Friday, July 31, 2009

What does Diogenes do when he has a day off?

I took today off work so that I could get my attitude in check. Its been a rather chaotic week and I Really needed an attitude adjustment.
I really took advantage of it and I even turned off the talk radio for the day. I spent most of the day doing what you are supposed to do when you take it off.


I surfed the net a couple of times intentionally avoiding certain sites (the same way I avoided the talk radio) I did visit a couple of sites that cater to Military surplus firearms. Nothing major.

Eventually I broke out the firearms and went through fry fire exercises. I realized that the 91/59 had developed a little bit of a burr so I went in and polished that up a bit. Much nicer. The Breech lugs on the Mosin are its worst part. I was watching some Youtube videos the other night and noticed more than a few people struggling with the bolt on theirs. I hadn't had a problem with that and I don't want it to start. Mine has been smooth enough that I can operate the bolt without coming up off the cheekweld. I know that jams are sometimes caused by cartridges jamming in the breech but I can see a burr on the lugs doing the same thing.

SO, with nothing pressing to do and just noodling about I managed to put some polish on the drawings for my house. I was able to lay out the truss system for the roof and adjust the materials list accordingly.

And yes, my attitude has definitely improved today. I was able to spend a couple of hours with my daughter without the grandbaby distracting me(I am such a sucker for baby smiles and giggles.) so all in all a pretty daggum good day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

slow posts

Sorry for the slow posting. Been trying to get two buildings up to code for occupation by the end of the month. Good points: No injuries, no more break-ins.

Bad points: The fools on the hill in D.C. are still up to their shenanigans. Luckily the Health reform bill seemed to hit a stall this past week though we will see how that progresses. I know that The Hermit is iffy on that deal and I can understand how his experiences dictate that this isn't as bad of a thing as the rest of us make it out to be. I do agree that there needs to be some type of reform in the health care system. I just don't want the government being in charge of it since they have totally butchered the Medicare/Medicaid system. As it stands I don't have insurance and I never have any issues going to see my Doctor. I spend less on an office visit than when I had insurance. It is strictly a cash basis but without the overhead of trying to get paid from the insurance companies he is able to do things "at cost" The most expensive thing I have had to deal with was an X-ray for my hand when I smashed a finger and broke the tip loose. Granted if something serious were to happen I would have to fall back on the system to help me but knowing that is my only option I tend to be quite careful of what I am willing to get into. Sadly though if this bill passes my Doctor is going to retire early as he knows that he won't be able to work within the system for his patients; most of whom are geriatrics(though not all ;) )

Other bad points though I am not sure its 'new': The media is reporting more and more violent crimes like abductions and home invasions. I haven't researched to see if these are on the climb or if this is just sensationalism on the medias part. It does make for a better argument for getting guns if you don't already own them though. Key thing to remember though if you fall in with the 'new' catagory. Owning one isn't enough. Learn all you can about the weapon and yourself. Find someone to give you some training in the use of one as a defense. Being able to put holes in paper isn't enough.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Range trip.

Not posting any pics with this post since they were all destroyed by the torrential downpour that brought the trip to an abrupt end. I did take every fire arm I owned though and managed to get in some good shooting up to that point.

The new .40cal did well. It's a cheapy Hi-point but I am not a gun snob so that doesn't bother me. Its shoots. I can hold it in the black at 25 yards on a 12" target and it doesn't jam (I have found that this one does NOT like the squared off rounds like Hydrashok's or Winchester BEB. If the round has a rounded bullet this gun will feed reliably all day long) For the personal protection rounds I am using the Winchester SXZ-P and for range time, any Winchester White box other than the BEB rounds.

After reading Hermits post on the SKS the other day I felt compelled to take the Russians out for a run too. Not much shooting as I am trying to be frugal with the Ammo at this point. I put 40 rounds through the SKS and 14 through the 91/59. The Mosin will really get up and beat on you with that steel buttplate so 14 rounds pretty much did me in at that point. I know when to quit and my shoulder said so on the 14th round. LOL

I really like the 7.6254R round. Great performance at a reasonable cost. My only wish is for a larger range to really see what this rifle is capable of. I would like to get involved in a CMP match at least once (more for the perks of getting a real M-1 or M-14 through the CMP program.) I haven't really been able to open up at that 100 yard line and the longer ranges in the area are getting rather hard to get to or even get in with "knowing someone". Ah well. Maybe when I make my move I can go out to one of the abandoned strip mines and set up a little bit of range that way. Will see.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A turning point of sorts.

