Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something to think about.

I don't normally post direct to other sites unless its as a quote but This one made me sit back and go "hmmmm".

It may be that missing link in someones thought process.

Either way, keep prepping. This stage of the game hasn't even started yet. We have had a couple of revs of the motor but no take off yet.

China Nails it today.

Well Guess what?? All of you dipshit commie bastards who think smearing the Militia groups will stop the American people,you don't really know American people.Hell we ain't even mad yet,and a few bricks scare you all that bad,whew boy.You Better stop now before we get ugly on your ass.

Cause once we start all your alphabet soup agencies,your Commie troops who will fire on citizens,Ain't none of that gonna be enough.And the fucked part is we DON"T want to fight.We want left alone,to leave free and actually be represented,not dictated to.Really you better Stop now before we really get pissed.
RTWT here.

Thank you China for giving me a good belly laugh. Gallows humor is about all we have some days and today is one of those days for me. I know it wasn't intended as funny but it came off that way to someone in the know. A few bricks, lol.

Not a post.

I haven't been posting much as I am a loss for words at the stupidity of the general populace.

This whole charade using the Hutaree as stool pigeons and the people around here falling for it, leaves me astounded at the short attention span of the herd.

Lack of memory, short attention spans, easily led along well worn paths. THEY ARE CATTLE.

I am going to go have a stiff drink, call it a day, then try to find some intelligence tomorrow. I don't have far to go for the stiff drink, but I think the intelligence is going to be elusive.

PS: this rant is about people in my neighborhood not the blogosphere: though there are idiots there too, I just don't have to interact with them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What little I heard today

and the goings on with Mike V. I have to wonder if there isn't a new game plan in action by the PTB. Something a little more Clinton-esque.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I am going to ignore the Media tonight and do a post that is completely NON POLITICAL. Just this once mind you.

Recently I purchased a 3-1 lathe/mill from a pretty cool person on Craigslist. I have to say, I think I made out like a bandit on the deal and I would extend an appreciation to him if he reads this. But without further ado here is the Chinese darling.

Now I know that many would give me crap about this machine for several reasons. One; its Chinese. Yah, but I purchased it from an American and I am not a rich man so couldn't afford a similar machine for 5 times that amount.
Two; They aren't accurate. Yaknow, I have heard that SKS's aren't accurate and I could hold a 2 inch pattern at 100yards with mine. Sometimes(more often than not) the machine is much better than the person using it. Whether that machine is the simplest form of Internal combustion engine(rifle) or a Highly calibrated machine to make other machines. The limitations in a machine, no matter what it is, is the operator. In the computer industry we had a saying about that. PICNIC. Problem in chair not in computer. LOL It really doesn't matter what industry you are in, there is always some 'loose nut' to make things interesting.

I have done a couple of projects with it so far and I have found, with a little tweaking of the Gibs, I am able to get .001" accuracy. That is nothing to shake a stick at. It does take a little meticulous measuring and double checking but a good machinist should be doing that anyway. Taper measured out at .0003" at full spread on chuck and tail stock. According to the manual, .005" is acceptable. I would say its right in there.

First project was to make a live center for it. I could easily go out and purchase one but I figured, what the heck, make it.

MT2 taper,used a rollerblade bearing I had sitting in box, everything was set up for press fit. Perfect. I should have hardened the cone for it but I would rather a softer face to keep from damaging the material its holding.

Again, I need a new camera. Mine really sucks for close up work. This was before I had finished the taper and parts were just laid up for check. No bearing in place.

This is also what I used for milling the Aperture sight on the PSL. I cast the rough and used the mill to finish it. The lathe to turn the thumb-wheel and of course the press to do all of the drilling necessary.

Just as a side note, I am not a machinist by trade. Everything I am doing I have either taught myself or am in the process of learning. I did some minor machining work in the shops if you want to call turning brake disc's and Drums machining. This is quite a bit different. (LOL just a bit.)

One GREAT source of information if you are interested is Here. The old guys didn't have all of the bells and whistles we have available to us now, but they were turning out incredible work then. Lindsey Publishing is a great portal to all of that information. I have the Gingery books and have several projects that I want to do out of them.

The biggest thing for me with this machine is the freedom it allows me when it comes to tools. Between metal casting and the machining capabilities of this mill, there isn't much out of reach. I have my welder to. 20 years of knowledge to fall back on, a creative mind that hates to shut down.(can drive people nuts too.) and willingness to learn new things. Not much that can hold a guy like that back when something needs done.

SO enough on this NON POLITICAL POST. I will be back tomorrow just as cynical as ever.


PS: This particular machine doesn't "bug out" well. It weighs in at 480 lbs without all of its little accessories. Guess I need to figure that in to future plans as needed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laying it all out.

We know that our government is too big for its britches. That's a given at this point. We know that it has crapped all over the Constitution, is going to do it again, and could care less about what the people of this country think about that fact. The PTB are too entrenched to be ousted without violence. THAT'S a given.

But what really poses a problem for me, is how do they get away with it Time and Time again without retribution?

The Media.

The Fourth Estate of power in this country.

Look at what has been happening over the last 24 hours. Locally there isn't much of a peep about it. Why? Because there isn't an ongoing gun battle? NO. I think it more the fact that they are trying to keep the fire down at this point. Like with the broken windows a week ago. There was a little uproar about it. They had a couple of repeats, realized that if they had shut up about it, the fact would die(and it did for the most part) and the fire wouldn't blaze out of control.

Thats trivial. Standard propaganda tactics. My biggest beef with standard media is conflation of issues, lack of follow up, and then the big blow off. Here is a great example of that.

Man has Class A license and has guns confiscated thanks to wifey.

Have you heard anymore about it? Of course not, Bad guy off streets, everyone is safe to sleep in their beds again. Nothing to see here, go back to watching Idol or 24 or whatever.

Conflated big time, this guy was made out to be some grand kook, railroaded into courts then left hanging by the national media.

I went digging to see what I could find about it. The poor sod is still being railroaded but now by the judge. His story barely makes Local coverage. Not one peep from the Nationals on it as now, ITS NOT NEWS. They conflated it to scare the sheep of the nation and to drum up fears of "militias and Right wing extremists". Then they let it hang, no follow up. Now that the guy is about to be exonerated since most of the charges have been dropped(so long as the testing of his 'silencers' is honest) they will blow it off as if NOTHING HAPPENED AT ALL.

