Friday, December 31, 2010

primitive metal working or running the moles out of town.

Lets start off by stating a disclaimer. I am not responsible if you attempt the following and burn your house or workshop down, catch your yard on fire, spill hot metal on your foot or any number of careless mistakes that could take place. You are on your own. Even if you attempted to come after me for lucre for compensation to your stupidity, good luck, I am about as broke as they come.
That said, On with the show. The following two scenes show how to make a good furnace for little more than some creative shovel time and utilizing some items in ways that Underwriters Laboratories never thought of.

The Blower is something that I had sitting on a shelf. I made a plate to regulate the air flow through it, essentially a choke. You can use a hair dryer though I would recommend disabling the heating coils if you do. The pipe into the pit is actually a piece of tail pipe that rusted off my truck a couple of months ago. Only one spot had rusted through and I saw immediately the value of having a section of 2" pipe 'on hand' ; though at the time, not a clue what its future was.
Not pictured is my other blower That one I made from an old 18V saw, some plywood, and a section of 1 1/2" pipe. I power it from the truck when in use. It works but not nearly as efficiently as the above set up. One aspect of this that surprised me the first time I did it was the steam. Steam was popping out of the ground in places quite distant from the actual fire. I am quite certain that the moles or some other underground critter was quite peeved about my flamboyant use of coal and charcoal and none to happy about the way I was warming their little world.

Its hard to see within the flames shooting out of the pit: there is a 1qt cast iron Dutch oven in that pit. Its loaded to the brim with cans and broken cast aluminum, then lidded to retain the heat that is building inside. The lid also acts as a barrier to the atmosphere. There is paint and what not in side with the aluminum, the heat and what air is in there combine to burn that off and help remove any other oxidation that has taken place on the aluminum. This will be skimmed off once I am at heat and just before I pour.(the technical term is Dross.)

Well, now we are melting metal. What is a body to do with hot metal. The following is a 'flask' that I made up. This one has never been used but is essentially the same as the others I have. (this one was in the process of drying out before I put it to use and was convenient to snap of pic of.)
These are really simple to build, cheap in materials. I use 4" Chase board since its ribbed on one side. This helps hold the sand in when flipping the Drag over to set up the Cope. Sand is critical. The finer it is, the better your finished product surface. There are ways of making your sand up without purchasing casting sand pre-made. I have been using the Petrobond product the last couple of melts but I have been doing this enough that it was worth the purchase. You can utilize sand, ground up cat litter(the cheap clay type), wood flour(from a power sander) and a small amount of NON-DETERGENT 30W oil. The whole mess should feel like combination of wet sand and clay, should hold shape easily and when broken apart, not crumble up. I prefer the oil over a water based sand due to control. It doesn't evaporate like water, won't build explosive pressures in the mold like water can, may smell like hell when burning but doesn't smell like wet socks when in storage, and seems to make a cleaner cast than the water.(that last is an opinion only, use your own judgment if you choose to use water)

The next pic is the casting I made from the melt above. The wooden blanks are shown with it. The trick with these is a beveled edge of roughly 1-2 degrees from 90. This allows you to remove the blank from the packed sand easier. The smoother your finish here, the easier your draw, and the less work you have to finish your end product.

The next pic is of the same parts but now separated from the sprue's. The parts circled in yellow are the sprues. One is the feed sprue, the other is an overflow to allow the thicker piece some reserve to draw from during cooling to minimize shrinkage. If you look closely in the red circle, you will see some flashing on the edges of the final product. This is normal in some circumstances. In this case, my flask was not clamped and the weight of the sand was not enough to hold the edges tight. Every pour will teach you something about what to, and what not to do.

Onward we go. When ever you are working with something that needs to be accurate; in this case, a gauge for drilling specific patterns in the arms of the press, you need a test surface. Underneath the piece in blue is my test surface. This consists of an old plate from a table saw that was on the curb, a piece of plate glass and bondo. The bondo holds the glass to the plate and I use more thirty weight oil to hold the 400grit paper to the glass. The 'machinist blue' in this case is a blue sharpie with a wide tip. It works great, is cheaper than machinist blue, and is much easier to find.

First pass: Nearly perfect. I am only concerned with this side since I will bring the others to true with the mill. Using a good milling vise, a set of parallels and 1/2" 4 flute end mill, I will have every surface within .001". BUT I need a perfectly flat surface to start. That's what the test surface is for.

As you can see, even with a great cast, not every surface is perfect. This one is only a couple hundreds off, but off is off no matter how close in most cases.
And here is my mill in action. I know, not everyone has a mill. With patience, a good test surface, scraper, blue, patience, some sweat, patience and more blue; anyone can get within a couple of thousands to perfect.
Did I mention the patience part?
The Gingery series of making a machine shop covers this application. Here's a hint: How do you think they set the beds and ways of High Tech Lathes and mills back in Henry Ford's days? Think about it.

I promised no politics today and I will stand by that. Tomorrow though, well, Thats next year. See ya all in 2011! Stay safe and if in doubt, call a cab. Please.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday drive by information.

I call it drive by info since I am driving and picking up what I can, wherever I can. Be it NPR or FOX or whatever. For the record, its late(for me) and I am tired. I came home and immediately went into melt mode so I could get a couple of parts made for this project I have been working on. Hence, I will be rambling in this post. I took some pretty good pics, they are in the process of being sent through the airwaves now. Once they are uploaded, I will get them into my PC and post them tomorrow. Dial up warning, its going to be a big one with lots of pics. I wanted to show that a body doesn't need all the bells and whistles to make things out of aluminum and the pics will show that. More on that tomorrow though.

As for the Drive by Info (slight rip off from Rush on that one) well, Who do they think they are kidding with this whole " economic improvement" crap. Seriously! They keep rambling about how housing is in recovery, how unemployment is improving,(less on the dole every day, Woot! Maybe not on the dole, but not working either)and about how people are spending more (well that one is half right, we are spending more but getting less for what we spend)

I tell ya, some days I get home and my voice is hoarse; Not from singing at the top of my lungs to keep awake either but from yelling at the boneheads reading captions and trying to 'keep the joy' in America.

I am making one third of what I was making before I was laid off. ONE THIRD!!!! and I was laid off within a couple of months of O'boy swearing in. I was on the way out the door before that when they passed the TARP tripe since I was support to a major Mortgage company. It was only a matter of cleaning house at that point and they needed support for all of the boneheaded CEO's that couldn't remember their passwords. Still, ONE THIRD of that income now. And things are improving? I don't think so. Finding work doing what I was doing is hard enough and I am extraordinarily happy to have any work at all right now.

And what really ticks me off is how they get away with it on a daily basis. Seems only people on the net are calling them on this shit. Of those, only a handful are taken seriously(Self not included since I am a little spawning of a minnow in a really big pond). The majority of people, even those that do use the net on a daily basis, swallow this tripe for all its worth like it were fried chicken, then ask for seconds.

