Thursday, February 25, 2010

Individual vs collective.

Isn't that what is really wrong now? That those who would aspire to creative thought are repressed through training to "co-exist" with others?(creative thought here being to provide for oneself, and believe as one wishes)

Just some thoughts. I remember being told to NOT read Ayn Rands works at one time as they were "vulgar" and "obscene". Reading them later as an adult, I find her works to be Enlightening and exasperating at the same time. Seeing how they are written about Libertarian thoughts, I can see how certian peoples in my past found them Obscene. At the time I thought that they meant 'sexually' but now I see how even the thought of liberty is an ugly thing to those people.

And they are in charge now.]

welcome to the future.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Break from the books for a few.

And of course that means turning up the volume a bit and disturbing the Neighbors. LOL

Here is the music genre for the evening. Nightwish- amaranth

And of course Youtube isn't allowing embedding of this one tonight. Grrrr. YEt I can embed this one.

Good stuff though.

Then I had a flash for some eurotrash dance music. (don't ask, I like everything in music)

Immediately followed by this.

I think I was into Chick music tonight.

Gee, Ya think? ROFLMAO

Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of one story and an Apology.

First and foremost, I really must give an apology to all that may read this blog. I have been trying to set myself up on a schedule the last week and that hasn't been the most comfortable thing. I picked up several books from my wish list and they are all taking some time out of my daily meanders. Time well spent but time is like money, once its gone, you don't get it back.

I do want to point out a storyline (last chapter published tonight) that I highly recommend reading if you get a few minutes. John Galt's 'The Day the Dollar died' series. Scary but at the same time, a forewarning of things that may or may not be in our future. What struck me the hardest about the whole thing was how he shows that what we may be looking at could come from a sector un-thought of by many.

I received an E-mail from a friend today that hit me too. I Read his blog daily but today he decided that he had 'had enough' for awhile. I wish him the best and safe tidings until he returns. If he doesn't thats OK too. Either way, I wish him the best. I understand completely about needing some space. Blogs can take some time away from other things. (recent absence in my case being noted.) Enjoy the coming spring Hermit, I will be down in KY during that time to enjoy it some myself.

(and stay off that ladder till things melt some! That danged light can wait. LOL)

I haven't a lot to say about current events. There has been a rash of people going off the deep end (Austin TX for example). I can see that becoming more common as the economy further regresses. I can't say I agree with all of what some of these people think but I can understand that sometimes, people will crack from whatever strains they have in their lives. Look at the 1930's when Wall St had people jumping out of windows on a daily basis. Money does strange things to peoples minds. Like I've said before; we ain't seen nothing yet. The further south our economy goes, the weirder things are going to get.

So, its back to the books for me. I really enjoy learning new things and some of what I am doing right now is actually Refreshing what I already know. I need it though. I have several higher maths coming at me soon. Time to put the polish on this old boot and get some shine back.

Till next time,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Bound and happy about it.

Not much to post about, just lots of white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky. For the most part this would suck for me but being unemployed, I don't have to be out in it if I so choose. About the worst I have to deal with is a grumpy old cat that seems to think I am playing a cruel trick on him. He swears that I have control over the outside thermostat. Mostly he sleeps but when he is awake, its outside time. Then he sees the snow,,,,

I hear about it for about 45 minutes, that the door to summer is somewhere and I am hiding it. Its all my fault that he has to use the catbox(yuck!) and that there is a special place for tricksters of my lineage in hell. LOL He gets over it eventually (when spring hits and the rains do the same thing. Then its a different gripe) and I deal with him as best I can when it gets like this.(usually by tossing him in a drift when he gets really obnoxious) He has been my buddy for 12 years now and I rather like the old fart: So he stays. I guess He likes me somewhat too. Still, its my fault the snow is falling.

Been reading posts from all around the nation, seems this is a pretty nasty year for winter storms. I wonder what Al Gore is doing about that whole global warming thing and how he is going to spin it up that this is a direct link to that mess. Personally I could care less about the snow. I remember how fun it was as a kid and I am certain that the kids now, find it just as much fun.(I hope so anyway, Get 'em of the video games for awhile) Its a pain for us Adults that have to go out in it to earn a living(when we are working that is) but then, getting up everyday to make ends meet gets to be a pain every once in awhile too.

