Friday, April 30, 2010

A weekly read, plug from me.

If you don't check out Ol' Remus once a week, I would highly recommend it. Down to earth, well thought out ramblings.

Here is an excerpt from this week.
The first question of crime investigators, television aside, is: who benefits? The agents provocateur themselves already are in tight control of the nation, shouldn't they be consolidating power and looking toward conquest rather than diminishing the nation they control and with it diminishing their ability to dominate, or even at times participate credibly in international events? They don't appear to benefit.


It is definitely worth the time. Even if you don't agree with the thoughts, his posts make you think about your position.

Opinion or Defense

In Verbal 'Discussions' or debates: Is it Opinion or defense when you continue to forcefully voice your message, even to the point of over-talking your opponent?

I won't go into what brought this to mind but it has come to my fore-brain. It seems to me that Liberals of all colors and stripes, tend to that form of "debate" and it irritates the living shit out of me. In the real world, I tend to be rather opinionated, but soft spoken and rather reserved in response. So much so that those that actually learn to get along with me cease talking when I have something to say. It tends to have some serious weight to the discussion. Back in my Liberal/Revolutionary days, I would spout at the mouth, without much forethought, and had my dick stepped on more than a few times in the process.(thank God too, I would never have woken up to reality otherwise) Now, I take the time to learn as much as I can about as much as possible so that I have a leg to stand on when push comes to shove in discussions.

I also find it rude when someone interrupts, over-talks, blocks voice, whatever you want to call it. Rude enough that I have been sorely tempted to bitch-slap said offender on more than a few occasions. Maybe its just further sign of how far down the path we have come towards the ending of this great nation. I forget who said it but, One of the first signs of societal failure is loss of respect for your fellow citizens. We are seeing that particular symptom en masse now. Daily, I even hear it on Talk Radio from supposed conservatives. I realize at some point you have to pick up and use the weapons of your enemy to win the fight. Sadly, we are having to revert to that basest of crap to get our points across.

I wonder what the Libtards will do when we go back to actually picking up the real weapons of war to make our points?

I got nothing today.

Just a big blank screen in front of me and not a single coherent thought comes to surface.

Went by the old house today while I was in the neighborhood. Man has my Ex let that place go to hell. Weeds up to my hip, the beds all overgrown. Guess she is going to have a harder time selling than I originally thought. Oh well, not my problem anymore. LOL

I think I am going to go out in the woods for a couple of days and just listen to the wildlife. Maybe that will help. I guess having to fend off a 12 pound cat from my Keyboard helped focus my thoughts.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Words are all we have right now. We all may be stocked up on ammo, have a plethora of guns in the safe and in the racks, Preps of food in place, etc etc. Yet when it comes to the current 'war', all we have are words.(fair warning, I am not editing my words tonight so if you are easily offended, go away till tomorrow)

Yet the enemy of our beliefs and principles have control of the 'Big Guns', IE the Media that currently feeds a pretty good chunk of the population. That chunk also doesn't like to get off their duff to investigate truth: Taking the word of the News as gospel. Even when a news piece is questionable, if the media lords don't follow up on it, the population won't either.

Bashing William covered this today to some extent too. Yes, we are all tired of shooting the same targets on the same range, with the same ammo, under nearly identical conditions.(our words) We don't seem to get any headway towards getting the beast under control with the only weapons we are able to use at this time. I have heard the old song and dance of 'if you don't speak out, you haven't tried' just a little too often. I have spoke out, I have attended these protests, I was attending the End the Fed protests BEFORE the TEA parties became fashionable. I am sick of watching the PTB get away with public rape of this country. It doesn't matter what party is in power the same things happen. Maybe at different pace's but NOTHING EVER GOES AWAY once it is written into 'law'.

has done a couple of Rants on "I AM DONE" and I agree with him completely. I am done. I have been working under the table for various peoples since this time last year. I am doing ok with it. Am I getting ahead? Not really, but then I am not looking at getting ahead at this time. Just getting by is enough to let me coast through till either this mess blows up, or I can get into my house that I want to build.(I have the land already) I have enough time out of the loop since I am not on that Ratwheel to see just how Fucked up a Welfare state really is. Second and Third Generation Scum soaking up the almighty dollar from Uncle Sugar, while at night they supplement their 'income' with drug sales or other crimes. I see hardworking people that have been so totally screwed in the regular work place, that scramble gathering scrap metal just to keep food on the table: Too proud to go on the public dole(and I cheer and cry for them at the same time)

I don't really know why I am writing this as I know everyone that reads this blog(all three of ya LOL) already feel, see, hear the same things. Each area of the country has a little different 'flavor' to it but the key ingredients are the same. Suck 'em in, get 'em hooked, get the vote.

And now they want to mess with Immigration Reform.

