Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Day in the life of Diogenes.

I ended up working all weekend due to a back injury(not mine thank God). A little background first: I drive for an auto parts place that I will leave un-named. I don't drive to the shops but as internal logistics between stores. The beauty of this arrangement is I work alone after the initial loading of the van in the morning. All of our routes are fixed and all are considered one way. IE; Your last stop is as far out as you go and you have the whole trip back to do as you please. In my case, I have about 175 miles to think, and think, then sing off key with enthusiasm, then think some more. Especially on the weekends when Talk Radio is typically non-political.

SO,,, Here is how my thoughts went today.

I was thinking about a situation with one of my cousins lately. The saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” was playing in the background of my thoughts about this. He is an ungrateful wretch with an addiction and while he seems respectful and grateful on the surface; I always get the impression there is a knife somewhere behind his back.

I find that to be a trait in many people. While you may help them out, there is always that “what else can I get for free?” air about them. Teach them how to do for themselves and walk away, chances are, they will be back to their old ways pretty quickly. Respect isn't in their nature, nor in their vocabulary. The closest thing these people have ever had to a Muse was either in a drug or in between the sheets.(don't get me wrong, I like the Mixed Couples sheet romps as well. I am not a prude. I just don't let it control my thoughts like I did when I was a 'young, dumb and full-o-cum') It seems that people like this are a dime a dozen now-days. Rather than attempt to come up with solutions, these people revolve around some central distraction their entire lives, never really seeing the world around them. Never attempting to 'look over the horizon' and see if, maybe, just maybe, there is something bigger, better or just different.
Now, that thought was buzzing around when somehow the Tater harvest came to mind and the two thoughts tumbled around for a bit and took on a new shape.

And just to show how bizarre I truly am; it became Allergies.
I remember growing up as a kid and never even hearing about allergies with the exception of Poison Ivy, or bees. Seemed that there was at least one kid that could run into a patch of poison ivy without repercussions (ME!) and there were some that couldn't even get within 20' of the stuff without breaking into hives.
Yet it seems that over the last decade or two, Allergies have become, not only common, but lethal. You see allergy warnings on nearly every food item. We have developed specialized filters to combat allergens. Commercials abound for allergy treatments(and I won't even get started on the rest of the Pusher commercials on the Toob).


I have a theory on it. Fair warning, I am not a scientist, or doctor. I don't have a Piled Higher and Deeper sheepskin anywhere in my possession or resume. I do know how to make observations and I have enough gray matter to put some intuitive processes together. The following is strictly empirical thought.
Global Economies and agriculture. Ever since we stopped depending upon local foods, there has been a rise in Food based allergies. There may have been the occasional baby that had milk allergies, but not to the extent that most do now. And we are even seeing it in Adults. They call it lactose intolerance. I call it a homogenized mess. Most of our food is imported from areas of the country AND THE WORLD. Very little is actually produced locally unless you live in the areas where it is produced. Strangely enough, there are instances where that doesn't apply. Where its cheaper for a grocer to purchase an import over a local product(more often due to FDA legislation). Another aspect is all of the Convenience crap that is made for purchase. Does anyone truly know what is in that stuff? I know it makes it easier to prepare a meal if all you have to do is heat up a couple of bags of 'stuff', but is it 'Good'? Are the ingredients even real, like real meat, not some processed vegetable protein?
This practice is, in my opinion, leading to food intolerances across the spectrum that are being equated to allergies. I am not belittling the Doc's on this one, I just think the problem is much bigger than a localized event in one person. I think that we will continue to see issues arise while we maintain this practice. You can even throw in the insecticides and fertilizers and Modified Seeds, hormone and steroid use in livestock etc etc. It all adds up to one thing. We are feeding ourselves to death.
Local farmers have the right idea. If you are growing your own, Kudos. I am starting out now that I have been able to make my move as I have posted about. The advantages are glaringly obvious. There are some that aren't so obvious. My sinusitis is virtually gone and I attribute that to my diet. I still smoke and that was what my Doctor always blamed for it. Getting out and working in mountain air may have had something to do with it too. Dunno fersure; I claim the food.

So those thoughts were running around when suddenly a dollar sign jumped into the fray and basically got tossed on its ass by the other two. Yet that started a different line of thought.

Local Economies. I know that this gets touched on all over the place and there are much better writers than I on it. Much better informed on the details. There is a point where we all need to consider just where we sit locally in our areas. Do we know the people down the street(or next door)? Do we know who has ability and who has the monkey attitude? These are all questions we need to answer if things go south. I agree with some about the loner survivor thing. I personally am not a leader, but I sure as hell don't want to give up my hardwork to some charismatic or psychotic jerk when things get tight(and I won't, gotta kill me first) I don't entirely trust the thought of 'group decisions' since that got us here to begin with. That leaves me with the Loner policy. Captain of my own ship L.S. Diogenes.(libertarian ship) in a sea of other free ships. We can work together but when it comes to shove, family first, all others take hind.