I freely admit that my dad is one of the last mentioned. It rankles me most days and I do try to show him the truth. Most people only want to take the blue pill and go back to sleep. By most, I mean about 85% of the population. (remember that 80/20 rule. It works, it works VERY well.) As for trying to show him the truth, its hard since he is retired on a fixed income and really doesn't want to know that everything he worked for in life is about to come crashing down. I can't blame him on that one. He hasn't a whole lot of time left on this planet and only wants to live out those days in happiness. He still runs circles around me when it comes to splitting wood by hand, but I think he only does that to show off, not actually work.(he will happily use a powered splitter when he thinks the yung'uns aren't watching. LMAO)

Enough for the day. I will be posting those pics and some dialogue tomorrow. No politics, I swear. My intentions tomorrow are to show that you don't need much to make machines and there really is no great secret to any of that stuff. Just patience, an eye to detail, and willingness to try again when you screw up.(and of course, safety first. 1400 degree melt is nothing to 'play' with.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

crawling back into the light.

Having spent the last week in hiatus, I am slowly crawling back into the light of the world. I have to say, spending a week doing nothing is nearly as exhausting as being my usual busybody self. Maybe more so.

One thing that I have been doing is watching. Just watching. Keeping up with the nets, though not interacting (other than through e-mails and the occasional comment on some sites) and the morning news editions of some of the MSN's. I know, its not like I will be given the truth there but they do touch upon most of the issues even if they don't actually give all of the info.

One thing I saw this morning was an interview with a former Shell Executive; talking about $5/gal gasoline by 2012. It really is sad that there was more emotion and concern over that then they have over the CONgress critters ripping apart freedoms and liberty. Yeah, I know that rising gas prices scare hell out of most people, and it should to some extent. I know it scares me since my chosen work path is VERY dependent upon fuel costs. Being the FNG at work, I would probably be one of the first ones cut if they are unable to maintain a balance of fuel/delivery costs. The flipside of that being: I deliver car parts for a discount house. If those people can't afford to drive the car, you know damned well, they won't be fixing said cars. SO, less parts to deliver + higher costs to deliver them = no need to keep Dio employed full time. It's not here yet; though I can see it coming.

Luckily, I am not 100% dependent upon that cash flow to make my way in the world. I know only a handful of people that can say that.

Coming Events: In my side bar I added a link to the Guardians of Liberty site. Its at the top so easy to find. If you aren't going, try to find someone that is to support their trip. We may not be able to turn the tide, but if we don't try, well, you know the gist of the rest of that.

This is taking place in the third week of January. 2 weeks after the swearing in of the new congress. I can't say they will be effective, there are too many doors that close to the public in that den of thieves.

I know that we are seeing many wake up to the fight. Sadly, I think we are thirty years too late. The rules of engagement are written to the benefit of those in seated positions, not those that 'allow' the governance. Well, the ROE towards peaceable reconciliation that is.
I guess my question is the same as others NOT if, but WHEN. I don't see any other route so long as the Para military state exists. Power doesn't recede, or is given up, without violent lash-back. Yes the District of Criminals has been doing some backpedalling lately. They know they have pushed the limits a bit too quickly. But BUT, they aren't giving in yet. They won't let go what they have anytime soon, and not without a fight. May it not come to bloodshed, but more than likely, it will.

Bashing William is going there with GoL, I wish him luck. I understand why he is going, I even thought of going myself. I won't make any excuses about why I am not going. I looked at my current situation and weighed out the outcomes. I can't afford it financially or in time. Period. I will continue the fight in ways I can for now. When things get crazy later, Finances will be the least of my worries. And that is the kind of fighting I was trained to do.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Wishes for all.

I am going offline for a few days. Time for me to let the Christmas Spirit settle in for a bit and relax.

Having read some online articles on the latest travesties passed in the District of Criminals, I need to just get away from it for a few. This isn't going to end well, for us or them, and until things start rolling, I just want to be with family.

Isn't that the real reason for the season?

Family and friends, good feelings, and remembrance of that which has brought us to where we are?

Granted, where we are could be a much better place.

Even so, My holiday wishes to all that read this are as follows.

1) I wish that your time this season with family goes well.
2) I wish that you are able to relax and enjoy this season with the above peoples.(as it may be the last as we know it now)
3) I wish that your New Years passes uneventfully with only good memories for the future.

(I know, all of the above are basically the same wish. Shoot me.)

A little music to back my wishes up. (BTW if you have never seen TSO live, GO! You will be impressed! And this is from a person that worked in the entertainment industry for years. I am quite biased in my opinion of a good show.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing to say this week.

Claire asks an interesting question this week. Something of a thought experiment, even if you don't reply, give it a go. Try to answer with something that even a child can understand.

That kind of pushed me to get up and type up something. As a matter of course, the reason I have been laying low: I haven't one nice thing to add to the mix of the world right now. I know its getting to me when I go through the rifles, magazines, ammo supply, BOB, etc then start back at the rifles and do it all again. I am getting itchy just waiting for what feels so inevitable to me.

Huckabee said it best on the radio this week. The best Christmas Gift the Goobs in the District of Criminals could give the American people, To shut down and GO HOME.

Well, they didn't do that. Remus has a detailed report and link list. Mayberry has a synopsis of the highlights listed. And with that, I have nothing more to add. At least, not today.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thoughts on declines, ours and in history

I was glancing at some charts today from various places and noted a steady decline across the board. Everyone that comes to this site knows my pet peeve is education and that was one of the first charts I was looking at. Looking at illiteracy,by ratio, we really haven't improved or declined that much. But if you look at the actual figures, we have gone down hill by quite a margin. Then, look at the actual value of the dollar in comparison to a standard; in this case I used silver since it is the 'poor mans insurance policy'. Huge decline even with JP Morgan manipulating the market.

Then I looked back into history.

The Roman Empire to be exact.

Not one thing I looked at is new. I know that there have been brighter persons than I that have done research on this subject. I know that there are a plethora of books out there on the decline of civilizations. I have even read some of them. It's a vastly different world when you do some of that research yourself.

Now the question I have is this: Even though we are showing signs of swirling in the toilet bowl; Are there enough people in this country, with the moral backbone, initiative, and will power to turn this mess around?

My answer is a very definite " Possibly". Yeah, yeah, I know: that's a non-answer. Give me a break, I am trying to be positive because to be honest, I don't really think this thing can be turned around. There are signs of life in those that wish for a return to greatness, but I think we needed to really put the brakes on while Reagan was Prez. (Kennedy would have been even better but you see what happened to him when he tried. That whole silver backed currency thing really ticked off some power players back then.)

One of my readers mentioned in a comment that its "time to grab some popcorn and watch the show". I am very close to concurring 100% there. Very close. Now if someone sent me a link or an email talking about that 'buying a county and starting fresh'; hell, I would be there quicker than an Oklahoma Tornado. There isn't anything holding me back any longer and if I made a move like that my kin that are of like mind would be right there behind me. We may not be rich in money but our skills and drive would prove more than enough. Then we could all sit back and watch the show from afar. Much better that way.

The only problem I see with a situation like that is the media. All it takes is one warrant and a federal probe with some 'misleading information' and the whole lot of us would and could be labeled, well, pretty much anything they wanted to paint us as. Just look what happened with David Koresh and the Ruby Ridge incident. If the nation is screaming for blood, they can get away with pretty much anything short of tactical nuke.

More thoughts on this one later. Been a long day and I have a short night before I do it all again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monsieur, would you like some ice with your snow?

