Thursday, September 30, 2010

News, Politics, psycho-analyzing the bastards.

There are some disadvantages to being part time. Lack of work is one.

That’s all over now. Sadly, one of my co-workers passed away yesterday: Massive coronary. This is really bad news for him and his family, good news for me. Not trying to bring down karmic justice or anything but the timing couldn’t be better, for me that is.

I know I promised a political post and I am going to give one, just not as in depth as I intended.
This one goes out to all of the polygamists in the U.S.
Go for it. Sure there are societal taboos against it. Yes, there are laws against it. I don’t give a rats ass about a bit of it. I know that I couldn’t be involved in that kind of situation as I am really the jealous type. I found that out in an ‘open relationship’ and believe me, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are those that are more inclined to that type of relationship than I. Even so, if the ‘marriage’ is solid, the kids are well cared for, and all parties involved are on an even keel: who are we to tell the family they are doing wrong? So what if it isn’t for everyone?
My intent is with this is to point out that marriage, while a beautiful thing, can also be a living hell for some. Not all are mentally wired for that ‘straight jacket’, some need a certain amount of variety to keep sane. There are families that are ripped apart due to this. Then again, isn’t the whole thing about keeping the family together, health or illness, happy or sad, wealth or poverty, till death do us part? More specifically, aren’t the kids more than the sum of the marriage? Shouldn’t they be taken into account above and beyond the individual make up of the spouses?
I understand the human race as a social animal can’t avoid things like, well, Government. By God though, we should be able to limit its reach. When that governmental line starts to cross the threshold of my property, I have to draw the line. You do what you want behind closed doors and I will say naught about it so long as I am left alone by it. So long as all parties involved are in agreement about the involvement, outcomes, and no one is being harmed, leave ‘em alone. I won’t draw the line at anything so long as no one comes to harm. (and I mean openly physical harm here; Provable beyond the shadow of a doubt through visual evidence) So long as I am not ‘coerced’ into supporting your lifestyle, at risk to my personal world through threats of violence to me, I don’t care if you like being tied to a post and whipped.
Like any democracy in the past, we are at a cusp of events. The whole polygamy thing I brought up is just one aspect of how far down the road we have come to tyranny. There are better examples I am certain but this one stuck in my craw yesterday. I know our monogamy laws are, were, written with a heavy Christian influence. I am not decrying that background. We needed something in this country to separate us from the rest of the world, and many that came here originally came to escape religious persecution. We started out with highly conservative ideals. We didn’t necessarily stay that way. It seems to me that there were some sexual skeletons in T. Jefferson’s closet, just to name one. It really doesn’t matter to me to be honest. Our species, like all others, is driven by sexual needs. The urge to reproduce is so strong in our species; it gives us pleasure even when unsuccessful; so much so that in many instances, it has become a pastime. Even after the act is biologically productive, it still remains heavy on most minds. Just look at how many commercials there are for contraceptives; the devices and chemicals to insure unsuccessful reproduction! I won’t even go into how sex sells more than logic does.
Yet our problems extend far beyond the bedrooms, don’t they? The force of government is reaching into every aspect of our lives. Just look at all the power that is being given, willy-nilly, to Big Sis and her growing SS. Every day, they assign more and more, highly illegal, powers to an agency, that by constitutional law, shouldn’t even exist. The President is, has been, and others to boot, been writing up presidential notations, that essentially equate to Aristocratic decree. At one time, every person in this country was a sovereign individual. That was slowly eroded away upto the 1860’s when it was not eroded so much as blasted with both barrels. Since then, we have seen one trepidation after another upon the parchment that has so much made of it, when so little actually understand what it really means. Our constitution was an experiment that was crippled before it was ever enacted. The original wordings had a stronger chance of survival. Even so, IMO, it could never sustain itself through 200 years of Human intervention. Humans are too greedy in their quest to get laid. Power attracts mates/playmates, political power is a VERY strong aphrodisiac to many. Of course with that power comes the temptation to retain it and deny it to others. This is just a simple corollary to the sexual urges of all animals. Spread your genes around while denying others the same. Survival of the fittest in action. IF the environment is a political one, then the ones that know how to play the game get to breed. Same as on the savannas, the ones that know how to get and hold territory, know how to catch the game, are the ones that continue to breed; the ones that don’t, die off.
Of course, if you can manipulate your environment to your advantage, you have an edge over those that do not. In this case, the ones that can manipulate the goings on of others, have the playing field to themselves. If a law needs to be enacted to restrict how people interact with (Insert whatever you want here.) for whatever reason they think of, then by all means, make one. The end result is an inflow of cash, a manipulation of the populations thought processes, and a better ego boost to the instigator. Threats of violence are easily masked by layers of restrictive actions; each growing in intensity until you are at direct physical assault. Each day, we come closer to that direct assault through further and further regulation of those that the system ‘was designed to protect’. Somehow, I don’t believe that was the original intent of those that wrote those words “We the People”. Something just doesn’t resonate true when I ring the bell of what we have and compare the tone to what was intended.
And it comes down to the individual again, right where it needs to be. The real question is: Are you one of the herd, or are you a free thinker? Do you get up in the morning and try to figure out how to make your future better, or do you just get up and continue the daily grind? There is nothing wrong by playing in the fields of the herd to improve your situation. I am doing that now by working for a paycheck. I don’t allow the herd to assimilate me while I do that, and I maintain a fa├žade to keep the herd in the dark of what I am really doing.
Polygamy isn’t my game though. If a person has the emotional flexibility to live with multiple spouse’s, more power to them; I know I couldn’t. I just don’t think it’s a thing that needs ‘regulated’ or criminalized. Nor do I think it is anyone’s right, to restrict another’s lifestyle IF there is no interference outside of that lifestyle into other lives. Call me an anarchist if you wish, I would probably be found guilty if charged. Happily too.