And that led to

Tidal power capture. How to capture the energy in the tides. Don't ask me how I jumped from agrarian middle America to some coast line (I blame Mayberry :P) I don't think linearly, never have, never will. Logic plays no mind to me while intuition does, and with a vengeance.

This is actually an extension of some ideas I have had on Micro Hydro electric. Sadly I won't be able to incorporate these ideas into my current housing build since there isn't enough stream head in the creeks. I do have the Cumberland River nearby but I don't think the local Government (or local utilities or my neighbors for that matter) would take kindly to my damming it to make a turbine generator. I think the EPA may even get involved if I did that. Time enough after the collapse when the neighbors(and family) will want to keep the lights on. And the Refrigerators running.
But back to the tidal capture. I was thinking of the issues that arise from such a cyclic event. Reciprocating motion is one issue of such, the other being inconsistent outputs(an extension of the cyclic nature) There are several different routes to go on this one and the one that came to mind for me was a modification of the Hall effect generators, like the ones in those little battery-less flashlights that are so hard to find now. Feasible, but the actual diode bank would be horrendous to build when materials get tight. There would need to be several different layers of power conditioning to keep from burning up battery cells also. More thoughts into the pot for later contemplation. May never need it but its there in the memory banks if I do.
Then I sang for a bit. Lots of off key wailing that sounds better to a dog than a human(my dogs actually taught me to sing if that helps any. LOL). I only sing while driving alone and I know I suck even though I have a lot of fun doing it.
Of course there was a media break at one point and I caught some news. Something about the President saying he shouldn't have to plaster his Birth Certificate to his forehead. No, on that note he is right. But I run into a problem here. I have been working since I was 15 and EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYER has asked me for proof of citizenship. NO exceptions. The crap that was exposed over the web and whatnot doesn't even come close to the hoops I have had to jump through to prove me being American born and bred and I don't even look foreign. Typical American white guy without a trace of accent from some other country. While O looks like an American, talks with an American accent and no trace of foreign accent, his actual birthplace has been in question since day one. But that really isn't the issue, is it?
The real issue is his attitude (and the attitude of most 'elected'). He acts as though he is the boss. Here we have an elected official, a representative of the American people that acts as though he is completely in charge. REPRESENTATIVE doesn't imply LEADER, yet that is where our elected persons seem to think 'winning an election' gets them. Leadership is earned, not installed. Installed leaders are KINGS, QUEENS or DICTATORS. Sometimes all of the above. The only way I get to choose my boss is by finding a different job. I also don't get to vote myself a raise at whim, like our congress seems to do on yearly basis. I also don't get to take 9 or 10 vacations a year on someone elses dime. If I did, I surely wouldn't have that job long. Call it a working vacation if you want, but that doesn't change the fact that it was a vacation. Send the wife and kids to wherever you wish, but do it out of your own pocket. You make 10 times more than the average Joe on the street: I am sure you can afford it more than we can.(and that salary is there for what reason, if you use every dime of someone else's money for your day to day living?) That doesn't include your personal investments or other income through what ever means you have. Get off our dime and use your money for your vacations for chrisakes.
I had to go back to the internal thoughts at this point. I can only handle so much angry for so long. It's not like my wee voice is going to make a difference in the bigger storm we have going on. There is a perfect storm of collapse coming, it just hasn't broken yet. I don't worry to much about it any longer. I know where the monkeys are and from which direction they will come in when things get tight. That is enough for my comfort at this point.

At about that thought, I came to the end of my trip. I am sure that there were more corollaries to these but these were the ones that gelled enough to float to the surface. I hope you enjoyed looking into the convoluted mess I call my mind. Onward with the post.

Facts are, I really don't care any longer what those jackasses do in the District of Criminals. There are more important and pressing issues at hand that I can affect while what they do is completely out of my hands. My vote is a fart in a hurricane of insanity so is completely meaningless. Besides, voting is such an incredulous act of submission anymore, I don't want to partake of it any longer. Compliance is not in my nature and I won't allow my voice to be taken as consent when what I had to say was 180 degrees counter to the end result. Mayberry recently posted about Disobedience. I have to say 1) he is absolutely correct in his post and 2) He completely missed that our laws are written with that 'Rush' in mind. They expect people to go rebel. How else can they generate fear and raise taxes? Once that little factor of disobedience can be harnessed, they start the road to enslavement. We are those slaves. Even now, when I am trying to come up with floor plans for my house, I find myself falling prey to 'the rules' and trying to design to codes that don't apply to this area or my life. Old habits are hard to break. Break them I will do; I suggest the same to others, we will have to adapt to survive the future.

Why is the 'Free-est nation' in the world also the one with the highest percentage of incarcerated population? Even though most of those are doing time for non-violent offenses or victim-less crimes? (now there is term I find completely vulgar. Victim-less crime? How is that a crime then?) Freedom is relative to perspective as is shown in another of Mayberry's posts. The more I learn, the more I find how much of a slave to the system I am. The more I learn, the more I want to learn of other things, so that I won't be hindered later down the road when I make my break with the so called "free world". Freedom is subjective, but true freedom is hard work. That is why there are so many willing to forget about it to the detriment of all of us. "Those that would sacrifice freedom for safety and security, deserve neither."