So, How does that equate with todays happenings, or the window war?

I don't think I need to add much to that.

My only question is, What do we do about it when the time comes?

THe dance has started, Kinda

Up state Ohio, Michigan are seeing the rounding up and arrest of a Militant group(Hutaree). This started 0dark30 this morning and the net is abuzz with intel as it comes available. Apparently the group being rounded up is something of an Extremist group. I haven't any affiliation with them so I am going to have to go with second and third hand information on what is going on. Apparently it has been a rather peaceful event so far. Mike V has laid out the ROE, in a sense, here.

This is not, YET, the start of it. The Dance is set up and the band is warming up though. We saw where one man with a lot of guns and an opinion was arrested and had his guns confiscated recently(also done peacefully, or so reported).

My opinion. These are the boys getting the dance card stamped, and getting bolder and bolder. Each one of these allows the media to sell the idea, further, to the populace. This makes each one 'easier' on the Feds. Of course, as each dance is successful, the boldness and false bravery, escalate. Eventually they are going to step on a snake.

I think that the leaders of this WANT that snake to strike back. They aren't crazy enough to stage a blackswan event, knowing that we are watching like hawks. But they NEED a crisis. Someone other than some lone gunman or fed up pilot, to do something destructive. The broken windows are too tame for them to go full tilt.

We haven't seen anything yet. Watch your 6, watch the skyline.

We may not be criminals but that is only in our definitions. They need us to be criminals and will adjust the rules accordingly when they think they can get away with it. There are many out here that fear our government and where it is headed. By definition alone, that is a tyranny. I know that I fear for the future of this country. I fear that my Granddaughter may have to live in that future.

I swore an oath 22 years ago. I never forgot it nor rescinded it. Sadly the enemy was already in the gate then. They have infiltrated EVERY aspect of our lives and country. WE are not looking at an easy time no matter what way the table tilts. There is going to be a fight and GOD only knows the outcome, and I have to say, I think he is guessing at this point too.(far to many variables to say one way or another for now)

Time will tell.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Sometimes one needs to sit back,ignore life and just think. Today was that day for me. I have been on the nets but only enough to look at a couple of sites, check my bank account and read some online comics(about my only form of entertainment that isn't mind building)

I realized that for the 6 years I was with my Ex, I had fallen prey to the Liberal mindset. I remembered sitting on our porch having a discussion with my neighbor about politics and realized why he was so upset with me. At the time I thought that he was being stubborn but NOW I realize that I was the one that was blinded by something. Sadly, I can't even tell you what that something was as I had thought that my Ex and I were always rather conservative. Looking back, I see that she really is a Centrist with liberal leanings (more of a social liberal) She is the one that introduced me to Heinlein and really took most of his work to heart. Granted, Heinlein tends towards liberal socialism too but his core principals are solid Conservative(look at the teachings of the Moral Philosophy teacher in Starship Troopers.) Those are the principles that I understand and follow yet at the time, I hadn't put them all together.

Now I am awake, I can't close my eyes to what is going on in this country no matter how much I wish I could some days. I look back on those days and realize that it was a key factor in my growth. Pain is not a bad thing if you learn from it. Factors there weren't of my choosing but looking back, I am grateful for the turn out. Otherwise, I wouldn't be prepared for what is coming. I would have been one of the golden hoard. And that thought scares me more than financial collapse.

I know many that will be a part of that hoard. I have tried to talk to others but I have been alienating myself in the process. Sad but trivial in the long run. Besides, not having a social life now means I have more time to spend on educating myself further. I do get out but have found that its best to keep my mouth shut for the most part and just be a sponge. I have learned to listen for key taking points to isolate similar thinkers. I find we are few and far between though.

For everything that happens in a persons life, there is a reason for it. It may never be understood completely, but there is a reason.

Like the cliche; If it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger.

Guess we will find out if the upcoming 'fun' will make America stronger or kill her.(She will still be here and the names will be the same but she may or may not be the America we know/knew)

Just one thought


My thought to all of those that 'believe' this country was founded in debate.

The debate ended with the Declaration of Independence. When they penned that parchment, the table was closed to compromise and choices were made. Hard choices.

Do you know where you would stand if that were to happen today. (I know Mayberry does)

I know myself.

Galt's Gulch doesn't exist. It can't if we and our children are to have a future.

But we have to wait for them to make the first VIOLENT move.(we have been under attack for a long time. The question arises: when do we count their actions as Assault and not just trepidation?)

I am not a patient person and that is where my frustration lies.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I think that sums up pretty much every blog I read on a daily basis. We are all frustrated to some extent. There are days where it is bad enough that I have a hard time focusing. Those are the days that I tend to not blog. I wouldn't be able to hold a coherent sentence, let alone a paragraph of thoughts.

I posted recently about one book I was reading that has changed my outlook, quite a bit actually. That book is "Starving the Monkeys" Today while in search of a One quart cast iron soup pan, I was listening to the Talk radio guys. I heard the same calls they have been making about peaceful protests, voting the 'bad ones' out of office, being patient, etc, etc, etc. I actually heard through the shit and heard the real purpose behind these lines. Having opened my eyes and my mind to what they have been doing for the last 100+ years, its not hard to see how this country has been shanghai'd by these beasts. They haven't any concern for the people that elect them (Guess that's why Bashing William calls his blog "Elector Retards" instead of Elected retards.) ANYTHING these people do in office is geared towards one thing and one thing only. Further consolidation of power. It matters not one whit, which party is in Majority. Even the 'freshman' elected shift there pretty quickly or they get out after one term and never look back. Right now the Republicans are crying for repeal of this HC bill/law. Some have even gone so far as to introduce legislation to that effect. Fat lot of good that will do. Its a token effort at best to seal a few thousand votes come November. THAT is what the game dictates they do if they want to continue playing. Similar to McCain chasing Palin to get her endorsement for this years run. Palin has Political clout with the TEA parties and the 9/12'ers. Her backing him could swing the votes that are on the fence his way.

Fact of the matter is, Today, having heard 'the truth' coming out of the mouths of the 'Right'; I have to make a choice and soon. I had been leaning towards going Galt, but now the scales have tipped. Finalizing my plans now will take precedence.

