Tuesday, May 31, 2011

gag reflex suppressed

Yup, I am suppressing the gag reflex today. Ain't got nuttin to tawk'bout. I started tappin out a post about three times today and if it weren't a reflection of someone elses blog or just gettin gnarly about current conditions, it was hollow. Even the posts about those things were pretty hollow.

Maybe its a form of burn out. Dunno.

Don't care too much right now either.

Its hot, the air isn't moving much at all and believe me, when you are standing in front of a furnace melting metal (as I did for about 5 hours today) 100 degrees adds up really quick if there isn't a breeze. Granted, gettin away from the furnace made the ambient air feel like air conditioning for a few minutes. The real issue was not being able to shed the sweat through evaporation. Luckily, there is a really nice little creek running right there and sticking most of me in it on occasion made life completely bearable.

Up side? I now have 50 lbs of completely 'rendered' aluminum ready for casting when I need it. 1 1/2 lb ingots that stack really nicely in my new crucible. Cleaned using the degas/flux stuff I got (which is really cool to watch working!) and of course, LOTS of heat.
To say I am bushed is an understatement. Heat will kill your stamina quick like.

I will be back with something of substance tomorrow when my brain stops sizzling.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dangerous times

Don't get me wrong, even my thinking of late has been of the dangerous sort.

In more than one way, the Chinese have really managed to inflict one hell of a curse upon us AND manage to get us in deep debt to boot. (Not that I can blame them, the jackknobs on the hill are the spending freaks, and the electors that always run 'em back in office)

No, just cruzin through todays posts while thinking about some long lost friends and getting the general vibe of despair and downright "gonna fuck sumpin up".

I liken current events to a man made lake (since we made the damned mess as a species) You have water, sand, pebbles, and rocks. The water represents time and currents, sand; the masses. Pebbles; the Government lackys, and Rocks: the driven that pass all of this crap to those below them. Everything but the water is on the shore. That's where the life is. You take a handful of sand and toss it in the water (removing it from time/IE killing it.) and you barely get a ripple across the surface. Do the same with the pebble, and there are ripples slowly spreading outward. There is a rhythm to it when observed from above but at the surface, the ripples seem random and chaotic. Now toss in a rock. BIG splash, right? BIG ripples. LOTS of chaos.

Think about that for a minute.

The one that shot a cop in Texas this week has set up a small ripple in many communities. The III'pers. The Preppers, the LEO's and more than likely, the local Government to some extent. (they may not introduce a bill but you know damned well someone is coming up with something 'just in case'.) These ripples will spread out, lose energy, lose chaotic appearance until they are just another part of the general current on the surface of life. UNLESS, someone starts dropping more pebbles in along with the first. Then the ripples will continue, popping up elsewhere, cancelling out others here, being reinforced there. Just like standing waves in a concert hall. You get dead spots, then 5' away, you couldn't hear the Rapture trumpets blowing over the cacophony of noise from the PA.

Lets make some presumptions here, just for a minute. (and in no way am I advocating this, nor encouraging it: just throwing some thoughts out there. What a body does is that bodies business. NOT MINE. Disclaimer out) Say there is the current ripple, which has not run its course all the way yet. Say in the next two weeks, there are 3 or 4 more pebbles thrown in, adding to the ripple effect. Somewhere there will be a standing wave on the shore. This wave will disturb more sand than the original ripple. It may even be strong enough to disturb some Pebbles. It may even move enough pebbles that a rock shifts a bit. (remember the analogy lineup.) It won't be enough to displace a BIG rock, only a smaller one.

So 5 weeks down the road, there are a few more pebbles tossed in. Maybe even a handful of sand along the way. Each action will further disrupt the surface. Until suddenly, someone gets to feeling their Cheerios, and tosses in a rock. Suddenly, there are more than ripples on the surface, there are WAVES.

Do you follow what I am talking about?

Dangerous times indeed.

And I feel F.I.N.E.

Just remember.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make of it what you will.

He built a crooked little house
upon a hill overlooking the river
With a three legged dog,
and a one eyed cat
his life was simple,
without want or need

Then the rain came and his neighbors began to moan
within weeks FEMA came to “help”
Seeing his crooked little house
and his three legged dog
they thought he was in distress
so they bulldozed the house
and put the dog to rest.

Now he sits in his rotting trailer,
addicted to pain killers and foodstamps
feeding his one eyed cat dead rats.
His life is simple,
with only wants and needs;
for a crooked little house,
and a three legged dog.

Just a little ditty I awoke to this morning and couldn't shake.

Welcome to the new world order. The spark has been struck, question is: will it become a flame.

Keep your goals simple, keep them to yourself, have 2 ways in and as many out as you can find or figure up, and above all, NEVER EVER FUCKIN TALK ABOUT IT. EVER!

Build ya a crooked little house. Something that we all know you will be proud of.

purple rhinoceros alpha two six

Friday, May 27, 2011

False alarm?

Not 100% certain what the hell is going on but something is definitely NOT right. I double and tripled checked my settings in firefox, no changes anywhere. Cleared Cache and Cookies, even went so far as to clear recent history out MANUALLY, just in case. No change. Still can't log in through firefox. Did the command line thing, flushed DNS, renewed my IP lease (set to renew hourly anyway) and had the router reset my address.(obviously not my MAC but I was starting to consider a MAC spoofer, again, just in case)
Then, on a whim, decided to try logging in via IE (spit, cough, double spit)

Voila! I am in.

OK BLOGGER, WTF??? over. Why is Firefox suddenly compromised? Or should I get in touch with Mozilla and see if its on their end.

Dunno, but I am going to do another once through, then reboot (AGAIN!) and see if Firefox holds my settings. If it does, I will try again. Update soon, I hope.

Addendum: 5 minutes later, all is well. I hate blogger. I hate browser cookies, I hate computers some days too.

Time for a beer. Sheesh.

Blgger has my netbook blocked

Strngely enough can log in and do what I need to from the phone.
Question is, is this due to my last post or is this just a glitch? Curious minds would like to know( namely MINE)
(sorry for the typos, an iphone isnt the best keyboard for stubby thumbs)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

yah yah yah, same old song and dance. The failure is one way. They say, we do. When we say, they ignore. Right?

So why do we allow it. These are Public servants if I recall correctly. And yet we do nothing.


And I hate to pull race into it but there is more than a little racism going on in this country. It has come full circle.

Even the Attorney General called when he said we were cowards of discussing the race card. He said it, the media played it off (in true fashion I might add) and yet, the race card is there for all to see but NO ONE really ever brings it out in the light.

Actually, it is out in the light. Frequently. and of course gets great coverage but no one ever really does anything except put bandaids on the mess (read; payoff to someone)

For example. The Rodney King riots. The Cincinnati Riots. The list is actually quite long but they all revolve around one point. RACE. (I want to make one point here, the source is questionable at best in its portrayal of all sides. Seems rather biased to me. Of course it is Wiki)

When was the last time you ever heard of a group of Whites that got angry over one of 'their own' getting up in arms, rioting, burning their neighborhoods, looting, and being complete jackasses, all because the LEO was 'the other color'? Heck, the last time I heard of whites rioting was because they won a danged basketball game (or something like that) and all they did was bust up a couple of cars and run crazy for a couple of hours.

Now we have "Flash Mobs".

United States

In the United States, in 2009 and 2010, the city of Philadelphia experienced a wave of flash mobs that either started with the intent or led to the destruction of private property, rioting, violence, and personal injury.[16] As a result, police used pepper spray to disperse crowds and arrests were made.[34][35] Law makers and lobbyists in the city are pursuing enacting bylaws to counter flash mobs by extending curfew hours, limiting the hours of bus passes, and holding parents more accountable for the actions of their children.[16] Bill Wasik has expressed "surprise by the new focus of some of the gatherings" and called it "terrible that these Philly mobs have turned violent".[16]

While Flashmobs are NOT, repeat NOT, racial (they started out as a form of 'artistic expression') They are being used with racism attached to it. The Philly incidents are the only ones I know of, I am sure there are or will be, others.

Now, we have incidents of blacks being killed or beaten by white cops with the result being rioting and systemic failure in those areas. This has seen a downturn lately but thats not to say it isn't brewing in some other location now.

But what happens, when a Hispanic man is gunned down by a stack of LEO's in his own home for the simple act of defending his family? Do the other hispanics/latinos/spanish speaking races RIOT?
Not that I have heard of.

This guy was a Marine in the highest order; two tours over seas in active combat. Do you see Marines going out and rioting over his death?
I would seriously doubt it (Marines tend to take stuff like this personally and react in very personal ways: not by rioting. Think about that one Pima Co Sheriffs Department. ya might want to watch the skylines a bit more.)