I wrapped up my Lead Abatement training today. One thing I can honestly say having been through the class and having a patriots view on things.
Leviathan really has her hooks in so many different aspects of our life I feel that THIS video isn't off target at all.

We were basicly indoctrinated in how the Federal Government expects us to take care of dealing with buildings that have Lead based paint and how to take care of them to bring them under dangerous levels. Granted this is a problem that in many instances truly needs cleaned up since lead can build in a persons system and do catastrophic damage to Fetus' and developing children.
The prices for doing this abatement are enormous though. In many instances far more than the dwelling in question is worth. There are ways to take care of the problem that are safer, cheaper, and more effective out there but the EPA, OSHA, and HUD all have a say in how this is to be dealt with. The requirements really raise the costs to a point where burning the house down is probably the way to go. There will be lead fumes for one evening but the long term financial side of it would dictate that the money spent on abatement would make one hella down payment on a new structure.

One other aspect of this class really brought to light how far down the tubes this country has fallen. One person(for lack of a better word he will now be called "leech") really managed to get me riled. The whole time that we were going through this class he was trying to figure out how to soak the system for money not earned. Leech discovered that a person receiving more than a certain amount of lead will be "removed" at orders from a medical doctor and that the company has to pay that persons salary as long as his lead/blood levels remain above a certain point. He also found out that if a person working in lead removal work site has kids and the kids are found to have elevated lead/blood levels that the company has to provide anything that these children may need due to the lead poisoning FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.
Leech was ecstatic! He couldn't let it go for the four days we were in class. He spent the entire time trying to figure out how to sacrifice his kids to get further along on the taxpayers and the corporations. Of course he wasn't worried about their true welfare. That is for us the taxpayer to deal with: that's why they call it welfare right?
Least to say every time this LEECH opened his gullet I resisted putting a fist down it. Luckily I can't see this guy passing the licensing test since he was struggling so hard on the course test today. For his kids sake I hope he fails miserably in his endeavors to sacrifice them for his good. Yet these are the people that have voted in our current circus performers. These are the same people that think we NEED a nationalized banking system, nationalized car manufacturers, Universal health care(it really only needs to have some new regs( get rid of the HMO's), not government control. Fine me for not having insurance will you? I think not). These are the same people that haven't worked a day in their lives and yet drive better cars than those that are struggling to make ends meet and work 40+ hours a week.

I can only hope that those in power fail miserably at their agendas. If they don't we will be in the same shape that the USSR was in during the 1960's and early 70's. Those people that voted for this will be realizing that there is something worse than being poor. Much worse.

In the meantime of this course, I managed to pencil together a floor plan of the house that I wish to build. I have managed to put together a list of materials for it (at least to the point of move in and I will work on the details then. IE paint color of walls and other stuff.) With the septic system and new appliances I have a tentative estimate for $12000.00 apx. This actually gives me some cushion to boot. This is also me doing the lions share of the work (along with family that are in the area but I am not counting on them. I know that I can but I want to plan as if they were only 'sometimes' available. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, right?) I really want to make this move and get near people that understand TANSTAAFL even if they don't know the term. There is most definitely a terminal case of intestinal parasites living on the bowels of the city I currently reside in.

I only hope that this doesn't represent my future.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Musing

Its sunday, no talk radio for 48 hours to blur my mind, and I have been avoiding the web for the most part other than for basic functioning(bills and comicstrips)
I wanted to clear my head of any extraneous thoughts before I posted today.

I have been thinking more and more of the house I want to build and how I want certain aspects of it to come together for when/if I decide to go completely off grid(or if I am forced off grid by outside circumstances.) I know that this is going to happen and the one thing that keeps holding me back on a final decision is my daughter. Not sure where she is headed in life and I will end up making a choice that includes her in the plan whether or not that will be a reality.

