Monday, June 28, 2010

The week in Dio's new life.

Hey All, How has the world been doing while I have been absent?

From things that I have heard,

The usual suspects doing the usual Progressive crap. Gen. McChrystal getting reamed(resigning his post was the last rumor that I heard.) Obama stepping on toes, Rahm setting up to quit as the White House Chief of Staff. The Oil is still flowing like mad from the well in the Gulf. And there is now a tropical storm to contend with. (good luck to you Mayberry and any others that may be in the path of these things)

Seeing how I have been reading History books in my down time, I have figured out one thing.

Ain't nuthin new under the sun. Human nature changes very slowly, if at all.

The Romans went through this crap back before the time of Christ. Europe went through several phase of this before, during and often after the 'Dark Ages'.
Even America has gone through times such as this, Repeatedly. During the Lincoln Administration we had a large growth of Government. Under Teddy Roosevelt, we saw massive Unionization and Government intervention with Corporations among other things. Under Wilson, we saw the slaughter of the Gold Standard. (and while it wasn't perfect and could be manipulated by banks, it wasn't nearly as bad as the fiat toilet paper we call the dollar today)

And that only brings up 97 years ago.

Here we have a progressive/communist/socialist/nihilist/inexperienced charlatan in office, supported by a group of similar minded individuals that all feel that the Government is the answer to all of America's Ills.

I guess that history repeats itself and of course, the majority is deaf to its yells.

On a more personal note, things are going fairly ok here. Had two interviews this week and waiting on a third for that position. I have another interview scheduled for Monday for a different position. I have been helping my dad out as much as humanly possible: that can be kind of hard too. We are both rather specific about how things get done. Its amazing how you can be so attached to a set way of things.
The other thing that blows me away is how I can still be guilted into submission by him after all these years. I know I wasn't the greatest kid growing up. Hell, I was a complete nightmare most of the time. I would like to think that I have improved as an adult. Still, there are times where I may do something in a way that I find works for me, and he can give me feelings of inferiority with nothing more than body language. Never a word spoken, just the way he carries his shoulders, or walks.

LOL, I guess he trained me better than we both thought.

Sorry for the lack of posts but I know that I have filled in my current internet situation. I will try to catch up but this area most definitely does not move at the speed of the nets. (and I think I need it as I am much more relaxed than I was a week ago.)

Addendum: While enroute to an interview today, I heard that the Rats in the District of Criminals passed another midnight legislation of 2000+ pages.

My only question at this point is on that I think many have: "When is it time to start shooting?"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost in space.(and time in a sense)

I am going to post sporadicly at best for awhile. I hope no one takes offense if I don't respond to comments, I am not able to come back and check until the next post.

I am seriously out of the loop here. I won't lie, it worries me . When I stopped in yesterday, I had about 15 minutes with which to cruise through the blogs, check my mail, and check in with Drudge. With the speed that things move in this world now, I KNOW, I am going to miss something important. Luckily, I do have some ways of getting feelers out; they aren't all that easy to access and they would be a last ditch effort as I don't want to draw attention to them unless necessary. I think not having a live feed of market tickers worries me the most. I am not an investor, the tickers give me a feel for the level of believability within the news I do get,

What I saw worried me some. Napolitano wanting tighter scrutiny of the webs was the thing that came to the forefront for me. That goes hand in hand with O'boy getting a kill switch to the net. While they may want to use that heightened 'scrutiny' to babysit 'wanna be terrorists', you and I both know that it will be used to further 'keep an eye on' disgruntled citizens. These “war on” whatevers would have made Jefferson and Franklin openly retch. (I am not so sure about Washington since he did the whole whiskey thing and started the Whiskey Rebellion. Unintended Consequences right at the start of the nation.)

You reach a point where you just can't care anymore what they do. They can enact all of the laws in their wildest dreams of complete control and all they ultimately will be able to do is whine at how little we pay attention to them. They can seen all the thugs, raise the Taxes on compliance but ultimately, we, as a people, give them that power. We can take it away as easily as a grandparent ignores a grandchild that is being a brat. The more of us that ignore the brats, the less power they have. I think I am seeing signs of that coming about. Maybe its only a change in environment, maybe its a combination of that and lack of 'news' through the nets. I know the local news I have seen is remarkably silent with regards to 'politics'. Either way, it needs to happen. TPTB have to feel threatened enough to up the ante or we are never going to see an end to the growth of this madness.

One thing locally, I have noticed; The freedoms here are much higher than up north, simply due to the fact that people don't rely on the .Gov to take care of 'basics' . Hell, they would (and have) retaliate with force if the gov decided to step in 'for their own good'.(lets refer to the term Ridgerunner. It started during the Civil War but came of age during Prohibition and after. 'Revenooers' is still a dirty word around here. Only now, they aren't after the stills so much but the greener crops.)

Personal update. New phone on the way(the one I have, I have to go into the next town to be able to use) and this one will have a 3megapixel camera on it. WOOT! Now I can show off the gardens I have been sweating in. I can also update on the progress of my house(which I haven't even started groundbreaking on, Soon, oh so soon.) I am going to try and post one or two posts from the phone, just to see if its 1) easily done and 2) worth the effort if not. I hate getting something even more high tech than the simple phone I have now but I am a info-junkie. When it comes to internet access, not having that full time connection really blows. I can walk away from it if there is a need (like moving here, or the entire system gets nailed with a solar induced EMP) but if I can get around said issues, I want my information sources. Call me spoiled.:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am not sure if its a good or a bad thing at this stage.