But you have to consider the ramifications of what really happens when enough people get angry and say "ENOUGH".

Why have we, not as a race of middle aged white guys, but every one; white black, yellow, brown red, all AMERICAN CITIZENS, not stood up and said ENOUGH? There have been riots over 19 year old punks with a rap sheet a mile long. But not one over a Combat vet doing what was RIGHT? Where the hell is the logic in that? Please, someone tell me. If its there, I sure am a dense one as I do not see it.

I hear everyone of us, at one point or another say, "I don't want to advocate violence here,,,," and THAT is part of our problem. Since when has Violence NOT been the deterrent in ANY political factor? Think about that one for a minute. Look at the Healthcare bill. Do you see any violence IN IT? no? How about that whole fine issue, followed by jail time. Is that not a form of violence. Legalized theft? Legalized Hostage taking? IF you continue to push it; Do you think for an instant that there won't be a "stack" lined up in your bushes waiting for you at some point? VIOLENCE is POLITICS is WAR is LIFE.

There isn't one thing "fair" about this life, and there are a few that are going to find out the hard way. We are born in pain and blood and hopefully, we can leave on much easier terms. But the way the future rolls, I highly doubt it.

The shit storm that is brewing is, more than likely, not going to be ONLY economic or systemic failure. I believe that there will be more than a bit of racial tension to make the whole mess quite explosive.

Here are the links to the articles that brought this rant on.

Arctic patriot.
Fred Reed
Bill Nye (as posted above)
Sultan Knish
Go read, think, flame me at will if you so wish but please, THINK.

Arachnid has a Vesuvius moment.

Little change of pace here today.

Was out smashing up scrap cast aluminum for a future ingot casting run when I found this in my 'scrap box'. This is a sprue from one of my last casts.

Mrs Spider didn't have a good day is all I can say. All that is left of said spider is a cavity in the sprue and some carbon. Molten aluminum that is able to flow quick enough to catch a spider in mid breath is DAMNED HOT! As the spider found out.
(and for those that feel for 'little creatures', I can tell you she felt nothing. Her last thoughts were, "is it getting hot in here?" then FphiZZZT!)

Why Bother?

As I watch all the newest contenders for the upcoming (S)election cycle for Prez running around squawking like headless chickens, I realize that we are stuck. Stuck in a 3' rut of slime that has no way of being emptied.

This Whole Repugnicrat/Demoncrat nonsense is just that, NONSENSE. It is geared to provide a sense of choice where none exists. And that is that. NO CHOICE. Matters not that there may be 7 or 8 actual runners for the seat. 2 or 3 may actually be a good choice. But they will NEVER be given a voice to talk to the people that actually vote. ONLY those two 'parties' will ever get a 'fair shake' at the process.

And I find talking to some people the (extremely annoying, to me) habit of voting the same path NO MATTER how rotted the corpse is.

" My daddy was a democrat, and I vote democrat. Don't matter who it is."

You don't have a f@#king brain? You can't see that EITHER party is a F@#KING Scam?!?!

Maybe I am the nay-sayer here(though I am not alone by anymeans) but there is no way, NO WAY, we are gonna vote ourselves out of this mess. When the faces change but the intent does not, there is NO SOLUTION short of the endwall called tyranny, followed by lots of pain and death.

And you can say election fraud if you want but they put the fraud right in front of our faces and call it "primaries". IF its not behind the scenes, it must be legit, right? NOT!
Voting is only giving consent to the fraud. No other way for me to look at it.

I withdraw my consent and see no man as my 'master' or 'leader'. I go through my life with my own needs and desires, not theirs. If any of these 'would be masters' were to show on my doorstep, cold and hungry, it would take little for me to just close the door on their nose. I have more respect for a dropped off Curr than I do any of these charlatans.

Let the facades fade, allow them one more go round. There is no other way for the public to be awoken at this point. Keep plugging the blogs as long as we have Net. When they kill the net, it will be game on for many.

Bring it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smedumikation, indoctrination, and damned lies

You all know I occasionally harp on about the BS levels we have in our current, propaganda indoc, system.

Lets step back in time a bit, say to 1982, when I was a freshman in HS.
We had a choice of classes that was pretty eclectic for a HS that had a graveyard on one side of the Football field and a Cornfield on the other. As a freshman I had the choice of several introductory courses including one called "Industrial Arts". This course was divided up into 4 quarters each covering one topic: Metal working, wood working, Graphic communications/photography, and Industrial drafting (using T-squares and protractors!!!! This was before CAD ) These courses were set up to introduce you to the concepts only and potentially inspire you to further study and even potentially a career in one of the said fields. Each course had two follow ups that advanced the knowledge gained in the intro. None of them could be complete without an outside source to further it. Anyone that knows anything about any of the above trades, knows that there is no way to teach every aspect of them in less than 4 years and more often than not, a lifetime. These are trades where when you 'know it all', you still learn something new, everyday.

But why teach these courses at all? Especially when there is so little actual industry in this country anymore.

Did our school board see something was coming and tried to establish a new curriculum to compensate? I highly doubt it. Fact that within 2 years of my graduation they sold off all of the machines: Lathes, Vertical Mills, furnaces, casting supplies, wood working tools, even the platen presses (that were made in 1885 and still functioned as if they were made the day before. Big Gorgeous pieces of cast iron with neat scroll work and solid as granite. ) All of it, Gone! (and I am sure there were a couple of small shops that were ecstatic to get the stuff)

Nope, my school was still a throwback to the mid to late 50's, at least in that department. And for that, I am happy. If I had gone to a more modern school, I may not have received the education I did get. I may never have woken up, and I damned well wouldn't have become the perpetual student that I am. I may never learn everything that I was put on this earth to learn, but I will do my damned best trying. Still, I have to wonder where all of the education in this country has gone to.

Now, the Education system has been hijacked by unions intent only in furthering power, with very little in the way of education in intent. There are probably good teachers out there with intent to actually do what teachers should do, but I bet they don't last long. If they do last, its usually by falling into the role forced upon them by the unions, forgetting (forced to actually) the intended role of a teacher. As in my case, quitting before ever taking the role when I realized the direction that the education system was headed.

Teachers are supposed to teach, that should be blatantly obvious, just in the title. Parents are also part of that as they should be teaching too. The teachers fill in where the Parent lacks, but Teachers also have another role that goes one step beyond that of the parent. Inspiration. Teachers should inspire students to want to learn. A good teacher is able to adapt the program to a student, without sacrificing other students ability. A great teacher inspires the mind.

We still have some great teachers in our schools I am certain. Sadly they are far and few between. I would bet, with good odds I might add, that there are more in private and catholic schools by a large margin, in comparison to that in the public sector. (yet which one gets more money? Shows that real teachers aren't in it for the money doesn't it?)

Now lets go back in time a bit further. All the way back to the 1900's, turn of the century. Public schools only taught to the 8th grade. Signs of that are still in our public school system as you cross out of "middle school" into the "higher school" and shows by the terms Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Higher school was strictly for those that showed promise for further education. The higher school was intended for those that would go to college. The fact that the education through the 8th was much more intense than we see now, shows that education was an incredibly serious matter to those in the system. (if you can dig one up, find an english primer, or math primer from that time period. Bet even those with degrees will find the curriculum difficult. ) But kids would only be in there early teens once leaving "middle school": what did they do then.

Many went to work. Either for their parents or family. Many would apprentice out to trades: Blacksmithing, Foundry work, Farrier work, Cooper wrights, Dockworkers, day laborers, etc etc etc. Yes, the work was hard, yes the conditions sucked, yes the pay sucked (in the case of apprentices, none or just a stipend. The education received was a payment.) Apprentices might spend 4-6 years under one 'Master' before going out as "journeymen". There is a reason for those names. Journeymen were masters of ONE particular area of their trade. They would travel about to gain more experience, either to return to the shop of their start, or to strike off on their own when they felt competent enough. THIS was how trades progressed. How ideas were spread. Yes, it was a slow form, but the crafts grew stronger for it. The weaker of the breed would fall the wayside to mere existence, while the true masters would gain more knowledge and further the craft for the entire field. Word of mouth was a huge factor in how well a craftsman would grow.

Today, this practice is still in use in some of the 'black arts' like blacksmiths and foundry workers, though only in the private small scale places. A journeyman may have to travel across the entire country to find ONE shop to work in to gain new knowledge.