And that pretty much sums up how my day started. Its going on 4AM here in the great state of Mountainous terrain and I will not be going to work today. After the harrowing 20 minute drive to not get to work, I am not complaining. My little truck handles much better than the vans we use for delivery, and it wasn't exactly the most stable this morning. Its not raining hard, just a slight drizzle, but that compounded with the already frozen ground is making for LOADS of black ice. 4 Wheel drive is mostly useless unless you are going in a straight line on hills. Curves? Fuhgetaboutit! And there are LOTS of curves 'round these parts.

I am going back to bed.

And yet, this brings up something that I saw last night. It continually amazes me how weak our current country is. Weak being a kind word in this case. I stopped at the grocery last night to pick up some cold cuts for making my lunches for the next few days. The line may as well have been out the door. Seems everybody was in panic mode, stocking up for 'The great Ice Storm". Shocked me to the core. I expect this kind of crap in bigger cities, like the one I left behind; not around here. People tend to be more self reliant around here, or so I thought. (some may call me a hypocrite for saying this as I was stopping there for food. Difference being that I was not stocking up, just getting sundries. Not essentials.)

I take little things like this too heart: this is a precursor for what is coming at us. When fuel costs go through the roof, food will to. It all boils down to fuel in this country. EVERYTHING we take for granted (well, those that haven't a clue what is coming take for granted) revolves around fuel: good cheap (relatively) crude oil. I have had this argument before and have yet to be stumped on it. EVERYTHING in some way, shape, or form in this country, is attached to fuel now.

For that reason alone, I started investigating alternative energy sources. Things that can be done to alleviate, or eliminate the need for petroleum products.

Its a really small list.

And not one thing comes close to providing the same amount of energy per pound that Oil (or coal) does.

There are ways to capture energy locally that are really great ideas. Micro-Hydro electric for one. Solar and wind are others(and it isn't cost effective to 'go bigger'. Quite the opposite). The real problem isn't the source, but the storage. Electric motors put out Peak Torque at 0 Zero RPM's and hold that torque through most of the RPM range of the motor. This is 'backwards' from that of an IC Combustion engine. Most Electric motors are rather small in comparison to an equivalent powered ICE. The real problem is power storage. This goes across the entire board of electric vs. Hydrocarbon based energy. I don't know the actual figures, but its not hard to find it on the net. Pound for pound, we haven't a single source that equals, let alone beats the power we get out of one pound of ANY hydrocarbon fuel. Electric cars aren't new, but they went the wayside back in the early 1900's due to this inescapable fact. The closest thing we have to comparable, to date, is the Tesla Roadster. Even so, its battery pack is the heaviest part of the car. Its range is 'comparable' to that of gas powered car but still falls short in the long run, just due to lack of 'convenient' refueling. Storage issues are the key to 'cheap energy'. Our electric grid works cheaply only because its an "on demand" system. No storage needed. But it also isn't easily transported. Those towers and lines cost far more than people think. The cost has been deferred over the years and the maintenance of them is horrendous. Yet it is still cheaper than a storage system.
And battery technology hasn't made leaps and bounds progress since the early 1900's. Only recently have we seen some pretty neat stuff. A123 systems is one, there are others, but the drive for R&D just hasn't been there. Cheap Fossil fuels made it unnecessary.

Now we are dependent upon these cheap fuel sources. Dependent in a way that makes a Junkie look like a saint. And it all ties to an economy that is based upon a lie.

And the vast majority of people are so wrapped up in that lie, they can't see that the shit is up the their chins and rising. They worry only about getting through to the next day, not at all worried about how they are going to feed the kids next year, or even if they need to learn a new skill other than consumption.

It really shows when the weather turns nasty.

And this is only a glimmer of what is gonna happen when the power goes out, the trucks stop rolling and the 'electors' start screaming for the elected to 'do something'.

No thanks, I will do for myself and those around me that do for themselves. A small group of people that don't wait for the police to show up or the fire department to arrive. People that know that a garden in the back yard is worth far more than the $25/week it saves you at the grocery. People that know owning a gun isn't a 'complex' but an insurance policy.

All right, it was a gentle rant. Its still early though, I may blow up yet. LOL

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

gah, lost in the void.

Somehow, the pics I was uploading are now lost in the void. Since I am on a All Telephone & Trouble network, I imagine they will show up in my inbox at some point but not when I need them(IE NOW!). Seems that happens more often than not. I received a Text from from my daughter a few days ago that she sent me more than a week ago. Glad as hell it wasn't a priority issue. Love the technology, hate the tribulations that go along with it.

As is, I am trying to avoid getting too political right now. I guess you could say that burnout is in progress. Seeing that others have made posts along similar lines, it seems to be a group thing.

As is, I am back to work tomorrow, I am certain that I will have heard something or seen something to stick in my craw until I have a chance to lance the wound.

Maybe by then, my pics will have arrived and I can post something more tangible. LOL

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laying low and keepin busy

Haven't had a whole lot to say the last couple of days. Been trying a different type of furnace for melting aluminum. Works well enough but I think I want to go back to the old way of doing it. This way heats the crucible up pretty quick but I can only get it about half full. Anymore than that and I can't keep the heat up. At least with the old method I am able to melt about one quart of aluminum. This fills the crucible and extreme care needs to be taken with it. Rare that I have a need for that much but its nice to have the ability.

Well there seemed to be some interest in this stuff out there. I highly recommend Gingery's series for those that wish to get started in this stuff. It may not be the most accurate work out there and there are some holes in his methods but it works. I know more than a couple of machinists out there that cry about how bad his ideas are. Too Frillin bad boys; not all of us can afford Bridgeport machines and $10000.00+ foundry equipment. Even a cheap machine can be made accurate and I have found that making them that way teaches me more about machining than a book or anything else. Just like with the foundry work I have been doing: Every pour teaches me something new. We learn best from our mistakes and so long as you are upright and breathing at the end of the day, you have a chance to correct the problem. Granted mistakes can get expensive but eventually you learn how to minimize that cost. For example: If I mess up a pour, either through the melt not being hot enough or over/under-ramming the sand, I can always remelt the mess. I would only be out the time and fuel used. The materials themselves are 100% recyclable. There is some oxidation that takes place and My dross pile is growing but I have found that makes great 'gravel' in the driveway. Bust it up with a hammer and its hard to tell it from stone anyway.

Now, if you are interested in this, I can't stress this enough. It really boils down to one lesson learned for me. If you want to learn anything, you have to get out and get your hands dirty. You MUST make the attempt or you will only have a cursory knowledge with no substance. (and doesn't that seem like most of the problem with the elected now-days?) The other aspect is, PATIENCE; nothing worthwhile comes quick. Take the time to make your parts accurately, take the time to learn at least the basics, take the time to research ANY question that may arise. Seek out those that want to teach too.

Back on tomorrow with some other stuff, Waiting for my phone to upload pics.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things are coming to fruition.

I have been getting into the habit lately of going out for a walk when I get off work. Today, not so much. I had some parts ready for machining for the bow-press I am making for my cousin. The vise handles specifically today. This is that part finished and installed. BTW, this part is made from a bag of aluminum pop cans. I melted them, and made the pour into an old lead smelting pot I had laying around. Turning it to its final shape only took about ten minutes. Drilling and tapping the handle points and the set screw took a bit longer.