Time to pose a question to all of you out there in the webs.

Is it a bad thing when EVERYTHING you own can fit in the bed of a covered Chevy S10? Including the Aluminum Truck box full of tools and the the roadcase of car tools? Even my mattress is in there. The only thing not in the truck at this point is this laptop, my sleeping bag and one small bag of tools that I kept out 'just in case' I need to do any repairs here during clean up. AND the Passenger seat is clear for the computer bag and BOB.

To make this even more surreal, I feel like I have far too much crap now. Obviously the heavy tools are already in place or this trip wouldn't be happening with just one vehicle. Still, there is a high likelihood that I could do it with one truck and a small(4'X6') trailer with room to spare. About the only thing that isn't going IN the truck is my 10 speed. I have a bike carrier for that. Gonna look pretty funny hanging on the back of the S10 and I could care less. Galt's Gulch baby, I am on my way.

(Confession: I did get rid of some furniture that I decided could easily be replaced IE: Desk and a tall dresser.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Woof!!!! Wake up call!

Woke up, getting coffee going, checking the Webs, and feel like I was kicked in the kidneys by all of the information. Its coming fast and hard now, and I really don't think that its going to slow down one Iota in the next couple of years(assuming catastrophic disaster doesn't make it all moot)

Mayberry has a rant. One I concur with whole heartedly. Must read.

GR4U has a tidbit of history and an observation about it. Nope, we haven't learned a damned thing.

And the Ultimate Answer to Kings points out to "Nature lovers" just what "Wild Animal" means. No Cindy, 'Bambi' isn't a helpless, harmless animal. Especially when Bambi is Momma and Baby is feeling threatened. Maybe Bambi can't shoot back, but if you end up in her turf with your natural weapons, she is gonna kick your ass!

There is so much more going on that (and much of what I am talking about it covered on Mayberry's post.) It really gets you fired up, paranoid to some extent, and depressed all at the same time. This whole 'internet regulation' thing is what really gets my goat. Taxing the net(like they don't tax us now through our ISP's) It always boils down to money.


Well, I am going to have a couple of more posts then I am going to once a week posts. I make the move this weekend and won't have full net access at first. I am wondering what the nets will have become by the time I do get around to getting a node. It's not like I won't know since I will be using hot spots and the like for e-mails and news(no MSM's for me) but seeing how things are going everywhere else, the way this administration shits all over the only rules they are supposed to abide by and write whatever rules they want: I don't know,,,,
Watching how this administration operates reminds me of Calvin Ball.

And they run EVERYTHING with a similar level of education and maturity too.

I am reminded of a 2 year old brat yelling 'MINE! MINE! MINE!" when I see things like what happened in the Gulf with the Barges that suck up oil.

I am stepping off the nets today. I have to load the truck for travel this weekend and I get so angry seeing this crap, well, y'all know what I mean.

Addendum: The DISCLOSE act was pulled from the vote today. That is not to say that the bill is dead, only delayed. For those that don't know, this is the one that the NRA worked hard to get special privileges for themselves, sacrificing every other gun organization in the process. There are more and heavier trepidations coming down the pike. Crap And Spend, Immigration(just waiting on the right crisis, I am sure) and Of course, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that they continue trying to sneak through under Sec.State Comrade Clintonista.

I look back in history and I see how Our Founders, preempted this kind of crap by declaring Independence, then waiting for Georgie to make a mistake(Lexington Green and Concord) We have been asleep at the wheel. Claire has stated its still the awkward stage, but I think it far past that point.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third time is charm.

I started several posts today and ended up deleting every single one. This will be the third subject of those several posts and bears on my post from last night.

I brought up rights last night and not one person took the bait to start a discussion about it. I don't know why that is but I know it's not for lack of visitors.

Well, I know I am not the wordsmith Kevin is, but I didn't think I was that bad. LOL
I know what my thoughts are on the whole Rights issue. I don't think I am wrong in my thinking that Rights are natural and we choose to keep or give them away by our own actions. God Given is one way of looking at it and I don't argue that but ultimately, its up to us to defend or surrender anything: Rights, property, life, you name it. Everything else is secondary to the first rule of defense. With that in mind, the only reason I see Speech as the 1st amendment in the BOR: it is the first method to use towards peace. Attempt to diffuse before you light the fuse. When negotiations fail, violence ensues.

At the bottom of every stack of paperwork is a loaded .45.(Billy Beck)

In my daily adventure today I was reminded of just how our system has failed us as a people and in turn, the people failed the system when we lost track of our responsibility to defend it.. I ran into several instances of declining education. One example here.(the grammar is atrocious) Obviously with the proceedings against BP on the Hill, we are seeing further trampling of the Constitution. There are some that see it as justified with the Gulf spill being what it is. I see it as further encroachment of a Growing, Non-stop, Government. I see waffling and regulation making a bad situation worse for many people. I see Union favoritism taking place with O'boy refusing to waive the Jones Act temporarily. I see mobilization of troops on US soil for 'clean up' or evacuation but no real motive stated by those that made that decision. (and we all know that Posse Commitatus is a great idea and a complete myth)

and yet

There are further moves in the UN to move on the international Small Arms Treaty. Only blurbs about it on the nets. There is more crap taking place in the Middle East with barely a whisper about it in the AP. O'boy and crew are 'spending' more of nothing on things that are trivial and meaningless at this juncture.