But all of this was killed a long time ago by regulations and Feel good policy's. Kick me all you want, no, I don't want my granddaughter growing up to work in a sweatshop anymore than any of you want your kids doing the same. BUT you have to admit, there is a serious gap in knowledge these days. How many people working on an assembly line understand the craftsmanship that went into casting and machining a part that they are putting on XXXX? How many of the "machinists" today understand how to manually cut a thread, or various other operations that they have learned how to program a CC machine to do?

How many Fryguys at McDonalds know how to run a short order restaurant?

One other aspect of working as an apprentice was learning ALL about the business. Not just swinging that hammer or running the bellows; but keeping the books, taking care of custom, (there is an interesting run in semantics for you. Custom. At one point EVERYTHING you did was "for the Custom(er)" where as now, Custom is a one off and everything else is cookie cutter and customers are just walking liquid assets.)

WE have devolved as a nation. It didn't take long either considering the nature of how they did it.

Smedumikation baby. Teach a person that they are 'special' and that they don't have to strive to achieve and you have 'em hook, line, and sinker for the rest of their lives.
Indoctrination: Teach em only what you want them to know, not how to figure it out for themselves: instant slave.
Bold faced lies: after the first two are inplace, Lies are nothing more than reinforcement towards and end. Keep them working at a no end place with no growth potential, keep em paying into a system that is far beyond house odds. Keep feeding the lies.

When all of this falls apart, those of us with skills are going to have to incorporate that old style of learning again.

Are you ready to teach what you know?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best be takin my own advice here,

and blog sump'in.

Followed a link the other day at WRSA and picked up an Epub of an old book. (BTW, the epub is full of typos and may have been based upon pre-publication. It read kind of rough.)
The basis of said book is a mass exodus of third world countries to 'paradise'. The story is actually kind of short (I started it and finished today and still had time for tooling around a couple of hours) and has some extremely well written descriptions in it. It leaves a whole slue of things to your imagination too.

Maybe too many.

Now, couple that book and its premise to the Video linked by Mayberry a few days back. (if you haven't watched it, read the comments section first, you may not, actually, probably won't, want to watch it. IF you do; fair warning, its bad; real bad.)

To say my personal view of the world has a rather dark tinge to it right now would be an understatement. I don't see a bleakness of despair. More the coming storm clouds of a war that we have been on the fringe of for decades. (the previous book was written in 1973 and the thoughts then are still prevalent today.)

And it's a multiple front war. We have a Government that is about as corrupt as they can get before going all "killing fields" and what not. We are already witnessing an exodus from a third world country into ours. We are already seeing "unorganized" military action within our borders and not by our own military. And of course there is the ever present "terrorist" crap we have to deal with (and if you think you aren't dealing with it on a daily basis, why are words like 'TSA' or 'DHS' so readily recognizable? Hmmm? )

SO, Immigrants demanding equal rights (to be read, better rights than citizens) not requesting asylum as was the norm. A Corrupt Government. Multiple wars that appear to be, directly or indirectly, leading towards a new Crusades that will wash over 90% of the earth. A direct war (though never mentioned as such by those that could make a difference *cough- msm - cough* ) against the very persons mentioned in the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence. (a war of attrition if you will since they only occasionally go into fight mode. Or only so often does it get reported I should say) And I am not even going to go into the whole MENA debacle that is being called "Islam Spring". Talk about a load of Bullshit disguised by cute words. Thats the Ministry of Truth for you.

Yeah, there are some serious storm clouds rolling in. Big ones that have that eerie greenish gray cast to them that tells your spirit 'this one is gonna be bad' .

Then to boot, the weather is complete crap today. I know Texas needs some of this rain, and we are down right sick of the shit. All of the southern states along the Mississippi are sick of all of our rain too since they get it 2 weeks after we do and they get ALL of it. And yet, whats the Prez doing: carting his ass around the world doin what he usually does? Not sure what it is exactly but it never really accomplishes anything. Guess he is shuffling chess pieces around the board for the coming events. Trying to make sure his ducks are in a row for bailout time. Fuck us, he could care less about us so long as we keep paying our way or getting enslaved by the dole so they have the leverage on us they like.

Time for a beer. Gonna try to get my mood lightened a little. Talk to ya'll tomorrow'

Sunday, May 22, 2011

T'aint no Obama Drama. (pt 3)

MOTIVATION: is the driving force by which we achieve our goals. Motivation is said to be intrinsic or extrinsic. The term is generally used for humans but it can also be used to describe the causes for animal behavior as well.

Break it down some. Some people are A types, others B types. A types like control, B types prefer order first. I am only going to go into the A's here.

Control. What kind of control? Well, in my case, since I know myself pretty well and can speak without question on the subject; like to have a very prominent amount of control. I don't like when things get out of my control but can deal with it. I don't like controlling others though. My world, my control (to the best of my ability). OTHERS though, like to have complete control. They want to have say in matters far out of their reach. These are the types that have been in power for a long time, will remain in power for a long time, and no matter how many pass the gates, there will be others waiting to fill those positions. Kings come to mind. Dictators come to mind. Presidents come to mind. Etc etc Ad nauseam. There will always be that type. The trick is getting the B's to accept something a bit more tempered.

In my side bar there is a vid called 'Political Spectrum explained'. It uses the right/left principle to explain the difference between Anarchy and Dictatorship and everything in the middle. Using that principle, look at the spectrum as control. Control of oneself on the right, control of others on the left. I lean hard right in the control spectrum. I lean right in the political spectrum without going towards complete anarchy. (the reason boils down to the B types that need the order of something less than full right)

Keep this in mind when you start looking at the motivation behind certain moves by individuals. Is the reasoning behind their actions motivated by Control right or control left? Most all of us are A types. We like to have control of something. My case is my tools, my forge, my ideas, most of all, my life. Look at Mayberry: He wants control of a boat. Bill: Control of his AO for comfort for his family.(not leadership, just good planning for the future.) All of us would very much prefer that others leave well enough alone in our controls. We don't need some "Big Sis" to tell us how to walk a line. We don't need some papered B-crat to tell us that we can't dig a trench or till a certain weed under "because its protected". We understand our surroundings, know how and what we can do that will maximize our needs without sacrificing others needs ((for the most part)) and prepare for alternatives beyond our control.

Sadly the B types outnumber us. (read part2 about ARII)

So, what is motivating you?

What is motivating the self appointed leaders of the movement? Yes, I think that many of the 'leaders' are self appointed, only held in place by some that don't question intents. (read part 1 again)

Why are we not motivated to turn the tables on what ails this country?

One point was mentioned by T.L. Davis the other day and I personally think it is the real motivation for NOT doing anything. I guess you could say "self preservation" is that answer. Are we done talking yet? I hope not, but then, what if we did, just like I mentioned previously? Do you think the admin would start accelerating the already racing engine, or would they suddenly put the brakes on, just to slow down and have a look-see?

I won't quit posting. I can't shut up about this crap, no matter how sick in the gut it makes me. I am hoping that T.L. doesn't either as he has viewpoints we all need at times. The same with the rest of you out there. Don't stop, no matter how you feel about it. Shift gears, cover something else for a bit, but stay motivated to say something, anything, no matter what.

Until we go silent as a group, that is.

We need a course of action, we need a plan that can capture the minds of those not awake yet. But I am no leader, I can only advise. Until we 'get it together', we are just farts in the wind to amuse the "leaders".

I don't care what the leaders think: I know my desire to control my world is at direct odds to their desires and THAT is what will 'motivate' some shit-storm down the line. This isn't about Obama, this isn't about Race, this isn't about anything but a desire to be a human being and living life the way God intended.

And that wraps up my uber-post today.

T'aint no Obama Drama. (pt 2)

Let's continue, shall we?

Individualist's, of which I am one, are not necessarily a dying breed. BUT we are a minority. When this country made it through it's birthing pains and BEFORE it was subjected to a little twisted manipulation, Individual's were the norm. I am quite certain that there were some 'not so much' types in the mix but they were a lot farther and fewer between.

We will not be able to have a country of individualists this time around. We will need all of the individuals we have available but as a whole, it would be a short lived effort. The big bad world would swallow it up in a couple of large chunks and then we would be right back to where we are now.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that I really don't wish a fight this time around. As I have stated; we need the individuals, every one of them. IF this were to come to a fight level 'party', we would lose a significant amount of good people. I also think this is why the changes in this country since the second American Revolution have been so damned effective and rarely contested. The majority of those that understood what the real American stood for, were killed defending that principle. (and yet one more reason I despise Lincoln.)

