Friday, October 29, 2010

Quiet on the channels, contemplations on my part

Seems that the PTB is far too busy trying to manipulate a stance of power to worry about keeping the fear levels up. (S)Election season (H/T to Mayberry for that term) always seems to show a slowdown in black swans. Other than Big Sis tightening up search criteria for air travelers, not much going on while the poo flys across the air waves.

I know that we have a Federal Reserve Board meeting going on that wraps up Nov 1. Who only knows what kind of crap we will see come out of that. Probably more monetization of National debt. I still don't understand how the majority don't see how its really stealing. Then again, many don't want to be troubled with the truth. Even so, I highly doubt that any information from that will be released until AFTER November 2nd. Far too likely to sway some fence sitters and swing elections the wrong way for those in power now.

Whatchawannabet that Rangle "somehow" wins his seat back? Sorry, had to get that dig in about a highly corrupt and suspicious election system.

Now on to the contemplation.

Those that read this know my opinion on the whole system and what I think should happen to it.
I have had a few days down time to think about it and have some things to bring up. When this country was founded (in violence you peace-niks, get over it) there were a majority of people that were self sufficient, determined; some would say down right bullheaded. Even is there weren't a majority of them that sided one way or another till the bullets were flying, I would have to say that there were VERY FEW that weren't able to take care of themselves come hell or high water. The people that made up the center of the revolution were mostly successful persons, and even when they weren't, they were quite capable of taking care of themselves.

All of this in a world were personal disputes were usually taken care of in a 'personal' fashion in the infamous duel. Where lawlessness was usually taken quite heavily and each and every person had a stake in making sure that it was nipped in the bud quickly. When criminals were dealt with swiftly and not in lock up for lifetimes(except in places like England and France that were still quite Monarchy based and failing) WE are the new minority.
And many of us have woken to the fact that we are defacto slaves to the system. WE try and try to wake others to this fact hoping 'gainst hope that, maybe, just maybe, we can become a majority and make the changes needed.

Then again, some of us have little hope for that Wake up call 'til its way to late to make the turn back needed. Either way its going to get us. Just a matter of time and money. It always boils down to the money though doesn't it?

Well, I hope all have a gleeful Hallow's Eve. Get the kids out if you can and forget about the stupidity of our Misrepresentatives for at least one evening.

And here is my new Anthem on work days. Hope ya all enjoy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bug season: Bugs 1 Dio 0(next round to come, I am sure.)

Been down for a few days with something that opened up the faucets at both ends, I shan't go into further details. Least to say this keeping up on current events was the least of my concerns.

I will post tomorrow after I read up on things and get back into synch with the rest of the world. My apologies for the lack of input on my part. I intend to make it up quickly.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trembles of despair

I spent most of this last week elbow deep in metal shavings (chips to those that work metal) vernier calipers, machinist blue, and cutting oil. Grinning ear to ear for it too.

But I had a moment of despair fall upon me during one evening during the evening coffee fix.

Most evenings, we meet up with others from the family at my uncles house (which used to be my grandmothers) for coffee and lie swapping. Of course the Monkeypoo flinging season has effected most with the bug (must be the fumes off the poo) and politics was brought up.

The level of ignorance of how the political machine works, what socialism TRULY is, how money is "created" and just what makes an entitlement a bribe; really astounded me. Granted, I now live in what could be called a VERY Democrat laden part of the country, and always has been. The fact that KY is called a ' Commonwealth' should have tipped me off to just how twisted some of the thinking can be.

Fact is, one of my cousins (I think? hard to follow all the family lines) was all about fiscally conservative principles UP TO the point where I mentioned some of my ideas on how to fix Social Security. BAM! those walls came flying up and he started talking about how some people have too much freedom and that we need more laws to keep things the way they are supposed to be and how maybe the Russians had it right with communism.


I have no clue where any of that came from with the original conversation but damn! Talk about cooking my goose before they got the feathers off; I was left sitting there with my coffee in one hand, my pipe in the other, wondering just what happened.

