Sunday, August 28, 2011

ummm, Like a new home, the walls need some paint

But the site is up and I will start posting there instead of here.

SOOO,,,,, on with the show

the New name is Diogenes:Freeholder (though wordpress will NOT let me have that colon in there, dangit)

anyways, I hope to see you over there, pardon the spartan look and empty shelves, I am still movin in.

Gots it figgered out

Well, not all of it, but I can see where much of what is wrong with this country, resides.

Take for example the quake.

???? What quake? Oh, you mean the Japanese quake, right?

No, the east coast quake that had the MSM's aflutter with fearmongering and pantswetting.

And then consider the BIG Hurricane.

??? Katrina???

Nope, Irene, slamming into the Big Apple as I type this.

Again, Much Ado about nuttin. Panties in a wad, harping to the world about how horrible the planet is to them.(talkin 'bout the MSM's again)

Tam made a great point about this the other day.

And many AmeriCan's wonder why the rest of the world looks down noses at us.(well maybe not) How can any of us be taken seriously when we have such pampered numbskulls 'representin' us in front of the world. I am not talking about the SElected class either, these are college bred nincumpoops get HIRED to spout this shit. That leaves a lot to be said about those doing said hiring too. but I digress.

Is it any wonder that I REFUSE to watch the bubblevision with anything other than a bypassers role. The most I watch is about 15 minutes spread out over several days. Long enough to know that the disease is still in place and the infection is spilling over the same as yesterday.

Gah, I think its time to go climb a tree or something.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

a lil catchin up

It has been something of a crazy week for me. As y'all know, I am no longer employed with said company, no matter, and have been getting things taken care of while I still have some cash flow (in).
Went to Cincy to see the kids and sis, had a good time and grabbed some good pics of Granbehbie and a short video of her being her cutest. Had a few beers with Sis and had some good conversation.

Another good highlight of my week was cutting another shackle to the system.
When I bought this PC I was planning on making it a linux machine and just never got around to it. Lazy, I know. Won't make any excuses about it, just lazy.

No longer.

I had a little issue that arose that I have had before on other units and it is strictly a Windows issue that annoyed the hell out of me. I am sure it is one that you all bite your lip over too. UPDATES. How many times have you been trying to do something and the whole system seems slower than glacier drift?? Reason being that update engine is running in the background and hogging processor power and RAM. Well, I tried to suspend it and ended up causing a glitch in the system. PLUS I managed to completely FUBAR Office at some point and had both 2003 and 2010 loaded up, and neither would work at all, nor could I get rid of them through control panel.

Now before anyone goes posting cures or suggestions on fixes, I murdered that OS, MURDERED IT I say! FUCK MS!

I loaded up Mint 11 on this machine and OMG! it IS a different machine. FAST! Responsive, and forgiving. I am having to bone up my commandline skills but I have needed to do that for sometime. Command line in MS is highly discouraged by MS and finding info on the newer OS's CL is daunting. TO hell with that infection prone system. OS from here on out. There is the one point I have to address of installing Itunes so that I can manage my phone but there is plenty of documentation on that.

I do have some good computer habits that I have carried with me for some time. All music and vids that I have are stored on external harddrives, Same for all of my files that I don't trust to fickle machines. One thing I love about Firefox is its portability. Being able to quickly transfer ALL bookmarks and settings from one machine to another is pretty damned sweet (and for those that say its a tedious process, bah! cut and paste baby, cut and paste!)

Now, since I made one major change, Maybe its time to get serious about switching to Wordpress.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

back, kinda sorta

Went to see Granbehbie and family over the last two days. Should have been out looking for work like a good boy, but I am a free spirit and said to hell with it.
'Sides, who knows when the cash flow is going to be good enough to support the cost of fuel to do so at a later date, right?

Good times, no worries, lots of good conversation with Sis, feeling a bit relaxed about things right now. And the Jimmy did awesome in both directions, considering age and mileage. (and I ain't complaining about the 28mpg either considering the monster has 311k on the clock and 20 years under her belt.)

I have nothing to add that ya'll haven't heard 16 ways to sunday and will again. I only know that I am biding my time as best I can while I watch the cracks grow and widen.

My only real comment is on the earthquake. There should have been more damage to key places. I know, I know, Mamma Nature isn't that selective: one can dream though. LMAO.
As for Irene, I wish you coasters luck. I know most that live on the coasts have seen this before and know what to do. Its not like you aren't recieving ample warning so if you get caught with your pants down, its probably due to having your head under a rock. But good luck anyway. (Sorry Mayb, I know you guys need the rain but Mama N is thinking she has something else in store for you guys and isn't telling anyone "what" at this point. Go get your boat wet and have a beer :) )

Well, back to trying to make like a good slave and hit the bricks for work (but then I am going to be a good rebel and do some cheap ($wise) and sweaty stuff on the freehold. Figure its time I stop playing games and get it done despite my dads protests. More about that later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

just a quick link, back later

Insider: Played it out? No, not…you might think so but no…his people are going to raise the issue of race to a level this country hasn’t seen since the Civil Rights movement. White guilt got Barack Obama the nomination. White guilt got Barack Obama into the White House. At least it was a big part of it…they are not sure they can run on the economy by summer of 2012

RTWT here and here and here.

Just linking to something to think about, not passing a judgement in any way, nor am I trying to validate authenticity, which I cannot, in any way shape or form. But it really needs thought, and see if you can refute any claims made from what little information is actually making it out of that fortress.

Monday, August 22, 2011

All Quiet in LaLaLand.

At least that is my take on things right now. I haven't had much to say over the weekend, and with the surfing I did do, seems that others were of the same mindset. Little to add to the fray.

The predictability of the MSM and our .GOV is actually pretty pathetic when you get right down to it. While stopping for a cuppa, I saw the headline "Gadhafi's reign ends!"

woohoo, yippie, time to party like it's 1001BC

Just for giggles, would someone please, please, tell me what that has to do with jackshit in this country: just one snippet of reality here, and it doesn't need to be much at all.

Probably can't come up with much can you? Well, let me tell you why its "important": It is the "hey, whats that?" that someone pulls when they don't want you to see the suckerpunch coming. That is what this is all about. Only, in this instance, its to distract us from the fact that O'boy is on, yet again, vacation. Its smoke in front of the mirror, pure and simple.

And it works.

I know the mans job is a hard one, every president needs a break from that role even if its for a few days every once in a while. And while I really want to bitch about how many times this guy has done this and how many trips he has taken that were blatant holidays on our dime; I won't. The fact that he is taking time away from his job is a good thing as it means that there will be less intrusions developing in the interim. Not to say that there won't be further intrusions later on; there will be. BUT right now, Him, CONgress, and whatnot all being "on vaca" is a damned good thing for those of us in the field.

Only, O is schmoozin it up with, you got it, The MSM's. Hmmm, could that mean he is starting to lose his base of "objective" supporters and is working on regaining that confidence? Prolly: more than likely I think.

And who fuckin cares right?

Well, seeing the teeter totter of reality this country is on, I think there is much more going on behind closed doors in high places than many would suspect. I think that there is a coming power grab that is going to shock people into submission if they aren't 'all for it'. And many will be for it since they want something for nothing at the expense of others. Even though we all know TANSTAAFL is reality, there are many that don't and think we are crazy.

The tipping point is past, long past. Now we teeter on the fall that has been predicted time out of mind. Only it won't be fast and sudden. No, the training of the progressives has made fast and furious impossible. Just as in the Roman Empire, the fall will be spread out over time, more sudden in small areas but incremental over the whole sphere. And like the Roman Empire, our Armies will be spread out around the known world, to be absorbed or destroyed over time.

It ain't TEOTWAKI so much as HISTORY humming the same old tune.

When will us hairless monkeys learn to dance to a different tune?

Or am I holding too much hope for the species?

Back on later with my trials and tribulations within the Circus of Local Government agencies. LOL what a hoot, and nearly as predictable as the MSM's are.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thought dump II

I said yesterday that today would be trivial and frivolous: I lied.

I run around crazy in my own head, to the point that some think I am 'slow' at times. In all actuality, this is due to the fact that I continually try to cook a 7 course meal for 8 on 4 burner stove. Things get put aside until they have simmered a bit.(and I know that I am not the only one.)