And I am sure that there is more going on under the surface that we can't see. Maybe I should say behind the curtain instead. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

That light at the end of the tunnel is awfully weak today. Who knows, I may only be seeing some Foo-gas and not really a light at all.

Even so, I have hope. Not that crap ass 'hope n change' O'boy spouted 2 years ago either. I see many people of good nature and solid values, waking up and getting angry. I saw several 'agitators' today and that warmed my heart. I can only hope I live long enough to have a hand in making a difference. One that doesn't depend upon a rigged election system.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emails, blogs, and Independent sources

That is the source of this post today. I am seeing a growing trend of people 'Getting it' and pushing for leaving the party.

What I mean by that is just acting like the Fed Gov isn't even there. Its kind of hard to have a party if no one shows for it. What would happen if all of a sudden(not likely but we are playing 'what if') NO ONE was paying into the tax base.

Does anyone think for a minute that the Gov could actually do anything about it? What would they do, Send goons to EVERY DOORSTEP in America? Considering that Citizens outnumber the Police by about 500:1 on a good day, I just don't see how it would be possible.

Then again, they already have a vast majority of the population under their thumbs and they haven't even loaded the big guns yet. Most people, even if they are dissatisfied with "our current freedoms", are too sheepish to actually lift a finger to get out from under that thumb. All the Fed agencies have to do has been shown very recently with the Huteree, that poor guy up in Maine, etc etc. They(TPTB) bark and the sheep run for cover. Rather easy to keep things in line when there isn't very much backbone spread throughout the herd.

This brings me to the rights issue. I noted in the comments section of Mayberry's site that some one tried calling him out on the CCW issue. He answered straight up about 'strapping that sucker straight on my hip'. That is the only way to carry it when you aren't surrounded by idiots that don't have a clue what self protection, reliance, confidence etc etc IS. Here where I live, I can't openly carry even though it is completely legal to do so in this state. I do on my own property and its vicinity. Elsewhere though I am forced to have to conceal it. I don't have a CCW. Nor do I intend on volunteering my name for another stinking list that makes it easier for them when they decide to 'keep us in line'. The only reason I conceal is how the cops handle open carry around here: They don't arrest you for that but for 'inciting a panic' or some other obscure reg that they pull out of their butts along with the magic fairy dust that makes it so "their weapons are safer than yours" or some other line of crap they feed the sheep. Sadly, a majority of the cops on Cincinnati's force rarely train with said weapon. They qualify and little else. It shows in the response they have with them. There was a case of a guy going ballistic near the square a couple of years back. 15 police, 500+ rounds later and they only hit the guy 16 times. Luckily, no one else was injured but it doesn't take a genius to see the potential for that with those numbers.
Sorry, I became side tracked there.


We have a Constitution that states our rights. Why?

Maybe we screwed up with that right off the bat. Link to a video here, more on the other side.

I know that there are some that will take offense at his stand on religion. Too bad. He has many great points here and the one I take from it was this.

WE GIVE OUR RIGHTS TO OURSELVES AND ONLY WE CAN GIVE THEM AWAY!!!!!!! The PTB are/have been/going to take our rights, even if they are taken slowly, and only when 'the majority' agrees to it. So, what we have, is The two wolves voting on what to have for dinner and the sheep has been saying "Ok,"

I am going to leave it at that for further discussion elsewhere(comments, and maybe a further post later)

Good night all.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LOL just watched the paid shill called Prez

Did I call it or what? Not only moratoriums on Deep water drilling, but pushing for the CRAP AND TAX issue and pushing us into "De-tox" from Evil Oil.

The predictions about 2012 probably don't have a damned thing to do with end times but more with world wars. Wars that will be fought over energy and water.

I am probably spouting at the mouth over this but I see bad shit coming down the pike and it isn't all politics within our country.

Just my two cents.


Recently reread "Friday" by Heinlein. If you have never read the book, I recommend it and won't go into great detail of it here. The aspect of that book that is 'bothering' me has to do with the Corporation States he described in it. Instead of Nations being the dominant force within the world, the Nations are really nothing more that tapestries draped over Resource laden real estate. The tapestry is there to give illusion for the citizens of said state. The real power being vested in the Corporations. As a quote from the book; "How does one go about H-bombing IBM?"

The reason this is bothering me is the way our country is handling, or not handling, the BP oil spill in the Gulf. I see the bickering going on between both entities and am reminded of the squabbles one sees between Microsoft and Apple of the 80's and early 90's. By Law neither entity is anything but a corporation with a CEO(president). And while one of the entities in this particular squabble is capable of writing laws that effect the other, both are in a position to cause great harm to the other. Either through economic methods or worse.(and if you think that BP doesn't have access to military forces(mercenary of course) then you really need to look at the security that they have to employ in some of the countries they operate in.
Granted at this stage of the game, BP isn't in any position to be able to strike at the U.S. militarily but given time, I could easily see the entire set up shown by Heinlein. With the Economy of the world swirling around the toilet right now, I could easily see the corporations making in roads to controlling the seat of Economic powers, either through infiltration, or election stacking.(SEIU anyone?) I know that the laws of the U.S. are written to prevent anyone holding a major position like that from holding office: one or the other, not both, but we see how well the Government and its divisions are at actually following the laws they 'enforce'.