I refuse to take part in this charade anymore. I won't be voting this year as the choices are the same old same old, no matter what the names are. (personal) History is meaningless in politics when the corruption invades nearly immediately upon taking the oath of office for these people. The only way we could get true change in politics would be to wipe them all off the canvas, wipe all of the entitlements and corporate funded crap away, get rid of special interests and hire people that understood the Principles behind the Constitution and the Founders ideas.

That ain't gonna happen unless something DRASTIC happens.

I don't see that happening anytime soon. The people of this country are too short sighted and have a serious lack of memory to make that a possibility.

There are some of us out here that see the truth, that would be willing to pick up arms to defend this country from all invaders, domestic or foreign. I worry that we are too few, and I know we are too far apart to be effective. I have tried to educate those around me, I have used the simplest of ideas to get my message across. But to truly understand what the point of it all is, a person has to understand that Freedom means work and sacrifice. Many start getting that feeling and shy away as they don't want to work for anything. They expect it to be given to them. Yeah, they may work a little overtime to afford that new toy or TV, but that's short term and to them, worth it. Working for something elusive like Freedom scares them. Freedom itself scares some of them. Like a dog being freed from its cage but unable to leave said cage from fear of the unknown. And for some that do understand what freedom is, they just aren't willing to try because of laziness. Too much work for something that isn't guaranteed.

I am not done on here yet but Soon. When that time comes, ,,, Word will be given.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So. KY

Been there all day, needed some time away from all of the 'entitled' in the area.

Sadly, there are many down there with the same mentality. Luckily, not my family, whom I was visiting.

The mountains really pull me out of my funks when I get into them.

Have to play catch up now. I heard something about the healthcare bill having to go back to congress but no details on what thats about. I can make suppositions but I would rather facts.

Back on soon. Will probably be a late night post on that mess.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The smell of Rifle smoke in the morning. MMMMmmmm!!!!!!!!

Ah!!!! I love the smell of Hoppe's #9 in the afternoon. Going to the range is, for me, something of a therapy session. Hoppe's is something akin to aroma therapy. And the two combined really do a number on my mental state.(for the better obviously. LOL I am sure that there are some Libtards out there that would be highly concerned about that statement.)
So With the last week or so of CONgressional BS I needed some recoil therapy in the worst way. I had a great excuse too. I had made a new rear Aperture sight for the PSL that needed tried out. I have a gaggle of pictures of the process from the foam mold to the finshed product but I am only going to post the end result as they are large files. Dial up be warned.

Here is the sight as it is mounted now. I did quite a bit of measuring and calculating angles, thread pitch, Detent arrangements, etc etc. I also did a lot of double checks and made the foam casting three times before I was satisfied with it. I used a primitive Charcoal furnace to melt the aluminum. The green sand was made from fine sand, Diatomaceous earth and used motoroil. It smoked quite a bit but the casting was nearly perfect. It could have been even better if I had let the melt get a bit hotter, but I am not complaining at this point.(in all actuality, I am stoked. More on that in a moment)
So here is the end product from two angles. It isn't pretty but it doesn't need to look like DaVinci designed it so long as it works.

And Oh Boy does it work. I started at the 50 yard line to sight in as I hadn't a clue how "off" this sight was. My boresighter took a dump and is about 3 degrees off (and has since been used only as a toy to bug the squirrels with) so I was Figuratively shooting from the hip first shot.
And surprise, surprise, I was on paper first string. 3 rounds 4" low right. I had to go smoke I was so Excited. All of that painstaking work, math, scraping, sanding, etc, PAID OFF!

I went ahead and Zeroed there, Set the scope back up and verified its Zero was still in. Then I headed to the 100.

Below is the 100 yard result. Open sights, Homemade Aperture ONLY. (I put the scope back in the bag.) This is a 12" target at 100yards, 20 rounds. Only three fliers off black.(and those are all on me, not the rifle or ammo.)Everything is on Paper.

This rifle has just became much more versatile for me. I have always prefered Iron sights to scopes: I guess its the Marine Corps training for me. Dunno. But its a fact that I do prefer it AND I tend to shoot just as well (up to 400 yards) with Iron as I do with a scope.(My rapid fire with iron is actually more accurate than with a scope)

I will be back on to post observations and thoughts about what I have been hearing from the District of Criminals today. But for now, its Time for Diogenes to do a little celebrating for all the hard work he put into that little bit of metal that worked so well.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Sanity NAILS IT

Let me be clear. I don't believe that people have a "right" to health care; because, what advocating such a "right" basically means is that you believe you have a "right" to my mind; you have a "right" to my professional competence; i.e., you have a "right" to enslave me.

And that is what this is all about.


And the moronic masses that voted for our current 'leaders' were running around with "I'm Free" buttons the day after O won.

Guess its all in the eye of the beholder isn't it.

My cat is free too, I feed him, take care of him, pay his bills and he does not one thing to earn his keep. I also have the right to kill him if I felt so inclined.

Think the Government doesn't look at the "entitled" the same way? I think they are colder about it than I just wrote actually. I wouldn't kill my cat unless it were a case of Mercy. Does anyone reading this blog think that Our government wouldn't consider cutting services to a retiree "out of mercy"?

And enslave the Doctors in the process of taking that control?

I am done for the day.

Tomorrow is another day, and preps are still in need of work. Galt's Gulch is calling.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thinking outloud.

A neutral thought here.

No matter what happens over the next couple of years; WE and the world will find out, without a doubt, whether or not the American spirit is alive or dead.

I read this
alanramsey wrote:

It's time for the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security to step into this and hold those bloggers responsible who have encouraged and ordered such acts of domestic terrorism. The very foundations of our society are built upon the premise of debate, speech and expression free from the threat of violence and intimidation. This New Age Republican Party is rapidly becoming very parallel with the National Socialist Movement that infected pre-WWII Germany and those who engage in the destruction against our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence need to be held accountable.

