Thursday, June 30, 2011

Community and PT, what a blessing.

LOL Some title eh? It will make sense when you finish this.

Lets start with the PT part. I know many of us are in need of 'getting in shape' in some form or another. Running walking etc, doesn't matter so long as we are able to get a bit further than our original couch butts are/were capable.
The following picture is MY version of a work out. That bar goes by many names: some call it a spud bar, others a tank bar, whatever. Fact is, Its fuckin heavy. Only 50 pounds but when its hot, and you are using it to smash things apart, that 50 turns into 500 pretty damned quick when you are using it over your head. Especially if you are out of shape.(which I am not)

NOW, community. The below pics represent what happens when a community comes together and manages to keep the monetary squeeze out of things. This old horse stable has been sitting here for years. The last horse that resided here passed on about 6 years ago. The house that sits on the property had been abandoned for 3 and it burned last week. The bank wanted the property cleared off or something. Well, the stable didn't burn. The wood here is mostly Oak and poplar but is all good for the most part. There is some rot at the ends near ground but not really all that bad. All of it is rough cut from local trees sometime in the last 50 years (I know the son of the guy that built it and the son is my dads age.)
Well, As you can see, I am knocking this thing apart to salvage the wood. Don't really know its future destination yet but that is not the point. This mess was pointed out to me by a neighbor that knows that I am building on the cheap and told me about it. The fact that it is on abandoned property doesn't bother me in the least. Maybe it can be considered theft but after several years of neglect, I figure the original owners AND the bank have no desire to actually take any ownership of it. Free wood.

Here is the clean up process including removal of nails and cutting off the rot. Yeah, thats a sawzall on the gate. I am running it off an inverter powered by the truck. Cheating? So what. Thats why we have technology. I am still using hand tools (like that monster bar earlier) in the destruction side.

And here is the end result of one afternoons efforts. I didn't measure it out so I have no clue how many board feet I ended up with. I will be back after a couple of days to recover some more (days off that is. Gotta actually earn a living right now.)

As for how this all ties into community is that people around here actually look out for the people that are decent. It doesn't take long to figure out who the scammers and losers are. When a small community numbers in only a few hundred, there are rarely Secrets. It can be annoying but there are more times when it is a blessing. We are spread out but still close enough that if someone has an issue you can usually holler for help. (or start shooting, that always get attention)

Well, time to get back to earning that paycheck. Talk to you all laters.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

previously written but unposted

Overheard on the porch.

There are days where I find myself surprised in the simplest ways. Today was one of those days. Sitting on the porch watching the mountains eat the sun, I was pondering which direction my next couple of days should be focused on. Suddenly, my dad states "what this world needs is a massive die off. About 95% or so."

Flat footed I am! Yes, I agree that a die off in one form or another would do Mama Terra massive amounts of good. It would lessen if not outright end much of the troubles the world population suffers through. 95% might be on the high side IMO but even so, it has potential for a lot of good.(unless you are in that percentile of dead of course)

ANd yes, its a HARSH statement. Truth usually tends to be rather harsh.

But to hear this from my dad really stopped my thought train. Derailed it actually as I haven't a clue what my thoughts were at that point now.

This I do know. 95% die off would be cataclysmic. Not only would it make one hell of a logistic/health issue, it would also lead to a further die off of the remaining 5% due to emotional issues. Of course that thought is debatable, hell the whole premise is nothing but a debatable point.

BUT, Are we on the verge of a massive die off?

Look deep into Monsanto. Really study up on GMO's and Roundup(tm) and just how the AG business has been railroaded into this mess.

Look DEEP into the Food laws that have been shuttled through our Government over the last 30 years (with increasing frequency).

Look at what Soros has been up to the last few months.

Look at how Bees, simple but highly effective lifeforms, are dying off. Find a list of some of the reasons. (hint: some of them are due to the first objective)

Look at how few people KNOW what is edible outside of a supermarket or fastfood joint. (yuppers, us cro-mags that like to cook with FIRE are gonna be the shit when it hits the fan.)

Look at how few people know how to actually cook, properly, when they don't have a computer controlled oven/stove or microwave oven (or even electricity).

Look at how small a percentage of this population knows how to hunt on even a mediocre scale (and lets not even go into how many know how to butcher out the meat without completely ruining it.)

Other than that garden of storebought (and questionable lineage) seeds, how many have stocked up on the basics? How many have plans to do so? How many even know how to plant a garden let alone successfully plant and maintain one?

Then look at how fuel is being manipulated on a world wide basis by TPTB and try and figure out WHY it is being manipulated and fought over. No conspiracies here, just honest figures that the media suppresses by ignoring the connections. Look closely at how 'cheap fuel' has lead to a revolution of growth that is not sustainable if said fuel becomes scarce.

On a side note, look at how WATER is being hoarded by countries. Water covers most of this planet but there is only so much that is actually able to be used by people, the rest is salinic or poisoned (see first objective and the petroleum industry;just to name a couple)

Things aren't looking good. At least for the majority of people on this planet. Is this going to happen soon. In some eyes, NOT SOON ENOUGH. In others, too soon for comfort.

How does this effect those with our eyes open? Simple. If you are solo, you are going to die.

If you aren't solo, you are probably going to die.

If you are in tribe/group/community etc You may die.
IF you are ready to do what needs to be done, even to the point of defending your efforts from the most pathetic of sad eyes, you MIGHT live. (and I have little doubt as to where I stand in this. I am working on getting into the right position.)

When is all of this going to happen. 2012 is too soon IMO. But then again, as I have said, my desires and reality rarely have a common ground. It may start that soon. Those little gardens I have mentioned in the past, will probably be plowed under in ignorance by some .GOV employee; leaving a small group to die of starvation. At best, it may be confiscated to be 'redistributed', again, leaving a small group to die (so that some lazy couch potato can live another week)

Doom and Gloom? Yup, more than a little. But reality is going to be playing hard and fast with the rules soon. The PTB are seeing to it. The unintended consequences of thier actions are going to trickle down slowly at first to become a torrent of sewage fairly quickly.

I feel for you if you don't see it coming, but not enough feeling to warrant suffering for your lack of planning. Just remember the rule "Lack of planning on your part DOES NOT constitute an emergency on my part." And there is going to have to be more of that hardnosed attitudes to get us through the next decade or two. Cruel? Yeah, but better than the alternatives in my opinion.

Monday, June 27, 2011

a boon

Being netless the last couple of days has allowed my mind to twist and turn upon itself. This is actually a good thing. My little world needed the break too.

To that end, I have spent the morning doing a little catching up. Seems that we have hit that 'stability' that was mentioned recently in various predictive sites. Not much going on, and while that may or may not be a good thing in general; to me it means that the beast is flexing its coils for the next round. This party is long from over and each new round will grow progressively more sick and twisted.

Bill mentioned the other day about DHS rolling some rather interesting vehicles around the country.
I cover quite a bit of area in my runs but only one of importance when it comes to this 'topic'. I haven't seen DHS vehicles but I have seen the TSA tractor trailers that are mobile screening booths to include the full body scanners. This is only part of the story. Here is the other part.(broken link though dont understand why or how. Curiouser and curiouser methinks)
Thanks for the headsup from Craig and Shy Wolf. Worked just fine on original posting but went shitty pretty quick.
Like I said, This party isn't over by a long shot.

I have also stated that I don't believe we will see Civil "war" in this country again. How can we when the government has been at war with its civilians since the mid 70's. A war within a war? Maybe, but the way I see it, each time someone one either side dies, its just one more, Highly localized battle. There will never be the "facing across the fields, honorably displaying strength against the King" type of battles, EVER. This war will always be about small group tactics, and propaganda. The PTB don't want an all out fight as that would dissolve far too much of the artificial power they hide behind. They like the fact that there are so many cop shows on the tube providing the needed anesthetic for numbing the masses to just how horrible the real issue is. Tom B. put it well with building up our reserves by finding those that have been abused by the system and fostering them into reality. There has to be quite a bit of vetting going on here as there are some that are afoul of the machine that have every legit reason for being so.
There are also a lot of tools of the machine out there too. Be careful.

But, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty either. This mess isn't going away by nitpicking around the ick.

And it isn't going to happen tomorrow. There is a lot of give in the minds of those that don't understand just how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen. There are many that just DO NOT care one iota what befalls this country as they don't understand it anymore than TPTB like it. We, the ones that do, and see, are far and few between. There are inroads to make us so inconsequential to be nearly non-existent.