On one side of my argument, you have the Federal Reserve; a Privatized group of bankers, in control of a nations currency. On the other side, you have the IMF which bears a surprising resemblance to the FedRes. Through in Groups like the Bilderburgers that no one really seems to understand completely and you start to see a growing conspiracy to do things of long standing and rather questionable ends. What would this world look like if Honda and Ford decided to have it out over the Copper and Iron mines of Afghanistan? Using 'national Militaries' to achieve their ends? Now just suppose that a third party (lets say Nissan) decided to wait until one came to the top of that mess to strike at the 'winner'.

I don't know. Maybe I need to just stop trying to bother with it and go hide in the hills until such time as my maker calls me to a higher purpose. I see much of what is going on in the world and the one question I use to try and figure it all is "Cui Bono?" Some state it as 'follow the money' and that works to but when you see where the benefits really fall, then you find the shadow masters. I have been watching the Gulf thing, trying to figure out just what 'benefits' are there to be had and all I see is a political twist to be reaped from it. Something where the PTB can use the destruction as a lever to enact legislation for something else, using public anger to accelerate the process. If they learned one thing from the last 10 years, its this: Public outcry can help any process, no matter how insidious or 'unconstitutional' pass muster. Just look at the PATRIOT act or TARP. There are more that can be listed. This is why no crisis can go to waste. Even if there is a certain amount of manufacturing of it that needs done(in this case, lack of effort can be enough)
The problem that I am finding with the Gulf is this, I can't see it benefiting any of the affected groups. Its making BP look like a clown of an Company, its most definitely showing how weak O'boy is as 'leader', its devastating the environment and livelihoods of those that live in the areas(and that is going to spread out in waves nationwide, we are all interconnected with how our supply system is set up) And now that Hurricane season is here, that mess is going to be spread further inland with no chance of stopping the spread at that time. NO BENEFIT TO ANYONE (unless you look at the way its allowing other things to slip through the cracks of information)

I am going back to packing boxes, Time to get my butt in gear and Finish what I started a couple of years ago. Last stage of the game and its coming fast.

Monday, June 14, 2010


That is my reaction to what the press, Talk Radio, and what not, when it comes to 'The Prez' and his incompetence.

Welcome to the "Duh" factor.

I am getting sick of all the bull, quite sick of it. I am hoping that my move to Southern KY will improve my attitude some. I am pretty confident it will since I will be surrounded by self sufficient people that really just want the same things I do. To Be left alone, to live life without some ignorant college grad without a clue telling them how to do something that they have been doing their entire lives.

Yeah, that sounds like the place for me. The entitled of this city really drive me up a frikken wall. What makes it worse is how many of the working people feel similar to those that don't work. Such a liberal city, or maybe I should say progressive. My take on it is "progressively into the sewer" but then, I am only one person with an "attitude". LOL Whatever.

Sorry for such a lame post but I felt I had to make a minor statement about things today. I will be back on later to post for tomorrow. I need a break from going through my junk trying to figure out what to keep and what to pitch/sell/give away. Time to empty the cup for a time while I establish my new world.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

They meddle.

Here we have what is fast becoming a regular headline. Change the numbers a bit each time but the story is the same. "We need to do this to keep the recovery moving."

I know that I am preaching to the choir on this but it seems to me that these , , Dammit, I am running out of expletives to use to vent my anger at them. These assholes just don't get that there IS NO MONEY!!!!!

I know that when I am trying to figure out how to put a septic tank on my property so that I can get the ONLY permit I need to build my house, I am not looking at grabbing something that doesn't exist to throw at it. I figure out what I can cut out of an already tight budget(and there is ALWAYS something that can be cut if you aren't completely destitute) to afford that one big purchase. The Rest of the house will happen in time and will become exponentially more doable as time goes by(assuming that the world doesn't blow into a gazillion directions before then) I know that the rest of the working world understands this concept. You have to budget things and if you "absolutely have to make it happen, Right now" than something else is going to get put on hold, sold, traded, or you are going to go to the bank/rich family member/Mob Boss/something and make yourself as pathetically humbled to be asking for a favor of that nature. Not the asswipes on the hill. They just run some paper through committees, pass some resolution and then RIP IT RIGHT OUT OF OUR POCKETS and then give us grief about how unfeeling we are if we bitch about it.

I don't feed at the public trough, I only know a few that do(my dad is on SSI for his retirement and I don't begrudge him that pittance that he worked his entire life for. Ponzi scheme that it is) I know that no matter what, I will never see a dime from this country even though I have been paying and paying and paying since I started working. I see roads and infrastructure that should be the priority to the Fed Gov but is really nothing more than a carrot for them to dangle to the states. Other than that, well, I can't even begin to voice my frustration enough right now.