There is a lot about that mess on the webs and to tell the truth, what happened in Arizona has me torn. Part of me thinks its the best damned thing that has happened there in some time. Another part of me sees it as a prelude to more of a police state. Every law on the books has the ability to be completed twisted out of context. Especially 2000 pages ones. The law in AZ is only 17 pages long and seems pretty contrite in its wording. I don't know how long it will actually be viable before the FedGov steps in and plays pappabear on it, but how long would it be before some Liberalprogressivecommunistsocialistpunkassfuck in the legislature of AZ decided it needed amended. Either way, the people lose. Not just the "undocumented workers".

Just some ideas in my head

Legalize the drugs. They weren't illegal in the early parts of the last century and there wasn't a whole lot of problems. There are issues that would need addressed but In consideration, Trivial to the shit we have now. Arizona wouldn't be stuck in the middle of a Cartel war for example.
Close down the welfare system: Get a fucking job you slack ass piece of shit. Want more money? Work harder, better, smarter, better than the guy next to you. Simple.
Healthcare: Part of that is covered under the last one. Tort reform needs enacted, Let the DOCTORS set up the standard for the Insurance agencies, not some Bureaucrat that never held a scalpel or even looked into open body cavity.( Medicare is the standard that the Insurances use now and thats why things get so weird.) There was a system of Charity Care before the Regulators got their paws in this mess. That would come back if the industry weren't forced to accept it. It would also mean that more people wouldn't lean on the ER as a 24 hour clinic all the time.(think it doesn't happen, volunteer at a local hospital one night. You would be SHOCKED at the stupid screw ups that wander in there for the most mundane crap)
Education: This one is a bit harder. It would require us to fall back to when Families stayed together and the Grandparents had more of hand in helping raise the kids. Public schools were for the basics (those three R's) and 8th grade was it for most kids. High School was for those that wanted to continue on to the higher education of Colleges. Home schoolers know that our system is so degraded that coming back from it would require it to be shut down, and an entire new army of teachers trained for it. I think the public schools should be on a community basis(as many feel they are, mistakenly) and if a school is failing to uphold the standards of that community, then they decide how to make the changes,(again, not some cumguzzler in a suit that never once successfully did squat in that area)
NO LIFETIME APPOINTMENTS: Yes that goes for the Supreme Court too. Each president will get to choose 9 judges. Heres the catch: They don't take their seats UNTIL that president leaves office, passing along to the next dude in the chair. No its not perfect but you won't end up with justices getting senile either. There may be another way but that one is my idea and feel free to shoot it full of holes.

Lets be frank about it. The system is so far out of whack with what the Founders intended, we need to scrap it, start anew. We have seen how the intent was able to be fucked over; lets make the changes in the new system to avert it in the future.

But words are all we have.

for now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This morning, my buddy of 13 years passed away. Funny(not really) how "Car" can be a fatal disease to the small four footed furry kind.

I will be back in a couple of days. Guess I am a big softie afterall.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogger getting funky again.

I just logged on and saw that Follow list is empty. WTF? I have a few that I follow and not one is there now. I know that I hadn't made any changes in the last few days so this isn't something I did by mistake.

I will give it 24 hours though before I do anything. Maybe they did something on the serverside and its having effects downstream. Seen some weird stuff with blogger but its free so you put up with silly shit on occasion.

Post posting script: Fixed. and it didn't take 'em 24 hours this time.

Gun show report.

The good. Ammo is coming back online: Reloads, mass produced, and milsurp stuff was plentiful and fairly reasonable compared to what I have seen as of late. Good stuff out there and the dealers weren't looking to rape the system it seemed.
LOTS AND LOTS OF HANDGUNS. Wow, the level of handguns on the tables were pretty spectacular as to what they were last year at this time. Prices were down some too. Last year a Glock 22 was running about 500ish. This year the same model is running about 350. Pocket pistols are still up a bit in price but it seems that they are still in high demand.
Rifles. Serious levels of Bolt actions Commercial and milsurp. Prices seem plateaued in this market. Nothing going up or down specifically. Mosins are still right around 100bucks for run of the mill decent shape. About 400 for the 'sniper' version.
Semi-autos/EBR's are coming down some. I guess its no surprise that the AR platform is staying stable as are the lower lines.


Bloomburg had and effect on the local gun scene. Sharonville was one of the sites that his undercovers hit last year. I was actually shocked to see several Local PD cruisers sitting in the lot. Normally this doesn't happen. Once inside, I realized that the was a deal for NO PRIVATE SALES on site or in the parking lot. The police were there to enforce that even though its completely legal in this state. Unless Sharonville enacted a local ordinance against it that I am not aware of.(and that is likely seeing how restrictive they are on everything else) Thats not to say I didn't see some private deals being made inside though none at a table.
I did note that there was an air of distrust with/from dealers. Everyone is treated as an undercover agent. Certain dealers were noticably absent. One that threw me off was the parts dealer. This guy usually carries all of the little pieces that break on guns. Firing pins, springs etc. He even carries the little oddball stuff that helps guys like me customize a piece to me. Like various designs of Mainspring housings, grips, etc. He wasn't there. Talking to one of the other old timers, he opted out in protest of the 'new rules'. All because some Rich Hoplophobe decided to spend money on a smear campaign.