So it was a meandering rant but my boat has ran out of steam today. More to come. Stay tuned.

Addendum 8/31: The pull down of troops from Iraq was in the news this morning. I overheard something about O saying it was to help rebuild here at home. Seems to me that there are going to be more than a few soldiers that are going to be getting out upon return to find a serious lack of work in the private sector. Then again, maybe the Anointed one has a plan to add to the Militaristic backbone in the Law enforcement agencies. Every day, I see more and more things that bode ill for this country. TPTB know that we are on the rocks. TPTB know that there is a growing amount of dissent. TPTB know that there isn't any more money to be had from the slaves. Not without taxing them at even higher rates.

We know they know it.

I guess I will be patient and see what the next move is. There isn't a danged thing I could do to stop it. I can only protect to my best ability that which is mine and that of my family. Outside of that, make do as best I can.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Big post tomorrow

Already written, just don't have the bandwidth on this phone to post it today.. Heads up, this one may seem 'wierd'.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And back to Reality.

I know I said I was going to fix those posts in the AM. Just to let ya know, I had a damned good excuse. It's called, Potato harvest.

How's 35 bushels of Taters sound to you all?(this is only part of them. the rest are spread out amongst the family that helped)

Never harvested potatoes before and it was a learning experience. I think we may have lost about a third to the fact that the tractor didn't have a spud rake(or whatever those things are called). We were using a furrow plow and it worked to some extent. Things improved once we convinced Larry to not cut so danged deep and to speed up. These roots nearly jumped out of the ground then.

Anywho, I did that deed, fulfilled as best as possible fixing my broken posts, and now, ITS BEER THIRTY.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I tried to edit a typo using my phone. Now the last two posts are all screwed up. Will fix in the A.M. Sorry 'bout that.

Not much to add to the Fog of information out there.

I have been keeping tabs on things as best as I can without a fulltime Net access. I have my phone and the 1-2 trips a week to the library, yet, I find it hard to keep up. Things are really moving fast now. Seriously, if you aren't on the web at least 2-3 hours a day, you can get swamped with info very quickly.

One of the things that is irking me is the Education thing.(surprise!) This damned school in Kaliforniastan is a just a running joke right now. Here we have a state that is issuing IOU's to its contractors and as refunds for tax returns, yet they seem able to come up with a 500+MILLION dollar school. Do that math comparing gold prices and that would be the equivalent of building Harvard back in the 1700's. Wanna bet there won't be Harvard level people graduating from that school?

EDIT NOTES: I attempted to recover the files that were wiped out last night. This is all I could get. Sadly, there was about another thousand words and three or four links. Poof! Thanks to a slow processor in my phone and my being a happy clicker. All on me, not the server.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Response to the Philly Fiasco

For the record (not that it matters): I blog to get my thoughts out into the open, nothing more. There are a couple of ads here but I make not one red cent from them. I list them because I used their services and was VERY impressed with their service.
I have a tip jar that has never been used, so that argument is null also.
Until the first amendment (the BOR as a whole) is suspended, I WILL BLOG!!!! You can try all you want to extract another tax out of me but on this, I won't budge. You will see an exact ratio of tax to what I make from this blog: exactly NOTHING.
I know this post is a bit premature but I felt the need to say something.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Where to start.

When we look at current events and how messed up the U.S. (and the world) is, it gets hard to really point in any one direction at where it all started going wrong. Tom Baugh did a hell of a decent job at breaking things down to the most simplistic level and I give kudos to him for his efforts.

Yet I still come back to the same point and have to wonder: Was it worth the effort to come down out of the trees? Don't get me wrong, I love being a member of the H. Sapien species. I just think that forming communities larger than 4 or more family groups hinders us. When we start packing in like lemmings, we get situations like our current crisis'. I seem to remember an experiment done several years back with rats(who tend towards communities such as we do and have). As the population started to exceed the limits of resources and space, the rats started suffering mental issues and turning on fellow rats. Cannibalism became common as did hoarding and thieving. Rats even murdered other rats with no gain in status or resources(meaningless death) These are things we see within our own society(cannibalism in question? Think Dahmer.) and have been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several decades.

Whats the solution?

Contraction of the populace?

Do I sound like a tyrant by bringing that up? If so, bear with me, I am not talking about 'population planning' or Genocide here. I think Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot were beasts that needed to be removed but only through the proper methods of a justice system.(even one of Darwinian nature)
One thing that has always kept populations in check was limited resources, disease, to some degree, internal strife. WE are seeing the resource limits now. There is only so much more that can be produced and with the structure of our system, one breakdown would collapse other parts of the system. (I know, I know, preaching to the choir) We haven't had a major plague within the U.S. since the 1700's and the few epidemics we have had, were rather unsubstantial when looked at in ratio to the survivors. Internal strife was the biggest killer with our revolutionary war of the 1800's and WWII.
There are currently several 'strife options' open to our PTB. Who knows if they will Opt for that or not. I personally think that they will attempt to 'keep the peace' and the problems will continue to escalate into what we have all been predicting. I don't see disease taking care of business ,and while Momma Nature may have something in store for us, things are going to get much worse before any of the above kick in.