There are a few more parts that need cast and the following are my initial prototypes. I call them that since I need to go back and make some changes to the way the blanks are made. These would work if it were for me; its not though and my drive for perfection won't allow me to use them as a final product. The first part is the saddle for the fingers that hold the bow. There will be two of them. The second part is one of the fingers. There will be a total of four of those. They will be dipped in that Handle grip material to protect the finish of the bows. I still need to machine and harden the retaining pins for these parts. I figure I will wait until all of the casting is done and final machining is done before I make those parts though. That way I can make certain that everything will go together just right.

If someone is interested in doing this sort of thing, I HIGHLY recommend biting the bullet and getting the Petrobond. OMG what a difference that made. One pour, two parts and the only real issue was getting the sprue cut off cleanly. I made the sprue too danged big since I was used to the 'homemade' casting sand I had been using. (side note; if you are interested in this kind of thing, this company is a great resource for things you may want to get AND all kinds of information on casting.)

No Politics today, after yesterday I needed a break. The only thing I found amusing and distressing was the hiring of Former Prez Bill Clinton to come in for damage control. Seems every 'former' supporter of O'boy is bailing out on him.(at least, if they are still in office and need the political clout.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a sense of proportion.

I realize that today started off badly. I apologize (kinda) for any that may have taken offense at my earlier post.

LOL Who am I kidding, I needed a good rant and that was just one of many: more to come from that source I am certain.

Anywho, I get home from work, I have a few hours before sunset and decided to go for a walk, I really needed to burn some excess energy. I walked about 3 miles and most of it was uphill(only in KY LMAO) and ended up strolling by the 'range'. Good thing too, I had a moment of near euphoria when I beheld this sight.

Those chalky/sandstone cliffs there in the center are what we use for targets. A similar image was posted last year but I don't think it was as clear. That particular cliff is 374 yards from this.

Not much to look at but it does what we need it to do. There is a spot right beside it that isn't real clear but we go Prone there for the same shot.


My cousin and I will be rappelling that cliff this coming week to paint our targets on it. There is another ridge that is visible in the first pic. We shoot from there back to the range where our bench is sometimes. The bench is on top of a cliff face too. But that range is a bit more of a challenge. Its over 700 yards (our range finder won't give us an accurate reading.) I am going to set up a 5'7" target there this year. The range finder on my PSL should give me a pretty accurate 'guess'.

Ah, the moments of zen I feel when I can get in some real trigger time. Desperately needed too.

News at 60MPH

Back to the grind today, traveling little country back roads, highways and bi-ways, listening to whatever news source I can tune in. Sometimes its NPR, sometimes the FOX network, more often than not, local cut ins. Its hard to keep any AM stations in these mountains but I try. One neat thing about AM, I occasionally get stations from distant parts of the country. I was getting a station out of Baton Rouge today. Sadly it was (and quite unexpectedly) a liberal station.

I have only one thing to say, to the MSM's and any form of Government, after todays reports.


I don't care one whit if they continue raping and robbing the public at large. The longer they continue that crap, the sooner this will come to a head. I am aware of the scam and have and am taking steps to alleviate the damage on a personal note. I am doing what I can to have my 'retirement' without depending on some crooked bank, an even more crooked government on the verge of collapse, or a delusional society.
Gather those around you that understand, its the best insurance against what is coming. Don't be afraid to cut any ropes to anchors. You may not be able to take it all with you but learn to do as much as you can with what you have.

One interesting note: This was from a local boy on the morning drive slot.
"Wal-mart has joined the See something, say something crowd, Even going so far as having video of Janet N in the check out lanes. Hey, I am all about someone saying something if they see a bomb in a shoe box but that whole Big Sis video stuff: lets just say it reminds me of those creepy movies from the 60's with Government heads on the big screens telling people how to live. I think this one is taking it too far."

Hey, He ALMOST gets it. Only thing is, We are already there. They continue trying to tell us how to live and every year, get a bit closer to that 1984 image. At our current pace, I wouldn't be surprised to see exactly that in 10 years. The technology is there, the internet is a good buffer so long as they keep their paws off it, but if they don't, its a great way of enforcing what they want, re-writing history, influencing Public opinion, and keeping an eye on is in the process.(just try finding a laptop now that doesn't have a built in camera on the screen/lid. How much longer before they are hidden behind the screen itself and buried in code in the OS? )
On another note, The Dream Act passed the house, supposedly is destined for burial in the senate. What does this mean to us? I will let Nancy tell you.

I apologize for subjecting you to that !@#$%^&*!!!!!!. One catch phrase, "new order" Did you catch that? Another catch phrase "the Children". Nothing changes, nothing ever fuckin changes. It matters not if there is an R or a D behind the name. Every single one of those fuckers is a socialist at heart.(well maybe not every one but enough that the few that aren't don't stand a chance) They pass things trying to make a better world. But at who's expense? OURS! We pay them, no, strike that. THEY PAY THEMSELVES with tax money they steal from us. And then turn around and pass BS laws and mandates as if they had a decree from on high.

I turn my back on the America I grew up in, the one I am living in now. I look towards the America as envisioned by the original founders. Simplicity at its finest and no need for further details. The only mistake made then was to compromise on the details. Since then its been a down hill slide and we are really gaining speed.

I am going to close with a chick song but I think the words are fitting to my mood.
(and something a bit sweeter to listen to than that last plugin)
I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love(with Freedom) and always will be
Addendum are my words

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New casting sand arrived today

I splurged and purchased some Petrobond casting sand recently. It finally arrived today.
I can tell from handling it that I will have fewer casting problems. The stuff I made was fine but it was temperamental as all get out. I had to re-temper it for every cast; whether that was a week apart or 5 minutes. Even then, there were some casts that failed due to sand issues. This new stuff should alleviate that problem. And its finer grained! Woot.
I am going to hang on to the old stuff since it works just fine for Foamcasting. I never had issues using that method. While it is a fine method for making one off parts, its rather sucks for multiple pieces. Hard to get consistent sizes. I know that GM was/is using that method for making aluminum blocks but they have a machine that makes the foam blanks.(you can see the foam bead impression on the Saturn engines. Kind of cool to look at if you are someone that enjoys that kind of things) Utilizing that, they won't have the problems of consistency. I am just a little guy that tinkers, no room for multiple pieces of gear for one end result.

Gonna take some pics of the project I am working on and post them here. It's a Press for working on the newer style compound bows. My cousin has paid well for it and is still getting a deal over a factory built one. The last parts needed will be the castings I am working on now.

Still working on the house though with the cold upon us, that has taken a bit of a back seat. Time enough for that when spring rolls around.

Not much to talk about from the political front. Same old same old. Feel like shifting gears for a bit and just talking about hobbies and skills. I am sure that once the new group of Cons swear in (with their fingers crossed behind their backs) things will pick up again.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Silence on the set!

Caught an MSM report on the Wikileaks charade. What a laugh, and not a good one. They are strangely silent on the 'disappearance' of access to the .org server. As if it never happened. The link I posted up to it was a ISP address not a DNS address, to the Switzerland server. The U.S. server is now offline and while it may have been a voluntary shutdown, I am certain it was with a bit of intimidation by TPTB.
The other aspect of that report was the lack of real information about the charges against Assange. They are still making it out as a sex crime. The way I see it, the most that they could get him on is negligence or attempted assault. AND, they have to prove intent. Sorry, condoms break, proving this was intentional is probably beyond the scope of most courts.(unless he actively has an STD, that would change things a bit, but only a bit.)

And still silence from the WH.

It just gets deeper.