Its late, I am tired, I am surrounded by boxes with stuff that I need to go through, and I am to the point of just not giving a shit if things head south at this point. If the FedGov fails, the states may have a chance to recover IF and only IF they realize that the people are the real source of power and Value in this country. Until the people of this country wake up to that fact, the maggots in power will continue to eat away at the healthy tissue that makes this country function. When the healthy tissue is gone, the diseased tissue will begin to further degrade into an oozing pustule of slime. When that happens, I hope like hell I am already dead at the hands of the dogs and that I took dozens of them out with me. I Love this country, but I really don't like what I see when I foresee the directions we are headed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wow, I go away for a couple of days and

things really get funky.

I saw this on Drudge and that O'boy is giving 400 million to Hamas.

Umm, who is on what side and just where do we go from here? Seriously, WTF? The American Gooberment is giving aid to a known Terrorist organization. O'boy is making that decision for whatever reasons he has(!), playing on the "feel Good" politics of a Democrapper ran Congress. That is just 3 shades of BS that I have a hard time to swallow. The fact that the Saudi's are willing to let Israel do its thing through their airspace tells me that the Saudi's fear Iran more than we do.(as well they should since they are in EASY striking distance AND in the flight path of those missiles aimed at Israel.) Having been on the receiving end of some of those pathetic SCUD missiles during the invasion of Kuwait, they are well aware of what could happen to a guidance system. Throw in a nuclear payload of questionable design and you are talking loss of life and potential loss of product in the oil fields.

Sheesh, I go play weekend farmer for 4 days and the whole world politics stage has changed scenes. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by it. Its not like the U.S. has any real direct threat from the Middle East. Other than what we have created by messing with a Hydra there(and we have been embroiled in that mess for MANY years. Kissinger and probably further back than that)
All I have to say is "Unintended Consequences" and I am not talking about the book but the law of,,,,

The yahoos that "control" this country haven't a F@#K!N clue what that means. And they keep poking one heck of a group of bears with every wave of that "magic wand" they seem to think they have.

OK, my two cents from trying to catch back up. I am not even going to go into the BP mess as I know that Mayberry is on it.(and livid as hell no doubt) Things only get more interesting as we keep rolling. And we haven't seen the inside of the Funhouse yet. Wait till they turn the lights out on this ride and see what kind of 'interesting' we get.

More Journal entries than Post. Enjoy.

Wednesday: Went to do the job hunting thing. You really get a feel for how tough things are when you walk into a place and ask for an application. Either the person on the receiving end of that question is nice and helpful or you get a serious distrusting attitude from them. Everyone knows that the economy sucks and many that I ran into today are starting to worry that there may be someone that will be willing to do their job for less money. That isn't a comfortable feeling. I know. That is one reason that I am no longer in IT. The jobs that I was doing just one year ago are now paying roughly 75% of what I was making then. (yes this is covered elsewhere in this blog but from different angle than I am approaching it here)

Now with that in mind, what is this I hear about the economy improving? Maybe from an elitist standpoint, this may be the case. Deflation is the name of the game at this point but its a failed deflation. There are too many regulations and corporate fixations taking place to have a full blown Deflation. I know that Banks fear deflation like I fear the plague. They don't mind Inflation as they are a good portion of that mess. They most definitely fear hyperinflation since it can be a real bear to ride that mess in the rodeo. So, we are seeing deflation in incomes, inflation of prices in subsistence materials(fuel and food) stagnation in luxuries, and of course, property is falling to shreds in most areas of the world.(and this is exactly what could be predicted with free market rules. prices rise where profits are and prices stagnate when the product isn't moving so well)

If you look at the big picture one way, you see one mess. Walk to the other side and look again, there is a different mess. Then step back and look at it again, something completely different.

In all actuality, what we are seeing is no different than the messes that were in this country pre-civil war. High crime, Open borders with high immigration(though we had newly acquired land mass to accommodate them then. I know I have some of that immigrant blood in my veins. I am sure that most in this country do.) and sadly enough; Racial issues. The biggest difference 'tween now and then, ENTITLEMENTS. (some would say that slavery isn't present, but I disagree. Monetary slavery is nearly as bad and much more insidious. )

I don't think I need to elaborate on that subject.

The Marxist saying of "From each according to ability, to those according to need" is in FULL effect now.

The Time magazine with the picture stating we are all socialist's now, wasn't lying.

Its time to change it back. O'Bammy and crew weren't the death knell for us, they were the sign that it was too
late. This has been coming for decades and we haven't seen the bottom of the fall yet. Its coming. It's coming like a freight train without brakes. Our only real question is what that freight train has for cargo. Economic collapse? Civil War? Race Wars? Or is there something much worse that we haven't even contemplated yet?

Well, as we used to joke in the Corps: Semper Gumby. Always Flexible.

Thursday: Went early to a temporary agency near here(one hour drive time is 'close' LOL) The interview went well: I freely admit that I was a bit self conscious about my skills. Far too many times I have been declined further interviews due to “over qualified” or “ not dedicated” reasons. When you have been burned by societal standards, you tend to be gun shy.
My personal stance on it mirrors that of R. Heinlein's Lazarus Long philosophies: “Specialization is for insects.”
All things considered though, I found the reception to me rather good. Either I am a breath of fresh air to the current selection of temps they have seen or they are that good at making someone feel welcome. And chances are its a combination of both. I wouldn't lie to myself over that. I am just a simple person with a complicated set of skills. I may never be 'expert' in any one of them but I do well no matter what I put my mind to. With a mind like mine, I have to keep it active.