I know that there are many prepping for SHTF, I know that there has been discussion recently about BOB's and what to carry. I am not going to go over any of that as each is a personal decision.

I do want to bring up the one thing that usually gets passed over though.

Personal Survival.

I am talking about the blood and guts of surviving here. The one where you end up somewhere with nothing but the tools in your head and (hopefully) natural resources.

I am not talking about the guy on the Toob that teach only enough to get someone killed.(sometimes they get it right, but more often the information will get someone killed)

There is lots of great
information out there. The web makes it easy to find. The question is: Have you made any effort to learn them? If you are prepping, and you haven't at least tried to start a fire with nothing more than 2 sticks and a lot of elbow grease, you are shorting your preps by a large degree. Have you figured out what weeds in your yard you can eat? Have you tried to figure out why there are hunting seasons and why you don't want to eat a wild rabbit in the middle of summer? Have you tried to figure out how to track an animal through the brush? Do you know how to get water from plants and dirt?(yes, you can do that.)

I know there are some preppers that have done all of the above; this isn't for you. This is for the soft ones that think having a stash of food and a lot of guns is 'good enough'. Facts are, when 'Crunch time' hits, there will be food and weapons being confiscated. There will be skirmishes with the authorities but I personally think they will be highly localized and hushed up (or glossed over like they did with the Hutteree). I don't think we are consolidated enough at this point to fight back effectively. By the time we could consolidate enough, we may be in a situation like the Warsaw ghettos.
Either way, they can't take the knowledge in your head. If you know how to make shelter, fire, gather water, and gather and hunt food, all with nothing more than the resources around you(not even a pocket knife) ; You will find a freedom within yourself that you never knew before. Granted, a pocket knife, flint and steel, and a poncho make a great kit for the minimalist. The real question is, Will they allow you to keep it when things get really rough? When they are pulling B+E's to find Food Hoarders? If you think it won't happen, I wish you luck.(and hope, and we all know how I feel about 'hope' LOL)

Ok, I am off my soap box today.

Friday, August 20, 2010

“There aughta be a law”

How many times have I heard that in my lifetime? Probably enough that if I were paid a silver dime for each of them, I would be a VERY rich man. There are other 'progressive' statements such as that one, yet this one hit me broadside yesterday. Not a personal experience but something that brought the idiocy of that statement home to me. I won't go into details as it is not relevant to the point I am trying to make here.

The point of this is very basic, and so simple as to be shrugged off as 'too simple'. Laws are written to help protect people from the travesties of other people. At least that was what I was taught in school a couple of decades or more ago. In mere observation without analyzing that statement, one doesn't see how inherently wrong it is. The most a law can do is make it so that there is something written to help incarcerate or punish those that have done wrong. Nothing more. “if it ain't in writing, its fair game” This is simply a lawyers way of 'getting the client off the hook'. While I was in Boot Camp on Parris Island, our senior DI made a comment to a few of us that the rules weren't being drilled into us as guidelines; they were being drilled into us to show us what we could get away with. THAT is how I think lawyers are trained/schooled. Of course the saying of, “locks keep honest people, honest” applies to this thought line. People are taught early on (most decent people anyway) how to get along in society by being polite, following the rules, avoiding wrong doings, etc etc. Fact of the matter now, we are all criminals by the time noon rolls around EVERY SINGLE DAY! There are more laws on the books in every state, local, and federal level, that lawyers have to specialize to know the loopholes in specific situations. It matters not what you do, somewhere, on some level, you break a law simply by living your life. If it was shooting that starling out of your cornfield, you are a federal criminal. If it was spraying that used waste oil on your gravel driveway to kill the weeds, you are a Federal criminal (and some would say an Eco-Terrorist). Local laws tend to be a little more forgiving but not always. State laws can be just as convoluted and contradictory as the Federal level laws. And not one person knows or can know ALL of the laws on the books today. The Police have it worse since they no longer actually "Police" so much as collect taxes. TANJ

“What to you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.”
“How can you tell when a lawyer/politician is lying? His lips are moving”(and I just broke a law there: Gender discrimination!)

I have to laugh about it. I can't do anything else anymore. WE have allowed the Republic to be absorbed into a democracy. Democracies FAIL. They can't do anything else. Its like a star that has burned all of its fuel up. It eventually falls prey to that pesky little law of gravity and collapses upon itself. It collapses so far and becomes a ball of interstellar waste or explodes from internal pressures. We are seeing the collapse starting. Will we explode or fall into further complacency, becoming another junk country with no clout? ( just for the record, I think the entire mess of laws needs scrapped and redone. Keep it to less than 10 pages as a trial period(three decades with option to make permenant) and see how things go. I would bet that this country would take off the same way it did after the founding.)

