority of them anyway) would just fold up and surrender.

With morbid anticipation I await the future. Its kind of like watching an accident unfold before you and not being able to do anything to stop it.
I am doing what I can while I can. Later we will see what actions will be necessary.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey all. Obviously new to the Blogger scene so bear with me if I make some faux pas along the way.
I have been posting quite a bit on a Forum called IrateNation and following so many different Blogs recently that I decided to take the plunge myself.

I am not sure how I plan on using this blog but I will post stuff about how I feel about current events and my occasional range trips. I haven't found anywhere around here that will allow me to practice move and shoot so I really feel like I am losing some ground on my skills.

Well, Intros in place so I will take a dip out of here till I actually have something to say.