Whats with the "standing Army"?

How to start this. So, start with the known facts and work outward.
Standing armies. Its fact that our founders considered a standing army to be as near to tyranny as you can get without having an actual tyranny. They mention this no less than once in the founding documents, multiple times within correspondence amongst themselves in the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers.
That’s not to say they felt armies were unnecessary; quite the opposite. They were in the middle of a war to win independence. They knew that force was a necessary evil. It’s the selective use of that force that makes war political, and not power grabbing.
When we started this country, after we had won our independence, we held onto only a handful of the military force we used to win. That was mostly navy with small detachments of marines to maintain our shipping lanes. There were also small regiments of Army Regulars within country but mostly on the territorial edges of the country. These were volunteer forces that were more of a police force to help the locals maintain treaties with indigenous peoples and other nationalities in competition for the land.
The President was the Chief Commander of the forces though not directly involved in conflicts. His was the hand that was needed to keep the forces in a strictly political nature, not one of power.
When larger skirmishes were involved, the people would head to the local command to ‘enlist’. Between larger skirmishes, they would maintain the “guard”. In some states it was mandatory for all males to congregate for drill IF they weren’t going to go to church on Sunday. It was expected for the families to maintain a field grade weapon, with shot and powder. All of this was expected and accepted. People didn’t rely upon the military to maintain peace amongst themselves. Local constables were in place to help keep order in situations of ‘law breaking’ but they were not the key policing factor. The people were.

This system was in place up to the time of the Civil War. Even then, when war was inevitable, people signed up with the local command. There were exception to this, especially in the south where conscription was fairly common. Granted, during that time, there were several instances of major Constitutional violations, on both sides. The fact that the war happened at all shows just how out of touch the Federal Government was getting at that point.
At the declaration of the Spanish American war, people signed up at the local Command.
At the declaration of the Great War (WWI) same thing.
Voluntary Enlistment right after the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Same thing. The sign up was so heavy at that time, the Army and Navy were turning away many.

SO how did that work. Small regiments between conflicts. Major build up at the start of war. Where did the command structure come from?
Some of it was made up of former Command ‘Re-upping’. Some of it was career officers bucking for political office that stayed in between conflicts. Amazingly, there tended to be more combat experience without a standing army than we have had in the last 60 years with our current establishment.(the last 7 years not included.)
What changed and why?
Immediately after WWII, we were the only power that was left unscathed on our own soil.(Pearl harbor not included then) We were the only power that had a fully functional industrial complex and an economy that wasn’t overburdened: at least not as badly as the rest of the world at that point. We were making weapons for every country that was an ally since they were weakened by war upon their soil.(Westinghouse made Mosin-Nagants for Russia! As did Remington.)
And we had the bomb.
We also had a lot readjusting to do. Many families that were separated by the war, had to shift gears with Dad coming home. Much of the forces then were disbanded and sent home and things seemed to return to normal. Only they didn’t. We had several new sections of the military. The Navy had grown, we now had the newly formed Air Force. And we had the bomb.
Someone had to have control of that little nightmare. It wasn’t something that you could mothball for when you needed it. Especially when one of your allies was quickly turning into something else, wanting the same footing you had recently acquired.
It was easier for the PTB to keep a force on hand, just in case, than depend upon patriotism to drive recruitment in time of need. There was enough agreement among the citizens then, that it was convenient to ignore that little tidbit about ‘standing armies’.
One interesting point about WWII: ALL of the officers Brigadier General on up, were leftovers from the first World War. Several in office at the time were leftovers from then also. Many of the first enlistees were leftovers from that time. The instructors of ‘the boots’ were combat VETS. This has been a rare thing until our current time frame. At the start of the Vietnam War, there were very few instructors with combat experience, very few in commands with actual combat experience.
I think things went downhill greatly when our country made the turn towards having an active military. When conscription was chosen around the Vietnam War, things really took a turn for the worst.
Where did things really go wrong though? Its actually a combination of things. Mostly decisions made by persons in positions of responsibility without repercussion. Education went downhill, patriotism went the sidelines, both in schools and at home eventually. The country as a whole starting showing more selfishness. We lost the morals and integrity of past generations.
This allowed the PTB to grow further power within the military complex. The Chiefs of Staff started turning out to be more politicians than Commanders. Fewer and fewer Presidents have had military experience, let alone combat experience. (Current president being the best example of that.) There may not be a need for it, but it is a trait that helps in relations with a system that shouldn’t be there by our founder’s ideas. It also helps weight the hard choices when force is inevitable. (One thing any vet can tell you: “when in doubt, do something. It may not be the right thing but doing nothing will get people killed”. The other side of that coin is to listen to those in your command. It may not change your mind but it will give you an insight into the needs of your people. Our current president never learned those lessons.)
One thing that gave me hope about the whole mess of the military/industrial complex was just after 9/11. The recruiting stations filled quickly. We hadn’t even declared a war at that point, yet many young people felt the call of duty in their souls. Do I like the idea of sending people to die? Hell no. but I have no qualms about defending my own ideas, life and property and this country fits in that list very neatly. Those people that answered that call know exactly what I mean, or they wouldn’t have made that call.(debatably, this may have been a contrived event, some may even include Pearl Harbor in that as well as other events in history. Fact is, even if contrived, it worked to swell the ranks.)

Sadly, TPTB felt the need to continue a practice experimented with in Korea, fleshed out in Vietnam and perfected in the war-rooms of the military colleges. War is a racket now, purely and simply a racket. It runs the economy to some extent, makes multinational banks Masses of money as they work both sides of the trouble.(and this was documented during WWII, Exxon being part of that, as well as IBM) Hell, I don’t think there has been an Honest war since the skirmish between two surveyors and a couple of natives at a place now called Battlecreek Michigan. Even the Civil War had masses amount of money playing both sides against the middle.
No, the real problem is allowing the PTB to have any power over the military at all; making it so that being an Officer has to be by Congressional Appointment. Imagine if the military were still ‘Militia’ and the Government could only request our services? What if the militia had atomic weapons and the Government started getting out of line? Well, that’s a rather silly thought, if things hadn’t changed ‘way back when’ chances are we wouldn’t have come to the point of atomic/nuclear anything AND TPTB probably wouldn’t be in the position they are in now. Funny how that threat of retaliation tends to keep people in line. It’s what they do to honest people in this country, I would like to see the tables turned on ‘em.

Now we are at a point in history where that standing army may be the deathknell of freedom within this country. There have been studies done, internally, to determine if the military could be used during times of unrest and the results have been less than positive for freedom. I am certain that there are groups within the ranks that will not 'rise up' against their fellow Americans. The unit I was in was ready to go rogue if such an event happened. I can't say that the same unit would have the same feelings now, its been almost 20 years, but seeing how there was such strong Patriotism then, I am sure there are units now that feel the same.
(for the record, I was discharged with an OTH. I did some things that were stupid but the only charge they were able to get to stick was UA (AWOL for the army people). During the Courts Martial, the Captain in charge made the courts record stick the label of "patriotic activist" to my records. During the Clinton Era, it was like sewing a red "A" to my clothes. Here's the clincher, this was after Desert Storm, which I was involved in, and just after the LA riots. You can see where the problem was, I am sure.) Part of the problem here is control of WHAT is being taught at a young age and the propaganda of what is allowed within the Military itself.