Friday: Skill testing for job placement. 6 hours later: I am beat. Came back to the homestead, just in time for some of the infamous Thunderstorms known in this area. Exquisite, Powerful, Awe Inspiring to say the least; words just aren't enough
. Later when I was out driving to the store, I was reminded of why the Smokey Mountains are named what they are. Looking out onto the hills, the Fog/Clouds are meandering through the trees like wisps of smoke. These fog banks are Acres in size but rarely exceed the height of the trees. All of this while there is a cotton candy sky for a sunset. My words don't do it justice. My camera would never be able to capture all the nuances of it. (it is a cheapie after all.) We may not have the infinite skies of the south and south west. (I do miss watching, from Sandia Mountain, thunderstorms rolling over Rio Rancho . That is a humbling experience.) But what we haven't, we make up for in other ways.

I am headed home tomorrow in the afternoon. I have much that needs wrapped up in the armpit of the Midwest. Soon though, this will be the permanent home. Soon.

One note that I picked up on while out driving. Heard, Can't confirm yet, that another disgruntled person flew a plane into a building. Supposedly, this building was being set up for a Town Hall meeting. To show how vague the information was, I have no idea if it was a Repulicrat or Demon-con event. As reported, the building had been emptied prior to that BEFORE the meeting was to take place. Having been in that scene before, I can't see it. There is ALWAYS someone at a place like that. Likely not the Representatives, More likely the aides, definitely the crew that helped set up the event, sound, lights whatever. Now, if this were a small event, I will give it a MAYBE that the building was empty. Dinner breaks sometimes took place away from the event, Not often, and usually only at little 'PA on a Stick' events. Hence my MAYBE. I have no idea if this was a fluke, or a coordinated 'action' by someone with a beef to air. ( like Joe Stack) Guess I will find out tomorrow.
UPDATE: Seems from the report that this was a simple accident. May be that there was some careful editing of eyewitness statements but seeing how things went down, I doubt it.

Now, since I haven't had a solid Net connection in 4 days, I am dependent upon the local news to get ANY information. To say the least, I have a lot of salt in my diet right now since I take a grain of it with every word the newscasters speak. The flip side of that, I am rather unstressed right now since I haven't a friggin clue what is taking place in the world. Maybe I should be more stressed since I can't see the political skyline from this angle. I guess I will find out how bad it is tomorrow when I log on at home and start to play catch up. Happy happy Joy joy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Offline a couple of days.

And so the Job hunt in my new local begins in ernest. I have been on site for about 12 hours now and while I haven't actually began the search, I have been busy. I helped my dad and uncle in the garden for a couple of hours(one of several gardens actually) This one is located in near a river and the earth is very loamy and quite dark. There are 19 rows of Potatoes, about 6 rows of onions(vandalias I believe) and I lost track of the rows of beans. There are other veggies there too but I completely lost track of What other than some rows of corn. Still, the area is about 75 yards long and almost square. Made for a good day. Shower time then sacking out. Its going to be a long day tomorrow.

I am here for a few more days. All of my post will be done with notepad and quick post method. I don't have a full time internet connection therefore, sporadic posts until I get back north. I probably won't be making any political climate commentary until then either. No way of getting to the news outlets I prefer and trust so What I will be gleaning will be skewwed for 'public consumption'. Still, should be interesting to see the opposite side for a few days(though it will not change my mind one bit. I am too awake to the mess.)

ONe thing that I have noted though. This will be the first time that I have actually watched TV in about 2 years. I (kinda) watched some tripe called "America's got talent" with my dad this evening.

WTF!! First off, Dragon Lady Sharon Osbourne herself is there, as is Howie Mandel(sp?) and some other guy I haven't a clue the name of(goes to show how much I really pay attention to the boobtube eh?) This is what counts for entertainment now? Gah, Bread and Circuses. Simply put, its opium for simple minds. Maybe there is talent in this country but I don't see a need to apply that much time and energy to it on a national scale. ONLY that is the intent to keep the masses numbed to TRUE REALITY isn't it?

Least to say, after about 10 minutes of that tripe, I went out to the front porch and had a form of entertainment that I truly miss. Sunset, Fireflies, treefrogs, and crickets. Thats true entertainment. What a way to call it a night.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A little update to that last post.

Billy Beck links to a news article with some good news.

I had heard that Kevin Costner and his brother had a ship or two that were using Centrifugal force to separate the oil and water that they 'loaned' BP as an experiment to test the validity of their invention. One blurb on Drudge a few weeks ago and not one word elseways since.

Did a bit of digging since I wrote that last. Here is the link. Hey, I really don't like the guys movies but what he is doing is sure a hell of lot better than the other Hollyweird yahoos ('cough' Sean Penn 'cough')

Still, Has anyone noticed how fuel prices are 'stable' or even in some areas, shrinking a tad? Since the Horizon blew in April, the cost for a gallon of gas around here has fallen about 20 cents. I at first equated it to the fuel companies prepping the populace for Memorial Day weekend. Now, I am thinking something even more insidious: I don't follow what OPEC or the markets are doing for Crude but it seems to me that there is something more going on under the surface there. Then again, Maybe my foil hat is tighter than normal. I'll stand by waiting to be shot down on that one.