Onward with my thoughts. I am rather vocal to our representatives on the hill and I know many others that are also. I am rather vocal on certain forums on the webs and I frequent several sites that may or may not be tagged by the FedGov for a watch list. As it stands I don't know if they are watching my actions or not and I am actually getting to a point where I find I couldn't care less if they did or didn't. I can't worry about the possibility of them showing up on my doorstep in the middle of the night(though I would imagine that I am quite far down on the list for that action.). If I were to worry about those things I would probably freeze up and then be non-functional to any good cause.

The point is, the PTB are doing some of our work for us. They are continueing a race against the clock to pass insane legislature and more and more people are saying " Hey, hold on, you said we were supposed to get a chance to read this stuff and now we find out that half of you jerks aren't reading it yourselves. How is it that you are representing us?"
Its hard to say if this is growing fast enough to put the brakes on this administrations abuses. Its hard to say if its growing fast enough to make a difference come 2010 elections. I would like to say yes but then I am quite jaded in my thinking that we have lost any hope of retaining our countries principles let alone regaining the ones that we have previously lost.

I then start to think that a little cabin in the hills of southern KY is just right and then I am back on trying to decide on housing plans. LOL its a bit of spiral right now. Still the thought is comforting to me and THAT means a lot in trying times like these.

Personal note. Still (technically) unemployeed, still working under the radar on trying to correct our nations ways and still shooting on any given sunday. No news other than the fact that I am still here and still kicking which in its own way is good news to me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Been Occupied of late.

Sometimes a person needs to step out on the porch to get some air. This week has been no exception. Watching the FedGov aggresively attacking our freedoms and choices "for our own good" I needed to step out for some air at the end of each day.

As all things go, that leads from one thing to another. On a good note though I am up to 3 miles in 35 minutes brisk walk and only mildly breaking sweat(one advantage of my long legs). Still smoking but my rate on that is down too.

I won't go into the politics in detail other than to say that our new SCOTUS judge is a stoolie that needn't be where she is. With that thought though there are many on that hill that don't need to be there anymore too.

So on the home front: My boss recently bought a Glock 27 and wants to go to the range now. One of his friends(and a co-worker) has been a member of a local club that has a 1000yd range that I am hoping to be able to take advantage of soon. There is a growing number of what I call Brownshirts forming in my area(though their shirts are blue) and I am seeing more Obamanoids openly "preaching" the merits of our Traitor in Chief.

Where we are headed is not uncharted territory but it is unfamiliar territory to many of us. With only history to guide us we aren't lost but the people pushing us down this road blatantly ignore that history and continue on with their agendas. Sadly I see history turning around on us like a Viper being grabbed in the middle of his body. Its going to be quick, painful, and many will feel the sting.

Time will tell how all of this plays out but to be honest, I haven't much hope for a peaceful resolution of the socialist movement we are all being dragged into.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


There are somedays where this is how I feel at the end of them.

I'll live.

Its gonna be a hectic week for me since My Daughters car decided today was the day to shit out a Timing belt. Since My week was already scheduled around 3 work sites I now need to get with the bossman and reschedule at least one of those days to dedicate to working on her car.

Believe me, I am not bitching any, just feeling a little beat up by things right now.

might be the way to go.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cheapy shopping trip.

Had a pleasant surprise today while out shopping at one of my favorite stores. Army/navy stores are a far and few item in this neck of the woods. Probably because the nearest base is about a 100 miles away. The one nearest me has been all but wiped clean of any gear for sale(enough that they jacked the price on Ammo cans up $5 to $15!!! WTF?) I found some surplus Israeli ammo pouches that looked like they may hold the SKS ammo while on stripper clips. These were the canvas style in desert sand and not in bad shape and the price was pretty reasonable at $5 each. I went ahead and picked one up since it didn't look like anyone else was making a move on them and figured if it didn't work for my needs I would make it work elsewhere.(no return policy at this shop.)

Surprise! It worked perfectly and holds 10 clips full of ammo. Will be back to get another this weekend.