Our young are being taught that this is not a standing army. Many of those that enlist, are young, from depressed areas, many of whom are looking for an 'out'. Some are from areas like the area I live in now. They go in because "my dad was a marine/soldier/sailor, his dad was, and his dad was", its traditional. There is noting wrong with either reason, and yet, both are wrong at the same time. Wanting a step up and willingness to work for it is honorable. Following in family footsteps is honorable. A standing army is wrong.

And the military, personnel wise, is only about 1/100th the physical population. Spending is more for support and equipment than in actual salaries. Our equipment is constant evolution while the rest of the world 'attempts to keep up'. Yet when we are confronted by groups that are still using pre-WWI bolt action rifles, our latest and greatest only helps us hold the field. The mentality within the command structure is hobbled by political aspiration. That mentality is what costs the ones on the ground, the highest price. That was what happened in WWI, and Vietnam. There was a disconnect from actual use of military towards political gain by the command.
If we want to win wars, it requires getting in there, doing the job with ALL available resources, and getting out as quickly as we got in(WWII is a great example of this). Our current complex is more about maintaining the conflict. You don't win wars that way, and you sure as hell don't make friends with those on the ground, on either side of the conflict. There are others that make much better arguments against the military complex than I can. I will leave this post at that point.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday update of prior post.


If you haven't read Claire's article you can read it here.

The "rape" charge against Assange is really starting to look more and more like a smear campaign. From whom is questionable but seeing his latest foray's, the culprit is pretty likely. Granted the guy may be a good schmoozer with the ladies and terrible once he is 'there'. No reason to label this guy a terrorist or rapist. Seems to me that there is much more going on with these women and I wouldn't be surprised if its discovered that they deposited quite a large sum of money recently.

As for the guy himself, he is up against the wall and with good reason. He has managed to piss off a lot of very powerful people.

The real question is, Who made the leak?

I still have my suspicions that this Bradley person is NOT the real leak but the fall guy; conveniently placed into the hands of the media. Anyone remember a movie called "Wag the dog"?
If you haven't seen it, Do so. Well worth the price of admission and quite revealing as to how some political processes REALLY work. I think it was released just after the Clinton scandals happened. It worked great since telling the truth during times of crisis can be the best ploy for distraction away from the truth. Especially in a world were everyone is so used to being lied to: by the media AND the PTB. Sometimes, the obvious isn't the answer. Other times, it is the answer to the obvious. Be skeptical, question everything, even your own motives at times. You might be surprised at how little gets by you when you are a tad bit paranoid.

Oh yeah, We are paranoid aren't we. LOL

Wacky Definitions: Paranoid: Noun, 1: A person aware of all the facts.(I forget where I first heard that but I remember it to this day. It struck me as too close to the truth. But isn't that some of the best humor?)

I digress though. It seems to me that the WH is unusually silent about this whole affair. Yet Sect of State Clinton is quite perplexed by it. Seems to me that this may be an internal dispute coming out to check and mate a potential rival. With Hillary's recent talk, openly, after the leaks came out, against running for public office EVER again; the checkmate worked. Still, there is something more running under the surface and I will bet that the details of that will never come to light.

I will be posting early tomorrow. Have a long post coming with my perceptions on the military and how it has been hi-jacked away from what the founders intended.(that whole standing army thing.) And I will be backing it with historical reference for those that aren't sure what I mean.

Friday, December 3, 2010

'Break neck Speed Scotty, we need more power'

Not exactly something you ever heard on StarTrek but I wouldn't be surprised to hear something similar in the halls of the WH these days.

We know that this administration has started making moves into internet censorship. They may not come out right and admit it; they are making moves to have more and more of a hand in it and as recent events show, they can and will make things 'happen'. How many Domains have been shut down in the last 4 weeks? I can think of three right off the top of my head. Maybe there was some legitimate concern, maybe not. Fact is, it shouldn't be in their power to make that call but the people that frequent, or don't frequent, those sites. How long before the voices like Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, or even little ol' me, are driven into oblivion by a simple act of attrition called DNS failure?

Then I read this from John Galt.
I, among many others, have been warning at length that this administration and its minions would seek control of the airwaves and the flow of information on the internet to insure that the various points of view within the greater debate and discussion in our society are limited within a framework which is satisfactory to the two political parties in power. When this idea is expanded to the current administration it means the pure unadulterated naked censorship and rationing of the disbursement of government actions, legislation, and regulation so the bureaucrats can move in silence and surprise the public only when their evil deeds are complete.
RTWT here.

Well the jackasses couldn't get the Fairness Doctrine to fly so they have to pull a "Hail Mary" move and make an end run around the 'problem'.

Internet Censorship through DNS shutdown.
"Testing" for Moral and civic quality in radio programing(?!?!?!).(From a group that show a severe disconnect from the morals and qualities of the average American family? Uh, did I miss something?)

Maybe this post about it is premature. Maybe not. There are over 2500 radio stations in this country. Each will have to have a license renewal at different times of the year. I can see this happening 'incrementally' nationwide until one day we wake up to hear Janet N. whispering in our ear about strip searches before we are allowed to leave our house for mandatory tax work day. "its for the safety of the children you know".*

They can't openly attack the First Amendment as that would really make the propaganda stooges on CNN and the others have a shit hemorrhage. But they can make end roads around it until they have control. They have 16 days to get a good chunk of that agenda pushed through before the shutdown of the hill before the changing of the guard(if you wish to call the batch of newbies that.) And while I am tired of this shit, I know that one person attempting something is essentially suicide by cop. Even Joseph Stack knew this.(and to call that man insane? Dunno 'bout that: seemed pretty reasonable to me, just pissed off and tired of watching the horror show we call America today. He may have been a bit delusional about some things, but I think anger made his words seem a bit more paranoid than he really was.)

Now if I could only find a state that was willing to secede from the union and start a REAL Republic. Is Texas ready? It would only take me 24 hours to make that run and everything I would want to take can be thrown in the truck in under 10 minutes.

I guess I just keep watching. Soon enough the time will be ripe and some where, somehow, this Travesty we call a federal government will trip up.

*(I can say with all honesty: before that day comes, I will, WILL, become and active enemy of the state. I may not last long against it, they do have better weapons and toys (remote aircraft, etc) but I will do as much damage as possible with a Romanian rifle as one well trained and highly motivated Former Marine can do. I may not be 20 any longer but I am far from 'Old and useless'.)

Where to start today?

First and foremost, thanks to all for the comments. I may get spoiled if I keep getting that many comments on a post. Guess I need to keep at it more. LOL

Second; This whole Wikileaks thing. I have been idly listening in to the talking heads over it and I am coming to some conclusions on it.
I don't think its what it appears to be. There may be some real meat on the bones of those leaks, but I wonder. Seems the WH has been deathly quiet over it, Hillary is ready to have someones scrotum for brunch, and the CONservative talking heads are screaming "TREASON" at the tops of their lungs. WTF? Maybe this Asage guy is a just a patsy for something bigger running under the surface. Maybe not. The fact that he is shining a light into some of the most corrupt areas of Government is not a bad thing. Maybe there were some security issues that are opened up that shouldn't have been; you have to take some to give some in this instance. As for a Private having access to those communiques, NOT F#$KIN LIKELY!!!! Unless that kid is a brilliant hacker, even if he was "Intelligence", there is no way he should have had access to that level of information. That whole mess screams cover up in my eyes.