I don't need to go into anymore about it. My question is, when it fails, who rebuilds? Will it be us, the ones that have been aware and unable to stop the madness? Or will it be the likes of Soros? Or the PRC?

You know where My desire lays, but what I want and reality tend to be mutually exclusive on a regular basis.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wuz da net? Ahdungitdat!

As you have no doubt noticed, my posting has been pretty light as of late.

Not that I haven't anything to say, really, hell, I have written posts that sounded damned good at the time. The problem is in the provider in my area having issues with the local net. With all of these storms that are creating problems elsewhere in the country in the form of flooding, when they could be used in other parts where there is too little rain; we keep getting washed out. In this case, our local net provider's building was completely washed up and our connections are sporadic at best. I am posting from a McD's 100 miles from home while at work. Not exactly a habit I want to promote very much (the greasy spoon, not the skipping work part)

Oh well. All of those "killer posts" look rather lame after the fact so This is What I Give You today.

RIP brother. There are those that remember and miss you. (and I can't believe I missed that. Thanks Tom for calling me and letting me know.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes ya gotta turn your back.

There are people in this world that, no matter how much the truth is placed before them, they just won't see it. Try as you might, the walls of indoctrination won't allow them to see that the world IS NOT what they were taught.

I should know, I was one in the not to distant past. Even though I was raked over the coals by my command and given a discharge 2 levels BELOW what my charges called for, I still had faith. Even though my wife was able to use the courts (and that second set of books) with a skill admired by lawyers, I STILL HAD FAITH.

Faith in what?
The education I had been given and the fact that we live in a country with the greatest Legal document ever produced by mere mortals.

Still, my hope for the future resides in that document.(the first one, not the one manipulated by Hamilton and Madison. Though the original 10 Amendments can stay.) There is a very real connection to GOD in our founding, and the fact that our country has lost its moral compass has much to do with the shape we are now in.

I am not a very religious person. Heck, the last time I stepped foot in church was in the mid 90's. I do though, have a sound belief that there is a higher power in this world. One that has some influence over how things are AND will be (but refuses to completely interfere). I also think that the vast majority of this country have little faith in that power. Especially those in the Gospel Churches. I have heard those sermons many times(on tour with the gospel plays). Those sermons tend to lead towards entitlement thinking. Maybe that is just a throwback to the slavery days, but it seems to be a highly prevalent attitude on that side of the book. It is also a large majority of what is wrong with our country as we all can plainly see. (welfare entitlements, and union policies abound and all are bankrupting us.)

There is a point though, even having that christian charity in you to give and give and give, where you MUST turn your back on someone. Granted, the tie period of that 'turning' is also dictated by how well or how closely you are related to said person. In my most recent case, I didn't know the person from Adam, and I turned quickly. From what I can see of his writing style, he is hiding, what and why, I have no idea, nor do I care any longer. I had accused this person of being someone else, and I still have that feeling. Even so, I have written him off of my concerns. I won't try to illuminate anything for his benefit since everything is viewed from a very distorted lens by him. It would seem that lens was 'corrected' by past indoctrinations and those must be shed by the person wearing them, not someone else. As those of us that have "woken up" can attest, the event is troubling at best and highly disturbing for most. Some, in the future, are not going to be able to handle that awakening at all. I only hope that if someone you know is at that stage or near it, that you are going to be able to comfort and aid them through that waking up period. Enough that they don't lose hope and do as Stack or Ball did.

No matter what, there are going to be more of these suicides. I stated it when Stack kamikazied the IRS building, and I state it again now that Ball has passed us the torch (literally BTW, just read his words)


Note that I did NOT specify any one particular section of our Government? The disease is rampant from the lowest village house to the top seat of the administration. There are some areas/states that hold to the best parts of our founders, but for the most part, the cancer is in every orifice.

And its not all in Elected positions. For the many of the issues, the problem resides in those Appointed positions and the selected hirelings that NEVER go away no matter how the elections fall. The ones that have seats for life, or have been appointed by someone far in the past and 'policy' states that the person has that position until such time as THEY deem it unnecessary. Kinda like having your 7 year old grade his own proficiency.

This is not going away without a fight. If you really want to see what our future holds, look towards Argentina. Study what has befallen that country over the last 50 years, From Ava Perron, to the collapse of 2001 on to todays Argentina.
That situation has a much higher probability of happening than any civil war or rebellion. Far Greater chance.


We lost our moral compass. The vast majority of this country doesn't understand what made our founders as stoic as they were. Our way was lost before WWI. Some (to include me) think that our way was lost back in the 1860's. Some think that the disease actually started under our very first President(and I find it hard to argue against with some of the facts in place.).

There are those, that given some time, and free rein, could turn this country around. The problem is the free rein. Look at what has happened when people permitted the elected to go beyond representation, and into "LEADERSHIP". I don't want to elect LEADERS, I can lead myself pretty well. I don't want to hire "PROTECTION", I do pretty good at that myself too. And isn't that were our country is at its weakest? That people want to do as little for themselves (lead and protect themselves) as possible so long as the entertainments don't stop. I think when things get rougher, people are going to see past the plastic smiles and $300 haircuts to the sleek fur of a well fed wolf and that the smile is actually the dripping snarl of anticipation for the meal. That will be the rude awakening that many won't be able to deal with.

And there are those that will never wake up. And for those, you must turn your back.

Or lose yourself as well.

(edited for doubled text. Oops.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Nuttin much today

Local net is down again thnx to a pretty awesome storm last night. Should be up within 24 hours or so. Blogging by phone sucks ass so this is all I have for ya today.

Talk at y'all tomorrow.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In light of that last post.

Happy Dads Day to all of you out there. Hope you get to spend some time with those that set that status in your life.

Hold 'em close, they are the future.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a little whisper and it peaked my curiosity.

Has anyone else heard about this?

Does anyone have a clue if it "means what I think it means"? An honest opinion without all the Government Spin and Media Froo-froo to paint a bluer sky for us Mundano?

I am looking at the Frank-Dodd Act and what I am reading is ominous even in layman terms. Of course, more regulatory BS from that Cesspool on the hill. BUT what does it mean to the common man on the street? I have some ideas but want to reach out to others that may have more of a finger in the pie than myself.

If it does, I may have to make a serious dent in my finances here pretty quickly.

OTC without paperwork baby, no trails. The only way to fly in our day and age.

Anyway, if you have something on this, please chime in, OR, if you want to remain anonymous, feel free to use the email as posted.

MUST go Viral.

Having been through a divorce and 12 years of fighting it out with the CSEA and the courts system, Reading this mans, I guess manifesto puts it best, I have only sympathy and respect for his actions. I wish he hadn't gone "Stack" but we all will hit a point where we "have to do what we have to do". (my only hope at that point is to be in position to do as much damage as possible to the system and its drones.) Thanks to the commenter at Craigs site and Craigs willingness to Broadcast this.

If you haven't read it, do so. IT is very informative to those that have never had to go through this shit.

Now for my naysayer that will try to whittle this down and belittle the hell out of it. Before you go ripping this guy to shreds over his actions. READ his words FIRST. Break it down into its simplest points.(you will need to translate some grammatical errors but that is beside the point) THEN try to refute his statements. TRY. In doing so, I think you will find that the world you were taught to believe in and reality are about as far apart as they can get while maintaining the same space.
You see, I don't need the proof of his statements to know the reality of them. There are TWO realities within our world and the one we operate under is far different than the one the Government Employee works under. Yeah, these police may be 'working Joes' but when it comes to the end of the day, the orders they follow are NOT from 'the people' and have little to do with reality as we see it. It takes them, all of them standing up against this to stop it at the root. Since they don't want to be looking for a job in this crap ass economy, they are going to follow orders (as you have stated elsewhere) despite these orders failing to abide by 'Rule of Law'.

That creates a danger point for EVERYONE, including them. Throw in the fact that most Departments evaluate performance with "convictions" as the Metric (We don't have quotas! )and keeping a job is dependent upon Revenue Generation, not LAW.

"Protect and Serve"

Protect and Serve "Whom"? Not us. The courts have stated that the police have no obligation to any individual for safety. They are there to collect revenues, take notes for cases (bag the body and document), and be a show of force for those whom they do 'serve'.