They should be charged with Federal charges as domestic terrorists, and any who engage in such anti-Constitutional and anti-American behavior should be likewise charged. Those tea-party Palin/Gingrich/Boehner republicans who called the black congressmen the "N" words and likewise sought to intimidate Barney Frank should also be charged accordingly.
3/22/2010 12:30:14 PM

on Sipsey St and it made me realize further just how Severely divided this nation is. There are those that would happily hand over a dissenter to thugs, never losing sleep over it as they think they are "good Americans". Note how this pustule mentions that this country was founded on Debate? It really shows just how little he understands the basis of how this nation was made. Debate did NOTHING then and its doing NOTHING now.

I think I just showed my true point with this post, didn't I?

Well, I have a deep gut feeling that the gloves are about to come off in this country and things are going to get ugly. Of course with the 'win' last night, this administration is going to do everything it can to get the Immigration Reform rammed through. I read somewhere that there will be an Immigrant march on the Capitol. I wonder if it will be at the same time as the Tax marches and the Arms gathering in April? I see all kinds of Fun coming from that one.

My biggest problem with all of this: How do you think it will be handled by the MSM's? Thinking that they will be unbiased is a fools game. They will do everything they can to label ANYONE that disagrees with this as a terrorist or Racist or some other type of Extremist.

Prediction time.(BTW, I suck at these so I am more than likely wrong )

Nothing is going to happen for at least another year. Tensions will build but No one other than a handful of people are going to 'break glass'. Those, if caught will be hauled out into the public eye for effigy burning, the same way our soldiers bodies were dragged around Somalia back in the 90's.

2011 Inflation or Hyper inflation is going to kick in, people will start going hungry and crying for the Government 'to do something'.

2012 Obama loses to 'the great white hope' that has been and is being dressed up in the wings(think its not happening? There is a reason behind all of this mess and its tactical what they are doing. Nothing else makes sense)

The great white hope will of course make all sorts of rule changes and executive orders and get the country running again. Of course there will be many Military styled forces to make sure that this happens. Of course there will have to be an enemy of the state to act against. It will be all internal.

And to make this even more sickening: WE WILL HAVE, AS A PEOPLE, VOTED FOR IT! Giving consent for this to happen on our shores.

History repeats itself because we fail to learn AS A SPECIES the hard learned lessons of those that came before us. I can't put everyone in that little box but as a species, we prove it time and again.

Time to head out, listen to what the radio has to say about this mess. I have been reading the blogs and its actually pretty quiet out there, considering. I am sure that tonight, things will pick up. I thoroughly expect to see a couple of blogs drop out of sight soon. I only hope that if anyone does that, they will give warning of it, otherwise, I would fear the worst for that person. I know that WHEN (not if) I go offline, I am going to give that one last note(unless they come for that fine in the middle of the night,)

Game on.

Last night, the cockroaches in the District of Criminals did exactly what they said they were going to do, despite the Massed throngs of protesters outside and in the Gallery. The Months of calls/faxes/mailings/protests/townhalls/etc etc.

At 10PM last night, they passed 219-212 the original Senate Healthcare reform bill.

My understanding was it was sent straight to O to be signed as there was a package of amendments to it that was going up for vote and it needed to be law to be amended. THAT is the first thing they have done by the rules even if it was only under the color of those rules and not the intent.

Today is the Birth of the Socialist Republik of Amerika. The country I grew up in is dead, and will be consumed quickly by this to get rid of any evidence.

The 56% that asked for this, are getting exactly what they deserve.

I only wonder if I will be alive to see this when it happens.

Friday, March 19, 2010

No posts this weekend.

I have family in from all over the U.S. this weekend. Won't be posting this weekend other than what you are reading now.

So, with that out of the way,

I heard this morning that Pelosi is calling for the vote on Sunday now. I haven't heard if that has changed or not, but it lead me to thinking about it while on a ladder today.(I know, focus on the work at hand and not the BS in the world. >LOL< )

Come Monday morning, will I wake up in a country that at least has the rudiments of Law of the Land(at least the basis for it though highly abused and twisted now), or will I wake up in the new Socialist Republic of Amerika ?

I am sure that one way or another I will find out. I admit though, that there is a certain amount of mixed emotions on it. Part of me wants this to FAIL, and another part wants it to push through so that we can all stop 'playing nice'. I fully admit to more than a little frustration with the election process and legislative process where "new boss same as the old boss" is the norm.

Hope all have good weekend and productive in your endeavors. I will be back on Monday with comments on the mess(if we aren't all classified as Seditionists then.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watching that skyline

Seeing how those in power on the hill are really starting to show their true colors, I have to wonder what is in store for all of our futures.

Pushing to 'pass' a bill without a vote, against parliamentary rules, REEKS of deceit. Remember this one from growing up?

There really isn't anything that hard about it. The hard part is getting the bill to pass muster. They have been trying to get this thing "rammed through" for a year now, under several different guises. It only grows larger, more complex, and that can only mean: IT'S SHIT! Polish it all you want, to the point of blinding glare and gold filigree it. ITS STILL SHIT. IT STILL STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!

They are saying that they are going to push it through on a Saturday night, if they don't have the required votes by Friday end of business. NOW, How is that not Backdoor legislation?

Well, when the rules no longer apply to them, why should they apply to us? I think that there are many in this country that will find themselves absolved of the 'rule of man'(as that is what this is becoming quickly) and I really don't think the PTB want to go there. Then again, I could be wrong. That may be exactly what they are trying to do. How better to create a crisis than to push people to the breaking point? We have already seen a couple of those instances recently though not 'deadly enough' to justify breaking into the "jack booted thug" realm.(Sadly we aren't that far from that NOW, it sure wouldn't take much to get the sheeple to cry for intervention)

On that note though, I think the day will be filled with me working on casting the remaining pieces to finish my Aperture sights on the PSL. (its not like the job market around here is opening up any. )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Pat's day

(the title will return to normal tomorrow. LOL)
So with some fanfare, the President met with the Irish Prime minister today. While out and about today, I overheard part of his presentation at the event. He stated that Ireland and America have a lot in common. For once, He is Correct. I don't think he meant it the way I took it though. America is (becoming) an Impoverished nation with an underground resistance that is only biding its time. Maybe we don't have the same ideologies. Maybe we don't share a lot of things. One thing we do share is a common culture of Irish immigrants. People that came to this country for a better chance than they were able to achieve on that island. More than a few Irish/American's have fought for and against this country. Even upon these shores. More than a few have died for Beliefs in Freedom against the Tyranny of a growing government.(Moonshiners from the hills tend to have an Irish ancestry) Bootleggers were more than criminals, they were Tax Protesters in their finest form. The ATF was originally a division of the IRS. (now a section of the Justice department. If that doesn't show how far we have come down the road of BS, well, keep thinking the Gubbmint is your friend.)