Here is a little something to put things in perspective.

If it were from my home address.

You can put the map of the spill anywhere and get an idea of how big it is. There are other things going on down there, as pointed out by Mayberry, that would, and should have certain individuals in jail.

Now, As you can see, this mess would cover over half of Ohio, half of Indiana and a good portion of Northern KY.(and I am sure that there are few native Kentuckians that would think that would be a good thing. LOL) THAT is one hell of a mess. and this is just a simulation that shows the surface stuff, not the mess that is below surface due to the surfactants, and dispersal agents used.

Yeah, Other than commandeering boats as pointed out by Mayberry, or taking the horse by the reins and doing what needs done on a local level, this isn't going away. BP is more interested in capturing the losses at the head and paying locals a pittance of their losses than doing what is right. The Federal Government is too busy taking vacations or pointing fingers to actually do something. And to be honest, I would prefer them to stay the hell out of the way anyway. It's more likely, from the few things I have read about this disaster, that the Federal Gooberment is hip deep in the scandal too.

But of Course, Its all George Bush's fault. Unhuh.

Like others in our sphere, I am just sick to death of hearing the excuses, whining, outright lies, and finger-pointing of our "elected Reps". Over paid, underworked, self aggrandizing, do nothing jack-asses. Of course its not their fault, they didn't design the equipment, they didn't make the laws of physics, they didn't write the rules of Hydraulic pressure, or thermodynamics or any of the myriad of other reasons that this well could have failed.
Nope, not to blame, not one of them.
So who do we blame? The hen, or the Cook? Lets blame the hen.

Time is short.

They continue to push envelopes that should never have been fucked with.

They continue to vote themselves more, while we continue to take home less.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sick, and not in the body but the heart.

Gonna start this off with something that may make you sick too.

That is Helen Thomas under Barryboys wing for those that don't know. Here is what she had to say about things recently. This was linked on Sipsey St too so You may have already seen it.

Then we have this. WHO report I am Jacks raging sense of "Duh!"(sorry, had to get the Fight Club feel for that one.)

Affirmative action. Debate time, Good idea or racist mentality? Kagan has an opinion on it. My opinion is "What fucking planet were you born on you Schister?" There was an idea that should have been aborted before it made it to paper but of course, no one wanted to be labeled racist or anything so,,,, Once again, PC bullshit gets the sleeping giant right in the sphincter.

Then you read this. O'boy and the special forces.
Now, a quote from the article.
Special Operations commanders have also become a far more regular presence at the White House than they were under George W. Bush's administration,

Where do you think all of that is headed? I leave that one for others to figure out since I am already paranoid enough for three people.

And that is the news that set my neck hairs on end today. That whole Helen Thomas thing just made me sick to the core though.

Where we are.

Seems that there is a lot of unease running the gamut of my daily reads. I won't hit on any one in particular. There is a general feeling of dissent that is growing and a lot of us that are prepping are feeling it deep in our souls. There is reason for that and there are ways around it. Some choose self medication or inebriation. Some choose other routes. I try to write it out of my system. None of these things we do changes one whit of the truth. They only allow us to vent pressures building up inside.

Things are getting worse. There are signs that the "rcovery" is actually built up with bogus numbers from the Census Bureau. Insiders are showing that there are people being hired and fired and re-hired and only the hirings are listed to the agency that is listing the 'growth'. I guess that is the Chicago way. Of course its all a way to spin it for those that refuse to look any deeper than the icing on the cake. Its amazing how much sawdust and plaster is hiding under that icing. What makes it worse, the ones that are laying that icing in place are rank amateurs at it and yet the media helps spin so that the sheep can easily swallow it up.

We fail by degrees. That failure is becoming exponential. Until things get to a point where the just below average and just above average person is feeling hunger pangs or having to bundle in 15 blankets at night to stay warm, we aren't going to see any change in the road. People are VERY much like that hypothetical frog. The temperature rises and they continue swimming around the pot: lalala-lala, good to be the frog. Even so, I wonder if watching their kids starving to death will be enough to wake them up. I look at the pictures from Nazi Germany and the Gulags in Mother Russia and see the looks in those that didn't make it out. Resignation to the events of the day. Surrender to the 'inevitable'. The bullet is easier to swallow when you have given up on yourself and your family.
I would say that they had given up on their ideas too but then, the ideology of " it can't happen here" is what has allowed our system to wither away to the stinking mess of poison it has become.

Economic collapse is just around the corner. Not just for our country but for the world. Literally every country worth more than a bushel of beans has affixed its currency on the dollar. When we start seeing signs of the IMF attempting to find some other currency as a base, we are on that slippery slope to collapse of a world wide nature. What was seen during the Great Depression will be repeated and those that aren't prepared to get some calluses and blisters are going to waste away and die.

And thats the good news. That means that those that have sucked up the efforts of those that just want to be left alone will be the ones that start making the trouble when that Gravy Train starts to fall off the tracks. That will be the kick off for the Fort Sumter we are waiting for.