Maybe this doesn't apply to all cops. I know better than that. But you can't isolate any one person for doing the right thing when they are completely entrenched in the mechanics that are eating this country alive. It starts at the local level and only becomes more and more rigorous as you climb the ladder to that "Shining city on the hill" (Nuclear glow? it sure ain't polished silver)

Push back on the system: the energy and money it will use to destroy you will be trivial TO IT. You can't fight that and live. No way. Not as an individual. Fight it hard enough and they will put a bullet in you and call it good. Hell they will even honor those that did the shooting. The man above chose to use his 'loss' as a call to arms that won't be heeded. I don't see buildings erupting into flames around the country. But his words should give you pause.

NOW, about the laws he was fighting. He didn't mention one point that I found out while doing 'my research' during my fight against the CSEA. The laws for child support were written during the Great Depression. MOST to be more to the point. Written in a time when it was uncommon for a mother to work outside of the home. Not unheard of but uncommon.
How does that apply to now.
To quote a judge from my time under the thumb. "I don't give a shit if she is using the money to buy drugs, you are the male and YOU WILL PAY." Go back an re-read his article now and see if what I just wrote falls in line.

I wasn't aware of the homeless side of the fight but seeing his evidence, I can easily believe it. His evidence is backed by my own observations from the Armpit of the Midwest and only helped connect some dots.

This isn't over by far. And the ratchet just keeps getting tighter and tighter.

Friday, June 17, 2011

FLutterbyes, runnybabbits, flunicorns and ghoosteses.

Ok, now that I have your attention, this post has NOTHING to do with any of the above. (BTW, those are the names that my daughter had for such things when she was quite young. I still giggle when I hear/write them down.)

Been checking out various posts. This one kind of grabbed my attention but for a slightly different reason than I gathered at first. It took a couple hours of driving to clarify the mix of thoughts on it.
Cop Kills kid in Domestic Violence dispute. The money line: "I don't need a warrant MotherFucker!"

Now, I read in one of the comments that this guy is up for murder now. I didn't follow the linkage to backtrack it since I was originally surfing using the phone. Bad me, I am not going to check now since my bandwidth sucks. Here is what I can conclude just based upon what I read and some basic assumptions based upon recent history (10 or so years worth at this point.)
1) He probably did say the above, I have heard worse from cops in less stressful situations.
2) IF, and evidence and witnesses seem to agree, that this was an execution, not a defensive shooting, This guy surrendered his badge and the protections thereof the microsecond the muzzle of his gun touched human flesh. (IE Before he pulled the trigger.)
3) IF anyone in his department tries to defend his actions at this point, they need to be placed upon a list of Traitors, immediately.

Now my thoughts on WHY he said what he did and possibly his justification of his actions.
1) Recent court rulings, (not necessarily in his state) stating that we can't expect protection against unreasonable and illegal searches and that our only recourse is in the courts system. (180 degrees of what our bill of rights states)
2) Department actions following the Guerena Murder. (he may have felt that the department would cover his ass.)
3) Media Coverage that has been suppressing Black-op Cops for decades.

I hope like hell, the department in this case sees this incident in similar light and runs this guy through the gauntlet of criminal proceedings. IF They don't, I would not be the least bit surprised to hear of this guy being found on some street corner, body riddled with multiple random leaks in the middle of some night later down the road. Call it vigilanism if you want but sometimes street justice is more blind than our own court system. (usually cheaper too.)

NOW, onward.

Takin' a stroll to Texas for a minute.

Senator asks "why aren't you speaking English?"

Here is the breakdown. Council meeting. Guy wants to voice his opinion PRO for immigration sumpin or other. Guy has been in U.S. since 1988. 23 friggin years. Don't know, nor does the story mention his alien status or if he is now a citizen. BUT, the guy is using a translator to discuss his views. Senator asks the above question and is now under the spot light for it.

MY TAKE. We have been down this road before but I want to illuminate it a bit. For one, I am studying spanish, but that has little to do with what I am bringing up here, other than the fact that I have learned a fair conversational level in about 3 months.(and that is just dabbling in it.) THIS jackass has lived in this country for 23 fuckin years and chooses to use a translator instead of speaking his mind in the COMMON tongue of the country he now resides in.
Lets see. WHY is ENGLISH the common tongue of this country? ALL of our founding documents are written in Kings English for one. Second, ALL court or government documents are written FIRST in English. Our Justices submit arguments and opinions in ENGLISH. Even that witch Sotomayor submits her opinions in english.(after that " wise latino woman' comment Snark!)

Now, I don't know if this guy is now legal or not. The fact that he is an immigrant is without question. NOW, if I were to move to Mexico, live there for 23 years, have a life, home, family, speak the language even if only rudimentary, IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR ME TO DO WHAT THIS GUY IS DOING! They don't mind you living there IF you are able to support yourself, work, speak the language. BUT THEY will NOT, allow you to mess with the politics NO matter how long you have lived there IF you are not a natural born MEXICAN. You are considered and always will be considered a Foreign national with NO political rights.

SO, IMO this senator not only has the right to ask this question, he also has the right to have ANYTHING this asshole said, stricken from the record of the council meeting.

Ok, news time is over, It was just my opinion anyway. About as substantial as Runnybabbits, Flutterbyes and Flunicorns.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meh, mumble mumble, grumble, grrr

Guess y'all have noticed my lack of posting lately. Sorry 'bout that. Hadn't much to say really.

Been going over things in my head and on paper, just nothing bubbling up out of the brew. Seems like others are stating far better than I what I would like to talk about. Since blogging is really a one sided conversation (for the most part, dependent upon commentary, or lack thereof) after awhile you feel like you are talking to your toenails or the cat. Both allow you to vent but neither has any decent feedback. 'Meooowrr' isn't a good response to "dagburned repugnicrats!' (and toenails respond even less)

The further decline of Western Civilization is now (IMO) on that slippery slope that has only one ending. The only changes to that ending have nothing to do with what is at the end of the slope but everything to do with what is done WHILE we are on it. The more the PTB play the games, the harder the fall of the end of the slope will be.

They are getting more intense in the game playin.

That can only mean that, by the time we take that plunge, we are going to see hardships the like this country has never seen before.

Remember, this is all speculation at this point. I have no proof other than a gut instinct based upon education in historical elements and a vague understanding of how cruel humans truly are. Candy coat it all you want, the fact that the human animal is at the top of the food chain while having NO natural, built in weaponry; says all I need about the nature of the beast called HUMAN. I think that's why I laugh when I hear our 'representatives' talk about 'humanitarian aid'. Like most concepts, the coating appears nice but the underlying intent is pretty ugly.

I saw something rear its head over the last couple of days that only reinforced this thoughtline in my head. There was a post by Bill, that caught a lot of flack. His intent was pure, and applied with broad strokes of a mop, but the flack he caught came from a direction I hadn't suspected. Bad move on my part I guess, seeing how I see the same shit happen around here when I talk about cutting out "entitlements" to people.

See, most people are all about getting more freedom, or applying the foundation principles of our founders, UNTIL you mention cutting off the money tap. That applies to those that are on ANY Government program. ANY. SSI SSDI AG benefits, Welfare, Unemployment, Actually working for the Government, you name it. Any and all of those get that money from somewhere and that somewhere is usually, indirectly, the pocket of the productive American. Yeah, they can print money out of thin air, make some cleric book entry and come up with a trillion dollars to 'make the budget work'. Fact is, that 'stored value' has to come from someONE, not somewhere.

But thats alright 'so long as you don't touch my money'.

Seems to me that there was a time in this country where people didn't retire so much as just kick back and raise the 'chilluns' while the parents were the ones working. The same way that their parents did. Family stuck it out through thick and thin and the children WERE the reason for the family. Every aspect of existence was directed to improving the lives of the children so that they would be better off than the prior generation. The parents reared them, the grandparents taught them, and when it came time to move on, they didn't go far and if they did go far, THEY CAME BACK to continue the line. People would travel to meet others to keep the gene pool from getting stagnate but for the most part, they stuck together.

Our nuclear families fly in the face of nature in that regard.

And then you have this declining population thing going on. Seems like its only in the "modern world". I have a theory on that. With the failing status of our world, I see many thinking, albeit subconsciously, "why bother? This world sucks and is getting worse." When the main population of citizens (natural born) is declining due to higher deaths than births, yet the population is growing, you are not going to see a continuation of prior policies. Good or ill. There will be a morphing of old and new, not to keep the current populace at ease, but to transition to the newer population.

Aren't we seeing just that with the RINO's and DEMOn's trying for all the amnesties and twisting of benefits for the newer influx of peoples. (and lets not even go into the legalities of it at this juncture. Just take it face value that this is happening in front of our eyes)

But what do these people have to sacrifice for in this country? Why here, if they are just bringing the old world with them. They left it for a reason, right? Or did they leave it to try and bring it here? If the latter, they are not here as 'future Americans' but as Enemies of the State.