This is one of those times. This article was read in the past by me and while it meant something, it took more time to really pick up the flavor. I guess what it needed was a little spice. Craig gave me that spice unintentionally but my thanks go to him nonetheless.

I would recommend reading BOTH articles before proceeding as the rest of this is drivel without that background.

This is also gonna piss some off.

I have had my say on somethings involving SSI and SSD in the past, I understand the whole "worked my ass off and paid into the system for years" attitude. Believe me, I DO understand. The fact that the system is beyond broke(n) should be without question and, sorry 'bout your luck, but if you aren't on it now, you probably won't be. Remember, I am right there in the same boat as you with the 'paying up'. It is money that is taken without my permission that could be used for some greater purpose and I have no doubts that I will never see anything but the numbers on my old check stubs, never to return to my hands. I am over it. Move on.

But when you really think about where this country has been going over the last 80-90 years (longer actually but the ball really took off after WWII) You have to ask, What was the cold war really about? Look around you and you see multiple shades of Socialism: communism under a cuter name. Yes, I do consider SSI a form of socialism even if the original intent was not designed(worded) that way. There are far too many on the dole of that system that have not really worked for it, unlike the many that did. (for example, look to the first recipient of SSI. If this doesn't scream Ponzi scheme at you, you may need a hearing aid.)

Now we are facing a seriously screwy piece of legislation that is called medicine but makes the worst socialized medicine program look pretty good.
That brings me back to Fred's article. Maybe I am that heartless bastard. Maybe not. Then again, maybe I don't view the world through rose tinted glasses. (which in fact, I do not.)
First in my line of objection to anything that has .GOV written on it, I refer to the movie "Idiocracy". If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. It will come off as a campy BS comedy, but its a ticking bomb of thought; It will blow in your mind when you least expect it. Without giving too much away, there is a point that is brought up, in the movie and in Fred's article about stupid people. The point in the movie is how stupidity was bred into the populace. In Fred's article, how it is devolved from Societal standards. Both are correct.
My issue revolves around the fact that "Stupidity" more often than not is just plain ignorance. Ignorance is more of a choice than a standard. Some don't realize they are ignorant and that is rather sad. Some DO understand that and choose not to correct the situation: THAT is stupidity. Ignorance is curable, but the victim has to want the cure or any efforts outside of that person are wasted. I choose the word 'Victim' since many of the ignorant grouping are simple products of Government controlled indoctrinations.

And I am preaching to the choir on that note. We all know this.

Yes, there are many in this world that fall in the "Ignorant/Stupid" class and it is entirely by design. There are those that only want more power and control. Shallowly taught persons are perfect to lead around with fear and intimidation. It is those that are aware of the facts, that are difficult and dangerous. (Hence, why 'patriots' and 'Preppers' are considered "Terrorists".) And if you can encourage breeding enmasse (through subsidies to livelihood) your voting base grows exponentially, equating to even more power and control.

When this country was founded, 90% of the land mass was "unexplored". Granted, there were indigenous persons all over the place, but that didn't count. They were never taken seriously until they had a blade at your throat. And yet, with that threat, colonists and explorers would brave that world to achieve something. What was it that they were trying to achieve? A better life? Seems that it would be safer to raise your kids in town than drag them into the bush with God only knows what hiding behind every tree. And then there was all that hard work of clearing land, building a house, cleaning all the daggum rocks out of the soil to plant crops, raising cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, what not. Then hoping that at some point there would be travelers coming through to replace those things you couldn't make on your own, or having to send someone back to get them, never without a promise of success, on either end of that trip. And there was NEVER any promise of success to survive any of the above. Many didn't make it, but many more took the calling and challenge, and so we conquered the "New World". Why? Why go through all that, hoping and trusting in something you couldn't see or feel? Pride? I don't think so. I think there was something more to it and its something that we have lost: Freedom! Freedom from Government intervention. These people were more willing to take on "savages" and wildlife, than take on that critter on the hill. Then, it was easier to 'get away' as there were still areas that you could get away TO. Now, the encroachment is complete. The only way to get away is to drop out of the system entirely (which they did then but had better odds of doing so) and possibly find some other country to take you in. There are no places left on this continent to run to. You may be able to find somewhere within the confines of our prison country but the odds are much longer.

And now the encroachment is to force us all into one system of medicine whether we like it or not.
I know this is late in the game but there comes a point where one has to vent a thought. This one took on some damned potent spices from Craigs post.
There was that thought, of my being some horrible bastard because I don't like the idea of supporting every swinging dick in America; habits or sniffles. The one thing I have seen in countries with SM is decline. Decline in the level of care since it takes money to support that care, and decline in the skill levels of the care givers since many that learned the practice, wish to make a decent wage at it; not 'just give it away'. Like anything in this world that requires skill, the choice should be placed on the one with the skill, not the receiver. If I chose to do machine work or mechanic work for free, I would have no end of work, but free doesn't put food on the table. Another side of that being, that free work tends to be the most critically eyed. Many times that 'customer' will be the first to backstab you when you can't afford to help out any longer. We all know that negative word travels faster and farther than positive ones: truth has little to do with it.

(side note: There was recently a free dental clinic in the Atlanta metro area. They had to turn away people and even have the police manage the line. This was a great deal for many and I applaud their efforts. My concern are of those that will be less than happy with that work, and try to turn it into a money maker with some lawsuit or what not. I am sure they covered themselves on that in some way, but the fact that it could rear its head shows just how bad that side of our culture has become. This also goes to my argument of "provider choice".)

So, Ignorance/stupidity, Skilled labor wanting to retain the value of that labor, Bad attitudes from the first group when denied, Government intervention from the wrong direction (mandates) and Power Junkies with a vested interest in keeping the first group 'happy' (at the expense of all groups of course)

So how does Craigs work cycle into all of this.
Every man for himself is the new "normal", best get used to it.....

What if that is the lowest common denominator and always has been, DESPITE all of the liberal mouthwash that has been ingested by us over the years? It fits right in with the natural order of the world, and while we don't have to like it, there could be much worse that we would tolerate. (as witnessed by all of those groups that have been wiped out via genocide in all parts of the world, including this continent.) What if all of this is really just a cover to something much bigger that is leading to a full out class warfare, instigated by TPTB, to get further control over "the voting class"?

And what if EVERYTHING you were ever taught was ass-backwards wrong?

Including what you were taught about that green piece of paper, folded up in your wallet?

More thoughts to follow, as always.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peekin out from under my rock..

Haven't really been dwelling much on the nets lately, same reason as always: lack of reliable net access. Yet, Seems to me that things have settled down a bit, for now.

Not that its a good thing. Tribulations means that there is just nonsense abroad, silence means something bigger is brewing.

I read somewhere,(I believe on The Woodpile Report) that what is itching the .GOV types is not "Terrorists" so much as what they define as "domestic Terrorists". In the Domestic terrorist realm, a terrorist is someone that doesn't wish to "toe the line" with the system. Seems counter-intuitive to me seeing how I was taught a terrorist is someone that uses violence against the public at large to sway government action to their (terrorist) point of view. Seeing how so many of us preppers just "want to be left alone", Terrorist is the last thing I would call us. But then, I am just a little fish in the big bad sea with no influence on public opinion in any form.
No, what I see is a label to sway public opinion towards the thinking of TPTB/W. THAT equates to terrorism by the definition given above. Even if a word is not violence in and of itself, the connotations of said word reflect violence. And words are all we have at this point. Words can kill. History will reflect that every war started within the last 2 centuries started with little more than words that escalated into violence. Yes, words can kill.

But how does one little guy in that ginormous sea, use words to inflict damage upon a self-designated enemy(as they have done by applying labels) ?

I don't see it.

Not one person. And there are so many that are out there waiting to infiltrate any group that seems to be gaining traction,(see current TEA party affiliations) that forming a group seems even more pointless.
Yes, I think we could make great changes in the system as it stands now, IF and only IF, we could maintain integrity internally. Yet, that is actually the harder part of the game, is it not?

I guess that I will just bide my time as best I can, to see this leviathan implode. Monetarily, we will. Where we go from there will say more about the integrity of "Americans" than anything else. I personally feel there are more "Ameri-Kants" than the former, and if I am right; there will be a new tyranny unleashed upon the face of this planet, and it will be at the whim of the last group.