I dunno, and frankly, I could care less anymore. If people around me continually use phrases such as the one above, we are doomed to a history of repetition.(oh, wait, we already are repeating history) So long as 'Mrs. Grundy' thinks she can dictate what I do behind closed doors, we will never get out of the hole we have allowed to be dug. I am a conservative in many aspects but I am a liberal when it comes to how I wish people could live together.(think Heinlein) I think we have some asinine social standards that are completely unnatural. And to apply “Majority Rule” laws to those standards is a crushing blow to freedom.

Freedom to me is the understanding of responsibility to your species, your family and your self. IF you believe in a higher power (IE: GOD) than you could insert that scope also. Nationality is a personal choice that applies whole of that code (even though we didn't have a personal choice in our native nations). Everything that is considered a 'Right' in the BOR is a correlation of the above. Self defense (BOR 2A)is a right of survival, all others are only there to protect a society that is no longer existent. Our founders understood that a moral and civic minded people could keep a Republic alive. We are no longer a nation of Moral or Civic minded people. We have individuals that are, but as a people; Not even close.

I have thought about what I can do as a single soul in an ocean of ignorance. The best I can do is fend for my bloodline, and continually bail the water of ignorance out of our life raft. I keep trying to educate others on things but there is only so much one person can do. There are far too many that completely absorbed the progressive mindset of a nanny state. Far too many that have never had a single thought that something is wrong with the way things are now. They keep their noses to the grass and ignore the wolf watching intently. They don't see that the sheepdogs (police) are really the underling wolves. They don't see that the grass is really not all that plentiful either. Or that the grazing land is over-trodden by other sheep and that the number continues to get larger every year.

My wrap up: Break it all down. There are far too many that are willing to sacrifice free thinkers, such as myself and others that read these posts, for their own 'safety'. I saw a commercial tonight that stated “Everyone deserves safety”(emphasis mine). I cry BULLSHIT on that one. You deserve the right to be slaughtered at the alter of the IRS if you believe that thought. You deserve what you work for, nothing more. If you won't get off your duff to do something for yourself, then you get what you deserve. It's a cruel world and if you don't attempt to make yourself safe in it, why expect others to make you safe?

Break it all down.

Those that live through it, will more than likely have a far greater understanding of what it means to be truly free. Freedom is hard work, short and simple.

But the rewards are far more worth it to me, than life as a slave in a slaughter pen.

Addendum: Personal observation. I just came from another job interview and I think I am not going to get it due to the "ch'ain't from 'round here, r-ya" syndrome. I can't say I blame any one person for that either. I have a cultured voice in a county with a hard twang. I can't alter my inflection or dialect without great effort and that would show as a dishonesty. If I don't get the job due to that fact, no harm, no foul. I have work already. Just looking at something a bit better in pay and more hours to boot. I will say, the voice works well in the entertainment industry(radio voice thing) but sucks when it comes to having to 'root, hog or die'. It tends to throw a wrench into job negotiations. If you sound better educated (true or not) than the person conducting the interview, well, you have a problem that resembles a brick wall. No one ever wants to hire someone that threatens their job title.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Overheard at the Parts counter,,,,

It's rather rare that I sit (or even CAN sit) through a session of liberal media crap. Last night I sat and watched the news with my dad. The local stuff wasn't too horrible. The usual busting up of a local meth lab, some kid charged with Arson, HOT weather(DUH!!!!), etc, etc. Then Katie Couric came on. I forced myself to watch it through. I freely admit having a knot in my stomach from that. Enough that I didn't have an appetite for dinner.(Maybe a new weight loss method? LOL) I was moderately OK with her hype until they came to the story about the Drug Cartels in the northern parts of Mexico.

Knowing the great lengths that the Anti-gun establishment has gone through to link the Cartels with illegal gun purchases, I have some basis of argument AGAINST this story. I have friends that live near these areas and Family in Arizona (some in Nogales) and KNOW that the spin they were throwing out there was only to keep the sheeple content and on the end of the carrot stick.


Pure and simple. I can't look at this as anything else.

They made comment about “40% of the guns used by the Cartels come from the United States”. I was hoping that this little tidbit would have elaborated on the fact that of that 40%, most were sold to the Mexican Govt by OUR GOVERNMENT: not some gun running scheme among coyotes. Then there was the shot of “and the cartels are scared of the Mexican Government” ROFLMAO!!!! NOT! This is just simple twist of logic that so perfectly illustrates how the Leftist/socialist Media LIES to make the story fit their agenda.

And the parting line of , “so Americans can get their fix” , sent me into a tail spin.

Of course there is the story on the Drudge Report of how the average age of Television Viewers is so 'old'. I am no spring chicken but t'ain't old either.