IF the latter, do you really think that they are going to want to pay into an entitlement system supporting Current American Citizens?
Do you really think that once they hit a level of majority, that they won't push harder for a reversal of certain things that this country has taken for granted (for far too long I might add)?

Alright, comments is open, feel free to let fly. Hope I gave something to you to chew on.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WOW!, Damned good stuff out there.

I really don't think all 5 or 6 of my readers would appreciate a list of links today. Even so, LOADS of good stuff on the nets the last couple of days.

And it all boils down to people THINKING! Not just griping as we are wont to do, but Thinking.

So much so, that I have little to add to the thought processes. Freedom won't be silenced for long no matter how much Freedom minded people are resemblant of wayward cats. Trying to get us to agree on ANYTHING is similar to herding cats in the dark while wearing a blindfold. (and I couldn't find the original place I read that but it was fitting)

SO, I decided today to talk about energy and money. Two completely different things but one completely tied into the other.
ENERGY In physics, energy (Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια energeia "activity, operation"[1]) is an indirectly observed quantity. It is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems.[2][3] Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance (a length of space), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length.

How is that tied into money or Vice-versa: Well, look into your day. You expend energy to accomplish a goal. That goal for most is earning a paycheck of some sort. You have agreed with someone else that your time and efforts are worth something.(and I won't go into if that is actual or perceived value at this point. Stay on topic.) Time(a measurement of space) and effort(Force) are simple definitions of energy. SO, you are paid for your energy. What is money? Nothing more than a capacitor for human energy. It's not a good one though, but the best compromise that we all agree on. The real problem comes when there is more than one definition of what that capacitor is capable of holding(its value). Look at our systems they way they are set up now. There is a distinct difference in the way that various people see said value in the capacitor.

For starters, The working class/middle class/mundano/average Joe sixpack.
He/she busts butt all day long for, more often than not, less than desired pay. I say it that way since many have had to take paycuts in some form or another to get or keep a job over the last 3 years. We put forth more effort in the same amount of time to store less energy. The capacitor is weak and holds less.

Then you have those at the bottom of the monetary barrel. The Welfare or dependent cases (to include children of the first class that haven't had to work for a living yet.) They don't see the dollar as a capacitor, but a transit vehicle. Yes, Transit. It gets them things, and places that they wouldn't be able to achieve through skill or wit, under normal circumstances. They are just 'Given' that power, with little to no input on their behalf so the actual value of what it represents is lost upon them.

Then you have the Elite/Minoría Selecta/Power Brokers. They perceive the capacitor in a completely different light than the first class of people. Similar to the difference between how a metal worker perceives the difference in a Oxyacetylene torch and a plasma cutter. They do the same thing, but in highly different ways. In this case, the capacitor is simply a quantity to be manipulated and expounded upon.

But there is a further disconnect from the first class. It also has to do with quantity. Where most MC persons are well aware of how much they make, how much they can spend, and for the most part, stay within that framework; the Elite do not. The difference in a Million and a Trillion is in magnitude to the first's power. And yet most of the people in the first group only hear a name of a number, not its relationship to reality.

Let me spell it out for those that just got lost. One million anythings is something that most people understand though may not be able to fully conceive of. One trillion anythings is a million times bigger than one million. Get it?

The difference between the mundano and the elite is that the elite do 'GET IT', and are fully aware that the budgets they use (real or not) are being paid for by the first group. SOLELY. Even if the first group can't pay 'this go round', the kids can.

They are stealing the energy of our kids for use today.

Remember that law of physics about creating and destroying energy? Well, you can 'create' money out of thin air but you can't Create the energy it represents. You either have to devalue the current capacitors or find someway of doing the impossible. (in this case, its Accounting magic, which is nothing physically real)

In the words of "The Matrix" "We are coppertops".

Where is all of this going? What energies did you expend today to charge your personal capacitors? Are you working for 'the man', or are your efforts more inclined to perpetuate you and yours?

There are many different ways you can charge your capacitors. Knowledge is one, PT is another, Preps are yet another. Even working for FRN's right now is not without some reward (though its getting damned slimmer every week it seems) But you have to put that energy somewhere so that it can be released AS NEEDED at a late. When you are packing the neurons with chemical trails, is it trivial, or is it a grouping? Do you PT to gain bulk or stamina and strength? Are you converting those nearly depleted FRN's into a more substantial form, something with a longer shelf life?

It may seem like the efforts I have displayed on this blog (my hobbies) are petty and trivial. They are not. In some instances, they are my 'practice while I can afford the mistakes' phase. Are you getting in yours? I know Mayberry is investing pretty heavily into a boat that, in appearance, IS COMING ALONG DAMNED WELL: No, its not going to ferry him and his family to safety in a hurricane. But the tricks and shortcuts he is learning are going to save the day at some point in the future. I don't look at the boat as the actual investment so much as the chemical pathways he is creating in his grey matter.(and don't get me wrong Craig; she looks great, but she is only 11'11.75" LOL ) I would have never thought to use a circular saw to cut a radius, unless I had seen(read about it) it done.

Learning tricks for the future are investing now. Preparing now is an obvious investment. Getting out and moving while you can do so without incoming, is investing (and will make moving with incoming much more livable, literally)
Packing your head with knowledge is investing. (old books I found again that may be invaluable later. Foxfire series. Way cool.(and there are plans in that one for Craigs next project)

Griping at each other over trivial points is not investing. And wastes energy that our would be masters enjoy seeing wasted. Its when our investments disappear from their books, that they start to get nervous.

I, for one, plan on making some of them VERY nervous before the planned economic collapse.

Edit for my being a shithead and not reading my own words and how they were out of line. My bad. Situation self correcting. :-)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get your Game face on!

At least that's what we called it in my time, while on the way to a little country in the middle of a sandbox. We drank ourselves stupid on RedStripe and Redhorse beers in Olongopo, trying to beat the embalmer. (yup, they use formaldehyde to preserve beer there. Leaves a lump in your gut the next couple of days that is pretty gross to deal with later.)

Tom has done a lot of legwork for us, even if it's "to drum up book sales", his Intel gathering is quite convincing. Purple Rhinoceros Alpha Two Six indeed. Go read, think about the three 'parties' he discusses, think about the fourth that is only occasionally allowing a ping or two to get out. Tom knows intel, his past is perfect for Intuitive deductions such as this. I trust his assessments.

Yes, there is a lot of shit going down, and its not always where we expect to see it. There is a huge disconnect with the majority of our society that only wants the coddling and toys. They could care two shits about our "liberties" so long as they can keep the Iphone/Android and the Xbox (or whatever the latest craze is)(and yes, I have an Iphone and would happily drop it in a river somewhere if I didn't need it for communications while a slave to the system right now. there will come a day, soon, soon.) Now, IMO, there is only one thing that would wake them up. Hunger. Ravenous, raging hunger. IF things continue along the path that they have chosen, this may be sooner than later. Again, go read the others for further insight. As it stands though, I think that around these parts, there won't be that issue. The gardens are far too abundant and scattered about. I chose a different route on my return trip today. Took a little 'country highway' through the hills. 80 miles of two lane twisty-curvies and in that 80 miles, I didn't go more than 1/2 mile between gardens. And those are just the ones on the sides of said road. There are probably more further back up in the hills (and some of those may not be edible but a higher value cash crop if you get my meaning.) The smallest I saw was probably 10'X30' Quite a few were probably closer to an acre. Think about that; roughly 160 VISIBLE gardens in an 80 mile stretch. There may only be 200-300 people living in that stretch. I can't quote actual figures, I doubt that the census bureau could either: People around these parts are still 'cautious' about strangers and talking too much, and with good reason.

I feel sorry for the first Ag Agent to start making a fuss about 'unlawful' gardens like they are pushing for. The term "Revenooers" is still common place around here. They don't chase the 'Shiners so much anymore, but there are other 'commodities' around here that have attracted their attention.(it doesn't all come from Mexico.)
Even though there is a serious crutch issue in this area with Welfare and the like: I still like the fact that people around here are STILL wary of strangers and especially so of anyone with a badge that isn't LOCAL. (and even the local boys are pushing through mud while doing their jobs.)

Yeah, when things get tough, this area always seems to pull right through. When things aren't so tough, they all seem to just 'keep on' as if nothing had changed. There is always an underground economy going on. Cash is king and if you have plastic, "wuzdat?".