To all out there, Have a good day and enjoy a round for me. Remember those that have come before us and the struggles they have had since nearly day one within this country. We are all in this together.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congress critters at it again (Still)

David posted this today and I have to say, I am not one bit surprised. When are they going to realize that passing this is essentially passing a declaration of war on the American People. They have been sending bow shots at us since last year, and they aren't listening when we cry "Cease Fire".

I can't say how the majority of the country will respond to this. I know that I won't comply, not one inch nor one dime. This is so counter to what the principles of this nation are; to see this communist/socialist extremism getting ready to run rampant through our country, unsettles me to say the least. And to think that there is a percentage of this country that WANT this? That really disturbs me. I have to wonder at the background of those individuals. What was their life like growing up(unfinished business I say) that they want to be coddled at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE.

I like my independence. I like being self sufficient. I like knowing, that no matter what, I will be alright.(short of no knock warrants. Then its anyone's guess) I know that there aren't that many of us out here though. I know that many would fold like a house of cards if the slightest bit of discomfort were to befall their lives. (like hungry children) I can't say that they are at fault either. I blame our current society of Easy living. Our Society built up of "on demand" supply lines. On demand energy. On demand entertainment. We are spoiled rotten.

Guess we will see how history unfolds this time. There are too many uncertainties to make an honest prediction.(IMO) I stand by waiting for the wheels to fall of the bus.

Until then,

2010 Census

I have only one thing to say to that.


Everything else was N/A or simple "non" answers. Like my Age but not a birthdate, No racial profiling here,(though maybe I should have put down Native American since I was born here. Naw, they may consider that fraud LOL)

I understand why they are asking these questions, but I know in my heart that its for further transgressions against us. To think that the voting districts won't be modified to grab more minority areas is ludicrous. Gerrymandering in its original form. And they justify it with "making sure you get what your area is entitled".

I can hear the founders of this nation spinning in their graves at how spoiled we have become.(not all of us but that point is moot) I know I see so many of my neighbors that receive these entitlements on a regular basis and I get sickened. There are generations that have been receiving the ill-gotten gains of taxation, bestowed upon them from the elected, stolen from honest hard working people. What is right about that. The receivers will state 'reparations'. I call BS! To quote Mark Twain,
The world was here first, it owes you nothing. Count yourself fortunate if you get all you've earned. Count yourself a thief if you get what others have earned. Count yourself a parasite if you believe you're entitled to it

These people were never slaves like their great great grandparents were. They may be slaves now but they are well payed slaves. Unlike the Tax paying producers are. I think that we are close to ending that loop. I think that the government isn't going to be able to keep up the facade much longer; not without doing something completely stupid like Printing even more money. I guess only time will tell. Sadly, when/if things get out of hand, the 'entitled' and many producers will call for even more stringent restrictions on freedom. They always do when things get ugly(9/11 anyone? Katrina? ) They feel that the Government is there to take care of us, not us take care of ourselves.

I think my biggest fear is that they will call for a Constitutional Convention. If they do that, we can pretty much scrap the founding documents(they will) and head for the hills. People like myself will instantly become outlaw, and the force of the velvet glove will become iron "to protect the state".

Like Billy Beck says.
At the bottom of every stack of paper in Government is a loaded .45.
No two ways around that. Not at present. Government is force, Force is violence, and politics is Violence on a leash: Barely.

Friday, March 12, 2010

All in favor?

Link to DBD

Say 'Aye'.

Who's talking about the document when they choose to act like its toilet paper anyway. So much for having a "Constitutional lawyer" for a president.

Further transgressions are a given, they won't let up. Have we crossed the Rubicon yet? My personal Opinion is Yes, But as Mike V. says, No Fort Sumters. My only question then is, at what point does stepping on my toes equate to violence?

Pass the Healthcare and things are going to start to spiral out of control. Pass the immigration bill and things will begin to spiral out of control. Continue to grab up land or restrict public usage through Executive orders and things will spiral out of control. (and I know why we haven't seen any Anti-gun stuff, THEY know we will go apeshit over that one) We, as a people, will put up with a lot before we push back. But when its time to push, I think the government is going to be VERY surprised at just how hard we push. We, as a people only wish to be left alone: that is partly why we are where we are. Having failed in our protection of the founding principles, the butchers bill to restore them will be quite high, on both sides of the counter.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

watching the Skyline and some thoughts.

Watching current events unfolding in the area that I live in, I have some questions that aren't being answered. I know the answers but I wonder why they aren't being asked by more people. I wonder at the level of citizen that wanders through this country, never quite being aware of how they are, not only part of the problem, being milked dry by those that 'govern'.

One of the events I am watching is the downsizing of government. Tentatively speaking that is. It's not really being downsized, just manipulated to appear that way.
Locally there were 63 teachers layed off, some school programs axed, local busing axed, all due to a high deficit in that particular school system. My question to the people of that system is this: Did the Administrators reduce the size of their pay, or cut out non-essential admin positions in the management? (obvious answer is no) Second question: How is an administrator a key role in the education of the children? (obvious answer; they aren't) So, why does the populace allow the administration grow while essential services, that actually make up the need for the system, cut?

With that analogy, let's look at what is going on all over the place countrywide. Local, state, federal etc etc. Even here in the City I live in, they are budgeting back essential services but little to no elimination of administrative areas. There is one Mayor that wrote in a pay cut but she is an anomaly to the system(she believes in leadership by example, Now that's a rarity in these times.) She is the only one to do that though(we have 7 mayors, interesting but ineffective in my eyes)
Nationally we have hit a point where there are more Govt jobs than Private sector. Of these jobs, more than half are nothing more than administrative: pushing paper or crunching numbers. A vast majority of them are highly protected, not elected, for life positions with much higher levels of pay than the equivalent Private sector position. Very few are actually Production, some are service oriented, but the majority of them are more for collection of revenue(taxes no matter how you look at it. Whether its in a tax, ticket, or some other measurement/regulation/mandate, these are ways of taking money from one person to apply it to some other need/application/service/entitlement. THEFT as simply put as possible) What you have is a large group of people that do nothing EXCEPT take value from someone, without compensation, to give to someone else.