We may be gaining ground in various states like AZ. Yet when I see changes like this weekend, I realize we are fighting public perception more than the law. That takes decades to change. Hell, It took decades to get to were we are now. I read stories about when you could walk into a hardware store and buy a shotgun, without having to go through a background check. Since I was born the same year the 1968 gun law went into effect, I can't remember that time obviously. BUT, it makes me realize just how far down the path we have gone as a nation. Can we ever get back to that time and mentality? Maybe not as a nation, but in localities I couldn't see why not. There are areas in this country that still have that mentality of Self-sufficiency, the "Git-r-done" mindset that recoils away from 'depending on the Government'. Thats what I would like to see go viral in this nation.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

And the attacks never cease.

Cruising through my daily reads I came across this at David C's "War on Guns".
Instead of tracking all the way through that to see the key point, go here for the video.(I tried embedding it but the code isn't working)

At one point, I liked Bill Maher. I thought he had some rather conservative points of view. I have since woke up and I see that he is either getting more Liberal or has been bought. Either scenario is bad but to see him hyping this crap really disturbed me.

The real issue is that this is what we are fighting. There are many that watch this and take it as Gospel. Instead of trying to see the other side of the issue or even doing a little homework, they take this as the end all statements of events. Those people comprise a large percentage of federal and state workers, and those on the public dole(but I repeat myself). I know this as my Ex is a big time Bill Maher fan to this day. These people represent a large majority of our population. Well over 50% though I couldn't come up with an accurate number without years of research. These are the people that are making decisions at the polling booths, in offices of state, and from the police cruisers on the street.

It gets a little disheartening to see this rhetoric being spouted, unsubstantiated, and unquestioned on a national TV show.

This man is not stupid, David even makes that statement in his article. Therefore, we have to assume that his actions are that of propagandist, leading to some other agenda. That is what we have in store for our future. Preps, planning, training are all well and fine but we do need to maintain the frontlines on the political front too. I know that I have been feeling a bit rundown over the whole mess for some time now but we can't back off. They NEVER stop and they most definitely outnumber us right now.(at least with the power to spread their messages they do.)
We have one major advantage over them. TRUTH. Our messages haven't changed. Leave us alone, Leave our money alone, Leave our kids alone, and leave our guns alone. Simple, with historical precedent to back up our convictions. They have historical precedent to shoot down their ideas but choose to ignore that, stating "It wasn't handled correctly" or "There wasn't enough money to make it work".

We know better.

We need to act better.

We need to stand our ground more. With more voracity than they.

We aren't furious enough even though many of us have had MORE than enough to set us on edge. I can't think of one blogger that hasn't stated "If they come for me, they are going to have a fight!" or something to that effect. WE are mad, tired and fed up with having our money taken to go to something that doesn't represent us, forces us to put up with things we wouldn't normally deal with, and threatens us with death if we don't comply.

Didn't our founders go ballistic over a 3% tax on tea? Didn't they say "Here is where you don't cross without retribution"?

Thats my run on seditious thought today. Its still running in my head but my language will go downhill from here if I continue.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in the saddle, for a bit longer.

Things are moved as needed and other items have been purchased in lieu of upcoming attractions(as will be witnessed by all in this country sooner than later.)

I mentioned that I had ran into a plethora of Libtards this week. I was going to waste a post about that but decided against it while working today. Fact of the matter, because of one of those "entitled", I am working right now. Only because a friend took over their position and I am in the process of cleaning up the lack of maintenance they left in their wake. Yay me for that little windfall.

Been listening to the Talking heads the last couple of days while running electric and rigging cures for age on hardware. What a waste of space and talent. Seriously, does anyone in this sphere think for one instance that the current Administration is going to let up on the Tax lines(cap and trade) or stacking the votes in their favor(Amnesty) or back to Nationalizing the (heavily Restricted) Free Market? I haven't any doubt that what we have seen up to this date from this Administration is even close to the end result they intend to reach. The Agenda they are striving for is far bigger than anyone of them could imagine or dream up alone. This is a mindset that has taken Decades and Generations to distill out into its present endeavor.

In a nutshell, I have to think that anyone thinking this can be voted out in November is in for one hell of a wake up call on November 3rd. The only intelligent thing I heard from the talking heads was from Rush today. He stated that we are not under a daily attack. We are under an Hourly Attack from the current 'Elites'. And we are. Every little thing they do needs scrutinized with a dissection knife, BEFORE they get a chance to push it through in the dead of night on a weekend of a holiday.