That is not to say I won't fight if push comes to shove, hell no: they want to push, I am gonna punch, they want to arrest, I will shoot, They want to start camps, I start home visits. I won't be left to the devices of those that want to ' create a better America'. Persons stating as such should have every facet of their being questioned, IMO. There is nothing wrong with the original intent of this country, not one thing. The only problem is how it has been manipulated, twisted, and warped.

Considering the above, I think the second option is the prudent move. Let the machine destroy itself. I know that there are others of like mind. I also know that I am an impatient person (as are others but I digress) Waiting for it is torture to say the least. Like watching your car slide sideways off a cliff in slow motion, knowing that there is not one damned thing you can do but be ready to jump and pray.

Lets talk about a revolution. What are some of the common traits of successful ones? Leadership? Specific goals? (IE the Declaration of Independence.) Support? At least some anyway.
How about MEDIA? Yes, it is a much needed part. You have to have some way of keeping the information rolling to those not directly involved.

We ain't got no media dude!

Yah, I know. They do and they use it to their every advantage.

The way they have completely trashed the image of the real Militias for one.
Back in the late 80's, people were starting to reform state militias. Nothing organized really, but they were forming. It really started taking off under Bush I but started accelerating under Clinton. That was about the time of all the media spin against militias. There are several points here that could be made but one I will point out was the leadership issue.
The leaders of the said militias could have done a much better job in controlling image issues. Yes, training is important, and should never be downplayed, no matter what the media is doing. BUT there should have been much more interaction with local LEOrganizations. Helping during events like floods, etc. Yeah, I am talking PR here.
IF the leaders of the 'movement' had followed some simple PR rules, they could have avoided drawing fire from higher up. Sadly there were too many fringe groups that were more than willing to get set up for the fall, and a Government that was getting nervous with 'all the talk'.

Hind sight is 20/20. Too late now. (think about that environment when you are reading the posts from Bill. Something stinks and he is trying to find it amongst the refuse left over from that time.)

I am betting that all the talk now only has them laughing in the hallways at the end of the day.

I would also bet that if the talk suddenly just stopped, ceased, disappeared from the webs: They would suddenly have a case of the spray paint shits.

Not that this would happen, but the thought amuses me some.

Next up, More thoughts from me, but I am going to shift gears a little. Lets discuss "motivations".

Back in a bit.

T'aint no Obama Drama. (pt 1?)

Oh where to start with this thought-line. This may end up being a multiple post simply due the length of what I have going round and round in my head.

First up: Talkin 'bout a Revolution.

Has anyone ever noted that all Socialist/marxist revolutionaries are rarely shown from anything other than shoulders up? Might that be due to all of the bodies piled up around them?
Sadly, its not just them though. No matter what: Revolution, Civil War, Police action, or even in the case of Syria lately, Civil protest; there will be piles of corpses. PILES. MASS GRAVES, you name it. Look into our own history that we are all so proud to pull up to show 'higher ground' and you find one of the bloodiest wars known to man. More dead in one battlefield than most of our other wars, internal or not combined. (the whole States vs Fed is another discussion)
Yet, there are glory hounds around every revolutionary in history. Che Guevara has(had) his following as well as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Just as there are many different personality types, there are nearly as many Revolutionaries to go around. Even Mohammed was a revolutionary in his time (and still inspires his followers with the same twisted inhuman zeal) Think about it hard enough and you will even see that Jesus was a revolutionary. (and you shouldn't have to think that hard about it.)

We have persons within our ranks that would like to be the leaders of said revolutionaries too. There is no escaping the fact that a successful revolution has to have a leader(s) but you must always question the motive behind said 'leaders'. There is one in our immediate ranks that is doing just that. Is he right? Is he wrong? I leave that for you to decide, or better yet, sit back and watch the facts fall into place. No matter how it falls out, it is a healthy move for those that are sick of the current situation in our country. If the one is dirty, it will be found out and corrected. If he isn't dirty, than we have a good leader. Win/win for the threepers, Freepers, Libertarians, etc etc etc. Not calling our leaders out for bad moves is one reason we are where we are as a country. We, our founders, established a corrective procedure that is as effective as allowing 4th graders to grade each others tests; with about as much moral backing to boot. This corrective measure is in a positive feedback loop. Once that happens, there is one of two options. Shut down the machine or allow it tear itself to pieces. Sometimes, the difference in the choice is irrelevant as the damage is done and the machine is not repairable. I think that we are in the state now where it matters not how if breaks, it has already failed. We may be able to use the frame again, but the guts of the machine are scrap.

SO, Revolution. Who wants one? Me? Not really. I may not like what we have and feel like an stranger in a strange land within my own country; but wanting a revolution? Not so much. When I was younger, Oh yeah! I was itching for a fight and wanted the whole shebang to go to hell in a handbasket. I was asked by a GF at the time a question that shut down my thoughts for a time.

"SO, you win the Revolution, who do you put in charge? Yourself? Run an election? Where do you start the rebuild?"
These are questions that need answered before you go running against the wind and start shit you can't finish. (I would like those 'would be leaders' to think long and hard on this question. Then post a proposal to the remainder of the community. Wonder how many would lose the backing of their followers when the narcissistic side shows it true colors?)

Another question we need to answer if there were to be a jump in that direction. Actually its the same question as above but it covers all, not just the leaders. See, the opposing side has a very finite view of what they want; We do not. Individualism? Ok, good one but explain that to the remaining 95% of the population and see how quickly eyes glaze over. Freedom? Good also but I have to say there is a good 80% of the population that would end up cowering in a closet in fear if given true liberty. There has to be a damned good answer to the questions; they have to have concise answers that can be understood by the average HS freshman. The simpler the better.


This morning on the start of my shift, I was listening to Coast to Coast. Funny how little the 'rapture' attracted my attention, but they had a guest speaker on there to discuss the ramifications of the non-event.
He scared the hell out of me. NOT because of his views on the fallacy of trusting a three time loser prophet but his socio-psychological views. This guy was as serious a Marxist as K. Marx was. He kept hinting around "better Government" to legislate away Personality traits that don't meet approval. (I am imagining his approval of course) He even went so far as to call it a SociaDemocracy.

THAT is our enemy. Him and all those like him that think you can legislate people to do good.
That is not Obama Drama, thats a damned fact. IF we were so damned successful at legislating good, why do we, as a country have the highest ratio of Civilian to Prison population in the world? (oh, its because they can't just outright eliminate them yet. That would be too reminiscent of Stalin and PolPot.)

More to come soon. Right now my brain is running like a squirrel in the road. Gotta slow down some so I don't get squitched.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stay tuned,

have a doozy of a post running round my head itching my skull. (and no, I don't have fleas! I get a flea dip once every spring! : P )

Seriously though, something worth thinking about and one I want to share. A accumulation of thoughts in response to several other blogs. Deep stuff. (and may be considered deep shit by certain someones left unnamed)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Simple link up(feelin lazy 2nite)

The American people need to be shocked out of their entertainment-induced stupor long enough to understand what is really going on and what needs to be done to solve our nightmarish economic problems.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/collapse-of-the-economy-2011-5?op=1#ixzz1Mw0xeqe6
Go read the whole thing.
Not new to us but it may be just the ticket to wake up someone close to you.

Or not.

(thats always a hard call)

H/T to Claire Wolf for the direction.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser

Reading over the Drudge report and a few blogs and links therein since I came home. One point I would like to bring up, and probably others have noticed as well: the tensions are becoming palpable. Highly so. All you have to do is cruise, you don't even really have to read the whole articles to get a sense that something is brewing. No real center to it all. Most of it has to do with O and his blatant disregard for our historical alliances and several of the key players attached to some of his decisions (IE Pakistan, Israel, Etc etc.) There is a new IMF player on the scene and I have to wonder just how deeply entrenched she is, in American politics (and you know, no one is going to do the digging, Too many trying to keep the shit off the trousers, and there is a lot of shit flying around right now)

Within the Blogs and links, I am sensing a mounting tension, good or ill, only time will tell. I think we are on the cusp of something big breaking and its going to be centered around 4A not 2A like so many have thought in the past. Then there is the media expanding its coverage of "reasons" to maintain the 'War on Drugs'. Lots of that shit floating around the cesspool right now. There is only one aspect of that term that is correct. WAR. Yeah, its a war alright with, so far, only one side doing the shooting. The Cartels are a part of it but they aren't the ones that take the outright heat so much as American Citizens. Yeah, something is definitely brewing on the home front.