To say I am angry about it is an understatement. Knowing the facts of what our government has become and that this started long before I was born is of little consequence. But here is a fact. I am not going to go off the handle and start 'retaliating'. IF the shooting starts, it will be in self defense, not an attempt to 'suicide by cop'. I fully intend to die an old man in a bed somewhere in this country, not on a pile of brass surrounded by corpses. if that last is to be, then so be it, but I won't go actively looking for the fight. The Monkeys will have to bring the fight to me. On the same note though, if there is a war Civil or what not, I will uphold the oath I took so many years ago. I was given the boot and called a "patriot" when that wasn't fashionable because of that oath. I stand by it still. ( to quote Tamara."To whom it may concern:
If the authorities are reading this, I want them to know that I am not at all disgruntled. I am as gruntled as gruntled can be." )

I may be 'as gruntled as gruntled can be' but I am not a happy citizen. I see the path we are on, knowing full well that the problems reside not just on the hills of power but within the lemmings that vote for it. The Powers on the hills are but a visible symptom of the disease that is raging through this country. Sadly that symptom is also a catalyst for further infection.

And none of this is new. I think that is what gets me the most. This has been played out in history so many times, and here we are again. Either we never learn, or this is just human nature (and I don't care how 'civilized' we are, we are still animals running amok on the face of the planet. It shows in our cyclic growth)

We live in interesting times my friends, we will see history written in our lifetimes, history that will be told in schools, somewhere, but we are in the details of it, not some dates and names to be memorized. I guess the real question then, is: Do you know what side you want to stand on when it all starts to fall down? I know what side I will be on. Even if we lose I will be there.
" may have been the losing side; still not convinced it was the wrong one." M Reynolds. Capt. Serenity Firefly class.

I think some range time is in order for the weekend. Recoil therapy will do me some good.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As if we hadn't figured something was going on behind the smoke and mirrors.

This Administration is taking the cake for Stupidity. Here they have decided to regulate Recreational fishing.

I mentioned on Irate Nation that next they will want to tax us for breathing more than 15 times a minute. This is also being implemented by the EPA WITHOUT having a law in place to enforce it.(inside source, can't quote nor name)

Mayberry is ready to just drop out, nor can I blame him: I am half way there most days and it doesn't take a whole lot to get my Ire up.

I am just trying to get further along in my plans as best I can before all of this falls apart, blows up, or the American people surrender to Socialist hell.(And to think that isn't a possibility is a foolish notion.) If that last happens, there are going to be hold outs, like myself, Mayberry, Hermit, and many more, but we will be separated by Distance and lack of communication. The PTB know this and they are making in-roads to control the information BEFORE things really start to unravel. Granted the Internet was started by the American Government within the Think tanks of the Military and the universities, but it is much bigger than that now. This has taken on many different aspects in Free Markets and is now supported entirely by Corporations with a stake in it, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. (side note: No, I am not one of those that think of internet access as a right, it is a privilege and one I pay for monthly. BUT, Since I am paying for it, I expect a product worth having, not some Hyper censored Bureaucratic nightmare)

Taxed Enough Already? Check out that Mayberry link above and look at that list of Taxes. And those are only the direct taxation. The Excise taxes have even more. The Excise taxes are the only ones that are legal under the Constitution as they are apportioned. You don't want to pay that tax, don't buy the product, Simple.
I am posting this now but I have more to say, Just getting ticked thinking about it all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A continuation from yesterday, with some bitters.

Let's talk about PC, politically correctness.

This is a symptom of what is wrong with our world and a direct threat to all the freedoms we (I) believe in. You may ask how that is but I want to go into how it has effected my life recently.

First and foremost, LIFE ISN'T FAIR! I don't care how you look at it, you are given what you came into this world with and you make the most of what you have or can gain and that is that. IF you fail, its on you: on choices you have made, good or ill. Anyone that claims otherwise is after something and it is more than likely, NOT to your advantage.

Here's a quote from Mark Twain to illustrate that point.
The world was here first, it owes you nothing. Count yourself fortunate if you get all you've earned. Count yourself a thief if you get what others have earned. Count yourself a parasite if you believe you're entitled to it.-Mark Twain

I started out this life as a spoiled brat, always trying to get more pampering. I joined the Corps out of a desperation. That choice was the best thing I did for myself. I grew up. I figured out that I wasn't the center of THE universe, but I am the center of MY universe. There is a difference and understanding that makes choices much easier. That is not a solipsist statement either: there is a slippery edge there though.

Enough about my background (the reason I brought it up will be clear) and let's get back to that PC argument. Our society has been growing that cancer for years. Since I was in High School and probably further back than that. Fact of the matter is, PC is an extremely unnatural process. If you go through life not offending things, you haven't any basis of how not to offend. Its negative feedback at its finest. Negative feedback is essential in the proper running of ANY machine. Positive feedback can cause oscillations that eventually rip the machine apart. That is where we are now. The oscillations are building up and starting to fracture the structure of the machine. Soon it will lead to failure, potentially catastrophic. Yet PC thought is forced on us DAILY and has become ingrained in our lives.

Look at how a 6YO boy was expelled from kindergarten for shaping his fist like a gun. I see that as a learning moment to approach the boy and teach him Firearm safety, Not ostracize him, and potentially scar him for life. That is how far reaching this cancer has become. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE DISEASE!!!!

Even in my own family, I have found it affecting us. My sister approached me today wanting to talk and trying to figure out what is going on in my head. She had reason as I have been rather scatter brained lately, and that is Really not my style. What angered me was how she was pussy-footing around the issue. If she had came out right and said what was on her mind, I may have been a bit more forward and responded better. Then again, I could have clammed up and shut down on her. The only way to know would be to get some feedback by applying pressure to the machine, not nudging it to see if it would break.

This carries over into our daily lives. So many people tip-toeing around, afraid to say whats on their minds because someone might be offended. As a society, we walk on eggshells, but end up being the bull in the china shop busting everything but that little tea cup we were trying to protect. I have little patience for that attitude these days. Get it out in the open, be up front, and if someone takes offense, maybe they need to look inside and see what teacup they are trying to protect. Is it really worth it or should they just let it break so they can save the Ming vase that is worth it.