Then again, maybe we need to let them lead it to collapse so that we can clean the slate. Start over. We have a hell of a foundation to build from, the problem being the bricks that make up the people of this nation are sorely compromised. Too many feel that they are owed something for being Americans; no other reason needed. They fail to realize that true Americans are never 'given' anything other than their rights(by God and nature) and those can be taken away very quickly if not guarded with a jealous eye and solid force. True Americans work their way through the world without pity for their plight if not successful.

stop, breathe, step back a sec.

'K. Monday was the Rally in VA and it apparently went off with out fighting or bloodshed. Good thing. I think the left is realizing they are walking on eggshells again and are trying to figure some other way of 'opening the box' without getting their hands dirty. My personal opinion is that they want that box opened so they have reason to try and shut it. Like the Marxist line of thought about 'cleaning up the population' for reform: they know that we stand in the way of their utopia. They don't understand that we stand in the way of that pipedream because we know the end result of where it goes. We don't want to see another repeat of the same old song and dance. They just don't get it. Of course anyone with a mindset similar to mine is a racist, anti-humanitarian, bigoted, thick skulled, low tooth count redneck or some other similar slur they come up with.

Well, I guess its time to get around to the real point of this post. I think I am at the point where I am so tired of talking about it that I think I won't any longer. I am not going to go back to sleep(like that were even possible LOL) but I am not going to let it get to me any longer. They aren't going to stop until we stop them or we are killed in the process. That is just the plain simple truth. The economy is pretty much shit compared to 2 years ago. The job market in this area is a minefield for anyone, awake or not. Knowing that we are headed down doesn't fill me with hope nor dread any more. Its fact that is added into any equation I am trying to figure out about my pathway in life. Other than that, I only have to do my level best to avoid confrontation with those that LIKE the way things are going. My only fear is that having that confrontation, I could be persuaded into rash measures. Its not time to shoot the bastards yet(well, actually past time but I wasn't alive when it really needed to be done.) IMHO, we have only to wait and they will present us with more than enough targets in the future.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick post, back full tomorrow.

With a few days away from blogging, I managed to get quite bit of things done towards preps.

I also managed to run into(seemingly) EVERY single stupid, misguided, self involved, Libtard, this side of the Ohio River in the last 72 hours.

No I didn't shoot any of them no matter how much they may need it.(nor as much as I would have liked to.)

Back on tomorrow. Lots on my brain but not congealed into tangible thought yet.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waves of the future, now.

Flash Mobs. A recent trend that started as an artistic form in NY but has "evolved" in recent years. Especially with the speed of information transfer via cheap cellular technology.

This is the 6th time this has happened. The MSM's aren't really covering it for a couple of reasons the Remus states in this article.(FYI: He only updates once a week, typically on Thursdays but sometimes later)

I can understand the .GOV wanting to keep this under wraps to some extent. Without control of information transfer, they would be unable to defend against the modern Minuteman. There would be a network of those ready to report incidents and able to respond obviously. In the case above, the kids are typically unemployed, out of school and young enough to not care one iota about the repercussions. In the case of what it could do for a group of dedicated members of society spread throughout a city, well, think about Paul Revere and his midnight ride. How fast would the militia have been able to assemble if they all received a tweet instead of a crazed horseman riding through town in the dead of night? Our society moves at a much faster pace then that of our forefathers. Statement of the obvious but facts are facts. Sadly, even with our Tech and the internet, we aren't any better educated(actually the reverse when taken as a 'collective') Our Forefathers had a tactical advantage that we won't get to consider. The heads of the occupying force were across an ocean and information traveled quite slowly. Battles could take place and be decided a month before word came back to the person that had initiated it.

So why am I bringing this up? To be honest, I am not sure. I know that many that read this are preppers or already going Galt. We are not a militant force. We may be willing to go to arms in defense of us and ours, but how many would be willing to carry the fight to the enemy? I know my answer and I am sure you know yours, lets leave it at that.
I think that real reason for bringing it up is as a warning of what we can expect. These flash mobs could be called together quickly and without warning now, how will that effect logistics in the future when deliveries and the like are starting to become scarce? A flash mob could move on a convoy, deplete it (IE looting) and be gone before the local authority could respond. Even a 'protected' convoy could be overwhelmed quickly.(most of these mobs are in the hundreds to thousands and grow each time they form.) With that thought, Consider the golden hoard with telecommunications. Scary thought that, eh?