I think, and I am torn on the emotional side of it, that things in the next 30 days (or sooner) are going to get very interesting to say the least. I am torn as I really would like to not have to fight, and on the same note, I am totally itching for the fight as I am sick of this shit just building and building with no release of tension. What happens when the stresses continue to build and build in a fault line? Eventually you get a really nasty quake and all of its sidekicks. That is what we are building to. I am thinking that this thing is going to avalanche and go global within a week of whatever happens. It may be small scale on the local scene for some persons, but its going to be like a wildfire, bursting up in strange ways everywhere.

Hang on to your hats people, the ride is going to get very erratic here soon, I can just feel it.

My nose has a tickle.

This whole mess with the IMF board member in New York seems just a bit to airtight to be real. Maybe this is a legit case of sexual predation, maybe not. Lets look at things from a different perspective though.
The perspective of convenience.
Just how convenient is it that a sitting board member of the IMF is under 24/7 surveillance at this time (they are calling it 'Suicide watch'.) For the U.S. Gov extremely. This person in question has the ability, along with his colleagues of making the Dollar just another backwater currency instead of the backbone of a world economy. Keep that in mind while I continue further.
IF you are in power, and all of the players in this scenario ARE, how do you best remove a potential enemy from the playing field without killing them out right? Answer: Character assassination. Its a whole lot cheaper than sending in the Marines. (Current Libya conflict for example) and has the potential of making said person a 'useful ally. Now, the best character assassination there is, involves sex. All you have to do is see what they have tried to do to Julian Assange and you can come up with some pretty good scenarios without stretching too many braincells very far. The reason for using sex is it aligns all sides of a conflict. No one wants to admit thinking 'perverse' thoughts. The right are 'morally upright' so they will not question motives past what the media paints in a case like this. The left stand by seeing a chance to corner a different 'market' while the right is wallowing in how upright they really are. Its all smoke and mirrors to hide a potential enemy removal.
Now, is this what they are doing? I don't know, but the coincidences and timing are too tight. There was a meeting scheduled this week amongst the IMF and the Federal Reserve and suddenly this guy gets popped for sexual assault. Things that make you go Hmmmm. This is after the IMF has stated that they are considering making a basket of currency for the Reserve, dropping the dollar in the process. The plot gets a little thicker considering how far up the shit creek this country is in debt. Remove the one aspect holding the dollar afloat and there is a whole different take on what a dollar will purchase. (and you thought $1.29 candybars were bad. Ya aint seen nuthin yet if they pull the dollar as the reserve currency)
Now what got me to thinking about this was a Drudge report saying that 60% of French citizens think this is a setup. It really doesn't matter if it is or isn't, the end result is a win for the U.S. Gov since it puts a delay in the decision making process of the IMF. They have managed to insert themselves in the IMF's OODA loop.
Yes the potential for this guy being a pervert or rapist or what not are in the cards. Hell, It only takes a little alcohol to make even the most saintly get a little off center. And in this country a charge of rape is as close as a girl changing her mind about a 'close encounter' because the guy farted during sex. (think I am lying on this one. Look at how many military guys are doing brig time for rape when the girl decided to change her mind mid-fuck. It happens. It happens enough that 2 old friends of mine were doing time for just that point. No rape, just a little drinking then a change of heart at the last minute. Here's a tip for the girls. A stiff dick has no conscience, or a moral code. If you don't want to play, don't lead the guy into the bushes then expect him to take no for an answer.)
My point here is pretty simple. There are a lot of girls in NYC that would jump on a dollar sum to cry wolf. And that isn't to pick on NYC, that's pretty much everywhere. Just look at the porn industry to see how the saying “sex sells” really works. Money talks, and enough money can talk some people into forgetting all about 'Morals' with a quickness.
Is that what may have happened here? I don't know. Just analyzing here and making some subjective points using my limited knowledge of human nature and political wrangling. Remember my point about money talks? Think about how cheap it would be to stop the IMF from devaluing the dollar (which is exactly what removing it from Reserve status would do) if all you had to do was set up a call girl with a trust fund to cry wolf at just the right time. You could probably stave off a major calamity for less than 1 millionth our national debt. 13 million could tempt me pretty strongly. I am sure that it would have been less than that but when you are talking millions to save Trillions, the investment is a no brainer.
Now, keeping this guy under 24/7 watch may actually be a suicide watch. If this guy is guilty, with his position, his life is ruined. Why not end it all.
OR What better way to keep him from contacting those in his sphere to warn them of the truth. Either option is valid and with current law within the states, Umhum, patriot act anyone; well within the means of this .GoV.
My nose is twitching from the smell.
Seems like it does that a lot these days.
Guess the septic system in the District of Criminals has started to erupt more frequently.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more thumps and bumps

and more than a few FRNs back into circulation BUT

I have an anvil and am now the proud owner of a Oxy/acetylene torch set. Investing in my future and more shit to haul around but damned useful tools. Next up is a portable forge or furnace. If I make the forge, it will be made from scrap. If I make the furnace, I will have to purchase refractory materials for the walls. I haven't quite made up my mind which yet but I have decided on portable (well, as portable as a few hundred pounds is. * cough* Lathe/mill *cough*. Starting to think I need a BIG enclosed trailer. (and that means bigger truck, dangit)

Update on the stirling engine: back to square one. I have the crankshaft made and am happy with the way that turned out but the block design left lots to be desired. Luckily, it remelt for the next round of trial and error I will attempt.

Here is the finished anvil. I will admit that the front half is rough but I really don't mind; the thing is meant to be beat with hammers. It can look like an ugly step sister for all I care.
This is one step I took to ease my gas usage for the final cuts. The top of the beak was cut out using a 12" gas powered chop saw. I attempted to cut part of the throat out the same way but ended up chewing up too much blade in the process. (hence my decision to get a torch)
And here is my personal boost to the economy today. $575 out the door including filled tanks and I OWN it, tanks included. I can take them anywhere in the country for refills, haven't a monthly bill to deal with, and, It has potential for far more uses than just cutting apart a piece of rail.
Back to work tomorrow and I have an outline for a post all in my head and jotted down in notes. Waiting for another shoe to fall before I post though.

Talk to ya all tomorrow.

Last night, was (s)election fraud #1

IE the Ky State Primaries.

Watching the befuddled masses continue to play the charade, I wonder if maybe this 'oldie but goodie' isn't in our near future.

This was the song that held me together when I was sitting in solitary in the brig awaiting the court martial. The lyrics may still be scrawled on the back of that cell door. LOL

Here are the lyrics.
CoC-Vote with a bullet

The number in nations
The god in their hearts
The justice in swine
The devil in God


This long hand that breaks our backs
Still casting shadows on all that we see
Unjustified...mercy killing is just a feeling
To keep our numbers from being free

Prison for praise is not worth thinking
Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking
So unleash the dogs - the only solution
Forgive and forget, fuck no
I'm talking about a revolution

The prophet man's got a needle in his hand
Draws his dreams from your soul - bleeding
minds into sand
The year of the fear has arrived decades too late
And our right to stand and fight is now
solely sealed in fate

(Repeat first chorus)

One last chance mission with a vision
'cos our lives are just cards in their stack
Our time is short but theirs is shorter
How much longer can they hold us back

Prison for praise - the obvious answer
Once had power mad - living disaster
Don't fuck with me 'cos I'm on a freedom train
That bears no name - this time
I'm voting with a bullet

This view they once knew made our nooses too tight
This justice in swine
This devil in god

So God bless my soul - I've got total control
And the crosshairs lined up dead in my sighthttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

I'm voting with a bullet

To rip off the lyrics, its only a matter of time, isn't it?

Addendum: AP has a great piece on his site that reflects my mood today.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Playin 'round no'mo

When a body finds that they are, without a doubt, captured or enslaved, what do ya do????

Really you only have two options but there is a third one that takes patience.

Option one: Accept your chains, be the slave
Option two: Rattle your chains, make trouble, be a thorn in the master's side with potential retaliation that will eventually end in your 'ultimate freedom', IE death. (Remember that the old slave songs are about freedom in heaven but rarely in life?)