There are far too many people that have been seduced by the prospect of SSI. Far too many that are receiving SSD that shouldn't be and many more that are trying to find ways of 'getting on the dole'.
That well is empty and even when the numbers are shown, none of these people seem to understand that to 'receive' someone has to 'give'.

There isn't much left to give so the Gubment 'Takes' to give.

Whats the solution?

Seriously, does anyone really have one?

The only thing I can come up with, without resorting to outright killing that is; Raise the next Generation to understand the concepts that the Indoctrination System refuses to expose to each successive generation; the truth. Wait for those that refuse to understand to die off and try, try, try, to teach them the error of their ways till then.

I know, waste of time, easier to teach a pig to sing.

I will go ahead and do what I can on the personal level and teach my progeny the facts as I perceive them, teach them to think for themselves and question everything until they achieve a truth of their own. I can't see anything else to do.

Until our current situation starts to spiral out of control, nothing can be done to stop the current escalation of events. Once things do start that swirling motion, it will be up to individuals to keep little slices of sanity alive and well. We can't do a damned thing for the bigger picture as individuals.

Back to making chips. At least there, I have some sanity from this mess. I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing shit like what is going on in France?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hmmm, smells like Monkey Poo,

Haven't a whole lot to say lately, been busy dealing with cutting and hauling wood of of the property, and laying out foundation lines for when the Dozer comes in this week. I have a little project from my cousin that is letting me flex my metal working skills and allowing me to use the tools I have been dragging around the last year.(He is also paying well but that is the least of my joy in this case) I have been working full time Thursdays thru Sunday for the last 3 weeks; this is helping lots in getting the ball rolling for my plans. I am happy to say that working is much better than being unemployed. LOADS better.(Now, if I can find someway to make just as much without having to have the noose of a W2 attached to my name/number.)(the above project may be the start of losing that noose if I do my end part to the best of my ability.)

Even so, this time of year is always a twist to my mind. I love the fall, the changing of the leaves, the leaves falling off the trees and clearing my lane on the range, the snap of cold that makes for some fine flames out of the barrels of the high powered toys.
Yet, there is that stink of monkey poo in the air.

(H/T to JohnGalt for the Graphic)

Seriously, the flinging feces of election years really makes for a less enjoyable season. Thankfully its short.
Even so, it really shows just how infantile these jackasses truly are. They fight and scrabble for a (rather lucrative) job that most people would rather not think about.
Hmmm, maybe that's the problem. Maybe the fact that most people don't want a damn thing to do with politics leaves room for these monkeys to rape and pillage at whim. The fact that they are willing to sell off their own mothers and stab their best friends in the back for the job should show just how low on the gene pool they really are.

And we allow them to do it year after year.

Until that changes, we are completely fucked.

Guess that's why I say to let it burn. If it does though, the ones that rebuild it will have to watch carefully for the fleas (monkey shit throwers) to climb up and squish 'em before they get a chance to breed again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buzzzzzzz!!!!! Crash Boom!!!!!!!

That is the sound that I have been subjecting myself too this week. So far, there are 6 loads of White and Red oak(mostly Red) and several smaller trees called sourwood.(looks like an oak to me but I am just a dumb city boy).

At this point its more just clearing out the area where the house will be built and the area where I will be putting the drive. The woods aren't as dense here but that doesn't mean that they aren't thick. LOTS OF TREES! I figure that I will have at least my first season of firewood well seasoned by the time I actually start using the stove to heat the place. Seeing how the stack is growing though, it may well be my first two winters.

I am still in the market for that RV, I haven't given up on the idea. I just have a bit more time right now to get some of the grunt work done so I am taking advantage of it.