Next insomnia thought

24 hours till the Rally at Gravel Point. There has been a bit of a hullabaloo over this one. Ugly thoughts from the left to 'try' something, hoping the people attending it have itchy trigger fingers. People on our side that are offended at the castration of having an unloaded and flagged chamber on a weapon.(I agree, seems like you may as well be carrying a broomstick. Heck the broomstick would be a better weapon in that case; rifles make shitty clubs.) At least the rally on Gravel Point is with a display of weapons even if in spirit. The rally within the District of Criminals is completely unarmed. WTF is up with that. A 2A march NOT DISPLAYING ARMS? Our Forefathers would have an aneurysm.
I thought of going even with the restrictions in place. My choice really wasn't much of a choice though. Financially it just wasn't going to happen.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

laying low

watching the news, watching the blogs, watching the protests, watching the media/public responses to those. Something is "off".

Maybe I am just paranoid but something doesn't seem right. I know that the economy has been off for sometime but the political air in this country is getting rather charged. Something is going to break soon. I can't quite put my finger on any one thing that is wrong because so much is going on. I know the "armed" march on D.C. is one of those things and I worry for those that are going to that one. I don't think it will be the spark(and I could be wrong) but I think it will be one step closer to something. Word came out that the Cap and Trade bill will be introduced in the Senate April 26th. I can only imagine that this is going to be another omnibus bill written in a language that looks like English but can't be parsed with an army of lawyers and a couple of supercomputers. Further controls, restrictions and higher taxes through insidious means. Next on the list is the amnesty thing and who knows how or when they are going to attempt that mess. This administration is going to jump through hoops to get all of its crap in place before the elections in November. They know repeal will never happen since neither party really wants to lose control once control is established.(and the only way to get them out now is surgically IMO)

This coming week will be a zero post week. I am moving some of my heavier items out in preparations for 'When, not if'. I don't intend to be here when things get heavy and that means the tools that don't travel well, need moved now.
Lathe/mill and all of its accessories is priority. Its the biggest and heaviest. Its also the most versatile for future needs. (the lathe is the only machine in a shop capable of reproducing itself and producing the rest of the tools)

I may have one post on Tuesday after the D.C. marches are over. I won't be there but I am sure that there will be plenty of news from both sides of that fence.

Keep your powder dry.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Casting day.

Well, sort of. I had a couple of good melts and the pours went well.

Lets just say, I wasn't satisfied with the actual results. Looks like it may be time to purchase some 'real' casting medium. An acquaintance really pushes the whole Petrobond line and I am thinking a 50# bag may be in order. Sure would save me some money from all of the fuel I wasted today. One good aspect of this hobby, recycling is not an issue. Just break the messed up stuff apart and throw it in the pot to remelt.(or the pile for next time)

Good points though, no steam explosions. I knew that things weren't all that they seemed with the amount of smoke I was getting on the first pour. Seems that the wet I picked up the other day caused some mold or algae to grow. That caused a lot of strange things to take place within the mold. I didn't smell anything weird while ramming up the molds and the temper of the sand felt right. Oh well. Another lesson learned.

I haven't any commentary about current events though I do find it funny how the Media is Crying about how they are being treated by Obama lately. LOL what a hoot. Sell out cheap than expect to be treated like high class. Yah right.

Reminds me of the story about a guy and a gal in a bar. He asks if she would screw him for a Million dollars. She thought about it and said yes. He then says he will pay her $100. She cries out "what type of girl do you think I am?" to which he responds, "Well, we've already settled that, now we are just dickering on the price."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This should be

One lesson taught to all Productive persons in the U.S.(well, 10 of them but the point is the same.)

H/T to The Chef for the information collection.

Here is a link to similar information from a Law Professor(actively practicing) and a P.D. Detective.

and the Detective half.

Information we are going to need as the constriction starts to accelerate.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is more what I Fear over the Tin Foil Hat dogma

Like I said in the last Post. This country is going down the tubes. The people with their hands on the controls are not the people that make up the country though. They are only the Direct symptom of the disease that has infected the country. These people were elected.(for what its worth, I don't think our election system is viable anymore. It is showing signs of being corrupted itself.) Now they have the power to appoint positions that are unelected and unaccountable.. THOSE are the people we have to worry about.

FEMA, Patriot Act, AWB(and its ilk) are all violations of Constitutional order. But the PTB ignores that one Piece of Paper(and seeing how the ink is so faded on it, small leap to see they feel its time to discard with it all together. Only those of us that still believe in it keep it from the fire) These are all symptoms of what has befallen this country. We are but shadows of the people that made this nation from the ground up and fought a superpower to create a New Nation.

I think our time is coming but I think we need to focus on the why of it, not sordid little details that are at best, false.

In the end, God will have a say in it all,

Lighten up a little, Please.