And of course, the one item I saw today (in passing, not a lot of details and not that they actually matter any longer) was that Princess Nancy is calling for Wieners Resignation.

Yeah, lil miss know it all from the Bay area has a lot of room calling for that. Seeing as how she should be strung up of treason and inciting terrorist activity, I have a lot of faith. LOL NOT!

and on that note, Bed with me, one more run tomorrow then three days off. Maybe my head will be back in the game tomorrow.

Nothing, blank, ,

After reading several pieces yesterday, I have nothing to add to the fray. Others stated, far better than I, what needs said.

Will be back later with something. What, haven't a clue.

Till then. Check out Bills page, Craigs page and Concerned Americans page. Follow the links. Read. Think. Then get out and get your heart rate up in a way that is good for you, unlike the way it gets up when You are reading these things.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Further research, and commentary about a blog.

First up, Research time. I am not saying to take this man at his word. His arguments are quite compelling in and of themselves. Do the research yourself (as I did) and make up your own mind. Then apply what you have learned to current events within our .Gov: See if the events that recently transpired with the 1st and 4th Amendments getting trampled on, have any bearing to what this man is discussing.

I also recommend, if at all possible, comparing the 5th edition of Blacks Law Dictionary to the current one.(9th Ed.)

Now. Onward to Commentary.

Kerodin did a piece(Death is Riding for You, Now) that raised up some memories from my past. No, I have never been involved in 'gang' activity or the like. These experiences are from touring with the Gospel plays as an monitor engineer/stage manager. We hit all of the cities he mentions and almost always had shows in the locations he mentions. (along with several others that he does not.) I can tell you, with all due intensity, he is right. Having been in combat, knowing the feeling of that; I would have to say that my survival instincts were on high alert MORE in these areas than that of Kuwait. Think about that for a minute. These are rather large areas too. Kuwait was a COUNTRY about the size of the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan area. You could literally drive from the Gulf to Iraq in less than 2 hours.
These areas that K is talking about are similar in size, have disproportionate amounts of "entitled" persons living in them. Have a 'code' that really has nothing to do with the general populace. And are very much reminiscent of other countries I have visited where there was a defined Rebel force with underground Weapons dealing along with other aspects of an underground force.(the Philippines for instance.) Yes, if you are known, you can go to these areas, get a fully automatic "whatever" and just ask about the "registration fees" to get a good laugh.

Most of us are NOT known in these areas.

Most of us might last 30 seconds in an area like this at night.

The only reason I can state these things is the tours. Because of persons I hung out with from the cast and crew, I was 'accepted' AT THAT TIME!. I have no illusions that I would be 'disappeared' if I were to show my face without that 'backup'.

These areas are in EVERY major city within our borders. There are more not in Major cities, but little burgs on the fringes.

And they are all very Tribal in nature. Yes, there is squabbling between the tribes. But what happens if suddenly, there is an alternate 'enemy' that threatens their existence? What if that enemy is completely unaware of the existence of these tribes?(as many are in this country, just as many are blind to the real horrors going on at the border.see previous post

Now what would make these tribes get to feeling that they are threatened? Well, I mentioned that the 'entitled' level of these areas is pretty high. Hell, I am gonna drop the PC bullshit for a bit. These ghettos have an extraordinarily high Welfare level in them. Section 8 housing is skyhigh. etc etc. What would make these areas uncomfortable? Simple, Loss of those entitlements. Even 'threatened loss' is enough in some of these areas. (DC and Philly come to immediate mind)
SO, if 'threatened', What would these tribes POSSIBLY do?

I leave that as a thought experiment for you.

(edit: Added missing links)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not a white flag

But definitely a flag for help.

If you haven't read about it on Bills or Craigs blogs, MMPaints is having some issues that could use assistance. Go to her site and check her out if you aren't familiar with her.

Good people, in need of Good people right now.


GM and the further adventures of a cheap ass.

yah yah, I know, GM sucks. At least now it does. Back in my heyday, it was actually a vehicle to own, to some extent. There was always rivalry between the GM owners (within ranks) Ford owners, Dodge owners, yadayadayadahey. GOoood times for all, with lots of smokin' tires and copious amounts of octanes being uselessly burned for fun. All in fun and games and teenage stupidity. Gotta learn your lessons somehow and I know we all learned a lot about making things go when they should have fell apart.

The only difference between teens of yore and now is the manufacturer. It will either be honda or Some offbrand PC that is overclocked and running a water cooled CPU. Guess I am showing my age as I find it interesting but kinda bland. Not enough smoke and flaming exhausts.(and yes, I know I mentioned two completely different objects there. )

Still, I am a cheap ass MF. I hate to spend money on things when they can be had in other forms cheaper and better.

Here is what my latest $500 Obammy bucks purchased.

Yup, GMC and here's the good part about it. GM got their money for LONG before they got stupid and blew it all. They received NOTHING out of my pocket for this purchase. They will receive nothing in the future either as I won't by GM parts. There are plenty of aftermarket parts available for this beast without resorting to GOVERNMENT-SHILL MOTORS for it.

I couldn't pass up the deal. I saw under all the dirt what a gem she was and the price was just right. As it is, this monster rides better than my Dads Dakota, has a larger engine, and still has the room I want inside for Roadtrippin (like to Texas to meet up with long lost never met friends later this year) I measured out the cargo rack and its just the right size for my 60watt solar panel so I could have electric with me without straining the alternator or starting battery. I may have to look into a trailer for the remainder of my stuff if I decide the road life is for me. Not likely though it is a thought to ponder.
Win Win all the way around.

And GM received not one thin dime this time around.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Next up

How to get your brain in order in thirty days or less.


HOW to stop seeing the smoke and mirrors and find what the hell those things are hiding.

Truth be known, I haven't the foggiest clue how to teach someone to think for themselves: At least not in 30 days or less. Sometimes the whole picture is not needed to come to a conclusion. Just for the record, its called intuition. Old timers called it Common Sense. I prefer to call it an Educated Guess.

In order to 'see the light' you have to educate yourself. That means stepping out of your comfort zone and reading! And more than likely some REALLY BORING HIGH FALLUTIN LONG WORD BOOKS!!!!

Heres one I keep handy. Its not one you can just sit down and read but,,,,
IF you do, remember this, you are looking into the mind of what has manipulated this country since 1797 when Hamilton and Madison directed the drafting of the Constitution. Wait until you find out what a 'legal fiction' is and just how it effects you. If that doesn't piss you off, Well, you may be numb.

Here is another one I keep around. Despite the title, its actually quite neutral.(here is a link to a site on the revolution's characters and quotes thereof. )

Another point on history is the venerable "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire". Long read but the parallels to our current world are startling to one that ignored history classes in High School. (Which I did not. That was the start of my 'awakening') Pay attention to the "Bread and Circuses" points, then think about our Welfare system, Food stamps and then watch a week of Prime Time "entertainment". I don't think I would need to 'quote facts' at that point unless you have the IQ of my shoe size. (and I have small feet for a guy that is 6')

Good articles on the differences between Keynesian Economics and true Free market enterprise are available at the Mises Institute. They also have some pretty good political commentary that reflects why our world, not just our country, is in for a long Endarkenment. As Billy says "at the bottom of every stack of paper in our Govt, lies a loaded .45". And I don't want to have to explain that one. Like the Jeep thing; you either get it, or you don't.

NOW, onward to one more Item of interest, to enlighten my thorn.
Human Nature.

Study it all you want, but keep in mind one key point: Humans are animals first and foremost. We hide it well with all the trappings of society and civility, but at the basest core, we are driven by the same things that drive the rest of the animals in this world. The need to procreate, which is a driving force for many different aspects of our lives. The need to protect our offspring (and this one is debatable but has many facets that are seen in the wild, emulated in human reaction) and that when cornered, just like a mamma cat, we will react VIOLENTLY. Being cornered can be recognized as many things. Actually being pushed into a corner where the only escape is towards your aggressor. OR, having your livelihood disappear threatening your existence and the existence of your progeny. When that point happens, societal morals, unless firmly entrenched, will go the wayside. As can be seen by the larger loss of morals in our 'representatives', morals are hardly "FIRMLY ENTRENCHED" any longer. Take a walk through a ghetto in Detroit at night for a lesson in "Street Morals" if you dare.