And believe me, busting down trees is a whole lot more satisfying than watching the mud slinging ads or listening to them on the radio. Not quite as satisfying as shooting but more of primal feeling when you feel that "whuMP!" as the tree hits the ground. Soon I will be able to bring up the backhoe and start removing the stumps and digging where the foundation will be. Looking at about $4000.00 for all of the concrete needed for a a basement and about another $1500 for the gravel base for that and the drive. Big expenses but I figure I should have it together by spring time. Timing is everything in this case and springtime will be optimal to start that little project. I don't want to be pouring crete in the cold of winter.

Nothing new on the frontlines of politics. Other than the usual mudslinging season. More of the same old, same old. The only interesting quip I have heard was from my dad. "As much crap as these a$$holes dig up on each other, ain't none of 'em worth two squirts of diarrhea."

I lost that mouthful of coffee. Luckily it wasn't through my nose.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Read, Puke, then DO

If you haven't been to Mayberry's site today, Go there now. Direct link.

After you get your head out of the toilet like I did, get on the hook, phone the numbers, raise as much hell as you can, Send e-mails to all involved that you can find addresses for, raise hell.

THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY THAT I MADE AN OATH TO DEFEND!!!!!! If children can be taken under such minuscule precedent, I would say we are further along into China's path than I originally thought.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Timing is everything.

Ever notice that there are times where somethings are more readily available than other times. Like the growing season of fruits or veggies tend to make them cheaper at some times of the year than others?

Well, I am finding the same thing for RV's. Now is the time to grab one up if you are so inclined. Far more people are finding that storing one is a bit of an investment. These tend to be single season owners but there are also those that are finding that the funds for 'that toy' are really not there and storage fees are something that needs to be allocated or the toy has to go.

I will have more info about the 'toy' I am looking at soon. Gonna make my life much simpler. And I am not even gonna worry about registration as the danged thing is gonna sit on my property. IF There comes a day when I need to move it, chances are, the law is going to be in such a shape that I won't need to worry about proper tags. I will be watching my 6 for the Zombie hoard more.

Of course, I am a deluded conspiracy nut so you can completely ignore any of the above if you think I am full of crap. Besides, I don't really care any longer what others think if they think I am off my rocker. Consider that your solipsist comment of the day. LOL

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Slow posts, nothing political today.

But, I do have something to show along with some advice to others.

The above is obviously a cheap Nerf style football. As you can see, there are more than a few holes in it. This is what I use for pistol training. It really reinforces target acquisition. Being only 8" long and 6" at its widest point, this is plenty accurate enough for self defense training. Being round-ish, it reacts quite well to being hit, forcing you to shift positions often enough that you begin to 'point shoot' naturally. This is what I recommend to anyone that is serious about learning what they and their tools are capable of. One point of advice though, your range area MUST have high walls, especially if the ground is hard packed. I noticed some ricochets in the trees while shooting. Luckily, I was in a valley that is also a old strip mine: No harm no foul.

The point is this: No matter what tool you are using, LEARN IT! Know every aspect of that tool that is humanly possible to learn. Know your limits, the tools limits, and learn how you can stretch those limits to near breaking: especially your own. There may be a time where knowing ANY tool is going to be the break point in success or failure. This goes for Pistols, rifles, saws and hammers, even a needle. If you don't know how to use them to the best of your ability, you may find out the hard way that you needed to know.

The above football was shot at from all different angles, distances, and speeds. The only common aspect was 230 gr FMJ .45 rounds from a 1911 clone. Some of the shots were as close as 7' and one full magazine was from 150'. The lions share were from about 50'. With the reactivity, I still managed to get full hits about 66% of the time, even the misses were close enough to get the ball to bounce. That to me is 'good enough'. I am not a competition shooter, nor do I intend to compete, unless the competition is for my life. When the competition comes about, I fully intend to be the best. That is a position I think we should all take to heart.

Now, I mentioned in my last post that there may be an alternative housing setup in progress. And there is, I am working an acquisition of a tow camper to set up on my property. This will either accelerate my building points or I may decide that a camper is also "good enough". Either way, I will have a roof over my head, I do intend on putting up my workshop no matter what route I go here. There is still much that needs done, but this will give me some relief and options.