There are days where I think our best hope is for the racially driven tribes to rip us apart internally before that can come about, but I ain't holden my breath either.

Will be back tomorrow with something completely trivial and frivolous. dunno what yet, but it won't be near as intense.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kickin back and watchin

And that is just about the extent of what I have been doing the last week since my last post.

Not a whole lot to add to consensus amongst freedom lovers. Yes, there is more shit taking place within the world. Yes, London is burning
(For James D, LOL, you asked for it)
Yes, the Military is getting a handful of the Classic Shit. Yes, the world economy is teetering on the brink of implosion. , , ,,,, @$%%%!!!!!

I just haven't that much to say about it all since we have seen it coming, See more coming once this is expended, and When that gets expended, even more to boot.

Why bitch? Nothing I can do to stop it and in many ways, I kinda look forward to see what way history falls. There is no doubt about it, everyday that goes by, we watch further pages of history being written. The Tribulations of the world are coming faster and harder with decreasing lapses of stability. Only one thing to do and that is to "Grab your socks and hang on". We may get fucked in the processes we see, we may not, but the Events WILL unfold whether we like it or not.

OK, Now on to one thing that had been on my mind. I read Bill's post the other day and I have little to add to or disagree with. I would like to reach a little deeper into it with an example though. AND explanation of where things went awry in some sense.

Recently I was looking for a masons hammer. You know the ones, squared head, long pick like extension on the other side for chipping brick and mortar.
Tried to find a good one lately? Finding one is easy. Finding a GOOD one is much more difficult. Most of the ones that I found were Cast. CAST! Just how is a cast iron hammer supposed to withstand the rigors of breaking shit?
Oh, that's right, its not; its disposable so that when you break it you will return and get a new one.
Seems that is the round up of tools as of late. IF you are on a budget and looking for tools; you are pretty much SOL for quality. IF you find quality, you will pay through the nose for it. AND sometimes, that quality is only marginally better than the Chinese knockoffs.

Short story, I found my hammer. It wasn't cheap but it was reasonable, And, its about twice my age. If found it at a roadside stand here in the state by some guy that buys up estates and sells off the 'junk' he finds. Granted, I needed to find a handle for it but that is simple. This hammer still has the hammer marks in it from when it was forged. I will re-harden and temper it but this one should outlast me the same as it outlasted its original owner.

BUT, where did we go awry? INFLATION. This all goes back to that argument about the Federal Reserve. The way our economy is set up for "growth" is to grow debt. This works well for the "Box Store" up to a point but it really kills the little guy on the corner and especially hurts all of us. Our current economy is actually the killer of Capitalism. True Capitalism is beneficial to all parties involved and should be self sustaining. When one of the parties manipulates the system to their benefit, the balance quickly shifts like a load of bricks. The only reason it has taken a hundred years for that shift to take place was due to manipulation by the main parties in the scheme.

(On a side note: Bill, you are a capitalist, by the true meaning of what that means. You believe in honesty with your customers and treating someone with respect, as you show by your commentary about those that are robbing other preppers blind on the seeds. There is nothing wrong with making a profit, but the balance should be that all parties end up the better. )

Once the inflation starting making MASS PRODUCTION the only way to do business, the little guy and the mom and pops were destined to die. I like the nature of Industry standards such as we have with nuts and bolts and the like, but not at the expense of losing the brain power of all those that have to be absorbed by the "industry" to get by. There are many in the world that have solutions to problems but the systems are set up to squash them before they ever get off the kitchen table. You only need to look at history to see that. Look how many Private individuals filed for patents back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Then compare that to the filings of the last 20 years. Most(though not all) are filed by corporate lawyers for some internal division of said corporation. The Hoops that one has to jump through to get a patent are horrendous. And they say it discourages frivolous inventions. (granted, there will never be a perpetual motion machine but to rule out the little guy while thinking they 'can't come up with original ideas' is just mean.)

Anywho, I have more on that line, it seems lame compared to the fires in the world but it is A symptom of what ails us.
Maybe when it all comes apart, guys like me will be able to float back to the surface and get the wheels back on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The hurricane from a flutterby

Ya have to wonder just what kind of education really takes place within the halls of large, ominous Universities. I am talking Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the like. I don't think it is so much of an education as a Brainwashing. Education by my definition teaches one to think for themselves and deduce reality from fictions. The "Educated" I have seen lately tend towards Marxist ideologues that haven't the first clue what reality is. There are just some facts of nature that can't be broken, to include HUMAN NATURE, yet these jackknobs seem to think that human nature can be nurtured into something it is not.

I dunno, the shit just gets to me some days.

Was thinking about Chaos Theory and how it applies to so many different aspects of reality. Y'all know this one, The Butterfly Effect is only one aspect of it but really lays the gist of it out quite nicely.
In this case, I was thinking about the whole job aspect. My losing a job is 'dramatic' to me, but where does the ripple end? As a shipping business, there are so many other areas we reach into that will have major and minor effects across a much larger sphere than the dozen or so people I deal with on a regular basis. The fuel we use, the maintenance of our vehicles, the tires we burn through on a regular basis.(each vehicle puts on 2400 miles a week, 60K tires don't last a year under that grind)etc etc.
All of these things are usually handled locally even though we are a national chain. SO Shutting us down, while dramatic on a personal scale; has the potential for a much larger effect across a much larger area. Individually and locally, it may not be HUGE, but the accumulative effect WILL reach into the tens of millions. And quickly.

SO, When I see El Presidente harping about Jobs, I chuckle. I have to laugh about it as the only other option is to get angry. I am done being angry about any of this crap. I have no control over it outside of my personal sphere, therefore, I can't let it control ME. Would rather laugh and have a beer and wait for the fireworks show. But I digress, El Presidente: Talking about jobs. Laughter on my part. Why? That Marxist jackass hasn't the first clue about what a real job is. Not one. I don't think he ever held a job that actually produced anything. His title had been either "student" "Professor" or "Community Organizer" up to the day he entered politics (and technically that last one is political) BUT NEVER production of anything other than hot air.
Other than service positions, the Government is not, and will never be able to "produce" anything. Even with the Military Industrial complex, the Government only provides capital, not innovation. Even amongst the NASA types, there really hasn't been all that much innovation in the last 20 years. Even the Space Shuttle was farmed out to subcontractors.
Keep talking about Jobs, El pequeño Presidente , keep it up; your antics amuse me. When the races start, as we are seeing happen elsewhere and even in small variations with our borders, I will be ready. Not to fight them, only to defend that which is mine. But I will be one of the ones that is able to pick up the pieces you so flagrantly ignore as essential to what makes a country (and economy) actually exist, not just posture.

Let the wings flap, the hurricane will come.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Got check?

Well, well. Seems that a discussion is order. Not that I mind or that its a bad thing. Just that, maybe, my thought experiment hasn't panned out.

Unemployment insurance: Do you pay into that program while working? Many think that they do when the fact is, they do not. If you are a sub-contractor, doing things by the book, then you probably do. I did for a few years and know just how expensive that program is.
The fact is, when you are an "employee" you really don't see just how much money exchanges hands between a business and the GOV. Its HUGE. When I was sub-contracting in Audio, I was dishing out roughly 65% of my pay into taxes. When you are employed by someone else, they match your input so you really don't see just how much is going out every week. As for the unemployment insurance. That is never taken from the employee, but is a program that the business is involved in. The fact that it is a federal mandated program should give warning to just how monstrous it is. Many business don't pay into it UNTIL someone laid-off or what not, files a claim. Then the business is footing part of the bill towards that former employee.

That's why so many business have that '3 strikes, your out' thing going. Its a great way of covering your ass when someone files an unemployment claim against your business. It all boils down to being legit under the color of law. (if you have Tom's book, this isn't news to you)

Where unemployment is getting the hype is all the extensions that keep getting pushed through the halls. Those on unemployment want the money to keep flowing. Granted there are probably a majority right now that are fighting tooth and nail to stay afloat in this economic mess: but in many cases, those that go on unemployment, stay on it till it runs out, THEN go get a job. I have seen it on a few occasions. In some ways, its just another 'welfare' handout. I have even seen a couple of cases where the person works just enough to re-qualify for it then "gets sick" or some such thing to 'take a vacation'.