I have been checking the blogs the last couple of days. One thing I am seeing is a growing fear that is getting a bit out of hand. The tin foil hat wearers are starting to run the gamut of BS again. Sorry guys, the "prisoner cars" sitting in the rail stations are actually Rail cars used for transporting Cars and trucks from manufacturing facilities. The market is down, car sales are down, home sales are down, housing starts are down; you name it, its down. We are in the beginnings of a New Great Depression and people just aren't all that aware of it, thanks to the Media and a lying Government. Of course the reason behind that are sound. No one wants a panic: Bad things happen when people panic.

Second off, the way things are going within the halls of congress, whatever does happen to put us into a true state of tyranny is going to happen progressively. For them to just JUMP into that state would spark off a class war so fast that they wouldn't have a chance to implement any of their plans.(example: Healthcare; funding begins immediately, actual implementation of it doesn't start in for another 3-4 years. By then, we will have become accustomed to paying for it and won't have a leg to stand on in argument against it. Thats why so many are Hardcore against it now) There are those of us watching the skyline now, trying to wake up as many as possible NOW. It is a slowly growing number but it is growing. The Size of the TEA parties show that if nothing else. Once woken up, its hard to shut off the flow of information. The deeper you dig into the mess, the worse you find it. To go off on this whole FEMA mess is nearly laughable though. Since when has our Government been "efficient" at anything? Seriously, they may have these plans in place but to actually implement them? I find it hard to believe.(not impossible but rather hard to believe)

Here's a suggestion. (This is one Mayberry can get into ) Get out of the house, leave the laptop at home, leave the smartphone at home. GET OFF THE NET FOR 24 HOURS!. Go fishing, plant a garden(smart prep) go to the range(practice,practice, practice) walk around your neighborhood and try to find the smart ones and not the leeches. Heck, pick up a book that isn't conspiracy theory.(I prefer older Heinlein books when I need a break) IF you really need to do something out there, try to learn a new skill. Once you have knowledge in your head ITS YOURS and no one can take that away from you no matter how much they strip you of freedoms. Key is, try to think about something other than where we are headed, one day a week at least. The facts are, we haven't any control of our Government and the Constitution is meaningless to them. We are going down the tubes. What you do now is going to have repercussion in the future, its up to us to make them positive ones. We can't control the flow of where we are headed but we sure as heck can make an effort to 'cushion the landing' for ourselves.

Things aren't going to blow up overnight. There will be some warning even if they are so subtle that you have to pick them out with a lice pick. We are seeing a growing Tyranny but it hasn't managed to get all of its players in place yet. There is still a chance that this may turn around (slim and I ain't holdin' my breath over it). While you can, enjoy what time you have with the kids in your life, teach them what you know, get them away from the Playstations and Xboxes and get their hands dirty. We, as a people, are going to need creative independent thinkers in the near future, and the younger the better.(I ain't gettin' no younger; Don't think any of us are)

I am going to let this lay there for the rest of the day. I am certain that I have things to add but they can wait.

Friday, April 9, 2010

April. Always a busy month for Politics

April 15th is the tax day everyone knows. That day has increasingly become the day of protest for many Americans. I know of a couple right off the top of my head and I don't even need to dig for information on them. One is right here in Cincy with the Sean Hannity road tour and that one is close enough that I should be able to hear the roar of the crowd from my front porch. The other one is D.C. . I am sure that every city in the U.S. is going to have a similar event on the same day, in addition to the Post Office keeping late hours for those that have held off to the last minute to send in paperwork. Seeing how I have been 'unemployed' since April of last year, I filed early to get what refund was coming to me before they ran out of money to pay it. Normally I don't get a refund but end up having to pay a few dollars. I keep my deductions to a rate where I don't give the Gooberment a free loan.

Two other events that are taking place are on the same day but four days later. The Anniversary of the Lexington Green/ Concord 'shot heard 'round the world' day. One is the Armed Rally in Mt Vernon VA across the Potomac from D.C. The other one is the unarmed rally within the limits of D.C.

I was hoping to be able to attend the one in Mt Vernon. Not going to happen though. With the cost of gas going back up and the lack of work available right now, I am just this side of cash strapped. I haven't been able to find anyone locally that is going to share the cost with. C'est la Vie. I will keep an eye on the skyline for that one. Things are going to be tense within the park there since there are several 'idjits' that want to start trouble and have been quite blatant about it on the nets. These are leftists that want to see us gunnies open fire and start something. This isn't about that. Its more of a warning to the people in office that we are out here and ready to defend ourselves when they decide to start enforcing these 'measures' they have enacted. Like Mike V said earlier today:
Your side first brought guns to this table.

And, if you must insist, let's eat."