So what do I do when the weather keeps me in? I do A LOT of reading. Its not all fiction either, though I do break every so often to read something mindless. Can't be all study and no play. This week it has been Math; boning up on that since I am trying to get into calculus and Trigonometry. Machining skills is another that I have been boning up on though I need lathe and mill time to make that one stick. I have been trying to get something other than politics into my brain for awhile. The politics of the day can poison a mans soul. I noticed that I was starting to get short with everyone recently and that was the reason.

I don't hold much hope for the way things are going, not in the slightest. I see bad times coming. That's the main reason behind most of my studies recently. I see a time coming where things are going to have to take a step back to be functional. I recently picked up these books to get some insight in how things were done back during the height of the Industrial Revolution when we didn't have computers, or other things that we take for granted now(like Electricity) It amazes me the details that the machinists' of the day were capable with such crude tools. Yet if it weren't for those tools, we wouldn't be able to create Microchips with tens of millions of connections on them.

I am going to leave it at this for now, time to go toss a cat into t a snow drift. Every one stay safe if you have to get out in this mess. If you don't, STAY HOME, get into a book that you have never read.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And to re-enforce that last post,

Mayberry posts about something that should never have been able to take place in this country, EVER!

To quote from his site.
Since it is unacceptable for people to believe that government agents will carry out paramilitary raids to confiscate firearms, a paramilitary force was sent to Girard’s home to confiscate his firearms......

I hear Sam Adams and a few others twirling like a lathe in their graves. Sounds like the bearings are starting to give out some too.

To say that reading the above post gave me chills would be an understatement. Premonitions of what is to come? I wouldn't be surprised.

Watch your 6.
Know your friends and neighbors.(and well.)
Keep your powder dry.

Things are about to get VERY interesting.

A peice of Fiction of 'what may be'

h/t to WRSA for the image.

The day the dollar died series. The link is to the first of the series.

I highly recommend reading this as it shows what may be in for in the near future. Granted its fiction and certain things happen in what seems an accelerated pace, but who knows. There may already be plans in place for just such a situation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tip Jar.

I added a tip jar but its more for Family so that they can be sneaky. Feel free to check out what books I am looking at though, it may give some insight into the freak that I am. LOL

And if you happen to feel generous feel free to send me something.(the shipping address is already programmed in)

Book Review.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was 'not quite right' but couldn't really figure out what? This book may show you what that something is. Sometimes the issue is much bigger than you realize.
Starving the monkeys Press.
I picked this up a week or two ago and have been pretty much absorbed by it since.

Good points: Tom Baugh has many good insights into what is going on in the world and expressing ideas in ways that are easily understood.
I would recommend reading this book despite what some reviewers are saying about it(propaganda etc) and make up your own mind on it. I did and I am quite happy with it.
Bad Points: There is a lot of information in it and pointers to more information along the way. This isn't bad unto itself, I am an information junkie. What makes it bad will be dependent upon your point of view. In my case, it showed me how far behind I really am in certain areas.(this is also a positive since now I know that, and can start correcting it.)

Tom shows, with proof, just how diseased our society really is; How it is a common affliction that recurs in every society throughout time.
He doesn't really have a solution for curing the problem. I note that his 'cure' really isn't that at all but a foundation for rebuilding after the fall. This is all well and fine as I think many are starting to realize that the only solution is complete change. As much as that is a disappointing thought, I am starting to believe its a fact.

Fact of the matter, this book made me even more angry. Not at the book, or its writer. More at the society that I was raised in. That may seem harsh but that is how I perceive it. I realized that I was short changed in the education department long before I really started learning. I never really had good grades(average for the most part) and was continuously bored with the regimen. The only time my grades improved were when I was in a course that challenged me. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and I leave no one to blame for it: I am now taking the steps to 'catch up' to where I feel I should be in the curve. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time now. Now I have incentive to get off my duff and do it.


And here we have the winner of "Knocking Diogenes out of his chair first thing in the morning" Contest.


Now that is funny.

Saw this at Kevins place.

One of the reactions mentioned there was the desire to go out and buy more shotgun shells.

I concur.