Change of subject time:
May have an update/change of plans on my housing situation. Stay tuned. Will know more in the next couple of days.

Monday, September 27, 2010

'm not ded yet! Really! Feeling much better.

Haven't been posting and I apologize. I will be back on here more that the weather is starting to turn cold.

Just an update; Turning the property around. Been cutting the old Red Oaks out that are slowly being killed off.(there is something running through these hills knocking all of the old giants out.) Rather bring em down now and use em for firewood than have one knock down my brand new house later. This is thinning the area out a bit more than I would have liked, oh well. It will be easier for when I start bringing in the backhoe and what not. Still, cutting up trees is busy work and takes a lot of time.

I will be posting a political post here in the next week, stay tuned for that one. May not me much news in it but I will promise, no educational rants this time.

With the weather turning, I will be able to post more rifle posts here soon. I have to wait for the leaves to clear out of my lanes up the hill. I have access to a Savage .222 that I am curious to play with. Still have the PSL and I really am itching to get it out. Looking at a Winchester 30/30 here too. I kinda like the lever action. I just want to see what the round can do before I commit to full purchase.

Stay tuned for new posts in about 3 days.(thursday Sept 30th)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another voice gone.

Having ran into the post on Mayberry's site, I had to go see what was up.

An inspiration is gone. His memory is not.

I had a few words with him, all positive, and I will never forget them. I think my comment on his site says best how I feel. No other words would be needed.

Go to his memorial site when you have a chance and remember a good man in a world of strangers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

return of 'Dichotomy of Power'

This also a bit of an update.
I was able to contact a cousin in AZ, things are ok there, yet not. The media is completely glossing over things. I imagine in support of administrative views and to keep the populace sedated to reality.

But this post is about Power and how those that have it, feel justification in numbers, not results.
I have mentioned a particular boy that can't read, this concerns him somewhat.
Researching homeschooling 'rules' in KY shows that the only real concern is attendance. Nowhere in the laws is there any mention of actual education other than WHAT should be taught: that consists of one line and a triple redundant wording.
Is there any question why the education standard has fallen so low? When the standard is written "to make a good citizen", you have quite a bit of latitude in the end result. When required subjects are listed but not a mininum level of acceptable performance, you can get away with a lot.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Thinking people scare TPTB. Why would they want to create thinkers?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To reach beyond the sphere.

Been hearing stuff in the airwaves, reading stuff on the webs, but hoping that maybe, just maybe, that I can get some real time information from some readers.

What is the real status on America's southern border. I haven't heard from some family members in some time that live in AZ, so my sources are incomplete. Won't lie, a little worried about them too.

Feel free to leave information in the comments section. If you have something that is 'sensitive' and are uncomfortable posting in comments, feel free to use the email link under my profile.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disgusted Sunday Drive/

Had to work today thanks (truthfully, Thank You) to the flu. Being part time, I look forward to others misery for my paycheck. Not trying to be callous, just honest.

During my drive, I was surfing the various radio stations, listening to the varied and widely spaced talk radio that I could find. One, a supposedly conservative station, was griping about ODonnell having 'dabbled in witchcraft' as admitted to Bill Mahr 'a couple of years ago'.

Umm, so the f#@k what? Having "dabbled" in anything is like saying she played with dolls. Probably, and again, so what.