I know that there will be violence in this country before Obama leaves office. The way things are going, people are gonna snap. I keep pointing out to some of my neighbors how the HC law isn't even in force until AFTER 2012. There are reasons for that. One point is this isn't even remotely about healthcare. It's about generating new levels of revenue for the .GOV. The taxes this thing collects are going in place now. And they continue talking about raising taxes to reduce deficits. Second point: Its about control. Its always about control but this piece of shit legislation takes that control to all new levels. I won't even go into it here as there are far too many examples and I don't want to bore anyone with the obvious stuff.
But the third point is even bigger. The reason this legislation doesn't really kick in until after 2012 is because O KNOWS he won't make a second term. He doesn't want the blood that is going to be spilled(and there will be blood spilled when the IRS starts trying to collect that fine) happen within his term. HE is protecting his messiah image with himself.

I have thought about that and tried to figure out if this is intelligence or cowardice. I am leaning towards the latter. Tactically, the law is already showing its faults and the administration is scrambling to cover it up. We are only at the start of it and haven't seen how bad this thing is really going to be. The Republicans are talking about repeal, but, Honestly, how often has any law been repealed once on the books. It may get amended and modified but the only thing that is really going to happen is for it to get bigger and uglier over time.

9 days from now, we will see how much the Gooberment really thinks of us, either through action or inaction but the die will have been cast. This either starts escalation then or we are in for a much longer, bloodier future than any of us or our grandparents could imagine(or have witnessed).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Think Globally, act locally.

I know that there are several hundreds of people out there that are very aware of what is coming at us, economically. I know a few who are blogging(and one that stopped blogging recently :( ) I think the preps are great but there has to be something more local in place in addition to that preparation. Not everyone is going to be prepared for $4/gal gas or higher when there is such a high unemployment rate in the country. There will be migrations(some already taking place on a small scale)and those people could quickly turn into the "golden hoard" if there are systemic failures: Transportation/product distribution being the key one for large cities.

I have been putting a lot of thought into this the last couple of days. To be honest, I could be putting the best preps in place where I am but, where I am is not where I intend to be when things get rough. I live far to close to a main hub of human activity that is likely to break down faster than the normal 'rule of 72'.(it did 2 years ago when we had a city wide power failure that lasted 3 days. The criminals ramped up thefts overnight. Crimes of opportunity they were called by the LEO's of the area, and most weren't pursued.) In addition to that, I haven't the land locally to be able to grow much of anything. We have a saying around here for that. The ground is made up of clay, clay and you may even find a rock or two with some more clay. Grass grows on a thin layer of topsoil and 4 inches down, CLAY. That more than anything is reason for looking elsewhere to bugout to when the time is ripe.(and no, I don't plan on bugging out so much as making the move before that is needed. I am ready if something goes bad before then though)

Near the area I am planning on retreating to, there is great soil for small plots. Not much more than 1/2-1 acre sizes but they are scattered about all over the place. The other aspect being that the area never really recovered from the Great Depression and the people there tend to be a bit more Self reliant than the people that surround me where I am now. I can easily see micro economies forming there, barter being the start of it.

But that brings up the point of this post. Even in your preps of an inward nature, are you looking around at the people that surround you and how they can be brought into the loop of a micro-economy? Even if they aren't 'harvesters', do they have skills that may be needed when you can't 'run to the store to get something'? Does that old guy up the street, that is always tinkering about, have a virtual hardware store in his shed? Does that lady across the street have the means of processing grain and knows how to bake bread? The key here is being able to see the resources around you. We can't be our own islands for long enough. We need outside skills. Even the obscure ones. I have been trying to educate myself on as many skills as I can acquire over as broad a course as possible(and it gets bigger every month it seems.) This isn't just learning from books but actually getting my hands dirty, smoke in my eyes, blisters under my blisters, work. I have managed to screw up enough castings to know what not to do to get a good casting for making obscure parts for machines. I have broken a couple of good cutting bits learning that I have to anneal certain steels before I can chuck 'em up in the lathe. I have learned how to 'read' the colors of steel for heat treating them to make tool steel etc etc etc. I may not be able to teach myself how to farm a plot of land but that is only due to lack of land. If I had it available, believe me, I would(I would really like some fresh turnip greens about now MMMmmm) Yet even with all of that, I know that I wouldn't be able to hold out 'till things turn around'(assuming of course that the worst we have to deal with is financial collapse). I doubt that any of us could. Not alone at least. But if we could build small communities to spread the load, we would be able to work miracles. Look to your surroundings and the people that make up your neighbors. Find that Vet in the area that is concerned about the future and get them on your side.(a vet can double as a doctor and right now has access to better drugs, that your doctor can't get due to 'human factor') Find that curmudgeon engineer from Sliderule days, fluff his ego and befriend him. Each of them is a resource that you will need that can't be replaced easily. They both have knowledge that can't be found in books.