(I have to use my position as a case example here. Here I am being legitimately laid off, through no fault of my own or my actions: "its just business'. BUT, I am contemplating taking the money and running with it. There is an underlying cause to my thoughts but the fact is, my intentions are less than honorable here. Yes, there is some tossing and turning over it. AND I have not made up my mind completely yet. Fact is, I may have no choice but to take the shill.)

Now I know that there are those that have, and will need it to keep afloat. All well and fine. I hold no grudges for those that take this in full honesty of need. I just don't think the system functions very well and is full of corruption (on both sides of the desk) and actually inhibits job growth within the country. Much easier to farm out the work to a machine or computer program that only needs an initial investment and maintenance, then a lifeform that has moods and drive swings.(and believe me, there are positions that are filled solely to assess that investment curve to do away with a warm body.)

Social Security: I think we can all agree, the current system of SSI is a Ponzi Scheme that make Bernie Madoff look pretty tame. Right? Here is my problem with the whole mess. This is a fairly recent development of our country. There was no 'safety net' or 'retirement plan' instituted by our founders. NONE. Why is that? Didn't they have our best interests in mind when they started this country?
Yes they did. And they also understood human nature far better than and Degree'd and PhD'ed Sociologist of today. Given the right motivation (IE being left to their own devices) people are pretty danged good at looking out for their best interests. BUT if you take that motivation away by exchanging it with a "Free ride, just pay a little in and the accrued interest will take care of you later." many will fall right into it and forget about that whole "take care of your own". I pay into the SS system, damned near everyone does if they collect a paycheck (and there is a way to get out of it but I have no idea how to go about it. ) That money is collected up and distributed to those that ARE collecting now. It doesn't go into a "lock box" or some annuity account for later. The intended standard was for that, but as history shows, was NEVER held to it even before Reagan 'balanced the books' using the funds from SSI. (Don't get me wrong, Reagan would have been much better if it hadn't been for the whole compromising that HAS to be done to get anything done in D.C. No matter who gets in that seat, their ideals will be compromised into some pudding that only greases the rails, but never actually accomplishes anything)
Then you throw in the Re-Written rules of the system and you get into even more issues. For example: If a person dropped out of School at some point and is now unable to compete in the job market, they are eligible for SSD. Think about that.

Is that an award for failure or what? Someone may try to sell it to me as "insurance" but I see it otherwise. I have busted my ass for my position in life and never asked to be carried by anyone though I may ask for a 'hand up' from time to time. SSD for dropouts is only encouraging failure to those in school now, that don't want to TRY. Nowhere have I seen one of those (and there are a few around here) going to get that GED, or taking advantage of the schooling (big surprise) to move forward in life. (My dad was a forced drop out from the 4th grade(family reasons), He never received a dime from the GOV until his retirement and that is SSI, not SSD. He did well by us kids even as a single parent with little education. I do remember him 'helping' with homework, to supplement his education. Stubborn? y'betcha! Proud, without a doubt. And I take after him in many ways.)

Again, I know this doesn't apply to all, not by far, but the abuse is rampant. (again, take my example above) Does one go along because that is the norm or does one stand on the principles they were raised with and get trampled under the flood of parasites?
In the interests of "helping along the crash" I am considering 'going along'. But there is that ripple of pride in my spine cursing against it. I know what will win out in the long run.

Do I expect everyone to understand this? No. I do know that many were sold a bill of goods by a long past Government that had no possible way to fill the bill. The figures looked good until you actually factored in people LIVING past a point in time. That was the underhanded side of SSI. They didn't expect you to live long enough to collect on it. (and why they keep bringing up age adjustments) In all reality, SSI is just another form of taxation by the FedGov only it has a pretty bow on top to hide the festering wound underneath.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Here we GO!

The job is toast: I have 7 total working days left before it goes the way of the wind(Last official day is Aug.20th), but I am not worried. The Goobermints within this country are about to take a shellacking with money; and at their own hands no less. I can’t wait to see that mess unfold. Maybe I should step back a bit and explain my own thoughts over the last few days while watching the time bomb unpack itself.

I stated the job situation, that’s a given. I can’t change the business model of free market enterprise, nor would I want to. Keynes did that way back when with his monetary philosophy, and all you have to do is look around to see the legacy of that mess. Nope, I am quite content with the job loss even though it tightens the straps upon me. Well, maybe; that remains to be seen. I am considering, seriously considering, Hoisting the colors. Since I have been employed with that company for over a year, my unemployment is back on track. Part of me wants to ignore that fact and do what I must. It’s a pride thing I freely admit. There are those that will tell me to collect on the unemployment as it’s an entitlement I deserve, that I worked for. Sorry; no it isn’t. It is one more example of just how the liberal (Communist/Socialists) have infected this country. I could expand on that thought line but I leave it as a mental exercise to those that read it and go “huh?”

BUT, why not? Not because I “deserve” it, but because “TPTB” deserve it. Take the money and run, take the free education “Re-training” option to boot and use it for my benefit (and it will have little to do with retraining me for a new job)

There is a term for this mentality. One that goes back to the Pirate days and is in common use amongst the entertainment industry still: S.W.A.G. It stands for Stolen Without A Gun. Basically, take what you can with minimal risk to your skin and breathing. If the Fed/Local governments feel like making such Swag available to me, I think it may be high time to play pirate and help that slippery slope get just that much more slippery. May not be much in the total picture (a molecule in the damned bucket with that new Debt Ceiling they ‘approved’.) but every little bit of highway robbery gets us that much closer to where it all accumulates (the Cesspool).

So lets put aside that thought for a minute: there are other thoughts in my head that need expounded upon. Let us discuss the Presidente for a minute. I was thinking, when I heard that our credit rating had been downgraded, that the Presidente must have some “Mucho Grande Cajones” with being able to sleep with the fact that he has done something NO other president of this country has been able to do. Then I thought about it a bit more. Of course he can sleep at night, his plans are unfolding EXACTLY the way he wants. Maybe not exactly, he probably would prefer a much faster fall then we are actually experiencing, but the point is moot. THIS is exactly what he intended with that whole CHANGE crap he spoon-fed his minions and deluded voters back three years ago. The HOPE part of it was his idea for being able to pull the drapes over our eyes long enough to get away with it. Yeah, this rat bastard sleeps quite well. That gray hair on his head is from fighting tooth and nail with the other rat bastards on the hill. Not one of them is rational about what our future holds, they seem to think that this is some grand evolution to a better country in our time. Evolution is a funny thing. They will find that out personally I am sure. She isn’t something you can force into anything, and it always takes time: Lots of time.

No worries though: “on a long enough timeline, the survivability rate for everyone reaches zero”.(tyler durden)

The time line has been accelerated towards the fall of the Great Experiment. I know that Tom B. sent out a letter stating that he sees said fall sometime in 2012 (and denies any ties to the Mayan calendar in the same breath, as do I ) But I don’t see the fall being confined to any one year. What I see is going to take at least a decade. The bell curve is on its downslope and has been for 40 years. We are about to hit the bottom, but if you look closely at the right side of said bell curve, it never really bottoms out. It steadies and then levels off. Rather like a pilot pulling out of a controlled dive. In this case, there is not a pilot, not in any real sense: the recovery from actual disaster will be due to people in general, dropping the charade of dependency and starting to fend for themselves. We may be monkeys, but we are smart monkeys.(Wildflower, I haven’t quite figured out if you are monkey or alien.) We just don’t always show it. (and that keeps us coming back to this shit century after century)

Like any monkey, we focus on our own welfare over that of the group. That is where these Socialists fuck up. They seem to think that you can get rid of that basic instinct in some way. They have tried it in their breeding programs (Planned parenthood) only to reinforce it. They have tried it in the welfare programs, only to reinforce it (generational welfare families) They tried it with the Social Security Scam, again, only to reinforce it. They only real effect they have accomplished is to reinforce the Mentality that “someone OWES me” across the board. That mentality is the entitlement process at work and is how anyone that follows it ‘justifies’ theft from others. AND that is why we are where we are today.

Where do we go from here? Well, I haven’t a prognostication bone or anything so this is prolly the equivalent of a pantsload from a two year old. We know we are going down as a country. The road is full of holes and there is nowhere to turn around and the end of the road is actually starting to show through the fog. It ain’t pretty either. I am just going to state how I see things ‘progressing’ over the next 10 years.