What this really boils down to is an entrenched two party system that is feeling the pangs of loss of power. They will pull every dirty trick, underhanded maneuver, mud slinging act: in attempt to sway the sheeple into voting them back in. I have seen similar tactics against Rand Paul here in KY.

The only thing that I heard that made any sense to me was a statement about "education might work better without the Dept of (slavery) Education having control of the education system" (I also note, when statements like this are made, they never offer an alternative. That tells me that these are tactically placed wordings to swing the fence sitters. Hollow meaning at best, with no meat to back it up.)

Fact is, Voting for any of these people is a vote of consent NO MATTER WHO IS IN! If you give your consent, they have the power to do as they wish. I have an idea. Instead of voting this year, I say EVERY SINGLE PERSON STAY HOME ON NOVEMBER 2ND! What do you think they would do if that happened? Would it send enough of a message that we are sick of the shit?

It'll never happen. I know better than even wishing for it.

The sooner it all burns down and we can start rebuilding, the happier I will be. Until then, I won't hold my breath. I will be working my ass off getting my 'gulch' ready.

One advantage of being part time is having the time to be able to get somethings done on that. There is also the side benefit of a tighter budget to force me into getting creative on building materials. Living in KY, rocks are plentiful.(and if you have ever been here, you know I ain't kidding.) Bags of cement and concrete are still relatively inexpensive so the foundation will not be pored now. I figure that will shave about 5K off my actual costs but may add 6 months to the original time frame. (I find volunteers are scarce when it comes to working with stones) No worries, I have all the time in the world at this point. If things start to collapse, I will set up my septic system with stone also(the way it used to be done) If that takes too long, I will be forced to use a manufactured Septic to meet the only code I have to meet. That collapse is not coming fast enough for me on that note.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lets Talk about the weather.

NOT! I have more important things to think about.

What I have been thinking about is much deeper. MUCH MUCH DEEPER.

Why is there a growing rift between the Elite and the Mundane (and I happily lump myself under that last label.)
As with any good thought experiment, you need to recognize the problem, sort out the unnecessary information, and deduce a reason/cause behind the effect (problem). We are most definitively seeing a growing rift between the Elite that have hijacked this country at the whim of the Mundanes. (that whole, “We voted ‘em in” logic.)

SO, What we have are three concepts to reach a conclusion. Conception, Rationalization, and Justification. Simple mental hurdles that everyone goes through when making decisions. The only difference between us and those ‘at the top’ is the level of the first order: Conception.
To Conceive of an idea or premise is to bring it into being in an intangible form. Prior to that, it may be nothing more than a dreamscape or inspiration within one person.
My example that I used with my dad (whom I have been trying to educate on Conservative politics.) is the National Debt. Using an arbitrary figure of One Trillion dollars, I had to introduce him to the concept of just what that represents. Most people have the barest glimmer of what a Million is, let alone a Trillion. I broke it down to something that he did understand. A One Hundred dollar bill: I measured it with my micrometer, did some simple math with him watching, showed him how tall a stack of Franklins would be if it totaled One Million dollars. He was just a bit amazed. Then I told him to multiply the stacks by a million and he hit a wall. The concept is just too big for the average person to handle. Far too big.
The Elite in the District of Criminals deal with personal incomes in the mid 6 digit range on a regular basis. They have no issues stepping up one power to a million. From there, the concept is merely a matter of multiplication. The Concept is quite easily within their grasp. The only reason I have no issues with that concept is from math games involving speeds of stellar bodies and playing with travel in space. Try to figure the orbital speed of the Earth around the Sun and you will start tossing huge numbers around pretty easily. Even so, when placing those numbers within the realm of an economy, I start to stumble.
The Elite bandy these numbers around as if they were of no consequence. Of course, they don’t have the moral implications of actually coming up with these numbers themselves: they have insulated themselves from retribution in that case. (or so they think, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.) Yet they have RATIONALIZED it with themselves. One or more of them came up with the concept, or it has grown from other concepts (actual fact) and they have continually rationalized it. Very few have ever sat back and tried to figure out if the matter was solvent, or aetheral. Yet once the Rationalization was there, JUSTIFICATION was soon to follow. It has to be justified, always. Even if slammed with reality (Higher taxes= Less Revenue) that defies logic, they will justify the means of the Concept. Maybe this borders on Solipsism, maybe not. Maybe that is what the problem is: Solipsist’s “in charge”. I believe this is the definition of a Narcissist (to some extent)

This is simply a psychological condition. My thought experiment uses a rapist as a basis (Seemed fitting to me) Everyone is equally capable of horrendous acts against others. Some more than others, some less. The Drunkards walk shows this, the fact that a rapist exists, proves it. ( you can put murder, molester or whatever you want there) There may be false situations of rape, but the odds are, there will be a rapist in the midst of society.