On that note though, I will drop the subject. Just one little guys opinion anyway, and we know the rule on opinions.(the one about a$$holes, etc)

Little Product review now. (it is coming on Christmas and I know how geeky some of us are.)
Bought this last week. Love and hate it all at the same time.
Pros: Its nice to be able to have access to so many books at one time. Being able to handle the myriad of PDF books I have on hand is even better. The Screen is perfect, May only be for shade gray display but it works well enough for being able to make out most photographs and perfect for reading. No glare is a great plus. Nearly like looking at paper.
CONS: Having multiple books in one hand can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to cross reference something. Navigation is very simple but the buttons for home/next/back etc are in a rather inconvenient place. Tends to be right where I put my thumb. Grrrr.

My synopsis. I like it enough that it goes with me everyday to work. Great to pick and choose what I want to waste my break with. One the other hand, I am a book geek. I usually have no less than three books open at any given time and bounce from one to the other seamlessly. It may take some time to adjust to not being able to do that with the Kobo. You can switch fairly quickly but its just not the same. This product will never take the place of a physical book, at least, not in my world. As the market for it grows, I am sure that there will be more books available for it. That may make it even more worthwhile. I don't regret the purchase though. 100 classics in one format: that alone was worth the purchase cost.(and not all of them are fiction.)

End note. The Kobo could be a great gift to someone that loves reading, even some kids that may not be into reading that much. The Techie side of it may be enough to encourage more reading in that case.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who's Fed up?

Break neck speed.
Preaching to the Choir.
Angry rants.
furtive pleas for intelligence in office.

All of these things are no news to those that read this blog, nor to those that blog likewise. We are tired, no, SICK AND TIRED, of trying to educate the few around us to what is really going on. TSA DHS CIA FBI ATF DEA IRS etc etc etc Hell, just throw a few letters from our alphabet together and I promise you, you will find some Government agency with the initials and they will be armed in some form or have armaments readily available.

Fascism doesn't come as a Curtain Drop towards the end of the show, it creeps up on you like a fog of Poison gas while you watch the plot accelerate.

We are already there, its only a matter of time before the PTB start to reach out and gather up all of us 'dissenters' and flag wavers. We aren't singing the praise of slavery.

Mayberry is saying he is turning of the news for awhile. I tried it: withdrawals of a sort set in. Not so much the Macabre Interests type but more of a tactical response. I prefer to know what the 'enemy' is up to IF at all possible. While I can say in all honesty, I don't know what all they are up to, I can say with certainty: Its not in my best interests nor that of my family or friends. I don't give a rats ass how they try to sell it to me, I know what freedom and liberty are and we ain't seeing it any longer(if we ever really did).

I sat back last night after reading Mayberry's post and did some serious recollection on my life. Not sure how he pulled that out but it happened that way. I remembered growing up and running around like a hooligan. I know that if I were to grow up in todays world like that, my dad would be thrown in jail for Neglect or abuse. He allowed us to teach ourselves how to be humans. Our three rules were pretty straight-forward.
1) Keep your grades up in school
2) Do your chores
3) Be home before I(dad) get up for work or your ass is gonna get blistered.

He didn't spare the rod either. I have a couple of welts that scarred and in hindsight, I deserved far more than I received. I was something of a spoiled punk and it took a group of DI's at Parris Island to straighten me out.(and they are damned good at that kind of work.)

But that was how it was supposed to be, in my eyes. We were free to make it or not, he guided us as best he could as a single parent, but it was really up to us.

THAT should be the role of Government, set the table and step away, let the people that make up the country give it a shot and succeed or fail accordingly. If there is failure, the people should be the ones to help pick up the pieces and get that person back into the game. NOT NANNY.GOV or BIG SIS trying to police us to death.

I am not ready to throw in the towel yet. I will keep trying as long as I can get away with speaking my mind. I won't betray my beliefs of Freedom to anyone, even at the point of a gun. They will have to use that gun on me and even then, I win.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grease, bloody knuckles, smokey exhaust fumes

Sorry to have not posted in the last couple of days but I have been quite busy. My dad came driving up to the house early Monday morning in his beat up Toyo 4X4 making like a crop duster or something. Smoke just pouring out of the exhaust and that little fourbanger just sputtering and coughing like a wheezy asthmatic mule.

Blown head gasket.

Well, all day yesterday was spent in getting the thing apart, hand surfacing the head and the top of the block(yes, I have a test surface for doing that kind of stuff, I am cool like that LOL) and of course the putting it all back together. Today was fine tuning and test drives: Timing marks on mid 80's toyos are a bit goofy sometimes. Funny thing is, both my dad and I have a touch of OCD in us and to put both of us on a project like that scares hell out of my sisters.

Good news is, its all back together, only one extra bolt to show for it(and we found where it was from when we fired up the beast. Spewing oil is a good indicator of something not right.) and we are both alive and well: having not killed each other in the process. Grubby fingernails that will take a week to get clean, a couple scraped knuckles, but not from swinging on each other. Lots of greasy rags that need cleaned now. And the monster runs pretty damned good again. I figure she has a few more good years in her before the frame is too rotted to be safe. All she is really used for is backwoods movements and hauling ass loads of firewood. She ain't purty by a long shot, but damned if that truck doesn't put other 4wheelers to shame around here. And you don't have to worry about bashing in anything since its a heap anyway.

Seeing how quiet it has been around the blogosphere, I figure no one really noticed I was missing though. Work day tomorrow, should be able to do a little catching up and will report in then.

Any one notice how quiet it has been since Wikileaks posted last week? Guess the WH is trying like hell to clean up the mess they created while hoping for absolute secrecy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A spark, weak, but a spark none the less.

Was out and about today pretending to be a professional delivery driver for work. Upon returning to the Shop to call it a day, I was confronted by something, well, odd is the best word to say at this time in our world.

There was a young man, twenty somethingish, standing out front, with a sandwich board stating, "I was convicted of shoplifting".

From my understanding, this guy was caught lifting something that valued only $2.50 and had his kid with him when he did it. When confronted, he took off running, leaving the kid behind. NOW, the fact that he is getting off this lightly, says something about the compassion of the judge/magistrate in the area. (yes, we have magistrates here, not a bad deal if they are decent people) His sentence, 7 full 8hour days, standing if front of the place of error, no jail time.(unless he defaults)

I can see two extremely positive points here. 1) He isn't going to do it again. Far too much humiliation. Especially when you consider how small this town really is. and 2) A lot less likely that others will attempt it at that location either(or other location in the immediate area)

Some liberals would call this cruel and unusual punishment. I see a compassionate person behind the sentence. This man could have been removed from his family and kids to serve a term in jail.(and some would say should have been since there was a kid involved and he left them behind to save his own skin.) In some ways, the sentence fits the crime perfectly. This goes back to one of my points I sometimes make about better ways of dealing with crime. That whole "cruel and unusual punishment" clause has been taken way out of context.

Talking to some of the employees in the shop, they agree that they would rather do the the jail time. Hence, reinforcing why I think locking people up does not one ounce of good. In many cases only exacerbates the issue. And takes money from the law abiding that could be used in much better ways.

It's a spark of hope to me that there are like minded individuals around here with enough clout to make positive changes. Maybe like minded people are more common than I originally thought.