Over the next 2 years. O'boy gets re-elected despite how much digging of a cesspool he has been doing. The opposition basically lets him have the race since they are so divided amongst themselves, they can't pull together enough electoral college rankings to get off the pot. (Go ahead and prove me wrong on this one, I would thank you for doing so.) That puts us into late 2012. Between this day and that, the name of the game will continue being "Decline". That will be our new norm. Each week will show further tumbles into the pit, people will continue going about the routines that they are programmed for until their program expires. Then they will just wander lost amongst the bureaus of local Governments, gobbling up the free goodies for awhile.

AFTER e swearing (in) of O'boy in January of '13, things will start to get a bit more interesting. Having no idea, nor any inkling of what kind of monsters will be inducted into the halls of CONgress, the only option I can come up with is that we will see further restrictions of permissions amongst the Mundano.(I refuse to say rights any longer as we have ZERO rights in this country as deemed by the founders. We gave them away and never realized it. Now we are only 'permitted' to do things and are all criminals just waiting to be sentenced, within the minds eye of the GOV. If you want proof, try to leave the country, you will figure it out real fast)

During the years 2013-2015 we will see a further splintering of the country along racial lines. I am not saying that we will see massive disruptions due to race, but I wouldn't rule it out either. There will be a continuation of 'Racial Drift' into or out of major metropolitan areas (direction being color coded BTW) This isn't a white or black thing either but a mental state. There will be those whites drifting into the 'black' areas just as there will be blacks drifting into the 'white' areas. It will really depend upon principles. We will splinter into large tribes of coalesced thoughts. We will also see further growth of the Latino population, both legit(by birth) and clandestine (by foot) This growth will center around areas predominated by Latinos now.

2015-2017: The splintering will become shards. SHARP shards and we will, WILL, see the riots and segregation of large blocks of land. Financially, this country will start to see the trouble noted in Greece and Britain lately. There will be those 'entitled' that fight tooth and nail to lay claim to further theft of the coffers. (I hope they can eat dust, that's all that will remain then.) Food riots are in order about this time too. Farmers won't be able to plant, or harvest if they could plant, the food needed by this country. No Golden Hoards, Yet! But to say that they won't happen is farting in the wind. Hoards are dependent upon several factors and usually started by rapid Destruction of some main System. Food sources are only one aspect of that equation though they are the motivator of the hoard once the ball is rolling.

Its during these two years that we will likely see a move for secession. No idea where the chisel will fall but fall it will. The only real question will be if the wedge gets seated and has enough drive to make the split. IF it doesn't, there will be another right behind the first and then things will really start to get interesting.

This is where my prognosticator gets really screwy. There are far too many points of contention at this juncture: Secession or not, Complete Federal GOvernmental control or not, Total financial meltdown or not. My only thought past this point is this: We ain't seen nothing yet. No matter what befalls this country into 2017, the next 4-10 years from then will be like making out with Lizzy Borden then inviting the entire Manson clan over for a beer with Freddy Kruger and Jason.

I do think that we will see instances similar to the Great Depression long before we ever see things really start to melt down. The fact that this country is on the ropes should not even be a matter of discussion any longer. It is, but that is beside the point. What we do from this day forward should be the only thing to discuss. The "leaders" in CONgress need to be removed but that will take much more doing than we are able to deal with at this point. Now our only goal should be to live through to the other side as best as possible for the rebuild; IF there ever is one.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dio catches another spark!

And that is the inspiration that struck me yesterday immediately following the bad news of the month. Non-Gratus, Free, Ready to pick up and throw in the back of the truck.

Add in the following and you have the makings of a drum forge.
This little tidbit is under negotiations right now. My uncle has had this in his basement for some time and I asked to borrow it. Found out when I did that it needed a massive tuneup. Years of neglect. Now, I am trying to talk him into selling it to me.(cheaply of course, I am a cheap rat bastard.) Here I am cutting the legs for the forge.
And here we are, all welded up, and pieces placed, ready for the blower to be attached. Cutting that disc was a breeze with the torch; damned good investment. All the metal I am using is either scrap that I have picked up along the way, or stuff that I purchased in bulk during some other project. Cost on this one, NADA. Other than my expendables like gases and welding wire, I haven't really spent squat on this project.(yet)

TADA! One drum forge ready for a liner of refractory cement and fire brick. I plan on using the firebrick to raise the sides up about 8 inches. I am thinking that I will be able to use this for my melts instead of digging a hole in the ground every time. The brick and cement will be the only things that I have had to go to a store to get for this little project. Everything else was on hand in some form. Still have plenty of gases left, about 7 pounds remain on my wirespool, and I still have 15' of 1 1/4" 1/8"wall- square tubing left. (and loads of 1/8" plate remaining. )
After I have the liner in place and dried, I will do a slow 'cookoff' to set the refractory. More pictures then. That should be interesting. Then I plan on finishing making that daggum tool that I have needed a forge to finish. High quality steel really needs a good heat that just isn't really all that easy to attain with just a torch. This should be just the ticket for that.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back on the block and lookin smart,

Well, maybe not lookin smart but feeling just fine. See, the "End of the World As I Know It" took place a couple of years ago. This is just a minor glitch in the already glitched up mess I see this world in.

Here is the deal. I have a job up until the 21st of this month. Standard hours, and standard pay. I will receive a severance pay in addition to any sick time or vacation time I have built up (and I have exercised neither so the build up is significant) Two more standard paychecks and a severance check and I am done. At least with that job I am. I have a couple of things lined up 'under the table' so I won't be hurting, the only real loss is the insurance. Since I haven't used that either, I am seriously thinking about calling HR in the morning and having it dropped completely for the last checks.(actually, I will, no need for it and it won't extend past the 21st anyway. The money in my check will be better used elsewhere)

C'est la Vie. Like I told my boss before I left the meeting: There is going to be about two weeks of "my 'give a damn' broke" and he gets to pick up the pieces in the interim. Not saying that I will act like that but there are a few others that I can see just that happening. I am sure that they are expecting that though. You don't cut loose several hundred people nationwide and expect everything to be hunky-dory. If you do, you are as delusional as the ass-cracks in the District of Criminals.(yes, this was a business wide decision, not just this region.)

Time to move on. Was hoping to string this out for at least another year. No loss really as It has allowed me to get my footing in place but I am not so in deep that I can't cut the roots I have set. Seeing how this is starting to become more and more "The New Normal", I am not setting my goals too high. And no matter what, I will survive this "TEOTWAWKI" and excel in the new one. I am a stubborn bastard like that; just ask my ex. LOL.

Who knows, I may get a newer job that allows me more net-time. Will see, I always do.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Leashed to a wall :-(

Well, bit the bullet, dragged the charger along with me to the library so I could get my net fix. Using the phone is like slipping powdered sugar in the syringe for a junkie. Yeah, I am a Web junkie, but I have gotten better by not spending HOURS a day on it. I have throttled back to just a couple of hours a week.

The one downside of that being, lack of realtime information. I don't/won't use the mass media sources as the blatant lying has given me more nightmares than my ex-wife. I have to use Drudge Mobile for now to try and stay up on things. Works to some extent, but I also have to limit my file transfers to a set amount on the phone. (AT&T really gets outrageous with billing if you 'go over' even just a little.)

SO, without spending hours pouring over massive threads of information, I have very little to add to the fray at this point. Far too much information to absorb and process BEFORE I can give an decent opinion. BUT I can say that what I have seen, really boils down to "Stay of Execution". That kicking the can down the road that they have "accomplished" is just a further delay of the inevitable. It is really nothing more than giving the junkie a watered down shot of crank to keep him hobbling along for a bit longer. The look on Turbo-Timmy's face in the shot with Reid says far more, to me, than any MSM report about "doing the right thing".
(H/T to Concerned American for the pic, Link to post here.)
Yeah, that is the face of a power broker not getting his way," right now, the way I said to do it the first time; someone is gonna get put up against the wall if you assholes don't 'get on board" look.

I am sure that TT is getting that look quite a bit from O'boy and that O is getting that look (or at least the tone from the speaker phone) from Soros over the last 14 days. And of course Tearful Boehner had to play right into the shit with his stance (on jello).