So far as the Elite are concerned, they are completely justified in their actions as they have received consent from the electors. To give you an idea of the electors in this country (as if you needed anything from this piss-ant blogger) I am sitting here with a 9 year old, in the 4th grade, who doesn’t know how to read. He can tell the answer to 5+5 but can’t tell me what 5-5 is. (I am trying to work with him but his drunken dad is most of the problem) Is this the future of our country? I hope not but the fact concerns me greatly; disturbs my shit so to speak. With people like that, giving up power to the Elite, of course the Elite feel justified in their actions.

When you have Justification in your own mind, right or wrong, you have no qualms to withhold you from further reaches. This is what happens with serial rapists. They continue further and further depredations against others, eventually getting caught or killed, or whatever. Eventually, all things run their course. The aftermath is what others have to deal with, usually not the Predator. (True justice would not allow this. I ask you; Is there any justice in this country as it sits now?) The Depredations against the people of the United States has reached a crescendo; the cost of what we are receiving is not justified in the eyes of a growing majority. (The education system as illustrated above is a HUGE thief if that is what the end product is; just as an example.) That majority is usually the product of the Elites agenda through the education system. Is there any question as to why they/we are mad as hell? We are wakening, becoming aware of what has happened to this country since the 1860’s. We aren’t happy about the distortions being taught to us, our children, our future children.

I know most of us have the concept of True Liberty. It really isn’t something any of us has experienced. Like it or not, we are slaves. For now. We have the CONCEPT of Freedom, We most definitely have the RATIONALIZATION of it. By GOD, I believe we are more than JUSTIFIED to attempt achievement of it. We have a lot to do, even if it is only on a personal note, We can be free to live as we like. They may come and kill us eventually, but we will have lived free, despite the ELITE and their concepts of national slavery of the Mundane.

Fact is, We far outnumber them, just the handful of us that blog about freedom, prepping, gun rights, education fallacies, etc etc. FAR OUTNUMBER those that think they own us.

They can only get so many before they start something they can’t finish.

Are you going to let them win?

I AM NOT. I will build my house, my way, without their approval. I will help educate a little boy (uncompensated ) so that he won’t be a wreck like his dad ( a better chance of it anyway) I will raise my granddaughter to think for herself, on her feet, with guns blazing if need be.

Piss on the Elite. They have money, but there are greater powers in this world than that.(God that sounds like some liberal tripe from the 60’s. I so humbly apologize, though I won’t retract the words.)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I have tried posting three times in the last three days from my phone. I keep getting kicked offline while in process. Sorry for the lack of posts.

What really frustrates me about that; I actually had good things to say and they are lost in the aether now.

And I know I sound like a whiner right now.


Frustrated to say the least.

One post is still fresh in my mind though.
This new Demonoid symbol.

WTF? Like changing an emblem will alleviate all of the distrust people have associated with a particular group. If that little ploy works, I will have NO hope for this country. NONE, ZIP, NADA! Sadly, I am not far from that now.

But like others have said including myself. Burn it all down so we can get started fixing what others have f#@ked up. The sooner the better as none of us are getting any younger.

Since I am on borrowed time today, I will keep this one short. I am downloading pages of other blogs right now and robbing as much bandwidth as I can get away with so that I can check them out offline and 'catch up'.

I really need to bite the bullet and get a line in at the house.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The dichotomy of power.

I usually plan my posts in advance to some extent. Today is going to be off the cuff.

I am sure that we have all noticed that there is a growing divide between those 'in power' and the common man.

An Example: Cops. Ever notice how a cop/trooper/sheriff can blow right by you while going down the highway, yet if you do the same thing, Bam, Ticket or warning if you are lucky. I know that Codrea really handles this better than I but today it just grated 'WRONG'. These are people that are hired by the Tax Generators to protect them. Seems we are the ones that need protection from the hired hands. Something is VERY wrong with that picture. When I see a program on Tazing criminals and one of those criminals is a 70 year old man getting tazed because he wouldn't cooperate; I tell you, I wanted to use my .45 to blow that particular 'only one's balls off. Its bullshit that they are able to site some random court case for protection against crap behavior.(I don't recall what case it is but I remember it from when that one cop shot 17 rounds into an 'uncooperative drunk' during an arrest)

I guess it really goes back to that whole law and order thing. We gave them the law and they want to keep us in order. When WE THE PEOPLE get out of line, well, gonna have to break a few eggs to make that omelet aren't they?

Piss on 'em.