As for my last word dump, study up on a couple of things.
One: Why is the Dollar the "basket currency" currently in the world (and teetering on the edge of oblivion FYI )
Two: What happened to the Wiemar Republic (and why was it called Wiemar and not Germany, but I digress)
Three: What happened in 2001 in Argentina? Could it happen here? (I know but do you?)
Four: run a thought experiment in your head. What would happen if over the course of, oh for sake of argument, 6 months, if fuel went to $10 gallon. Don't just think locally either, think System wide. Deliveries of everything, food, medicine, basic Safety issues, like fire departments and the police. Top this off with Local Governments that are already cutting basics to meet budgets that continuously run in the red. (Cincinnati for example)

Then think about race. Is there really racial harmony in this country? Seriously answer that, as I am not playing by asking it. Yes, I have friends from other races other than white/Caucasian. That is, believe it or not, NOT racial harmony; those are called friendships. Broaden the picture to communities and think about it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. The clock is ticking and has been gaining speed since about the time Argentina went into default in 2001. Some would argue with me that it started picking up the pace in the 80's. It's more of a moot point, rather like picking nits at this point. The direction we are headed in is getting narrower and narrower as time goes by. Soon we will hit that point where trying to turn will only drive more surface area into the iceberg making the fall that much damaging.

Go, educate yourself, open your eyes, stop believing the unicorn farts and rainbows of the media and PTB. They DO NOT have your better interest at heart, no matter how much they say otherwise.

thought dump..

One thing about having been in the Marines: they certainly reinforced my bullheaded, tenacious, 'don't back down fer nuttin' attitude.
There is just so much one person can stand but it seems that the more I get thrown at, the more I can handle. Maybe some of this shit gets put on a back burner til later, but it will be dealt with.

What am I talking about?

Corrupt politicians.

The whole damned lot of 'em. From the President on down to the local Dog Cop.

I can't harp on it enough to say that they are all evil to the core. Evil in this case is making a living by causing others irreparable financial and emotional trouble.

"Oh come on Dio, it isn't all that bad." you say?
BULLSHIT! There is not one thing I collect on from the taxes I pay. The roads are a complete disgrace around here so don't even try that one on me. I don't have 'city water' nor will I once my home is finished, I won't be connecting to the grid even though that is 'privatized'. There is NO sewage around here to tie into so thats off the table. There is not a trash service around here. (we recycle and burn what we can't recycle.) I pay a lot of money for a less than adequate health plan and don't depend on Uncle Sugar for that. I work for my wages, whether they be in FRN's or in barter/silver on the local scene. (and there is very little of the latter for my liking.) And I know that by the time I am of retirement age, I will not be receiving ANY Social Slavery benefits. (either due to the fact that they bump it around or it just goes belly up. Doesn't matter as I won't SUBJECT myself to them in that manner EVER!)

And still, they choose to push their reality on me. I have done away with the T.V. since I think it is at least 50% of the blame of our current 'reality'. But that leaves the remaining 50% that they won't leave me alone in. Hell, this time around one of the sick pukes has decided to show his junk. Ann does a hell of a breakdown on what that amoeba really is.

There are times, like today, where I would like to just pack up everything I own ( that will fit in my truck) and head into some remote location between here and Alaska somewhere and just turn my back on all of this "Society".
And I know, I know: No man is an Island, there has to be more than '1' to have a life, etc etc etc.

So the fuck what.

Not that this will happen. I know better than that. Where one flees, the enemy would soon follow.
Yeah, I said 'enemy'.

Look at the state of this country. You all see it. We all bitch about it. Having mentioned it before, the only way it seems to really make a statement is to destroy yourself in the process of destroying something else. Something that will give the Statists, Socialists, out right Communists, a damned orgasm as they would see an opening to FURTHER restrict the SUBJECTS in their realm.

I thought we did away with all that nonsense 230+ years ago. We told a king to shove his stupidity up his ass, then proceeded to help him do so. And now, while they don't call themselves 'King' or 'Lords and Ladies' (gag), they sure as hell do act like it. The 'What is good for me is not for thee' fucking attitude pervades EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GOV INSTITUTION WITHIN THIS COUNTRY! All the way down to the lowest clerk in the DMV.

And it's all our fault.

How we live with it I have no idea. The Founders would have been doing the Tar and Feathers thing back when McCarthy was doing his little number. (and I remember some teachers talking about how EVIL he was. Damn, looking back on that time, the man should have been up for the medal of honor. Too bad he didn't finish the job.) And yet, we do, put up with it that is. Bitch moan complain but put up with it nonetheless. (and yes, I am pointing those three fingers right back at myself when I say this, knowing full well I am as guilty as anyone.)

But what to do about it.

I am of the mind to just let it all go. To hell with them, they care not one iota about our 'livelihood'. So long as we keep paying in (at the point of a gun) they could care less if we are walking skeletons.

Starving the monkeys? Yeah, who are the monkeys now? The ones being/having been supported by all those tax dollars that the Government no longer has? (used to be that we were into July before they were into the red. Seems to me, I recall them saying that this year, it was in MARCH!)

Nope, I am going to sit on my porch, have the Drudge doing an hourly update, eating my popcorn and drinking a beer while I watch the fires from the local town flare up. Oh yeah, .30-30 leaned against the post near me with more in reserve elsewhere in the house. I ain't gonna run, but I ain't going alone.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Bodies Politic

Look at your hand; What do you see? A hand? Or do you see the amazing piece of machinery that it is? The amazing combination of electro-chemical connections for manipulation and negative feedback control, coupled with bio-engineered structure to allow finite movement?

But it is nothing more than a hand, so commonplace in your world that you don't really even think about it unless you TRY.

Each of us is made up of this stuff called nerves, bones, muscles, organs, etc etc. And yet we manage to get through our days without contemplating the most mundane yet important aspects of existance, Like breathing, or our hearts pumping blood. Each is a VITAL component in a massive system of components. Eliminate one and the whole thing would shut down, or at least limp along greatly impaired.

And that is exactly what a country is. A system of components that affect all the others to greater or lesser degrees.

Take the people. People make up the muscles of the country, literally. Without the people, you could have a structure but it would be nothing more than a skeleton hanging on a hook. It may even have a brain but without the muscles to move it, incomplete.

Information networks make up the nervous system. You can have lots of information but if the information is fouled or manipulated, the reactions will be false. Imagine if you will, putting your hand on a hot burner on the stove. IF you nervous system is fouled up, you may sense a feeling of cold, or just pressure. You won't receive the information "HOT!" and in result, Burn the hell out of your hand, possibly even to the point of loss.

Blood: What makes up the life blood of a country. How do you measure its quantity, flow, use, etc. Could you use currency as 'blood'? Why not. Muscles require blood to bring them the essentials to work correctly. Nutrients, oxygen, etc. It also removes the wastes. Money purchases the essentials a person needs and pays for the removal of wastes and excess. Money/blood will be a good analogy. But what happens when the blood becomes tainted, or thinned out. What happens when the white blood cell count is outrageously out off proportion to the red cell count? Or the plasma levels are far too high in relation to the actual cell count? What happens when a muscle has its supply cut off (for whatever reason)? (pins and needles comes to mind but thats temporary, what happens when its 'permanent')

In a living organism, there are systems that function autonomously 24/7. They are not regulated by thoughts (laws) but by system needs. Blood is manufactured by the bones (the system) for use of the entire system. If the manufacturing process gets off kilter, the remaining systems get off kilter as well. Infusions may help, or they may even aggravate the problem.

Isn't that what we are seeing in our economy? Infusions intended to help, but actually causing problems unintended.

What about our information network. Our nervous system. Seems that information flowing along the spine is changing polarity between points. while the subsystems are functioning in limp mode.

And the skeleton has taken on a quite a bit of phosphorous instead of calcium. Its hard and bulky but is becoming quite brittle.

Of course, the brain is suffering from some serious chemical imbalances due to the polarity shifts in the information network. And there is probably an embolism growing somewhere in that mess.

To boot, many of the systems are on life support just to maintain the network complete. There are still functioning muscle groups but there are also many muscles that are healthy but surrounded by infected ones. They carry the load of the whole group. When they complain of the strain, the remainder of the group cries in agony.

This country is sick, possibly even terminally so.

So how does one little muscle save the whole conglomeration? Any ideas. I am at a loss. Do we maintain our health in hopes of a transplant into a healthy body? Are there any healthy bodies on this planet?

One wonders.

Look at your role in your network. At this point that is the only thing where we can do anything of effect. Look at those around you, feel them out. If you find infection, how do you isolate it from the healthy. Is there someway to regenerate it? Is it worth it?

I figure we need to stop looking at politics as war, but as medicine. Even so, there are 'wars' within a body on a daily basis. (just as our country has its wars) We need to heal ourselves FIRST, before we can heal our country.