Dammit, They can't do a damned thing right. Let this shit fail please! Yeah, its gonna hurt but you can't coddle the kids forever. They have to bust some knuckles, scrape some shins, get some stitches and end up in a cast at some point. If you surround them in protective padding, with rubber bumpers on everything, they will be far worse for wear when all of that protection 'goes away'.
Those 'kids' are the American populace, if you hadn't figured it out.


Conversation with my sis while in the Armpit of the MidWest: We were discussing everything from the Economy to Boson Particles/quantum physics to home repairs. That list went wild and I stopped trying to track it after awhile. What did get brought up was my take on what a collapse could do FOR this country. I had to pick an industry to show how things would improve IF the the Gov went into default and how it would better others around it in said situation. There is one assumption that has to be made in this argument and it hinges on that one assumption but the case can be made for MANY industries along the way using the same premise.
Higher Education: If the funding/subsidies all failed due to the Government going broke, The higher education system would go through a 'cleaning house period'. Those Researchers and Professors that are living in tenure due to those subsidies would take the 'high road' as they would be forced to 'earn a living'. Colleges are businesses, just like every other business. They would be forced to compete in a marketplace that was just as beat up by the economy. Without the subsidies to keep them alive, they would have to drop costs, and in order to do that, they would have to lower salaries among the professors. Many would just say to hell with it and move into public sector research or leave the country all together. The REAL educators would stick, they would be willing to take the cuts so long as they were able to do what they loved. Granted, Everybody has a limit as to how deep you can cut before they hightail it to higher ground, but there are educators in this world that Teach because it is the higher calling that they chose.(IF the government would get out of the damned way, I would jump into those waters with a quickness. I actually enjoy teaching people, far more than I enjoy any other thing I have done in my life. And I like to do many things.)

I am sure you can reason out the rest of that cycle. And it would be cyclic. Better teachers + more freedom in teaching style= better students= better teachers= better citizens= more business proposals=better country growth etc etc etc.

Did you figure out what the assumption was?

No tyrannical government to replace the one we (desperately) need to lose.

yup, big 'what if?" eh? I know, a pipe-dream of sorts because there will ALWAYS be those that want power over others. Always. Just as there will always be those that are more comfortable as slaves than Freemen. I really think it boils down to aspiration. So few have aspirations to grow past semi-adulthood: those are the ones that are happy in the chains of servitude. The ones that don't mind someone stealing them blind of 35%(or more) of their labor. The other side of that are the ones that think being fair is every one sharing equally. They are the ones blinded to the power hungry that would happily feed mom to the wolves if it meant they could gain one more ounce of political power.

With that in mind, I am going to cut this short today. My battery should be in soon and then I will be able to lug the anchor around without the chain. Both are heavy but together they are a real pain the ass. Tomorrow is that meeting and I really have no idea what is coming down the pike. I will drag the anchor with me tomorrow so I can update all on the further trials and tribulations of a working stiff named Dio. (and just for peace of mind: I have other work already lined up that falls very neatly into my plans of 'getting off grid'. I am good no matter what happens tomorrow)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I know, I know, Hard to follow that rule sometimes.

Short story, Lithium Ion Batteries SUCK!!!!!

Puter's down for a few days while I wait for the new battery to show. Will post more about my thoughts on batteries, the economy and how Li-Ion batteries make as much sense are our current 'leaders'. Back in a few days. Assuming that my luck holds, that is.

Oh, forgot, may be getting some "stimulus" at work. (you can read that as "downsizing" or so rumors have it right now.)Won't know for certain until Tuesday afternoon at our quarterly drivers meeting. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are you still carrying her?

There were two Buddhist monks walking along a path towards a shrine; one a master the other a student. They came to swollen stream and met a beautiful woman traveling, unable to cross the stream. Without thinking about it, the master picked the woman up in his arms and carried her to the other side.
For miles they traveled, the student becoming more and more agitated as time went by.
Finally, he blurted out "I can't believe a great master of the art would break such modesty by touching a beautiful woman so casually."
To which the master replies " I set her down at the stream; Are you still carrying her?"

I had a visitor on my site yesterday. Not a new one but I believe this is the first time he actually commented. Either way. Peter, You're right; we have our differences, we are individuals, it can't be helped. The reason am posting directly instead of in my comments is I want everyone to see this. I don't know if you are what I have claimed in other posts and comments on other sites. I don't KNOW if you are playing "Jenkins" as an alter-ego or what not. I have had my reasons to believe so, but that is all water under the bridge and to be honest, I don't give a damn anymore. If you are, that's your business. If you aren't, My Apologies for the accusations. I am setting this down now and don't want it to go any further.

There is so much going on in the world and I see so many different manifestations of it happening in people all around me. As I posted yesterday, something is building. Because of that tension, I am trying to keep as much of my world on a neutral heading as possible. Gonna have to have the ability to roll with the wind when it blows. It also means, holding zero grudges. There will be a time and a place for grudges, now is not it.
When I first started blogging, there was a tension. NOW, there is quite a bit more and in more areas. It is not all political either. What ever is coming is going to happen just like the slipping of tectonic plates: Sudden with a huge, quick release of energy. That energy could be harnessed by the right people to do good, or ill. It really all depends upon how steadfast certain persons are when things are all going wrong. It also depends on those that are trying (and succeeding) to building that pressure. There is definitely the hand of man in this buildup. As they say, don't let a crisis go to waste. Sometimes, what is not said is more important that what IS said. They never mentioned WHAT crisis nor did they mention if they were trying to create one. Well, there is one coming and they will be ready for it, no matter how 'ineffective' they appear.

I will be in Cincy for a couple of days visiting the brood. I may post while there, or not, dunno. I need some granbehbie time to cheer me up. (and she is word spilling now so it should be noisy and fun. LOL)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Darker times ahead, and it ain't real light now.

I had a post all typed out ready to post today. Upon re-read, I dropped it right into the round file. The reason why follows.

I am watching the blogs and seeing darkness invade so many people. Granted there isn't a whole lot we can look forward to at present, but I am seeing something much more, ,, insidious, taking place. It seems that everyone, worldwide, are starting to feel this dread, desperation, blue funk, what have you. It is starting to invade personal relationships, both local and distant. It is really starting to show that something MUCH bigger is in the works and while I have no idea "what" that something is; it is starting to show a very real presence. I don't believe it is entirely human in design either. I get the impression from wordings in conversations that this is something much more natural. (or spiritual, hard to separate the two sometimes. At least in my world it is.)

Clif High has made comment about these things. I have read the HPH reports and there are aspects I see in fruition, others, not so much. While I don't take these things as Gospel, any information, no matter how obscure or vague, is a plus when times are so in flux. (that whole think-tank rule, no idea left behind.) And right now, there is a lot of information in those reports that is starting to make sense as time goes by. Too much sense.

No more doom and gloom though. Not today. Just be aware that any 'conflicts' you may experience are probably reflections of the gloom that others are feeling. Slow down, think about it, talk about it, and definitely, don't take it personal until you know for fact that it was personal.

I wish I had more light-hearted writing today but things being as they are, I just ain't feelin it. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's for the children.

As most that read my crap will attest, I am an education advocate. Not that I agree or approve of our current public education system; I do push hard for self education and in the cases of lil'uns, homeschooling.

Here is just another example of WHY. (While I haven't personal experience in Memphis schools, my understanding is that its pretty bad when it does work. Seeing the current history of schooling standards, I haven't any doubt.)

It's all about the children, right?

It's all about that almighty fucking dollar, and has been for a LONG time. Dewey, that Satan inspired socialist of the early 1900's had much to do with how perverted and corrupt our current scheme is. And Scheme it is. There is not one legitimate purpose of our current system other than indoctrination into a socialist society. Our testing scores in relation to some (supposed) "Third World" countries is atrocious. The fact that our current system was truly established to educate (just enough) future factory workers of the industrial revolution, indicates that the system was designed with political intent SPECIFICALLY. And you can see it in some of the early textbooks of that time. Where stated intent is to provide information for the technician, BUT NEVER THE FOUNDATION of said technology.