I found that the bandoleers for 7.62 NATO work for the 7.62X54r ammo on stripper clips just fine. each pocket holds 10 rounds same as the NATO ammo and each bandoleer holds 60 rounds. I can buy these for a buck apiece at the store I buy ammo at. They unfortunately do not have the stripper clips for the Mosey so I have to go online for those. The Russian ammo pouches for the Mosey only hold 15 rounds per pocket in clips or one box of 20 rounds per pocket. Seems that the bandoleer will be the fall back of choice with the pouches holding boxed for reloading clips.

Update: Spent an eveing practicing loading the 91/59 with the stripper clips. Now have a method that works quite well using nothing more than the original Tool for checking the firing pin depth. FYI: place the stripperclip , place the tool as far back on the rounds as you can and push. Like butter dripping off a hot biscuit those rounds are in the magazine. Kind of a pain having to have something else in the mix to ease it up but we all know its much easier to load using the clips than singly.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dealing with Leviathan.

Working as a sub-contractor in a building Rehab you run into all kinds of quirks that can slow a job up.

In this case its partly Electrical and partly Building standards.

We are rewiring the third floor of the house so that it is on its own service line. it was combined with the second floor and had passed the initial electrical inspection. Due to the layout of the house though the owner felt that it would be better to have each level of the house as an individual apartment. Now we find out that Ohio recently adopted the NBC2008 code book and things are getting a bit silly.
First and foremost is trying to find a copy of that Code. It seems that unless you are a licensed contractor you are S.O.L. in getting a copy for anything less than $180. I have surfed and surfed for what I need and I can't find anything but links back to he NEC page and the occasional 'questionable' information posted via response on a forum somewhere.

Second off, we found that while demolishing a few surfaces for Lead Abatement we now have to modify the original structure for Fire code.

I don't have a problem bringing a building up to a better standard but some of the things we are required to do smell of political encroachment. Standards that were set up to discourage property owners to actually upkeep buildings. Some of these things reek of Union interference in the way they are set up.

What really ticks me off is the lack of information available to the general public. Thats really where all of this falls. If you aren't able to access the correct information you are forced to use sources (that in some cases may be beyond the means of the owner) that do have the information. I know that are local Electricians union charges $40/hr just to come in and 'estimate' a job. Then once on sight the rate goes up. The inspectors don't care if the union did the job but it has to be to code, yet where do you find that code? You find it through the union or by shelling out a lot of money for something that you will only need once before the version is rewritten and you have to 'upgrade'.

One thing that I am truly happy about with the eventual move to my Dad's neck of the woods. The only inspections they require are for the Septic system. They then sign off on the build and you are allowed an electric feed. From that point, no permits, no inspections, no one telling you that you HAVE TO use 2X6 instead of 2X8 for the Ceiling joists. They trust that you are wanting to build a house that is safe: not tell you how to build a house that is safe. Thats the way it should be in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The New Addition.

Here is the 91/59 that I picked up when I replaced the M-44 a couple of weeks ago. She was quite a bit more beat up and dirty than showing here. After my last range trip I dissassembled her and completetly stripped the stock. I found this hiding under all of the cosmoline stains. I did use some peroxide to bleach the heavier stains out of the wood.

Today the stripper clips and ammo pouches showed up. Not sure about the stripper clips. They seem fine but are really tricky when loading the rifle. I believe that they are aftermarket so that may have something to do with it. As for the pouches, I am cutting a block of wood to several sections that will approximate the size of the clips. The leather on these pouches has shrank some. I will soak the leather in water and saddlesoap mixture then place the wood inside and allow them to dry some. That should bring them back to functional service(with the proper treatmensts of course).

One thing I really like about Milsurp stuff is its ruggedness. The pouches are of high quality saddle leather not some cheaper nylon garbage like we see in todays gear. Nylon is durable and light, hence why the troops are using it. There is just something about leather and wood and brass that says "I am made for the long haul, not just the show today" to me.
Maybe its the craftsman in me.

No thoughts on todays political scene(that I am willing to share openly) Too disgusted with things as they are and the Media is only adding fuel to the fire for me.