I also rarely watch the boob-tube so I know I don't fit that statistic. People like my dad and his sibs do though and that is where the problem is in my eyes. These people depend upon a highly biased, tainted if you will, news source. They don't delve into investigation of the truth since “ why would the reporters lie about stuff like that”. There is an entire generation of gullible people that don't believe it could happen here. Yet these are the same people who are collecting on the Ponzi scheme of SSI. They are receiving the shillings and haven't a clue how its actually a bribe. While I don't like it, I find it hard to be mad about it. These are people that worked all their lives to this end. I can't fault them for falling for it, after the fact. There are many of them that are waking up to the truth and that feeds more of the fire against Leviathan.

Now, there was an incident Wednesday that left me with a chill. Thinking that we may see more and more of these incidents taking place over the next few years, I was reminded of Solyent Green: “they are feeding you people” as the hero is swallowed up in a hoard of Zombies.

But then I thought about it. Part of me actually receives a tiny bit of solace when I read these things. Not that I am a morbid rabid hater, I am not. More that little symptoms like this show the cracks starting to spread. When I read these things I see the end getting closer and that, in some ways, provides me with a minor comfort: The waiting game is nearly over. The “entitled” will eat themselves when the time comes. Those of us that are aware, preparing; we will be there to rebuild when it all comes apart. Assuming of course that we aren't swallowed up by the zombies while waiting.

I haven't any hope of this all coming to a peaceful resolution. Not one iota of it. Hope was what I had in 92 when I discharged from the Marines. Hope has never saved one persons life, ever. Now I am old enough to understand that. Survival is Will power, Bullheaded stubborn willpower. Hope may give you the strength you need to have said willpower, it isn't going to do anything else to save you. WE, as individuals. will make it or not and HOPE won't pull our asses out of this mess. Those that wish to be coddled cradle to grave, will pull this country down faster and faster as time goes by. I pray that it begins on our watch, not that of our grandchildren. Even so, we must educate our children NOW, so that when their time comes, they have the mental ammunition to hold the line against the monkey hoard.

Change of direction here: I have noticed in the last couple of decades a general decline in education standards. I know I harp on this a bit here and its something of a thorn in my paw. For some people its guns, others civil rights, or some other issue. For me its education. I see far too many people that haven't a stinking clue what basic science is, basic RECENT history or its implications, or even Math! There was a time in this world where the person that understood these things would have been called a Wizard or some such. There is more to what happens when you start a car or flip on a light switch than most people realize and yet the concepts are quite simple. They are only complex in the level of technology applied to them.
The point of this is a book I read within the last couple of years. Its something of an exploration in human reactions to massive change. The Basis of that change is nothing less than the fantastic idea that suddenly, everything powered by electric or large amounts of energy(IE gasoline and gunpowder ) cease to function. Not a new concept but it is one that would knock this world on its ass. Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling. One point that hit home to me was a statement by one of the characters about Fat in foods. When you are the source of power when getting your larder together, Fat and sugars take on a whole new meaning to you.
No more spoilers though. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. It has some serious thought experiments in how our species would react to having to resort to the dark age tech again. It may even give you some insight into things you can prepare against. (it inspired me to look back at Machine shops and old mills prior to the electric motor becoming prevalent. )

Back to work for me. Things to do and machines that need broken while trying to move rocks. LOL.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big post tomorrow

Suffering through limited bandwidth with the phone. Have much to say with links and the phone just won't cut it for this one. Will be up mid-afternoon. Cya then.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sumpin a lil difnt.

I have been posting about the land and the experience of building my gulch lately; very little about the politics and Elitist in the District of Criminals. I felt that there are some readers of this blog(you know who you are, the ones with the blocked IP's in Arlington and Roanoke) that could use some insight as to why I have forgone the political diatribe.

Before I start that though, I would like to cheer Barry and Michelle on with their current exploits. Keep it up guys, I am really liking seeing the 4th estate depicting you as the Aristocracy of the French Elite of the 1700's. Feel free to rape our country of as much value as you can on your endless vacations and globe trotting. Each penny you spend is adding another inch to the noose that will hang you and every other Power grabbing ass-wipe in DC.

Now, where was I? Ah, Why I 'Don't give a shit' any longer.

Mayberry will know where this comes from, as will others upon reading it. I will illiterate a bit though as it is really just an extension of my previous beliefs.

As a freedom loving person of the species Homo Sapien, I have certain NEEDS. These tend to be common ground among others of the same species. These needs are fairly basic. Food, Shelter, Companionship. As an individual of a species(any species) My goals are to improve my position in life so that I can breed. To continue my line within the species. This is as simple as it gets. What a person in the H.S. species does to improve that position has been in transition since time out of mind. Originally in the Time of Og and Ugh, it was who could get more rabbits and wood. Now, its whom can gather the most wampum.(or so society would like you to believe.) The premise is still the same. Improve your position in life, attract a mate, and Breed. The better you are at that, the more likely your line in the species will come to expand, possibly even dominate. (if anyone would like to argue that; Explain why Sex sells so well in our society. Think about it.)