Then there is the third option. This is the one that's actually a compromise of a sort.
Option three: Pretend compliance while you quietly assemble the means to cut said chains.
I guess you could say that I am actively in option three at this point.
Some would say that my ripping up an old piece of rail with a grinder is a waste of time. There are some that would say my attempts at building a stirling motor are a fools dream. There are those that think my sitting on the porch with my mind turned inward or focused strongly on a book in my lap are simple acts of laziness
Nope, none of the above. I am a very obsessive person. I have (in my opinion) a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive disorder. I focus on projects or issues with an intensity that scares hell out of some people. Maybe its the Marine in me.
Maybe it is an actual disorder. Don't know, don't care: its a part of what makes me, ME. Intense is only one aspect of my personality. Another side of that is being a serious introvert. Yup, introvert, you read that correctly. I don't bond easily, nor do I enjoy crowds.(funny coming from someone that used to mix live bands in front of audiences. Front of house is a great way to see the show, have room to move and still be a part of the action. Introverts do real well like that) I self-reflect endlessly. I am my OWN worst critic without fail. One simple comment from a friend and I immediately start to reassess my actions and statements from day one to see if I am at fault. I do this long before I start pointing fingers at others. (remember, when you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing right back at you and they are yours, none other)

Recent trends within the spheres, political, blogs, net in general, what not; have led me to go silent on my thoughts other than to state that I won't be held prisoner in my own world any longer. I will build my place to the best of my ability WITHOUT permissions. I will get my shop setup so that I can cut the chain of dependence on a fiat economy. I will have my own power sources that stretch the imagination back to the 1800's and will love every minute of it.

Am I a slave. Yup, for now. There is one slavery I won't fight though and that is slavery to myself and my goals. If that means I have to abide by some rules “to get along” for now, so be it.
But I won't be a slave for long. Even if that means I have to go mobile.(and that thought is in my head)
I am not playing anymore. This is all serious, even if I don't post seriously.

As posted in comments over at the Cliffs of Insanity.
Seems to me that if the cops are at the door....you might as well start shooting. You can forget a 'fair trial' and you can forget not having evidence 'manufactured'.

I am done playing. I won't go quietly, and you can forget Miranda rights (actually, they already have. No one is innocent until proven guilty. It's up to us to prove innocence which is 180 degrees from the intentions of the founders)

This is all serious. I won't go quietly. And I will do my outright damnedest to take as many with me as possible to thin the herd for the next target.

BUT, I am not going to go out and jump in front of a bus either. Bring it or don't, I won't go hunting for trouble.

For though it has been forgotten by men of our time, it was known then that a man only possesses those rights he can defend by force.
Not everyone has forgotten this Very Basic Tenet of living. (and there are hundreds more links just like those, and all represent someone that believes in individuality.)

Local net down flyin by phone backon soon

Monday, May 16, 2011


THAT, is what I heard from a youngun when I was working on this.

yup, its a piece of Rail that my cousin found in a ditch near the railroad. I figured it would make a fine Anvil for the limited amount of work that I do in the smithing arts. BUT it needed a couple of additions for proper work. One being the Hardie hole for accessories.

How do you cut a square hole in a large chunk of steel? You drill, baby, you drill. In this case, you pilot 5 holes. One in the center, four on the periphery of a circle in a square shape. You can do triangles, or even hex shapes. Much more than six and you start to lose the 'edge' and it just starts to look like a round hole. But you drill to the depth your main hole will be, then once you have all 5 to depth, you step up on the center hole. By the time you get to the size you need, you are beating hell out of a bit so you have to take it slow. But it works. here is an example of the result.

Now, you aren't done yet at that point. For smaller holes such as this, you really need some extra help. In my case, it was my mill. I used that to smooth out the sides of the hole to accept my hardie tools that I welded up yesterday. This one is a bending fork. Talk about a useful tool. I can bend up to 5/8" rod in this one. I will make another that can do 1" but it can wait.(lots of heat helps but you can bend plate with just annealing it)

And this is how it will sit in the anvil when needed. Of course turning it 90 degrees is an option too, depending on needs. I also made a 'roll bar' and a hot cut chisel that also fit in the hole. I am sure that there will be others that I come up with.

Now, obviously I am not done at this point. I still need to finish making the beak on the anvil, and cutting out the mounting holes. Lots more to do yet and lots more 'sparklies' to create in the process. I have cut the beaks main shape out (sorry, was too busy handling a gas powered chopsaw to take pics) but it is rough at this point. Rail is some tough ass steel, let me tell you. Should hold up to the minor abuse I will throw at it.

But, its keeping me busy on my day off and keeping my mind off politics. Plus I end up with a decent tool for future projects. Double win for me.

Now, where to find a large oak stump to put it on,,,,,

Busy,(BANG!) Hang on (CRaasHHHH!)

Back in a bit.

Making sumpin useful from something else. Both are danged heavy. Will have pics, Promise!

Also starting to 'just up and do what needs done' so that my functionality in life is not hampered by the slowgo of a dozer operator. Setting the posts and hauling rock to make my 'foundry' Will set a 'foundation' to hold the sand and earth floor and start ramming that together. Don't want concrete flooring in a foundry: Hot metal spills cause concrete to explode sending concrete shards and molten metal into rather uncomfortable places.

Why lie, I am trying like hell to stay busy so that I don't get too 'twitchy' in my index finger. If they want to tear the country apart, let em. Then we can rebuild. Till then, I am living my damned life as I wish, making things, growing things, and doing what God intended me to do within the short time he as allotted me.

So to all ya Federal fucknutz that want to track us "Urban Terra-ists" or whatever BS name you have labeled us with this week: I am in So. KY and you know fully where, and if you want to come pay a visit, feel free. If you don't honk at the gate, I do shoot, but if you come in good manners, I may even share a cup of coffee with you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


When the law (br)makers shit all over the founding principles of this country; Whadoyahdo?

When you know that if something happened on your doorstep, right or wrong, involving LEO's; Whadoyahdo?

When knowing that your moral code is stronger than that of the people that 'represent' this country: Whadoyahdo?

At one point, in this country, when a person became fed up with the current situation; they could pack up and head west into opensky country and start anew.
Open sky country is now called Fly over country but its all under control of the current shits we call Government. We haven't anywhere to head to once we get our wagons packed.
Hell, I won't lie, I had thought about going Ex-Pat more than a few times. The problem I keep coming to is that there is NO WHERE ELSE that isn't in worse shape (though we are quickly getting to a point where even Mexico looks better than here, sad to say). Even thought about Australia a time or two (but that would be nearly as bad as moving to Kaliforniastan only with a cooler accent)

Guys, I have to say, I am sick of it all. I know that you are to. To say that we want to stand up to this shit is noble but pointless. We do, but we also know that the current administration is looking for a group to "Proselytize" as a gesture of control; the same way they did under Clinton. (and is there really all that much difference in the current or past regimes from Clintons time?)

No Fort Sumnters? How do we really know that there hasn't already been one? The Police state grows stronger DAILY and the Media cooperates whole heartedly in the painting of 'the crazies' without one ounce of dignity. Heck, I have met street whores with more dignity than the current MSM operators.(and what difference is there in the professions other than pay scale? )


When do we say "ENOUGH!!!"? It's not a matter of where or how but WHEN now. Do we just continue our slow shuffle like we have been doing, just waiting for the shoe to fall or the economy to collapse. Do we keep up the deathwalk to the ovens? We all know that is the end game no matter how it falls out: whether its camps, or just surgical removal under the guise of "police operations". I just don't see any other outcome. The current run we are having, while it seems that the wheels are about to come off, will just keep slugging its way down the track. The history of things doesn't call for a total collapse so much as a slow build up of vacuum to be replaced by just another form of the same old same old. Dunno 'bout you but I am just plain sick of it. With the way this country is enslaved, and it is, we won't get out of this without a lot of pain and suffering on EVERYONE'S behalf. Most won't make it at all.

I just don't have that much encouragement to spread right now. And I know that there will be little to no backlash over any of the further encroachments we are seeing. The fact that there haven't been up to this point only encourages our enemies. Our enemies are now in control and in a sense, we are allowing all of this to go on. We all say to ourselves "but I am just one person, suicide by cop doesn't appeal to me". I know, I have said it myself. We are the law abiding, whether we like it or not. That means WE are the ones that suffer the most by more and more Draconian laws. Not the Criminals or the Lawmakers (one and the same in my book)
And that is the leverage that they use against us: Ourselves and our moral codes. How does it feel to be your own worst enemy?

We need a new strategy because so far, our strategy has been nearly the same as the one the Jews used in Pre-WWII Germany. We don't need to go into how that all panned out.

I don't have any input at this point because my right index finger is twitchy. That is not the strategy we need right now, though at some point, it may be the only one we have left.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dangit blogger!

Had a post up yesterday, and blogger ate it. No surprise really but it gets frustrating. Guess I need to go back to my old method of tapping out posts in Open Office before publishing them. That way, I have a good solid backup.

The post yesterday was about Profits and the scam on the hill with the Oil Companies.

It matters not where you stand on the issue, the scam is being played out to further class envy. If you side with the oil companies, you are bad. If you don't you are playing right into the hands of the agenda. I sat and listened to some of the arguments yesterday, both online and between mundano's at work. The whole mess is a hollow BS run on squeezing more money out of someone. Whether that plan gets the oil companies to cough up more tax revenue is irrelevant. If they do, guess what? They will just raise the price of fuel to compensate. They stated as much with straight faces. No bullshit, this is the way it is; "Fuck with us and everyone pays."