Its the waiting that kills the spirit. I know this. Its not about weakness, its waiting for the right moment. Maybe our moment has passed, but we may never know unless we wait for the right conditions. How many hunters have passed up a good shot, waiting for the KNOWN KILL Shot. Its a similar situation.

When things start rolling, we will see the leaders arise. The real question is, will they be Stalin's and Ho Chi Minh's, or will they be Washington's and Jefferson's? Its up to us tom make sure they are the latter.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Somedays, I wish it would blow already.

Every day for me starts about the same way. I get up get the coffee going, check my mail and start reading my daily reads. I start with my online comics (I always try to start with a laugh) then on to see if there is anything posted overnight on blogs I read.(usually no except for Sipsey St. He has some odd hours lol)

I take a few minutes then open up the Drudge Report.

I need those few minutes to settle my mind in knowing that I am probably not going to read any good news.

These hit me today.
Executive Priviledge
FTC Report.
Mexico Flipping us the bird
And the real Mexican power making a move on Texas(or planned to)

Now, none of this taken by itself is all that alarming unless you are local to it. Even the Political crap is silly when looked as singly. But every single day there are pieces of the puzzle thrown under the table and if you are paying attention, well, its a pretty ugly looking picture.

I have been reading some of Bison's stuff and he really hits some historic points that bring things into relevance. I have been reading this and it also shows historic relevance to todays world. Even so, I see the paths we are headed down and I know many of you do also. We may not know for certain what lays at the ends of those paths but we certainly see how rough they are going to be.

Somedays I wish it would all just blow up so we can start the healing.

Today was one of those days.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I heard on the radio

from the depths of the media came word that the Oil spill may be leaking until Christmas.

A mad Taxi Driver(a high paying position in England) went on a rampage in Sarah Brady Paradise with (Shock and awe in my voice) a Gun!!! (Tam has an excellent breakdown on it and does much better than I could.)

Looks like the U.S. may be looking for that third front to fight on to 'revive' the economy. "Everybody" knows that a war is good for the economy, right? Maybe in a Keynesian world, and we all know where that has managed to get us. (see below next paragraph for more on that)

Israel is taking heat from everywhere (but then, whats new there.) My personal take on it; They did what we would have done under the same circumstances. There really isn't anything for me to think about on that note other than we will see more strife and crap arising in the near future in that area. There is only so much that a people will take before they push back.(and who knows which side will push first)

Nothing has changed much on the Job scene. There was a "positive" note today that the job cuts for last month weren't as bad as predicted: 35 thousand unlike the 38 thousand predicted. I about blew my coffee when I heard that one. LMAO. Then look at this map and think about what it means in the long run. Just where is that money coming from?

On the local front. Cincinnati is still trying to figure out how to kick the can down the road to next year(and the new set of mayors to deal with). That can is a 40+ million dollar deficit. Of course, they are talking of cutting public services, not the jobs of those that managed to create that deficit. And they are talking about adding another 20 million to it by borrowing for a lite rail system. (one that will connect most of the major cities in Ohio. Just what we need; more riff-raff coming here from Cleveland on cheap transportation.)

I am glad I have made my decision to make the move out of here. I am biting the bullet as I am not really ready there. I figure in this case I need to bite the bullet and just do it. I am not going to have all of the resources I have available to me here but where I lack there, I make up for it in other ways with interest. One of the biggest parts of that will be peace of mind. Knowing that I don't have to worry so diligently about collapse will make a huge difference in my attitude. Having family around that are used to having to 'fend for themselves' unlike the "entitled" living around me now, is a big plus. Even when things go south, that area will feel it much less than where I am now. My biggest obstacle is finding work. I have limited funds to get a go on until I am working there. I know that there isn't a whole lot that I can't do but finding anyone hiring may be tricky. Sure is in Cincy. Luckily, I am not the least bit picky about what I find. Even if its flipping burgers for a short time, I can hang with that. I figure in on year I will have established my "Gulch" enough that I can but back on working for others and start accelerating working for myself. Of course, that all assumes that the economy holds together that long and I ain't holding my breath. Don't know if anyone has been HERE but if not, you should. Great site and has insight into what we may be expecting.(more likely than total collapse actually)

One other read I had today was HERE. Jennifer III has some thoughts about long range pistol shooting. (and she has edited her ignorance off the post. She admits she put foot in mouth on some comments) I know that I practice with my pistol far more than my rifles. There are more combination's of pistol shooting. I hadn't thought about long range shooting with the pistol since it seems that the rounds lose too much energy. Then I started doing some math. The .45 ACP is almost twice the mass of the 7.62 rounds I shoot. That means less energy loss. Maybe out to 100 yards the .45 is still competitive. Maybe. I wouldn't be confident with it but in a pinch, it may be the trick needed. I can easily see it being a food getter out to 50 yards though. I may have to take it to that range and see what I can do with it.

Ok, If I haven't completely bored you to tears by now, or ran you off with my ramblings, I must apologize. It should be quite obvious that I hadn't a damned thing to really talk about today. Not much going on in my little corner of the world. I kind of like that too. I know it won't persist though. Things will get interesting enough 'fore long. I can wait.