But I don't know if there is any hope of removing the disease that ails us.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sometimes, you just want a belly rub.

(this is Bertie, He still lives at home with Mama (my ex) )

Looking silly is the easiest way to get one too.

Only with us Hoomanz, it could get your ass kicked.

So, Why has no one gone and kicked O'boys ass for making the entire Country look silly? (Just to be clear, not talking anything other than a good old fashioned bitch slap here. I really would fight off a hoard that wanted to make this yahoo president a fucking martyr. Oh what a world of shit we would be in then, no?)

Oh, thats right, we can't touch our hired help without an election. All those secret service guys would stop us. All 200 or so of them.

Ummm, we number 300+ Million. Well, Maybe I shouldn't reach that high. There are a lot of them that are either in love with the rat bastard or being bribed by the Government in general to shut the fuck up.

The idea is nice though.

Time to break it all down. I have little to no hope at this point of anything happening. No civil action(you can read this as 'war' if you want Jenkins) of any large movement. Little to no gain in the acceleration of the economy (up or down) Really no hope that a majority will wake up in time to halt the forward progress off the cliff we are edging up to. Nope, Just a bunch of lemmings shuffling around, occasionally getting killed, or blown up or burned up, but no massive wake up call. Just this slow waddling goose march into oblivion. I feel like I am living during the fall of the Roman Empire and while it feels like its accelerating somedays, most days its just a slow creep like watching goop leak out of a sewer pipe.

Even if there were a revolution, and the constitutionalists won it, there would still be the re-education of all those "entitled" propaganda raised slaves floating out there. Throw in another 100 million that wouldn't 'get it' through the simple fact of "Change"; and you are talking one hell of a logistics issue that a young country couldn't handle all that well. It may well just tear itself apart internally before it even gets it feet wet.

Then again, economic collapse won't be any fun either. The likelihood of this event is evident, but with the international manipulation that has been going on, it may be a slow parachute fall with that sudden snap at the end. Time will tell.

BUT Lets talk about triggers.

Things that have happened, leaving out any conspiracy theory.

Ruby Ridge. Focal point of several fringe groups, leading up to,,,
Federal Building Bombing.
(and the list is much longer than that, but)
Neither event triggered any 'uprising'. Why? more specifically, Why NOT?

Media. First and foremost, the media controls the minds of a huge swath of the American public. Whatever the spin is, the pools swallow it without question.

Laziness. Yes, the Americans are living up to the 'myth' of laziness. Most just don't want to get out of that Comfort Zone they have built up for themselves (on multiple credit cards and revolving mortgages) Even if they do get angry about current events.

FEAR. Even those of us awake are guilty of this one. We call it all kinds of things. Suicide by cop for one. We excuse it away in many different ways but it all boils down to that basest of emotion. Fear. We are mad, we hate the way things are, but we haven't been pushed into the corner yet. Our Fight mode is not being triggered yet. We have no where to Flee to either. Yet our 'day to day' isn't that bad, even though we can see the tiger coming down the trail. Admit it, even on your worst day, you aren't feeling cornered (not by the government anyway, maybe your circumstances, but not the government directly. And it is designed to feel like that.)

SO what am I advocating here? Hell, I don't know. Right now, I just wonder if there is a chance in hell that this will get straightened out before it comes around to my granddaughter. I would like to hope so but you know my take on hope. Hope never got anyone out of foxhole alive. But to make the jump on a personal basis is to pull a Stack. That isn't fear talking, that is just plain simple logic. Really buck the system and it WILL kill you.

What I do intend to do is live as I need to until such time as my skills are needed elsewhere. I intend to raise my granddaughter in a way that keeps the claws of the system out of her mind. My daughter is all for this and is already starting while I build my gulch for them to join me at. I would hope that she doesn't have to deal with this as an adult but I am a realist. The chance of this not reaching that Apex until long after I am gone is a very real possibility.(sorry for the split infinitive there, it was necessary.)

All I can do is prepare now, and prepare her, just in case.
Somedays, All I want is a belly rub. Today would be perfect. (and it ain't gonna happen)

ADDENDUM: I didn't get my belly rubbed, but I did get a little tickle. Back in a better mood tomorrow.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shocked I am

Though I shouldn't be surprised.

There are some good teachers out there

A spark of hope, but not enough to sway my feelings about the upcoming reality crash.

Reality?? Wuzdat?

Dunno 'bout all of you, but I was raised in a fairly Christian household. There may not have always been a strong influence there, but when it wasn't, the morals taught by it were still very much in place. While frugality may or may not be a completely christian point of view, my families circumstances while growing up had much to do in teaching me how to do a lot with very little. We weren't bad off, but we sure as hell weren't rich either. We made do, and never starved. I even remember when I was quite small, my dad raising chickens, rabbits, turkeys and a small garden. This was during the oil crunch of the mid 70's

Well, I look around in the news now and wonder what the hell has happened to the country I grew up in. I know times change things but what I am seeing is like looking upon two separate realities. They kinda look similar, sound similar. At least the language is close enough that there is little that can be mistaken. Heck, we were even involved in a war at that time to. I remember Cronkite talking about it though not what he was saying. Its not like it really meant that much to me, at that time.(I was less than 6 when we pulled out of 'Nam._)

I won't lie, I read the headlines. Like this one and just have to ask, What?
Then this one. Heck, for little guys like me, that make not one red cent doing this, it seems that those being embedded would see a free advertising venue. They may not make any money directly from my site, but it costs them nothing more than allowing us to 'spread the word'. Word of mouth was the advertising norm in my youth. It still is a large portion of the local economy in these parts.

Some things never change though. Most of the people I grew up with had some background from this section of the country. This area has never really recovered from the first round of Depression. Most have grown up with alternative solutions to cash (or lack there of)

Recently I have been accused of 'wanting a revolution'. Those that have been following me for awhile KNOW that I would rather not have to fight it out but am willing. Wanting a Revolution? No. But there are days where the alternatives seem much worse than an outright war from the get go. Don't know how many have had to deal with an economic collapse. From historical references and a more recent survivor of such, I glean that war may be the lesser of two evils (or at least shorter.)

No matter what, I think we can all agree; Whatever is coming, its gonna hurt long before the fires start.

Addendum: Sorry there, I was distracted for a minute.
The point I am trying to bring to light, is perceptive at the basest level. My reality is not your reality, is not O'Boys reality (not even close.) Our perceptions are restricted to physical inputs. Be that tactile, oratory, or written, we don't have ESP or telepathy. (and there are days where I thank God greatly for that fact.) When someone makes a statement, it is usually off the cuff with only that persons upbringing backing it up. That is entirely how this blog is written. There have been only two times where I refered to hand written notes while tapping out my post. Both times were complete and total flops and one never even made it to the publish button before I deleted it into the void.

That said, YOUR Perception of my post is going to be off the cuff backed only by your upbringing and what my input did to that. If you agree, you will (or not) comment accordingly. IF I pissed you off, You will comment (or not) accordingly.

I would like to think that some of my posts are intended to hit a bit deeper than the base level and actually try to light a spark of thought. Usually I ask that you think about what I have written BEFORE commenting when I hit those posts. One recently, I only put in a disclaimer. It was never intended to be a spark. It was intended to add a little braking action to keep some from going off half cocked. The laws of unintended consequences are not prejudiced by any means. When stupid laws get enacted, the UIC will bite it. When people individually get stupid UIC also kicks in (and is sometimes mistaken for Murphy though he is of a completely different bent.) IT was that, that I was trying to get across.

BUT each of us has our own reality. So long as your reality doesn't induce conflict into my reality, we can get along just fine.

And that is the real problem isn't it. From O'boy on down to the lowest cop, they all want to push their reality upon mine, while all I want is to let my reality flow on through like a spring breeze. Leaving nothing behind except maybe a feeling of something better in the air.
When the reality crash comes, I will be ready. Call me the Breeze.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Jenkins.

I left a comment for you but I wanted to touch on something else for a minute.

You seem to think I, Me, Ol Diogenes, also known as James Maynard in the real world HATES AMERICA.(and if you hadn't noticed, I do post my email, right out there where all can see it. I ain't hidin behind no keyboard dude!) Not by a long shot, not by a long shot. IF I hated America, I wouldn't be here raising a stink about the travesties that your YES YOUR heroes on the hill have been doing to the country I Love. I have had ops to Expat out over the years, Still do to some extent and yet, HERE I AM! trying to figure out how to make it better for my grandbehbie and her future. Do you get that? It is NOT hatred of America, its hatred of what people like you have done to her. Please say that you have at least that much intelligence.