If you understand nothing but one key concept, then you haven't the foundations for rational thoughts, NO MATTER HOW INTELLIGENT YOU ARE. Our founders were NOT keyed and trained pigeons, they were quite educated in a variety of subjects. Not all were even formally educated at all except through church founded educations. The classic education of the time, The Trivium and the Quadrivium didn't make it so you would be able to be a carriage maker or cooper-smith, or even a blacksmith. Nope, but they gave you the foundation that you could LEARN those skills quickly, without having to have formal training OR CERTIFICATION.(another of my pet-peeves.) Those classic education techniques were what led to the likes of Issac Newton, Bernoulli, Tesla, etc. They gave you the foundations to understand the world around you, question it, figure out if your questions had merit, and come up with new orders if they didn't.

Does our education system do that? Or does it teach you to 'go along to get along' and 'don't question your betters(masters)'

Personally I say the latter. Good thing I had parents and grandparents that were better educated than that, that were able to instill in me a sense of curiosity and pessimism.

Now, this doesn't apply to private schools (in general) or Catholic schools. The first should be taken on a case by case basis. The latter still use the older techniques (even though I still don't abide the forced religion part of it. Different subject but relevant to this point)and still offer courses that others have long abandoned due to fashion. (Latin etch)
But those schools are not PUBLIC by any means. If my father had been Catholic, I am certain that I would have attended one. He wasn't and the point is moot. None of that fixes what we currently have.
(((((Just for fun: For a test of your knowledge, current and historical Read this. See if you catch the twists.
When you are done, read this and see what you missed. Won't lie, I missed a good share.))))))

And yet again, I find myself saying the same damned thing. Let the shit fail so we can rebuild. It is too big to kill, it has to devour itself or become consumed by its own poison.
That applies to our education system (a part of the next one) Our Governments (State all the way up to Federal) Our economy, and in some ways, our pride.

Yes, I said 'our pride'. Our pride is what lead us here, and our pride is what holds us here. IN MY OPINION. Until we fess up, AS A NATION, that we are fucked into a stalemate of stupidity, we are never going to be able to move forward. This country needs to re-find its backbone and start using that and not some inflated pride that is based upon history only. Yes, history is important but if you can't back up that history with solid flesh in the present, you are just another history lesson on the books. (and part of me feels that is all this country is now, just like Rome and Persia and the Ottoman Empire. History lessons)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

extension of yesterdays post.

Once again, the socialist hacks of the great depression and beyond had a good hand in the indoctrination of those that I live near and among. My commentary from yesterday was induced by a growing feeling of angst that is taking place among the dependent class. (I can't look at them as anything else) They KNOW that something isn't right in the world (maybe it was the 2 years worth of NO COLA in the 'pension', Dunnofushure.) Throw in O'boy saying "not sure we will be able to send out the August 3rd checks" and you have a recipe for "TAX THE RICH!" from the Dependent Party.(to cover ALL of the parties). (8.13.11? We wonder, No?) THAT is what spurred my reaction yesterday. All overheard while sipping on my coffee and trying not to spew. It took an intense act of will power to not strangle one of the louder mouths.

O'boy isn't stupid, not by any measure or metric use to determine such things. Nope, this guy is smart: TOO smart in some ways. Deluded for certain, but not even slightly stupid.(and I say deluded simply due to the fact that he is convinced Socialism is a good thing) Oh no, This guy is slick like greased pigs in a mud pit. Try and catch him at the game and the media will scowl and try to paint you as some child-molesting, satan loving, Fearmongering hate machine.

The tipping point is past, now its just that slippery slope of no return. And it would seem that O' just keeps throwing more oil on said slope, to give us a little more momentum.

Why lie, I am to the point of cheering him on at this point. I can't see any other solution than for the whole mess to break. None. Granted, if O has his way about it, we are all going to be fighting for our lives and property, but the alternatives are not much better and more often worse.

All you have to do anymore is read the headlines to get a feel for where we are as a nation. The theft rates rising and theft of highly risky materials at that. The media won't paint ANY picture of the homeless situation but call around the local governments and you WILL find out just how bad it is getting. Jobless rates are just flat sickening for a country that WAS "the Manufacturing Mogul" following WWII. Then try and find one area that hasn't sent at least 50% of its product manufacture overseas. You won't find it. Not unless its something simple like the Weber Grill(tm). Even John Deere gets a lot of their electronic components from overseas.

Nope, not one bit concerned about those that are 'gonna go hungry' next month if the checks don't roll out.

But they will roll out.

There is no doubt in my mind. They may be a couple of days late, but roll they will. Right along with those printing presses. Right along with the raise that congress will give itself 'for averting a national disaster'.

Why? Because no matter how well the system has been manipulated, TPTB are not yet ready to grab the brass ring. They are getting close: closer every day. But they are not there yet; and they know it. They most definitely are not ready for a massive upheaval of pissed of dependents howling in rage about bribe money. That would be a catalyst to a genie they really couldn't put back in the bottle.

But while O and his minions play with the Mercury Fulminate, I continue pounding sand, packing earth, setting posts, and tilling crap soil with good soil, in preparation for when there is not 'a city up the road with what we don't have local'. I can't stop what is coming, and I sure as hell can't educate those around me to what is right in their damned faces. Denial is a hard wall for a teacher/doctor to beat through. I refuse to try now. They won't learn until its too late, then when they come for what I have worked so hard to accomplish "because its only fair", well, Me and the legacy of John Moses Browning will have a different lesson to teach.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just sick of ignorance

I haven't had much to say lately due to the levels of idiocy that abound around me. I have been reading the blogs of those that 'get it' more for a sanity standard than for insight.
It really amazes me how few people understand eventhe vaguest portion of our economy. Few realize just how much a trillion anything is. Even fewer realize just how far down the rabbit hole this country has fallen.

It exasperates me beyond words.

All I can say about it is: "Let the fuckin mess fail, please.". I feel for you if you are dependent upon public assistance, I really do; but I wont shed a tear for your delimma when it all falls apart. The information is there IF you are willing to look for it. Lack of planning on your part is not my fault and I will refuse to assist your demise through extensions to your further dependence. If you desire further travesities in the media, call your rep and plead for more money. It will only bring about the fall that much faster.

Will have more to say later when I have a real keyboard, not the touch screen on thos damned phone.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Noise, chips, and a hole

Nothing to add to the fray of distraction called "debt ceiling" other than the fact that Timmy G-boy will get his new credit card, The Critters on the hill will then vote themselves another raise, and of course that check that Grandma gets will only by 2 loaves of bread instead of three like last month, , , ,

Yeah, not much to add to that.

SO to lighten the mood, hot flying metal for y'all to enjoy.

Here is the first pass on the block. I have only cut .005" and you can see that I don't have much more to bring the surface to true. WOOT!, I did good. LOL

And here, after about 2 hours of meticulous and tedious 'back n forth' with the traversing screw, I have a hole bored out to 1.850". (I don't have a powered TS on my lathe, all hand crank.) To say my boring bar is a little peeved at me would be an understatement. (its not meant for holes of this size and chirped a squawked the whole time. )

Still a lot to go and as I mentioned yesterday, several more pieces to cast. (and patterns to make for said casting. All of which hinged upon my getting this far.)

Moving forward, which is far better than I can say about other things. Best to let that lie for now. Far to close to a blow up if I dwell on it right now.(guess I do still care some, eh?)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WHOA! Double post day.

One good and one, well, I will let you make your own mind on its status.

Was listening to C2C again on the morning drive. New (to me) Speaker on the 'American Economy'.

Nothing new to report. Same old shit, different day.

Then it hit me.

I just don't give a rats ass about what that psychotic bunch of theives does anylonger.

See, The country I was raised to 'Pledge Allegiance' to, is no longer. It may not be dead, but it has been castrated and lobotomized into some drugged shambling resemblance of its old self. Now it just sits on the couch in the east wing of the psych ward, drooling on its overgrown belly watching "Americas got Talent" and "Dancin' with the Stars".

It is almost like watching a family member with terminal disease and brain issues fade away. There are days where you (guiltily) wish they would just pass on so that everyone could just get on with their lives and the patient could be at peace.

And speaking of "talent". I know that show business is really hard work. That schmooze they show on the bubblevision is NOT talent. That is just one more manifestation of the above monster sitting on the couch.

How can I care when I see the ripple effect of that crap percolating throughout the general populace?

