Thursday, August 25, 2011

back, kinda sorta

Went to see Granbehbie and family over the last two days. Should have been out looking for work like a good boy, but I am a free spirit and said to hell with it.
'Sides, who knows when the cash flow is going to be good enough to support the cost of fuel to do so at a later date, right?

Good times, no worries, lots of good conversation with Sis, feeling a bit relaxed about things right now. And the Jimmy did awesome in both directions, considering age and mileage. (and I ain't complaining about the 28mpg either considering the monster has 311k on the clock and 20 years under her belt.)

I have nothing to add that ya'll haven't heard 16 ways to sunday and will again. I only know that I am biding my time as best I can while I watch the cracks grow and widen.

My only real comment is on the earthquake. There should have been more damage to key places. I know, I know, Mamma Nature isn't that selective: one can dream though. LMAO.
As for Irene, I wish you coasters luck. I know most that live on the coasts have seen this before and know what to do. Its not like you aren't recieving ample warning so if you get caught with your pants down, its probably due to having your head under a rock. But good luck anyway. (Sorry Mayb, I know you guys need the rain but Mama N is thinking she has something else in store for you guys and isn't telling anyone "what" at this point. Go get your boat wet and have a beer :) )

Well, back to trying to make like a good slave and hit the bricks for work (but then I am going to be a good rebel and do some cheap ($wise) and sweaty stuff on the freehold. Figure its time I stop playing games and get it done despite my dads protests. More about that later.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Ma Nature is a cruel mistress. I didn't get my storm. And because I'd like to see the District of Criminals under water, I won't get that either. C'est la vie, beer and fishing it is, whenever I get to keep aq few nickles for myself...

Soffitrat said...

You make a post like the day before and then go to Cincy? Go figure. :) You are turning into a Rebel!

Rich T said...

Irene coning to clean up what the quake left.

Spud said...

Hell, I pitched my hunting tent in the back yard ta see how well it did in the wind and rain ! Came thru fine and dandy. Only got like 40 mph winds here, maybe couple inches of rain.

Diogenes said...

CC: Yeah, seems to be my luck on things too. The more I desire something, the higher the probability that I WON'T see it in my lifetime. (there are exceptions though.)

Hey Soffitrat, As if you didn't know I was a rebel already. LOL I am running free in the wind right now and loving every stinking minute of it.

Rich: We HOPE she can clean up DC but I think we all know that the riffraff that needs cleaned out will be the first to make it to high ground. Oh well.

Spud, Good use of nature to insure that your gear can hold up BEFORE you need it to hold up. Kudos brother.

Soffitrat said...

I guess you still have that SKS then. LOL! Yeah. I knew.