I don't need no stinking cop to protect me from the stupidity of society. I don't need some bureaucrat to keep me safe from my own stupidity. I certainly don't need to put up with forced disarmament to fly across the U.S.(and that's one reason I stopped touring with bands. I like to be able to carry a friggin pocket knife for chrissakes! To hard to fly with one of those.) I am not the 51% that can't get out of thier own ways enough to 'be safe'. I am not that 51% that would rather sacrifice my freedom so that I can go about happily as a slave to a system I don't understand. (

Maybe THAT is my problem. I DO understand the system now. I understand it enough to know


Oh yeah, that kind of language makes me an instigator, terrorist, radical, or some such other label they want to put on me this month. Again

Piss on 'em.

I know what I am doing in this world enough to know that most of the laws only get in the way of people that only want to be left alone. Every law is written to someone's benefit. Usually not the people low down on the totem poll. You know, the ones that actually vote for the assholes that write said laws. The ones that pay for all of this crap.

You know who. You look at that person in the mirror every morning.

I know I do.

I know I am tired of it. I just don't know what to do about it anymore. I am being patient. Like that old t-shirt with the buzzards on it. "Patience my ass, I want to kill something."

That is how I feel somedays. Thats how I have felt all day.
Guess I need some recoil therapy or something.
Time to take a rifle out for some stress relief. Beware, rocks and trees, Dio is feeling trigger happy.

Work tomorrow, will post more after the fact.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

major word spill ahead.

Uberpost time. I promised and I shall deliver.(Fair warning, this post is a meandering one, Kinda like a wine, you have to swirl it around in your mouth to get the full effect)

Lets talk about TEOTWAWKI.

Are you feeling it yet?
Have you figured out that the Great Experiment has failed?

We aren't in the end times as some have predicted. At least not yet. I won't say that we won't see a nuclear exodus or a third world war; we may yet. I am keyed specifically to that great and wonderful experiment of individual liberty and freedom. The one we all talk about but I don't think any of us have ever truly experienced.
For me, TEOTWAWKI took place 3 years ago during the break up of a, then I thought, beautiful relationship. When things went south, I spent about a year in serious contemplation and exploration of things around me. It was then that I realized that everything I had ever thought or been taught was a sham. The entire way I looked at how government worked, how money was created, even how enslaved I was to the system(and still am to a point) was shaken up, mixed, and I was able to see just how putrid that mix was.

I had an awakening.

And it HURT! And in the process, pretty much alienated all of my 'friends'.

I was always something of a conservative while masquerading as a liberal retard. I knew that there was always something inherently wrong with the 'social contract' that liberals are always harping on. I despised seeing so much money just given away to those without concern for their own welfare; I just hadn't made the connections internally as to 'why'.

I am still something of a social liberal. I don't care if two people, no matter what gender, wish to form a lifelong bond. If it works for them, they are capable of fending for any offspring(the key point of any union in my mind) and they are hurting no one outside of their little tryst: who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to say its 'wrong'? I won't lie, I don't get the whole homosexual bent, but I could care less so long as they are hurting no one in the process. KEY POINT: No one else is harmed!

I also don't think the State or Federal Government should have ANY say in a union of two people. This is something that is between them and God. All others, butt out! (this applies to the polygamists too. If all parties involved are happy with the arrangement, and all progeny are well cared for, why should an outsider have any say in the matter. Again, not my cup of tea but I am sure that there are others that would enjoy that lifestyle.)

SO, I had an epiphany of life, realized that everything I thought I knew was bogus and had to step back to the table of learning. I never stepped away really, I only had to look at the information from a different perspective. The history I was taught was infested with mis-truths, or lack of information. They say that history is written by the winners. Obviously, the liberals had been re-writing history at the basest of levels. Indoctrination of the young is the easiest way to 'sway public opinion'. Teach 'em what to think and you don't have to worry about how they think. Dewey was one of the biggest socialists this country has ever seen and he was also one of the biggest proponents of Government Controlled Public Education. He knew the way to win in socialism is to teach it as a norm.

I am a product of that Education System. I am not what they intended though. I have always been something of a rebel, an individualist if you will. That was why, even though I lived a liberals lie, I knew that something was wrong.