You want talent? Find a skill you enjoy, study it, learn it, live it. And even then you aren't guaranteed success. That takes dedication that few have. All you have to do is look at how many guitars Gibson or Fender sells a year and then look at all the Real Guitarists that actually make a living playing. You can probably name most of them off the top of your head, that list is that small.(in ratio to be specific.)

But that doesn't apply to the U.S. citizens, Does it? Nope, they can just audition for some sleazy crap-ass show and make a mint just by being willing to get up and show how fucked they really are.

Anywhoo, As I was sayin, I am at that point of wanting the patient to 'move on' so that we can get on with the rest of the history. I know that its going to be hard on a HUGE majority of people. Oh well. We have had it WAY too soft for far too long. There was a time where this country was known for hard charging people of character. Not so much anylonger. Hopefully the crucible of collapse will boil off the dross and what will be left will be a shining example of "Ameri-CAN"

If we don't fall into complete civilwar and tribal 'redistricting'.

Ok, I am done for the day. Have at comments, Looking forward to reading what ya'll have to say.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lucifers Furnace in Satans Sauna.

Had a hella day yesterday. Didn't start off that fast but by the time the sun was rolling over the horizon, I was beat.

Helped out cutting down some lightening struck trees, did some yard work, cooked lunch, ran to 'The bigger city' up the road to hit some stores for stuff we don't have local,



First up, I was working on this yesterday and the idea I started with, while sound on paper, failed completely due to humidity issues. Those that have worked with wood will know well, just how quickly thin wood can warp under high humidity conditions. (especially when you are cutting intricate shapes crossgrain.)

This pick shows how bad that warp is. It looked great for about 3 hours then started that silly creep thing. Even under clamps, the center hole started showing distortion from circular to ellipsoid.

SO, Back to the saws and a different idea today. I also decided to hell with that hole in the middle as it makes for a more complicated mold. That's why I have a 3-1 machine, right? To make those kinds of holes in things (among other kinds of changes in structure.)
Here are the patterns in progress. The triangular shaped one gets the hole filled with bondo a little bit after this pick was taken. (Seeing how I am alone while doing these things, I get into a groove and all thoughts of camera go out the window. I am trying to get a recorded history here; I slip though.)

Here are the finished patterns. I did something a bit different this time around. (inspired by a product seen on a shelf somewhere) I did all the usual things, Clean up rough spots, bondo holes, sand smooth as a babies butt, and primer with filler primer. I went one step further though. The last coat of primer went on after I was satisfied that there would be nothing to hang in the mold. BEFORE it dried, I dropped it in my box of Plumbago parting dust which is 95% raw graphite. I use the parting dust liberally as it is, but thinking that a graphite coating that wouldn't 'rub off' would do even better. (results later in the article.)}

Time to pound sand!

(in my world, that ain't a bad thing, LOL)

I could show you the process of packing a mold, removing cores and patterns, setting the cope and drag, etc etc etc. It's really kind of boring until you go to pull the patterns out but that means My attention is 100% on doing it right; Pictures are really not a thing on my mind.

So, things went well with pounding sand, time to invite Lucifer into the game. As you all know doubt know, there's a heat wave going on. Call me crazy but when the mold came out as nice as it did, thanks in no small part to that new technique I used; hell, I was inspired to melt metal. Un-Godly heat index or no. (rain would have stopped me though)

And Lucifer did well. I had 12 pounds melted in less than 45 minutes, ready to flux and pour.

I did get a bit sloppy and there was a spill and a small fire on the flask. No big deal. I am still getting used to using the large tongs to handle that crucible. You don't improve by sitting idle doing nothing. And this is a risky hobby at its best (and deadly at its worst) No burns on me and I didn't burn down any buildings; Guess thats all that matters right?
The moment of truth.

Looks good, still hot enough to be smoking.

The end result in front of the new patterns.

And here, I am hand working the two parts to match each other.(that is an old table saw plate, covered with plate glass and bondo, and I use a spray adhesive to hold the sandpaper in place. Cheap and highly effective for achieving a truly flat surface)You can see that even with great castings, there are still imperfections to deal with. Still, I am absolutely stoked on this pour. This is quite literally the best casting that I have done EVER! When I go to face off the crankcase, I won't have to take more than .010" . Thats HUGE to me.

Now, I have to make the cylinders, the crankcase faces, the heat exchanger, and the mounts to attach it to some piece of wood I conjure up. (walnut looks good with aluminum and brass) And of course, machine and hand fit all the parts AND make it work. Thinking I will add a pulley and and a 'dynamo' and light just for grins. (just like I were in school doing a science fair or sumpin. LOL)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Takin a break

That is something that we all need now and again. Funny how certain personality types find "takin' a break" in work. Not work you neccesarily get paid for (not monetarily anyway, though sometimes it works out that way) But in good, honest skull and bone sweat.

Craig managed to get invited out on the water to 'work'. (and you can read the smiles in his post about it.)

Me, Been making chips on the lathe and crunching numbers for my Stirling engine. Won't lie about it, I am cheating some this go-round. I found a couple of old "green machine" weed whackers and since they were junk, disassembled them for spare parts. In this case, a press fit crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons (with RINGS! Woot!) along with bearings and seals. (of course this means my original plans will need modified just a bit. Scrapped more like it. NO plan ever survives the first engagement.)
I might have been able to restore them, but honestly, the company is defunct and finding parts would have meant tracking down more broken ones. Naw; time to play. Side note, I also managed to get another 8 pounds of good solid cast aluminum for my stocks. Those particular machines were made damned beefy. These units weren't worn out in anyway. Just plugged up with Mud-dauber nests.(which is abrasive and really gets shit screwed up in carbs and the like.)

This newer design will be smaller since the pistons are nearly half an inch smaller in diameter. Since this is just an experiment with a design, scaling down is not an issue. It does mean that all of my past calculations are shit though. Oh well, I am not going back to re-work all of that. I will only do enough to figure the sizes needed for the tube works and the exchanger but that one is easy as it is just a ratio issue. Still, lots of modeling to work on, have a simple design for the crankcase laid out and now have to do the woodwork. Going to try and do it in 2 pairs of castings. Mirror images of each other I guess you could say. That will make final fitting so much easier (and if I ever get offered cash to build one, I will have the basics to make it faster second time)

It has been really nice to be able to look at the headlines on the Drudge and not get irate; just shrug it off as there isn't a damned thing I can do about it.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with those 3/8" cable drives from the shafts. Hate to pitch good steel like that.

(By the way, My next post is my 500th. Gonna have to do something special for that post. Never thought I would get past 200. Didn't think I had that much to say. LOL,)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a world.

I find the silence of the people in this country just a bit disturbing. The antics or our President; the Twitter soft "town hall", his use of AF1 for his current campaign (granted all of em are guilty of this one). The antics or our Quite Liberal Government (on both sides of the aisle), The abandonment by the churches (both Bill and Ann cover this one this week.)

Hell, even this little tidbit got my goat this morning.(that in reference to my last post)

And yet, other than a few bloggers, NOTHING. Not a peep. I am sitting here at a fast food joint stealing WiFi listening to the jabberjaws on FOX chattering up, with much enthusiasm, the crap about the 'food police' and how the Gov wants to cut funding to them. (Good say I, but I am just a little shit in a big toilet bowl.) Yet, again, Nothing about what is really going on. The directions that are being herded along with no chance for course correction. How can a change be made when the problems are blatantly avoided by those that MIGHT be able to make a difference? It can't. Plain and simple. The fact that these events are being manipulated and ignored selectively, is proof positive that there is driving force behind it and that it is towards a given end. There is one aspect that I think those responsible fail to see. That is the simple fact that Humans are individuals first and while you can herd them along for some time, eventually some are going to see the cliff and your stampede will shift course against your designs.

I know a few are seeing the cliff. Many are seeing that the grass is giving away to rocky ground but they haven't looked far enough forward yet to see said cliff. Then you have all of the followers that only see the ass of Lady Gaga and nothing else. No cliff, no rocks, everything is good, follow the herd.

And on that note, A little trip back to the 80's for ya.

Enjoy. (and this is how I wish we could deal with stupidity some-days.)

(and for those that aren't familiar with Gwar, Art students with a really sick sense of humor. Good people though. )