Keep that in mind for the rest of this.

Self defense is covered under the 2nd Amendment. It isn't directly called that since it was written in a time when EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH A BRAIN understood the concept of a polite society.('step on my toes and I will kill you' kind of thing) See, there was a time when if your neighbor wanted your food, he could ask for it, trade for it or steal it.(Nothing has really changed has it?) You could give it to him, barter with him, or, if in the last case: Collect his hide in exchange. It wasn't until we started getting into groups larger than Family or Tribe that things started getting sticky. That's where Religion and Government started rearing their ugly heads.
Some will argue that Government is a necessity. Keep on believing that. The police were originally set up to keep on eye on the cave/hut/corral so that the others could go work the fields.(it may go even further back than that with the original 'fire-watch') The police weren't there to enforce the law; they were there "to serve and protect". (remember those words on the police cars? Ever see them anymore?)(if you do, what are they serving?(tickets and subpoena's) or protecting?(the elected elite))
Well, with the growth of Government, came taxes(with religion came tithes). In every instance of Massive Government Growth came larger and larger taxes. NO EXCEPTIONS. The monkeys wish to be taken care of and give willingly.

Facts are, Taxes are legalized theft, Theft is an assault, assault is an act of war, and since the early part of the last century, our Government has been at war with its own people. Billy Beck said it best with " At the bottom of every stack of paperwork in the Govt. is a loaded .45"
If that last paragraph labels me as "domestic terrorist", well, I have been called worse by better people than our elected.

I could go on and on about Government being the enemy. There are so many ways that it has encroached upon us and made life nearly impossible for those with hidden wings. I won't go there though. I have found my gulch, Extremely little red-tape to deal with to build(septic system only) and near people of similar mind about freedom.
Now if only I could convince my Dad that SMALL is better.(he so wants me to build a McMansion on that spot. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!)

Monday, August 9, 2010


We are witnessing the further demoralization of America with the Leading Royalty split amongst the world Spending our Children's money in mad fashion. MO in spain spending 75K a day. BO choppering 6 miles to give a speech on Energy conservation? Then his "Display" of b-ball skill with NBA in front of Wounded warriors.(And he calls certain Music people 'an ass'? Hmmm? )

Piss on 'em. I am going ahead with my plans for the gulch and they aren't going to be able to stop me. They may send their thugs later to 'collect' what I am refusing to give, and they may kill me. SO WHAT.

Like Mayberry said "If I live only five more minutes as a Free man, they will be the best five minutes of my life! I do not fear death, because it surely can't be worse than life under tyranny."

I spent most of yesterday looking over the Rock pile that represents most of what makes up the couple of acres that I will be building. I chose this location for its remoteness. The other piece is much better suited to building and what not but is within 30 yards of a road and railroad. (not a major line, CSX coal run but think about how covered with thugs that will become, when Coal is a MAJOR Commodity to keep the lights on and requires armed protection.) Yes, I said rock pile. If you are familiar with the Smoky Mountains you may have some idea what I am talking about. Yes you can build on it. Yes, you can farm in it(kinda) One great advantage is the Fresh Water springs the are littered about the area. I have 2 good springs and one seep within the bounds of my area. The seep can be worked for a better flow and I plan on keeping Guineas in that area. There is a good sandy spot there that they may prefer for laying and that will be just fine by me(much better eggs than 'store bought')
The Rocks don't deter me, in fact, I am pleased with the quantity. With some power equipment I can move them around for 'fashionable defense'. In the smaller ones, they will be used for walls and what not in building my workshop(more specifically, the foundation and surround for my forge/smelter. Lined with Refractory cement and brick, I should be able to achieve 1800-2200 degrees, not Iron melting but good enough for Al, Tin, and blacksmithing (even forge welds) One other advantage of this area is the convenience of cheap coal. I won't heat my house with it but I can run it in my forge. Maybe able to get even hotter than above.(EPA BE DAMNED!)

The only downside of the 'rocks' is digging for the basement. Fortunately, I have access to certain tools for that if we uncover something bigger than a 55 gal drum. I had thought about going without a basement but the added storage possibilities are too enticing. Much easier to keep Mason jars and what not in places like basements.

So you may be wondering why the rambling? LOL I was just spouting at the mouth(fingertips?) while waiting for my phone to finish sending this pic.