This was brought up at work today and I was able to see just how one sided my arguments were. You can't argue with uninformed or completely misinformed persons. You just can't do it. It's rather like taking an AT4 to the local turkey shoot. The end result is a few pissed off shooters and a lot of mess. No one wins.
My only consolation is that I know I am right.
One comment I made today shut down the argument quick though. Everyone was harping about the "level" of profit the CEO's are making. I asked if they thought that it was fair that they weren't making that kind of money? Of course the answer was that it was NOT fair. I then asked if they were willing to lay down their entire lives, sacrificing every waking moment and family to the task of earning that kind of money. And of course the answer was no. Well then, don't bitch, right?

AT4 at the turkey shoot. I may as well have pulled up to the argument in a Warthog with dual 20mm cannons and Javelins. The result would have been the same either way. Least to say, when things get tough, the taxes go up on the oil companies, and they are paying $10/gal for gas or diesel: I get to say "told ya so, asscracks" I know for a fact that if diesel hits $6/gal, they are cutting my department out of the business plan. OF COURSE that little tidbit of information was greeted with "yeah right, they need us too much".

If you can't explain simple business strategy to someone, explaining any other economic concept is like trying to teach a chimp how to do brain surgery (without a club or rock that is)

I give up on them, I really do.

Maybe its time to get the wheels and head for higher ground. Maybe Craig has the right idea with a boat. Today I feel like I am floundering in that sea of gelatinous fish shit that Craig so eloquently described.

Just like on the Titanic though, there are only so many lifeboats to go around. Someone is going down with the ship, period.

I would like to think I won't be one of those.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the frustration in a thousandth of an inch

There are times, where I sit and look at my toys and wonder what the hell happened to this world. There was a time when men AND women went to work, dressed like they were on the way to church. When trying to make something of yourself was the EXPECTATION not the 'just go along to get along' attitude of now-times.
My toys are throwbacks to those times. The work I do with said 'toys' are also throwbacks to a much simpler time, where a car was a work of genius kept alive by the local blacksmith. Our cars are still works of genius, but you danged near have to have a masters degree in computer sciences to get anything done on one now. (even though the premise that they all work around is still, Suck, squeeze, bang, blow.)

But I have to struggle harder than they did then, to acquire some of the basic stuff to make other things. Basic chemical components that were available over the counter at the hardware store or pharmacy, way back when. NOW, I get put on a watch list just for looking at aluminum powder online. Yes, I know it has many uses in Explosives and other items. It is a great oxidizer. In my case, yes, I am (wanting) making a thermite component; not to burn anything, but to create something. Thermite welding is still in use (railroads) and it can still be much more cost effective for a simple casting than setting up a cupola furnace and making all kinds of pollutants and WAY more molten Iron than my crucible is capable of handling.
Not for the mundane though. We can't have that stuff because we might be compromised by some terrorist group or something. Or be openly hostile to our current government (with merit I might add.)

The regulations of now-times really puts a hurting on everything that could be better. Maybe there is a small amount of truth in how certain regulations have made the environment better. Just maybe though. The real truth being, given time (and a short amount of time at that) the consumer would have 'regulated' offenders right out of business. The short amount of regulation needed should have been nothing more than having your intakes mounted downstream of your discharge. That little bit would have circumvented any waste issues right off the bat. The same things go for silly protection measures. The fact that our legal system allows so many frivolous lawsuits to go through over 'protection measures' show just how far down the coddled path we have come.

Here is a woman I would love to know.
You can see she is tired, worried, probably more than a little hungry, but look deep into those eyes and you see Wisdom, and love. Far more than you see in the eyes of most people nowdays.

You see, in this pic, this woman's family just had to sell their tent to by food to feed the kids. They are share croppers and the pea harvest just fell through.

Let me ask you. Do you think this woman is thinking of leaving her family over the hard times? She is still pretty enough that she could move on to someone of more stature and better financial status. BUT do you think she is thinking about that?

Then ask yourself if this woman would have the same resolve if times got as tough.
Why did I choose her pic over some others? Only due to the facial structure. They are very similar to the woman in the first pic.
Now I have to ask. The first woman is a share cropper. There may not be that big of a skill set needed to pick peas, but there is one requirement. Hard back breaking work in the hot sun. The lines in her face attest to that. The callouses on her hands attest to that. The dirty nails attest to that.

Think you would EVER see Kim in that condition? No? Bet she would drop her current beau, like a stroke of lightning if he even thought of selling the mansion let alone a damned tent 'just to eat'. Heck, without actually knowing her, (just her type) chances are, she would find some way of selling her looks before she went down that road. (oops, she already did, didn't she?)

That trait alone; already common enough of an attitude amongst the lower/middle class families of now-days, makes that particular 'type' really unattractive to me. They may be easy on the eyes, but damn are they hard on everything else. And they represent a large majority of the voting class in this country, they also encourage similar behavior in those, that aspire to such heights. (trust me, its hard ladder to climb but when you fall off, its a short way down, that hits like a long fall.)

I sit here an look at my 'toys'. The only ones that I have that represents my current age are my netbook and my phone. Everything else is much simpler, more robust, much more useful. Those two are really only to compete in the rat race. Information. Other than that, they do little but eat up juice and create heat and frustration from me. No T.V. No microwave. No crazy entertainment system. (I will admit that I have 35Gb worth of audio on my HD as well as 280Gb of video. Rarely do I watch anything but the music is essential and takes up a whole lot less space on the HD.)

I sit and look at my 'toys'. Thinking. One more thousandth of an inch. The time line is long but the time we are here is short. One more thousandth.


ridin the monkey whirligig.

(fair warning, I am all over the place today)
If you haven't yet read Starving the Monkeys; you should.

Tom has a way with words, boiling things down to the simplest point without losing the integrity of the argument. Kind of like distilling a fine whiskey: the difference between rocket fuel and a high quality liquor is subtle, but unable to be done away with. That subtle difference is what makes him a better writer than I.

Yes, there will be consequences to secession. Some states, such as Michigan, will fall to Islam. Similarly, some states will fall to Christianity. Others will be reduced to cesspools of wounded bankers feeding on each other at last. But each of these will be powerless to infect the rest. Some states will fail of their own accord and become pits of despair which the good will flee. A few will prosper and act as beacons to the others. Far better than this vast gray paste of compliance we currently enjoy, don't you think? (emphasis mine)

Read the rest here.

There are a multitude of counter arguments that can go along with this stuff. One reason I like Toms style is his way of pulling in the counter argument at the same time. Showing the fallacy of propaganda based training. Yes, there has to be a common ground for things to make sense of anything; and that is where there is so much crap in the world today. Every body is screaming about "the one" this that or the other but so few look at the fact that we are all, ALL, human first. There are certain facts that go with that groundwork. Freedom of choice for one. Freedom to defend yourself and your property, family, even just your freedoms, for another. Once you remove all of the added luggage from the basest form, what you have is a weak, hairless monkey that has only one tool to use against the rest of the big bad world. Our teeth are pretty useless against tigers and bears, our 'claws' leave house cats laughing at us, we aren't exactly the fastest runners on the planet. And we have to move so much blood through these outrageously long limbs; our endurance is pretty crappy too(in comparison to other animals) BUT we have been given the most powerful brain on the planet (arguable but work with me here) One that we barely use 10% of on our best days. (and even so, have completely revamped the surface of this planet using that 10% of the brain)
Yet, many don't use even 1% it seems. They fall into the latest trend, to get along without rocking the boat. Or maintain silent oblivion in a secret hell they created due to the manipulations of someone else ( And I will let you make of that one, what you will. Archaic? you betcha)
Those that fall into the trap of 'keeping the norm' are, in my opinion, committing the greatest wrong of all. The entire goal of our existence is to improve our chances at everything. Better health, longer life, more intelligence, whatever: all to be passed on to our progeny in the understanding that they continue the improvement.

Yet every few hundred years, we get caught up in this argument of politics, government, socialization, and the most hateful of all, Altruism. That last is NEVER about what its stated intent is. NOPE, its all about the things that Barry boy and his minions have been preaching. Spreading the wealth. You lose so that someone else can gain, temporarily; all the while, hatred spreads like a brush fire.

We need to look past the large complex of rules and see what we can do to step back to a simpler existence. One were we are moving forward and bettering ourselves so that our children can do the same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I wrote earlier that I was going to be coming back with something of a situation report.