We are witnessing the Slow Shambling fall of a drunken giant. One that is drunk on an economy as ephemeral as fog. Our biggest economists KNOW that the system is at fault. You can tell by the terms they use. Inflation, deflation, bubbles, etc. Our economy is as tangible as air. Anymore it smells like a rancid fart This is nothing new to those that are aware that the system is done. The whole point of our society was based upon freedom. The way the economy is set up, there can be no freedom. A currency based strictly upon debt, is not one that would allow for freedom. Not for long anyway. When this country was first founded, the debt of the nation was not within the people but the Federal Government to the States and other nations. The Bonds sold were borrowed to pay that debt off and the growth of the nation was the established method of payoff(generally speaking). Our nation is not growing any longer. We have reached our boundaries upon the continent. Our only option is outward. Either in other third world countries( further armed conflict that will arouse the Ire of other nations) or towards the stars. Our technologies would only permit local expansion in that direction. Of course this would ensue another space race: One I am not sure we could win this time around. (especially while there are liberals in charge that are more concerned about 'feel good politics')

Where we sit now is like a bad imitation of the Eiffel Tower. One built upon solid granite foundations but the actual body is made up of toothpicks and cheap paper paste. One good rain and the whole thing slips out of alignment and starts to fall. We have witnessed the shift in alignment. The one where people were concerned with getting ahead in life but not by sacrificing their neighbors efforts. The one were people understood that they were responsible for their own safety, not some cheap suit 1000 miles away.

All great nations come to an end eventually. I don't think there is anyway around it. These things are mere reflections of human nature. Individually, we care about our family, ourselves and the future. As a collective, things get a bit more convoluted, distorted into socialism. Its the nature of the beast. The Founders wanted a Republic because they had historical reference to what happens in Democracies. Little did they know that Republics are little more than mutated Democracies. Entropy WILL set in, its only a matter of time.

Entropy is where we are. Every little focus group is trying to get the most with the least amount of energy. Even the TEA party is guilty of this. How many people are a part of the TEA party but won't do much more than show up and wave the poster board or wave a flag, only to go home to watch the big game on that wide screen plasma. THAT is what they want to preserve. THAT is what they consider freedom. (and in some ways, not far from the truth. Freedom is a bit more involved than creature comforts though)
How many would stick a gun in the face of a Federal Agent at their door? How many cheat on Taxes and fear the reaper while doing it? How many actually break laws in defiance of encroaching tyranny?
Do they really want Liberty? Or do they just wish to be left alone?

I know I fall into the list of “just want to be left alone”. Most of us do.

How many of us can claim the willingness to fight for freedom?

With that thought; I turn now to where my thoughts started this morning.

How many of us have taken the time to go out with our chosen long arm to 'see what ol'bessie can do?'
I state this out of a special point someone has made before. How many of us understand the concepts of “Cover” and “Concealment”? Do you know if you would be safe behind a 24” oak if the opposition is using an M-4 or some variant thereof? What about an AK-47? Or even a ubiquitous Glock 17?

I have taken various weapons out to see what they can do. I am happy to report that the PSL I own makes cover a rare thing. At 370 yards, the 'Cheap Yugo' steel cores WILL punch through apx 24” of sandstone and still leave a fist sized hole in a watermelon on the other side. The bullet was found and what was left of it was impressive considering what it just went through. I say it held about 75% weight retention. Not too bad considering I paid about 32 cents a round for the cases I bought.

I kind of doubt that a 5.56 round can claim that level of performance. Not even at 100 yards. Don't get me wrong, I shot the M16-A2 while in the Corps. I shot Expert 4 years running with said rifle. 10/10 in the black at 500 yards. No mean feat I can tell you. My only question was and still is: How affective is a 60 grain bullet at that range. I never had a chance to find out. I am not sure I would want to find out either. I will take my chances with a proven heavy hitter at that range, if given a choice.

Have you taken your hand gun out to see how far you can shoot effectively. I am not talking the 2” pattern that you are holding at the range either. Can you hit an 8” balloon at 100 paces? Remember, distance is your best friend. There is nothing wrong with the bravery of being out of range IF your range is greater. Especially if you are a lone wolf. There is nothing wrong with a rifle that only holds 10 rounds/magazine IF you are able to hit, every time, what you are aiming at.
I don't know about the rest of you but I am not a rich man. I never will be. I don't have an unlimited budget to spend on the latest and greatest arms. I have to find “cheap” imports or inexpensive locally grown stuff. Yes I have a couple of Hi-point pistols. They work, they are fairly accurate(actually VERY accurate) and I have never had a jam. That is much more than I can say for that high priced .40 I had that I won't name. That thing wouldn't hit the broadside of truck at 25yards. Even from a stable rest. My Firestorm 1911 (cheap import ) is smooth running, fast and Yes, I can hit that 8” balloon at 100 paces; Consistently. WWB 230gr FMJ but who cares when it comes to that kind of accuracy. NO, I don't attempt that shot from a standing position but from a seated or prone. Remember that cover thing? At that range, you should be able to get behind something pretty stout. I practice the way I think I will be shooting, no matter if that weapon is hand gun or long gun.