This is the view from what will be my back porch. No great expanses or really great sunsets, but I rather like the way the light cuts through the trees. At the bottom of it you can see the rocks I was talking about. The closest one is about the size of a small motorcycle. The seep I was talking about it roughly 15 yards down the hill from this area. The two springs are off to the right of here and about 30 yards apart. One is currently delivering about 2 gallons a minute the other is slightly less than that. Considering we haven't had rain in about a week, that is significant. I plan on tapping into one of them for feeding a cistern. Even in long dry spells I should be ok. Altitude is 1300ft above sea level so I do have to worry about Fleas and Ticks on the animals and myself (unlike in Denver or 29 Palms Ca. Altitude does wonders on Fleas)

Further updates will be forthcoming as I break ground. Digging both foundation and Septic system first. (next weekend is chainsaw time to clear those areas. First firewood for the house. Should be seasoned well by the time I need it)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kagen Approved

Not by me she isn't. What little I have heard of this 'person' I would have to say that she fully represents EVERYTHING I hate about the current administration. It really is only Liberal left stacking the deck in the courts so that they can 'justify' all of the heinous crap that they have passed and wish to pass soon(IE: before the end of the year when the new congress-critters make hypocrites of themselves in taking the oath.)(that last comment is a blanket comment. I am sure that there are one or two that REALLY want to make a difference. We all know that there is no way they won't become tainted shortly.)

On the upside, I am starting to see a certain amount of dissent coalescing within the media, most definitely within the working (and non-working) people of this country.

I am seeing more and more people realize that LAW is only able to work when you give your consent to be Governed. Read that as WE ARE THE LAW(h/t to Mayberry for that one) I have been saying this for some time now.

Leave me alone and I won't shoot you. I will leave you alone as well. If you need something from me, approach me as a neighbor should and we can come to some consensus to both of our benefits(and you may be surprised that I may help out of good will). If you try to take something from me 'for my own good' or 'to benefit society', well, I guess you need to go back and look at the first line I wrote in this paragraph.
I do agree that a community is much stronger than on person or family. But that doesn't mean I abide communism. Oh I believe it exists, I just won't abide living in a communist country for long. I have had to do a lot of swallowing of pride to finally admit that this country has turned socialist. And I am sure that we can all agree that the only difference between communism and socialism is that one is born of violence and the other is born of consent. They both end up in the same septic system in the end though.

Many good posts of late and I am having a hard time keeping up with them.
Check out the read list in the right margin if you are new here.(and there have been several of you lately, Keep coming back. Feel free to comment, I don't bite(not hard anyway)unless you are completely stupid.) Slowly but surely I am getting established down here. I thought Cincy was ten years behind the times. LOL the computer at work for our time cards is still running on Win95!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And in the news

At the US Embassy in London, there is a waiting list that none of the officials likes to discuss. On the list are Americans hoping to give up their citizenship, as they seek shelter from the Internal Revenue Service.

As if that will save them. There is only one solution to IRRESPONSIBLE REVENUE SECUREMENT

Feeling the edges of "Acceptable Risk"? Some would liken this to testing the defense perimeter of an Enemies Base. Correct me if I am wrong. I know that the racial tensions in this country have been exacerbated over the last couple of years. I may be reading more into this than there really is but it makes me wonder.

And here we have someone in position saying what we have been saying for years. I am starting to see more and more in print saying exactly the same things that the Militias have been saying since the mid 80's. Is the clock starting to tick louder or are we on the verge of the Gooberment prepping to do entirely the wrong thing and tighten its grip? ( I am leaning towards the latter case.) I also read that there is a Mexican Cartel that put out a reward/bounty on Sheriff Joe.

And to reiterate on that last note: We have more Gestapo tactics coming from the Department of Agriculture headaches and Environmental Schizophrenia. Welcome to the new world of 'crackdown'. Next up, the "War on Patriots".

There is only on road we can go down I take Tom Baughs direction on it. Stay off the dole but don't feed it either. Starve the Monkeys. If you are capable of getting on the dole, do so and suck the system dry.(the only problem that I have with that scenario is how closely it resembles the Cloward-Piven Strategy that the Left has been pushing for years.

I am working now but only so long as it takes to set up my release from the system. I figure 2 years will be enough to finish my Gulch. If that time is not feasible, I would still be comfortable.(heck, it would actually accelerate the process since I would be able to ignore the 'rules' and do as needed without staying under the radar.)

To Hell with it. Work is work, whether its for pay or for my larder(from the garden) Only the latter is truly worth the effort as my food is valuable no matter what the fiat economy is. Monies earned are subject to the whims of powers beyond my control. At least with a garden/farm, the whims beyond my control come from a power much much higher than I or a silly species that thinks collectively.

I would like to direct your attention to a book at this point. Caveman Chemistry. This is one book I would highly recommend for your library. It helps to have a basic High School Chemistry education but it isn't essential. The Author does a heck of a job delivering the material in an incremental way to build knowledge. BTW, I am not making one dime off of any books I recommend on this site, I only direct you to further knowledge through exploration on my behalf.(maybe shooting myself in the foot but I just don't have the coverage to make the stink of promotion for profit)

Further reports later this week. Seems that the media has grown bored with the Gulf Coast stuff. Mayberry will continue feeding us with local information, I am sure. There is more going on across the globe for one person to keep up with, and I am certain that the PTB are doing everything they can to make sure it stays that way. If only to keep everyone off balance.

It works and they know it.

So do we.

Will be back on in a couple of days. Next post from the phone so no links then.

Addendum. Remus really goes to town. Galt has a few words. Must reads all.