Not one person I have read on the Blogs is a stupid person. We may be labeled Redneck, racist, fascist(whatever, they need to read that definition again)Nazi's, ignorant, uneducated (Laugh Snort) and stupid. So what, they are just words. I can say, without a doubt, that those of us that are doing all we can to prepare(whether its our lands, larders, 'arsenals', and/or minds) we are 30 steps ahead of most of this country. I keep that in mind when I start getting down thinking about where all of this is headed. There will be pockets of sanity.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I listen to the talk radio somedays and today was one of those days. The divisiveness going on all across the spectrum is incredible. Whiney G.Beck was going on and on about not wanting a structure to have targeted by the leftists, then whining about how we need to consolidate our endeavors. Going on and on about how we need to not play into the leftists propaganda BS, then turns around and hands out GOP propaganda BS.

I know that there are some that worry about bloggers trying to intice antagonism online. I guess that is why I consider myself an 'independent'. I don't have any affiliation with any Militias(organized) nor am I a TEA party member though I have attended a few. I try to keep my head off the skyline as much as possible; this blog being the exception to the rule. This blog is my link to sanity somedays: Have to be able to vent the pressures of it all or you end up exploding and that's not a good thing.

The blogs that I do read, really help me keep my finger on the pulse of like minded people. Some of them I would consider friends unmet. The kinds of friends that could show up unannounced and be welcomed no matter what. I find it sad that there is so much space amongst us in the real world: yet if you think about it that is actually a plus too. I figure that most of us are independent enough that personalities would rub badly over too much time. Seen it happen before. One other thing to think about that is a plus: With the spread out nature of us, all of this could come apart and there would be enough of us to be able to pick up the pieces locally and really help rebuild this nation on a larger scale.(lean with me on this one as I am trying to see a silver lining today)

Well, time to go melt some metal. Third time is the charm they say and this particular piece has been giving me fits the last couple of times I tried casting it.(hopefully I can post the after shots and the beginning of the machining process here later today)

UPDATE: Weather last night made my casting sand wet. Thought it was covered but I was wrong. Casting day soon. Don't want to have a steam explosion while trying to make a tool. Not a pretty sight if you haven't seen one.(the after effects are worse)

Monday, April 5, 2010

They meddle

From the mouths of babes(even if she is fictional) come points of truth.

Can anyone say that you haven't been 'meddled' with today?

Guess I am an Anarchist by the original definition. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. As Mamaliberty puts it: "Here's an idea...If nobody wants a 'civil disturbance,' why in heck don't they quit disturbing us?"

Other than that I haven't much to post today.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back to reality.

Good Book. It took me a bit to get into his writing style but once I did, things flowed quite nicely. GR4U recommended Boston T Parties Molon Labe. I guess that one is next on my list. I have the Enemies: Foreign and Domestic series and that one was pretty damned good too.

But its time to come back to reality again. LOL The world waits for no man and I am no exception. Things seem quiet this week. Probably for the best. Only so much BS that we can all handle at one time. Still waiting to see just how far this healthcare debacle expands now that it "passed so we can see whats in it". Thinking the whole cap and trade mess is next in line and the immigration bill will wait until just after the next election cycle(if it ever happens). Obviously I am not in the loop on any of that but tactically speaking, pulling it any other way would make for a bigger mess then they have and this country can't afford any of it: especially further loads on an already strained system. The Cap and Crap bill will pull in more revenues for them to 'spread the ankles' of this country, and I am sure that is the idea.

Well, time for me to do some surfing and play catch up. After work tomorrow is calling for a quick range trip. All of the discussion of reloading and working up loads and ballistics has me itching to get in some trigger time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

sucked into a book

Finally have a copy of "Unintended Consequences" and have been thoroughly sucked in. Be back on with full posts tomorrow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How about a little Civil Disobedience?

Great idea, safer than throwing bricks.

Y'all up for it?

Check it out at Sipsey St. Mike has the details.

Says a lot doesn't it?

Here is the link,

And here is the money quote.

Young CPT Bear was understanding. "I'm not surprised you don't know, hardly anybody does."


"'Hutaree' is a Shawnee word meaning 'stupid white man.'"

With the fact that these guys are being nailed AFTER they had been infiltrated for months, BEFORE they actually did anything, BEFORE they actually assembled a bomb(even a stinking pipebomb ferchrisakes, WMD my ass).

Set up is the word that comes to mind here. Propaganda to smear other groups they list as a monkeysphere comes to mind. Subversion of Mentalities by obtuse assumption comes to mind.

I have to wonder, how much of this was "low hanging fruit" as Mike puts it and how much was an actual staged event.

On a lighter note, some serious gallows humor for all of you.
Global Warming Activist Freezes to death in Antarctica.
Here is a little music to go with your read.
(April's fools, They got me!)

My search for intelligent life in the near vicinity has been fruitless today. Maybe later when my neighbor, Mehgan, comes home. She needs a beer from my fridge and I need to hear something of quick wit.

PS Wanted to add something to this. Kevin W in Alaska had a thought on the whole Hutaree fiasco and I thought I should direct your attention to it. This link is the best part of it.