I read about 'thwarted' hijackings, strange bags or boxes in major travel hubs and I think to myself, " the herd is paranoid now". And they are. Facts: 28,537 number of commercial flights per day.
and we have heard of what, 5 maybe as many as 10 incidents in the last week?
28537 Number of flights daily average.
10 Number of days since OBL was killed and the crazies have had time to do 'sumpin'.
15 I am being generous here, the number of incidents that may or may not be legit.

15/285370=5.2563X10(-5) or let me take that out of scientific notation. .0000052563% 1/500000th percent of all domestic flights. Damn dude, you'd better play the lottery, you have a better chance of hitting that then jumping on a flight supporting a terrorist activity. (well, maybe not the powerball ;P )

Seriously. I am just to the point of not giving a rats ass. Not one iota. I have more important shit on my table that needs attention. The fact that there are so many that freak right the fuck out over something that has that chance of probability (enough that they scream for further restrictions on ME dammit); really makes me wish for a Mother Nature/Darwinian moment for a large portion of my fellow man.

SO, is this just heightened awareness on the part of the flyers? Maybe. If so, good. Awareness will keep you alive (or if not you, at least a multitude of others). Situational awareness is one of the key points to surviving anything. Period. And also one of the least exercised skills amongst the majority of people.

Herd mentality.

I think our country would be much better off if we were able to develop "pack mentality" instead. Watch the wolves of Yellowstone and you will understand (if you don't already)

Individuallism is even better but there are just far too many that wouldn't 'get it'.

in the heat of the day, in the heat of the night

Dio will melt! (and with the heat today, it felt like I was melting! LOL )
That, My friends, is a block for a stirling engine.
I realize that the inside of the block looks rough as hell, it is. This is the first time I have attempted a hollow chamber in a casting. I didn't have core material so I made it up as I went along. BUT, as you can see in the next pic, there is room for the crankshaft without having to machine the hell out of it. I would rather a little too much metal than not enough and have to start over.

Anyways, I will be back with some commentary about scared herds and idiot media later. Now its time for a beer and a pizza. Back soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

mind whupped

My crucible came in this morning. Can't wait to get a good melt. Have to 'season' it first but then, Look out! Dio is gonna make sumpin!
I also picked up another 50 lbs of casting sand so needed something a little better than a couple of 5 gal buckets to keep the stuff in. I decided to make my sandbench before the stuff got here so I would have something to put the new sand into, straight away. This is said bench. That is half of a 55 gal drum (old antifreeze drum) and a mess of 2X4's. After I took the pic, I added a shelf to it and put a lid on it (to keep cats and bugs out of the sand). It's gonna live life outside under cover.

From another angle and Ol' Blue is in the shot. Yuppers, thats the MIG I acquired a few years back. Beat to hell (was in a box in pieces when I got it) but runs and will weld 22 gauge up to 3/8" (and With patience could do 1/2")

And here are the lifting tongs for the new Crucible. This is the first go round. I wasn't real happy with my original idea when it met reality. That, and thinking that I am going to want slightly larger rods for the handles. A 4lb crucible and 10lbs of Aluminum that are hovering around 1500 degrees, better safe than sorry. I will cut these apart and make something else out of them later. (maybe fire tongs or something)

Thats one aspect about my 'hobby' that I love. There is really NO waste, ever. The dross biscuits make great paving stones, the clinkers from the furnace end up as gravel in the drive; something doesn't quite measure up, in the scrap box, not the trash. It will remelt, bend, cut, or be incorporated into something else later. The only trash I have are chips and grindings and those all go into a different boxes for recycling. (aluminum separate from the iron!!!!!!! trust me on this one!)(I have tried to remelt aluminum chips but they generate WAY too much dross from all of they oxides they have ) Even wood will get reused, either to heat the shop or melt something if it doesn't get used as a something else. No waste. (though I am sure that the EPA would say otherwise since I use coal for my furnace. LOL)

NO politics or situational analysis today. I have had my head figuratively in the sand today. Will play catch up tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Something interesting on DBD today.

I always have issues when trying to paste this comic here. Instead, go read.

I am not 100% certain about the status of GunWalker though I have been following it enough to know that Barryboy has stated to some that they are working on 2A 'under the radar'.

No need to go into just how bad of an idea that would end up being but again, in response, BRING IT.

I am getting just a tad sick of the dickering around that all of this crap is doing. Ya wanna raise the taxes, DO IT. You want to track every single conscripted 'citizen', DO IT! You want to prove just how much of a prison you have turned America into (one way doors, in only) Then crank up the heat a bit more.

Or are you all a bunch of chickenshit cowards trying to kick the responsibility of your actions down the road to the next scapegoat? (the same way that Bush did to you. LOL)

Seeing how they continue to kick that can of economic reform down the road just a bit more every (s)election cycle, I have to wonder if this is exactly what the whole routine is. Just keep adding a ratchet here, a ratchet there, but NEVER enough to actually cause the vessels to burst. Facts are, they are scared shitless of what the outcome of these actions will be. THEY don't want to know what will happen if they actually abolish 2A. The potentials for more than tar and feathers are being plastered everywhere, starting at most gunstores. (ever notice how many gun mags are on the shelf at some stores?) Hell, just the number of KNOWN guns in the U.S. is enough to equip a rather large army of footsoldiers. One larger than our current military forces.

And there is NO way to actually get an accurate number of how many rounds are sitting on shelves. I know that I shoot a lot, but I buy more. I am sure that there are more than a few 'just like me'. And I consider myself the average shooter (at least in this area) not the hardcore prepper, on that note. (yah yah, I know, need more ammo, more food, more water, etc etc. I have some and I know what I can carry, and have alternatives if,,,,)

And yet, 2A is only one part of this shit. There are other points well in advance of that motion to further restrict us. The nets are more monitored now than ever. There was an actual admission of 'facial recognition programs' in effect at major airports and other transportation hubs recently. The further creeping of the "national ID" is getting closer and closer to home for many.(all through extortion techniques that are proven and well founded in our current 'political climate'.) Trying to get a passport to get out of our country is now setting yourself up for perjury charges. (optional questions my ass. who can tell me the name and address of your first boss? Seriously, that was over 25 years ago and a two bit stint at McD's for myself)

BUT it got me to thinking. Our economy is tanking, right? All of the signs are leading to just that point, including the fact that there are more and more outside negotiations between countries, leaving the Dollar out of the equation completely. Our 'credit rating' is under threat of a downgrade. AND our administration just pushed for ANOTHER debt ceiling limit lift. (another 3T!!!!)(they said it was necessary so that we could pay our bills. Yup, just try that line of logic with your credit card company and see how long it takes the laughter on the other end to die down.)

Our borders are virtually unguarded. Enough so that there is a continual influx of illegals from the south. The actual content of that flood is questionable at best. Supposedly there are enemies of the state that are coming through that hole in our fence. (in addition, there are 'terrorist' on the watch list that have been granted citizenship. HUH? talk about a loophole you could drive a herd of trucks through, side by side!) The question arises though: Why are they coming to America now, when we are, at best, only one step above what they are experiencing south of here? WE do have work that they can do. Because they are willing to work at a 'reduced wage' under the table, they make more. PLUS, the progressives that are ripping the life right out of this country have made it so they get a free ride without question. As do any that are not that "hated (minority) majority": (and here it comes. ya'll ready for this?) White middle class America. ANYONE that fits that above 'type' and has tried to apply for 'help' KNOWS what I am talking about. The runaround you get. The claims that you make too much money or have too many cars, or have something that blocks your chance to 'earn' the dole. Now, if you are white, no education or a drop out, or on drugs, or ,,,, then you may have a chance but not like any of the others out there. Be they black, brown, or just a plain non achiever, you have pretty much a guarantee to get 'help'. Especially if you have never payed a dime into the system.(and I know that this doesn't apply to every black or brown skinned person out there. But the system IS, without a doubt, biased. It doesn't take a whole lot of investigation to come to that conclusion either.)

Ok, I went off on a seriously wild tangent there. My bad. I ain't gonna retract one word of it though: its the damned truth and we all know it. Call me racist (I am not) call me a bigot (only to the lazy, of ANY breed) call me a hater (of what? the ripping apart of my country? if thats 'hatin' then I am guilty) Call me whatever you want and it falls right off me. I know who I am and what I am willing to do for my country. Watching all of this 'manipulation' fall into place over the last 20 years (longer actually but I was an ignorant jackass for a long time) kills me.

If you, TPTB, truly want to destroy the best damned thing on this planet, BRING IT. I am sick of waiting on the party.