I mentioned in my comment that you should read my blog. Maybe you should. You claim that I am calling for others to do "my dirty work" for me. Read this one first. Tell me where, even if its one sentence, where I am telling anyone to do anything. Please, enlighten me. I am one person on the net that will happily admit to being in the wrong if it can be shown to me, WITH PROOF, and not just some opinionated crap spouted off by some liberal tramp with a chip on her dick.

NOW, as for doing something, you know, actually doing something to show how PATRIOTIC I am. Read this one. Still wanna call me a Faketriot? You can if you want, but I would lay even money that you wouldn't do it to my face.

I would also lay even money everything I have said here and in my comment, I would repeat, well maybe not verbatim, but would HAPPILY repeat TO YOUR FACE, in the real world. Verbatim wouldn't do it as I tend to be a bit more colorful in person.

Well with that said, I would like to see you came back with a little more reasoning behind your hatred of people that truly love this country, just not the socialist turn its on now. Let us all know how YOU have helped your country out, even if its just trying to get the truth out there, (and that means more than just leaving hate filled commentary)

Let the crashing commence.

Wash: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Define "interesting".
'Wash' : [deadpan] 'Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?' interesting.

I don't think I need to point out that the crash started back BEFORE O'Boy took office. Most of us agree that the real decline started back under Bush and the only thing that delayed it as long as it did, was war. Two wars to be exact.

The Build up to said screw up was built into the system a LONG time ago. But thats all water under the bridge at this point. We should take it as a lesson learned and the next time some banker pokes his serpentine head into any legislation it should be immediately removed with all due prejudice. (and same goes for the danged lawyers. But that is another post entirely.)

Fact is, everytime I read headlines like this; I just want to smack some reporter upside the head. Its like the character Wash in Serenity making the statement about crashing. When it happens to you once its scary. Twice gets annoying. Three times starts to get a bit amusing, without losing its annoying edge. Four or more is just downright stupid.

We see this weekly now.

Are they preparing the populace for even worse, rockier roads? I doubt it, since most people see a bit of a squeeze but not outright heartbreak yet. (there are those cases but they are spread pretty evenly about so it appears thinner than reality) No, the real purpose, IMO, is to numb the masses to the shock factor to lessen the violent response when shit really crumbles. (like when the IMF or Moody's reacts to our stupidity like they keep warning) People grumble when gas rises in price, they then adapt and purchase less. But what will happen when it takes an entire paycheck to get a half a tank worth? (it may never get that bad, but no one can be for certain.) OR, when you spend one entire paycheck on nothing more than a little fuel, a little food, and the rest is eaten up by even higher taxes. (and that is in the works too.) Forget the bills, you won't be able to pay them at that point.

I do know that for most, the kids will come first. We may be dumb as a nation but we are not cretins. There are cretins in the mix though. There are complete barbarians as was shown in that video link in my last post. And when people get hungry: and I am talking DESPERATE HUNGRY, there will be little moral upheaval for some of those to turn Cannibal. Desperate times make us hairless monkeys unpredictable as hell.

The shock factor will happen. Its creeping along slowly at this point and only because the PTB are manipulating the hell out of the system to keep if from outright imploding. Sadly, the longer they manipulate the system, the worse the implosion will be. When I hear Wall St. "experts" talking about how things are reacting without any sense, I know that the system is rolling around on loaded dice.

It also makes me think that there are larger powers at work here than just those on the Hill. The persons (serpents, Rodents, moonbats, or kobolds might be better descriptives) on the hill are acting important but there is an air of shallowness to it that lends credence to the "actor in a play" conspiracy. The highest seat is even worse at this as indicated by Ann yesterday.(( Obama is a complete illiterate.))

Let me just wrap this up with an apology.

For those that aren't ready, I apologize. I wasn't working hard enough to wake your "dumb, rock headed, want the latest toy, need a good high, gotta look good for the camera", asses up. When things get rough, you can come by my place and work for a meal but then you need to move your ass on down the road. Work hard enough and I might, MIGHT allow you to stick around.

Aww, who the hell am I kidding. Keep your lame asses off my property and I am not one bit sorry for you if you haven't seen this shit coming down the pike. When your head is ripped out of the sand and you are trying to figure out who to blame: I know it will be the first person you see that DOES NOT look hungry. Well, That person you see may be me (I know it won't be the real parties responsible, they will be long gone out of country) and I will have no issues shooting first. Got it?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Targets of Oppurtunity

And NO, this isn't about combat but BUSINESS. Every good business owner and CEO will happily tell you that there are targets of opportunity that present themselves in the course of business, and the smart ones jump on them like pitbulls on a raw steak.

Isn't that what the Mexican's have done?

I would like to direct you to Fred Reeds piece on American history. Go read it, then come back.

Here we have a country that is riddled with medicated (legal and not) subservient egotistical 'wannabes' that want the latest and greatest toy/high/easy XXXX. Think long and hard about that. If you really want to see why we are where we are, we need only look in the mirror. (As is the case, this doesn't apply to all, but enough of the majority that the minority is irrelevant to this discussion)
I hate to say it, since it applies to me as well, but we are a bunch of spoiled brats, and now that things are going to hell in a handbasket, of our design: we start to whining about it, but never really doing anything about it.


Isn't that what we are doing when we get online to bitch about the latest travesty of a fucked up government? What about when we gripe about how our elected class gets caught diddling the mistress and gets away with it? Or when our elected "raise the debt ceiling" so they can continue paying the bills with credit cards?
Oh that list could go on and on.

IF Voting were EFFECTIVE, it would be illegal. So don't even hand me that shit about "Vote the bastards out". Look at how the Glory boy of KY, Mr. Rand Paul, just voted up, for a further continuation of the Patriot Act.
You can hand me all the excuses of "needed the amendments" or whatnot, the fact that his actions directly contradict his promises, only reinforces my disdain for the "politics".

There are ExPats living north of The U.S. There are ExPats living in Mexico and other parts of South America. There are ExPats living in the Philippines (I know, as I picked up a tattoo from one in Debarrio outside of Olongapo._)
More than a few of them are ex-military. Why? If you signed up to "defend your country", Why would you then choose another country to reside in once you served your term?
Maybe your eyes were opened to just how psychotic our country REALLY is. And yes, we are VERY psychotic. I hear it in conversations amongst my dads friends and family on a daily basis. You can see it in the subdivisions on middle America: Soccer moms harping about illegal drugs while doped up on Valium or some other anti-depressant. Look at the Prescription drug market and see how it has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 50 years.(at a markedly higher rate than population growth)

Theres no need to go into WHY, all you need to do is look around and realize that we are in 1) Prison and 2)most of inmates are batshit insane. Is it any wonder that other countries have Immigration laws in place that make it near impossible for a US citizen to become a part of their country? I don't think so. Even our immigration laws are tough (and quite convoluted and contradictory. What else would you expect to be written by a drug addled power hungry elect) BUT UNENFORCED 90% of the time; unlike those other countries.

SO. Why do we whine?

Because they let us.
So long as we are whining about how fucked up shit is, we are being good little brats sitting on our stools in the corner. IF we start to get a little more vocal, they tend to lock us up or burn us out, or just flat shoot our asses. Maybe Jose wasn't raising a stink. But he didn't kneel when they wanted him to and that got him killed.

All of this goes back to the "Wars" and I am not talking about Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. Nope, these wars are called many things but they all boil down to one target. US. The Citizens of this country. The war on drugs, how many dealers are really doing time? I would imagine that a good amount of research would find that 95% of those doing time for drug charges are usually in for under $100 worth of shit. Petty 'crime'. The war on terrorism has little to nothing to do with terrorism since it targets American citizens the hardest. Do we really need to enact laws to allow the CIA to do its job? Why go out an create another Alphabet gang for this "terror war"? When asked like that, the answer is obvious. NO. But when you ask it another way: Do we need a control factor to limit the actual movements of Inmates within the prison System? The answer is an obvious, YES.

The Mexican Cartels may be brutal and sadistic but they are business first. IF the inmates of this Asylum weren't 'druggies', they wouldn't have much of a market. IF the drugs were legal, the demand wouldn't be so centralized and there wouldn't be so many issues involved.

As I have stated before, there are only two ways out of this mess and neither is going to be fun or inexpensive. This mess was started a long time ago, but we have to deal with it now. The drugs are really only a symptom of the real issues.

The real issue stares back at you in the mirror.