Its a skill you may never need. As Col. Cooper states, “ Your handgun is to fight your way back to the rifle you shouldn't have put down.” Even so, if you don't know you can, you don't want to find out the hard way that you can't. Period. That is practical advice on ANYTHING in life.

Now, knowing that the economy is crap, people are looking for work, or taking cuts in pay to make sure they still have a job: Firearms are not a commodity that many would consider as a necessity. I disagree. I am sure that many that read this blog would agree with me. The real question is, What can you afford? Most people I know would have a seriously hard time coming up with the 1200-1800 that some of the 'race guns' are collecting now. I know that when I am making a purchase, I figure no more than a total of two paychecks to pay off the balance or the piece is out of my range. I may take more than that to make the purchase but the grand total won't be more than that. That comes to under $1000.00 Tax included. I prefer to purchase from private owners but I find that to be more of a liability around here. You never know if the item is 'hot'. I may not like the laws, but to keep your head off the skyline, you need to pay attention to certain ones. Getting picked up for receiving stolen property is pretty easy to avoid.

To those that haven't started getting prepped, get what you can afford. Do a bit of research on it and keep in mind that there are those that will trash ANY gun simply due to false information. They may also have a bias from Large Purchase Syndrome. The one where they payed 3 times what they should have for a POS but hate to admit it. Personally I am quite happy with my 'Cheap' Russian surplus stuff. My Mosin-Nagant kicks ass(and shoulders), My cheapy Filipino 1911 is better than the Colt I carried in the Corps. My PSL/Scope package is absolute TITS in my eyes. I don't care for the weight but by God, it will out shoot anything short of an M14 or other dedicated sniper weapon. The true value of the weapon is in your perspective. Markets may dictate whats expensive, but only you can determine if its worth it to you.

Fact of the matter is, IN THE RIGHT HANDS any and all firearms are deadly. Some more than others but Dead is dead, whether its by a .311 bullet at 2600fps or a dinky .22 at 1100fps.

Are your hands the right ones? Have you made an effort to make them so if not? Remember this though, No matter how accurate you are, if you are to worn out to pick up the rifle, accuracy is moot. Getting in shape is a priority too. Try holding your rifle at arms length for awhile. Most people can't last more than a minute, even with the AR platform. Its much harder than you think.

We may not be in a shooting war but are you prepared to take that chance? I am not. We are seeing far too many signs of this country being torn apart internally and far too many outside influences that would like a piece of this pie. There are many that would like to see this country fall on its face and will do anything to make that come about. Some of them are even in the employ of the people of this country. Being prepared means planning ahead for ANY contingency. Doing so practically is the challenge. The forces are work ripping this country down will try to make this even harder as time goes by. Our having firearms keep them walking on glass, for now.

These are the things I think about on a daily basis. Where are we headed and in how many different possibilities? What will we do when X happens? How do we pick up the pieces after the fact? I have stated multiple times that as an individual, I know that I can't affect the outcomes of the first two. Maybe, just maybe, I can have an influence on the outcome of the third. Assuming of course that I live that long. Even so, I plan and prep as best as possible, being broke and all. I get what I can when I can, keep a list of what I need, and make do all the while. The funny thing is, the more I learn, the less I need.

And on that note. Good night.

PS: Thanks for all of the Happy Hatch day comments.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday blahs.

I know that I promised a big post this week. I am working on it. Today is my one day a year that I truly take off and do only what I want to do.

Basically NOTHING.

Tam calls it a Stay-cation,

Sounds about right.

Today is being spent in a library building my checkout list. There are books that I would like to buy and there are books that I want to check out that I may want to buy later.

Oh, side note. My house I am working on will have bookshelves for walls. I am such a bibliomaniac its justified. The perpetual student: Thats me.

I did one thing this morning that was a little off kilter. My dad and I went to VA this morning so that we could get my B-day present from him. 1 case of beer. WOOT! Remember when I mentioned that you break at least one law before noon everyday? Well, well: We broke one major one this morning by transporting alcohol across not one, but THREE states, 2 miles to the VA/TN border, then another 4 miles to the TN/KY border. LOL what bunch of rebels we are.

Now, If I can coax a steak out of my cousin from his recently slaughtered cow, I will be having one hell of a B-day dinner, Beer, Bloody Steak, baked potato, grilled onions, and some fresh green stuff from the garden. The only thing not locally grown will be the beer.(and once the house is done, I will be correcting that little issue. Homegrown winter wheat beer anyone?) Now that sounds like the way a grown man should enjoy his birthday.