Jung had a saying about emptying your cup on occasion so that you can refill it. That is where I am at right now. Two years ago, I sold off nearly all of my belongings to leave a relationship that had done a bit more than turned sour. I walked away from a house, my dogs(and that killed me more than losing her at that point) and a VERY shattered future. Since then, I have opened up the closets in my skull and done some very intense housekeeping. I am starting to see a new pathway ahead. Sadly, the timing of it is out of tune with the "recession" and current events. That is the cause of my scatterbrained nature lately. One minute I have a thought about Me, then something outside pops my bubble and I stumble.(thanks Mike B. for pointing that little tidbit out, it answered a lot of issues lately)

What has really been popping my bubble lately is the whole PC crap I see around me.
Just like with Firearms and Open carry. Someone may take offense that you are a responsible person; responsible for your own life and that of your family, carrying a firearm demonstrates that. Yet they are not. Their insecurity is displayed by fear, and the 'defense' is to mock you (compensating for something? argument) label you as a non-conformist(and in a PC world that is Bad)

Most all of our societal ills come back to that one symptom in some way shape or form. And it all plays to the better nature of Humans as a whole. I think most people want to do the right thing. I know most people only want to be left alone to make their own choices. Those two things are what make us Human.

But we have a disease and I can't see the cure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling like I know this person like I know myself.

Mayberry did a rant and While reading it, I realized that I was reading nearly my own autobiography. Skills without the paper and an honest work ethic.
If kissing ass is what's required for "success", then call me a failure, because I refuse. And I sleep just fine at night, thank you, because I am my own man. Nobody has a hold on me. I don't play games. I go into a job intending to do my best, and to make money, nothing else.

What really bothers me the most about our current society is the Brainwashing that has taken place over the years. I even bought into at some point. Then I look at my dad and realize that its all bullshit. My dad, due to family matters, was unable to finish more than the 6th grade back in the 40's. He held a job with one company for 40 years(till they folded up and forced him into early retirement.) and raise us kids as a single parent for 11 years(when I grew up and moved on).

Now by society standards he shouldn't have been able to do these things as he was "uneducated". I still find that he has forgotten more things than I have ever been able to learn. Maybe he doesn't understand all the tricks of a cell phone, but he really hasn't ever had the need. But if something were to happen to the grid, he wouldn't be lost "because the microwave don't work". Hell, it would only be an inconvenience for him where with the people living around me, it would be a death sentence.(or nearly)

He may not know all that much about higher maths or engineering, but the company he worked for couldn't maintain all of the machines they had without him. I remember him being called in the dead of night during winters because some piece of gear had taken a dump and the engineer couldn't figure out what the deal was. I am proud of the fact that I inherited his intuition for mechanics. and electric, wood, etc etc etc. There isn't much I can't do, and of those things, it may only be the fact that I hadn't tried yet.

Currently I am trying to educate myself and for reasons that are more personal than societal. I had always wanted to be a teacher, and I have only my dumb ass(read sense of 'doing the right thing') and a raging case of hormones to blame for that one. (I won't go into anymore detail than that but I am sure you can put two and two together.) Now that I am single again and not interested in trying to share my life with another woman UNTIL I have built my own home, I find a raging desire to 'catch up' on all of those courses that I missed out on. The means are readily available now thanks to the internet, and of a much broader selection than you could imagine. Do I plan on pursuing a degree? I dunno, Hadn't thought that far ahead yet. I just want to know that all of the ideas in my head have an outlet and not just a pipedream. I would also like to teach in an old fashioned sense. More of an open classroom style where subjects are decided upon as needed ONCE the basics are mastered. I guess in a similar way I am doing now.(look at the wishlist in the tip jar and you will understand)

Well, I sort of took a right turn there, didn't I? Oh well, my blog, my rambles, LOL.

I think that what bothers me most is how someone trying to do what I am doing are discouraged: told to go to the "houses of higher learning" and run up a lifetime of debt for a piece of sheepskin that may or may not reflect that persons actual skills. No, that isn't how I want to go about learning. I know many brilliant people that chose not to go that route also without losing any sleep over it. Look into history and you see many cases of it. (not that I want to be in the history books, but you never know.) People that hadn't taken the 'worn pathways' and yet pulled some miracle of whatever out of thin air and made the world a better place for all. Even if all I end up doing is waking some child's mind to learning, I will have made an impact a lot larger than myself on the world. (and I think that is a lost art in current public education: inspiring learning that is)

Well. A big H/T to Mayberry for getting my mind out of the books and giving me something to 'rant' about myself.

Keep watching the skyline, we are still on the road to some serious history making.

Stay safe.
P.S. The anger in Mayberry's post is similar to what I feel when checking out the daily atrocities of our 'elected'. I see how the world has changed in the 25-30 years since I was a kid running around the woods with a BB gun. I sickens and saddens me to no end. I used to listen to the talk radio but I am hearing more and more Hardline propaganda from both sides. I feel like I am in Pre-Soviet Russia running headlong into a that hell. The two parties are trying to reach the same goal under one banner even though they say they aren't. I know freedom. I have tasted it and know that what we have isn't it. More thoughts on this tomorrow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

How many more?

Mike V states no Fort Sumters. I agree with him. Yet we are seeing people not getting that message.

I don't begrudge these guys their anger. Its only a symptom of current affairs with our ever growing Big Government. I can see more taking place in the future, maybe even escalation of said events. I do find it discouraging that they are jumping the gun so completely though. Its obvious to me that these guys are putting a lot of thought into the anger but little(to none) into Recourse.

It also makes me think that MAYBE there is something else at work here. Anger at the government is one thing, suicide by cop is another. (Stack doesn't fall under that but the end result was the same, wasn't it?)

Throw in the new Einstein program ready to start rolling and people like myself are going to start coming under close scrutiny. This, of course, will receive approval of the Sheep. They want to be safe. And they most definitely outnumber those of us that only want our freedoms back. Freedom is a hard thing to live with as you have to work at it, stay knowledgeable on things, protect your interests from those that feel they know better than you. Hard work. Something our country really doesn't seem to understand too much of anymore.