I was talking to my daughter last night and she is starting to feel the winds of time pick up like I warned her about. I am sure that most that read this blog can understand what I mean about that. Once the kids are born, the world seems to pick up pace and wedges the accelerator open a bit. Never slows down, only gets faster.

One more year under the bridge of life.
Happy 42 to me.

A more pertinent post coming soon, I promise.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taxes, Exhaustion, Frustration, Etc.

Wow, what a busy 5 days. As posted earlier, I went back to Cincy for a short period to help putting a roof of my Sisters house. I stayed overnight since it took us so long to finish up. Spent the next morning with my Daughter and Grand daughter. Good times all. I am hoping that her plans to move down here are true. I know I was concerned at one point about her insisting on putting the Granbehbie into public schools. I think she is starting to see the light about how bad of a choice that is. She has been pestering me on Home Schooling and details of such. Glad I have been doing my homework on that as I have been able to answer most all of her questions.

As for the Taxes thing. Had to get the beast registered in KY today. Paying sales tax on a vehicle every year seems a bit steep. Luckily I was able to get the Tax Assessor to admit that my truck in its current incarnation is NOT worth bluebook value. It's a beater that runs and the only show it may win is ugliest truck. I was able to keep my registration under $100 and thats a good thing. Less money for the monkey swarm.
The Frustration comes from the insurance thing. Somehow, my auto insurance doubled in the move. Somehow, even with a smaller population, the rates in this area are MUCH higher. Did a little dickering with the agent, was able to get the new rate dropped about $100 so there is that much more in my pocket. Granted I am still paying the same amount in the long run but I was able to get it where I wasn't shelling out so much at one time. I usually pay once yearly; now I will be paying quarterly. My budget right now won't allow me the wiggle room to be able make one lump payment.

There wasn't much posting on my end as I have been working, Holiday weekend, and lack of net to boot. I see that the world is still turning, that our Gooberment hasn't fallen into the event horizon of astronomic debt(but its right on the edge) and Hurricane Earl was another phenomenal disappointment to the media.(saw that one coming a 1000 miles away) No major black swan event has taken place and America is still on the rocks.

No change is good change at this point.

I promise a bigger post later this week. I keep writing them and then hitting the Mega-Delete button lately. Seems I am in a writing slump.

I think I will write about the building I plan on. While not some tropical paradise here, the size and scope of my design is reminiscent of what Mayberry has posted about. Small footprint is essential to what I want to accomplish. The lions share of my world will comprise of my work shops. The living arrangements don't need to be elaborate.
Think Sparta. Roof, walls, bed and bath. small kitchen and we are there.

Talk to ya'll later.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mumph! I hate sinuses

I posted about allergies, food allergies and what not in a post not too long ago. I made the claim that my sinusitus was due to a food allergies.




Here I am back in the armpit of the midwest for 24 hours to help my sis with the roof on her house. 20 minutes after pulling into Cincinnati, my sinuses were completely clogged back up.

I am allergic to the Queen City!!!!!!!!!

Guess its a good thing I moved away.(in more ways than one)


Has anyone noticed how much of an issue the media is making over a non-event like Hurricane Earl? Hmmm? Wonder what they are trying to avoid? Maybe the fact that Liberal Demoncrats are getting their butts handed to them in the primaries and that the upcoming election is looking to be a serious case of asswhooping?

Not that it will make one lick of difference. If anyone thinks that November is going to change anything may have smack in the face coming. The Demoncrats are going to shove every peice of crap legislation through that they can before the January swearing in. WE, the country, the taxpayers, are going to get hit where it hurts the most(for now); Our wallets.

(later, when things get really tough, they will go after other things, like our food, and property. Then Pain will be bullet wounds and explosion effects.)

Just my two cents.

I am going to go get some allergy meds. Blah! I hate Cincinnati.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More empty promises

Watched some of the Liar in Chief laast night. My stomach will be in an uproar all day due to that. Best to know what the opposition has in store though, so in some sense, it will be worth it.
Question: How many bald-faced lies can one man spew in 20 minutes?
Answer: Far to many to keep track of.
Without digging up a transcript(using the phone so not possible) I won't do a full fisk of his speech. Kevin Baker may, and would do a much better job of it than I; I find I have only two responses to the garbage O'boy was spouting.
1)How are these things going to be paid for?
2)What agency(s) will you have to create to accomplish them?(FDR style)

I just don't see how there can be any growth, other than the Gooberment, when the private sector is paralyzed by regulations(see my post on "there aughta be a law"). Tax revenues are down since incomes are down or non-existant. We are bringing home thousands of warriors that are going to want work that is currently 'not quite there'(O'boy's words).

We are getting closer to critical mass.

Bring it on, I say.