At present, I am as ready for disaster as I can make myself under the current economic conditions. I have written in certain flexibilities "just in case". One thing I am not prepared for is Government intervention. The violent sort of course. I don't have the means to withstand a "no knock warrant" nor am I in an area where I can alleviate that situation. I don't do anything other than have an opinion against Big Government, but that soon may be all they need. The only way I can stop that is to go offline and shut up. This is getting very tempting right now. Sadly, I use the internet for so much of my life; leaving it would change how I get my information. More than likely to the negative.

I know that there are others out there far more vocal than I. I worry about them daily. I have had some of my 'reads' go offline in what seems a permanent fashion without warning, and that worries me too.

Maybe I am just being paranoid. Maybe there isn't a thing to worry about when it comes to what the future holds. I am the cynic though. I can't believe that this Government won't hold back if it feels threatened enough. They have proven too many times in the past that they not only won't hold back, they will come in force, with back-ups and secondary plans.

Till I decide to 'hole up' I am here, fair warning will be given if I go offline. Until such time I watch the skyline, and keep an ear to the ground as best I can. The ride is only starting and history will be written by mere men.

On a good note though, its looking like the weather is turning towards spring. That's a good thing. I need the sunlight to recharge my personal batteries. And hopefully the weather will bring some work with it.(not going to hold my breath over that one though.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Morning thought upon waking.

Has anyone heard any Bob Segar lately?

This was my waking thought upon waking up today. I can't remember the last time I heard "I'm not a number" on the radio. Granted, I don't listen to the classic rock station frequently enough to know for certain, but it struck me as odd when the thought came to mind.

I am sure that a little research on my part could yield some answers. I may even take part of the day and do that, if it sticks in my craw enough. Maybe its because he isn't PC enough for today's audience? It's a crying shame if that's the case. Have we, as a nation, forgotten what it means to be an individual? That was what that song sang to me. Have we fallen so far to not remember the guys that built this nation on their backs, the ones that are so blatantly called 'trash' by some but really were the gears that meshed out a highly efficient machine called Progress? Granted, in hind sight, they and we were all really slaves to a system we didn't understand. I find it hard to understand still, till I add in the "Power/Greed" factor of some.

Then again, maybe I am just in a pre-coffee reverie here.

I'll be back after my second pot of coffee.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

After a week or two of reflection.

I am thinking about Andrew Stack. The guy that flew a plane into the IRS Offices in Austin.

I don't side with him but I have to look at some of what he wrote and think "I have felt that way before".

Will/would I fly a plane into a building to make my point. Not on your life. I fully intend to see the fruits of my labors, not sacrifice my life in the name of a cause that has yet to build into its full potential. But reading some commentary from others over I realized that maybe he had a point in his actions. To show this I quote.
“[Flying planes into IRS headquarters] may or may not be a good long-term strategy for [opposing abuses of power by the federal government], but it is hard to see why the use of deadly force is not morally justified, at least in principle, once you accept the premise that [the federal government, specifically including the IRS, is oppressing the people]. . .
H/T I would like to reiterate that Deadly force is the last option that our government has but on the same note, IT IS THERE. As Beck has pointed out," at the bottom of every stack of paperwork in our government is a loaded .45". Whether its Tax revenues, Property resolutions, legislative BS, or even 'convincing' the American people "healthcare" is a priority(so is eating but I don't see them rushing to push a food bill to feed us all) Eventually there is someone to ENFORCE those decisions. If you choose to ignore that, they will find further ways to ENFORCEMENT. That, in my eyes, leads to Deadly force.(if in doubt of that, go ask Vicky Weaver her thoughts on it. )

I can easily see further acts of 'rebellion' against the FedGov from 'lone wolfs' that are at that tipping point. I also see that no matter how many regulations, enactments, proclamations, they put out, DHS is not going to catch a single one PRIOR to that act. Maybe in the act of it, but not prior. The ones that are 'terrorists' will leave trails. The Ones that are just sick of it all will just Act, without prior planning other than in their heads. And that fact, should leave all of those Federal Employees wide-eyed at night. Working for the problem leaves you as a target of opportunity to those that are desperate.

Key point here, Further oppression is not the answer. That will only dig the spurs in a little deeper. We are heading into some interesting times. I can't say how interesting but I think its going to be a whole lot more than the Great Depression was. I see massive political unrest added to the stew of poverty and taxation. The only thing that has held it at bay, in my opinion, is the welfare state of this country. Far too many on the Tit of the nanny state and comfortable there. Yet that tit is drying up quickly. That is going to leave many mad at those that do produce, and of course, the Government will quickly turn that horde against those that weren't 'going along'.(AIG Execs and ACORN bussing in 'protestors' sound familiar?)

Yup, Welcome to the future alright. We are about ready to cross into the Twilight Zone, only Rod Serling won't be running commentary this time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And yet again, slow posting.

Beginnings are always hard. And while its not really a beginning, getting back into a routine is taking its toll on my surfing and blogging.

Maybe that's not such a bad thing. I have noted that my attitude towards others isn't nearly as caustic as it was, say, 5 months ago.

Note: Nearly as caustic

I still can't tolerate the monkeys like I was able to a few years back before my eyes were opened to our current state of decline. Having read Tom's book only clarified things for me. Partly why I have decided that furthering my own education is priority right now. I have the means and the time for now, make the most of it. As it is, My brain aches some. I have been taking time out for some minor surfing, catching up on the Blogs I check out daily. Occasionally leaving comment when something strikes me as such. I know better than burning out. Still, I set aside about 5 hours a day for nothing but book work. Then I 'stretch' with some odd work. Todays was figuring out my Range Card for dialing in various yardages. Doing it on paper with nothing but Measurements of the rifle . I plan on checking it at the range sometime soon.(when the range dries out would be nice) A little exercise of the mind that isn't in the books and is most definitely something in my interests.

I have noted that there seems to be s lull among many of the bloggers I read. Hermit has taken a hiatus (Hopefully not TOO long of one) Others seem to have faded off completely or like me, hit and miss. I think its a combination of Winter Blahs, political BS, and economic hits. I haven't met a single person that hasn't had some negative effects from the last year's 'downturn'.

Well, its either going to get better or worse, and there is very little one person can do about any of those. I plan on getting into some warm weather as soon as it decides to visit us again. Other than that, Day by day.