Friday, November 26, 2010

the hype, the crap, the gall

I have been watching the news of late and the last couple of days has reinforced what I already knew. That the Media is the Fourth Estate of the American Government. The reason I say this now comes from Excited and flourished reports of "shrinking unemployment", "rising wages and salaries" (dunno where they came up with that one but,,,,) and an increase in positive activity in the stock markets.

Yup, things are improving.

Maybe if you don't pull your head out of the sand and the headphones out of your ears and open your eyes to reality.


One place I go, especially for economic stuff, is John Galts site. I went there yesterday after hearing the pile of fecal matter on unemployment. Of course, his charts were a bit more illuminating than just some words out of a pretty face on the tube.

They were pretty honest about the lack of growth in the housing market. Hard to lie about it when everywhere you go, you see for sale signs that are quite covered in algae and vines, due to the fact that many have been there for a year or more. Hard to hide the Cookie cutter communities that lie empty and half built, and have for a year or more.

All of the Hype, and it really smells bad. Yet it seems that people eat it up and call it good. I still don't get that.

But why? They were doing a turn around, albeit slowly, over the last couple of months. Slow like glacier activity, but it was at least progress over the Complete liberal hashish flavored crap that they had been shoving down the tubes the last 3 years.

Black Friday.

Thats the only answer that I can come up with. They wanted to inject a feel good attitude into the gullible masses, to help shore up an increasingly unstable economy.

Alright, I can see it but it still makes me feel like this is going to go down much much sooner than any of us will be comfortable with. I may gripe that it can't fail fast enough, and many days I wish it would. Truth be told, It scares the literal hell out of me, even knowing its coming. I think the 'not knowing' when is the worst part of it. That and knowing that 99.9% of the population has not one clue. (the fact that Wal-marts Lot was so full it was backed up three lights AT 3AM IN THE MORNING! says a lot. Yes, I go to work at that time, I saw it with my own shocked eyes.)

Wednesday, China and Russia entered into a trade agreement that does not include using the dollar as a base. China has the will and the workforce, Russia has mass resources. Both have rather cumbersome military. No matter how you look at it, it doesn't bode well for the U.S. Especially when you realize that this agreement just gave our dollar an nice little Dump in the creek. IF, and its a big if, we get out of this without losing half of the country to those two giants, we will have done damned good. I just don't see our Teleprompter in Chief being able to do it. He spent every ounce of political clout in the first two years. He is really just an empty shirt now.(not that he ever wasn't)

I am keeping an eye on developments from that(chicom/ruskie treaty) N. Korea and of course what the Federal Reserve plans on doing next. I will guarantee you this, another QE from the Bernak and we will be literally flushed out of the world economy and on our own. There are far too few people that have the skills needed to bring our manufacturing and agriculture back up to pre 1950 level to keep 50% of this country alive. We don't have enough oil wells on our own soil to keep the pace of our current infrastructure alive. And there is NO WAY, the gooberment can get it on track fast enough EVEN IF they pull ALL of our troops back and instill martial law in every major city, town, village and eyeblink intersection in this country to keep the peace.

But you all know this already.

It's a coming, just a matter of time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkeyday

Normally I don't have much to say on T-day, especially over the last few years.

I do want to pass along a well wishing to all on this day though. We all have something in our lives to be Thankful for, even if it is aetheric and elusive.

Somedays, just the fact that we are still upright and breathing is enough.

I hope you all have a good time getting fat and happy with family, I know I will be filling my gullet soon enough. I am going to try and keep current events out of the conversational mix this year. Time enough for that tomorrow.

Back on tomorrow,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ol Remus, yet again, nails it.

No, what you should really fear is scarcity. It's how we lived until about 1950. It's unAmerican to say this, but what you have is all you're likely to have and chances are you won't keep all of that. So, are you planning a mountain retreat, with a well and a hand pump, more than a tank of gas from any urban center, away from lines of drift, solar powered hot tub, blah blah? If you're not there now, or nearly so, you're not going to get there. In other words, time's up. Get your affairs in order where you are because where you are is where you're going to be. And what you have is what you're going to have.

Read the whole thing here.

I really have nothing to add to this. I only hope he is right about the "Uncle being shuffled off to the attic, quietly, with a pack of adult diapers under his arm." Sadly, I just don't see it. I do see this Government being the spoiled brat of a child throwing tantrums, in the process, taking out a lot of really good people that we will need after the fact.

Guess only time will tell the true tale.

watching, waiting, wondering.

Obviously my last few posts have been a bit on the odd side. Lots going on in the world and I am re-assessing certain points to accommodate the events.

Watching things, The events in Korea specifically, I am watching things unfold almost exactly as I thought they would a year ago. I wasn't sure what country was going to give O'boy his crisis but I thought Korea was going to be it. Is there a way to work this out to keep that truce in place? Oh yes, there is. The real question is: Can or Will O'boy be able to pull it off AND do they even want to try to keep peace there? This works perfectly into that scenario of "any crisis". Granted, this is just more smoke and mirrors to detract the attention away from the economy and what The Bernak and his ghouls are doing. Every little thing going on is nothing more than distraction away from what is really going to keep 'mom and dad America' from going ape shit. I guess we really have to wait for the hyper-inflation to kick in before that happens.
What does have me flummoxed is the TSA backlash. I am seeing a lot of good (IMO) reaction to incremental growth of tyranny with one problem. The media is in downplay mode. They are making every effort to make this situation 'acceptable' to the general public. I didn't realize how effective this was until I overheard my dad make a comment. I won't illiterate on the comment: least to say, I shut my mouth and walked away though. Far too easy to cause tension in a household when Points of view are conflicting. I won't try to sway his opinion on this or other matters, he is far too set in his ways. Best to let it lie.
But I won't be shut up about how far down the tubes this country has been flushed. I may not bring it up with him, but I won't be silenced in other venues.(here specifically, among other outside of my current four walls generally) Once I am out of here in my own place, I may open up more. I just don't want to add to any tensions that are already in place just by my being here.

Actually, the rift in thinking between myself and my dad is very like that of the growing rift of thought-lines in the general populace. There are many that will subject themselves to this crap "in the good of safety" without thought as to how it is a major Violation of liberty. The arguments of "it would have stopped the underwear bomber" are complete BS but the general populace sucks it up as Gospel. Sorry to say, if you need someone else to take care of your safety, you do not need to be wandering the streets alone; let alone trying to act like an adult. I know deep down my dad understands that concept. Its just corrupted by the statist crap he has been fed by the media over the years.(and that is the reason I refuse to own a TV now.)

So what do we see in the face of the General Populace.(ask a prison guard what that term means)
-N. Korea flexing muscles.
-TSA and the PTB flexing muscles and backpedaling
-Royal Wedding crap that has little to NO bearing upon anything. (figureheads at best, clinging to tradition by a country with little else to claim in all actuality.)
-and a blatant skirting and avoidance of the economy by the media at large.

With the holiday season on top of us, of course those that have any say in the economy want to keep the wheels churning. The only way a Fiat currency stays alive is if numbers continue to move around. If people are spending, the dollar may hold some value. If people are saving it 'for a rainy day' its value is non-existent.(another reason I refuse to have a 401k or a retirement account set up. My retirement plan is my home/workshop/garden set up.) If people are nervous about the economy, they won't spend as much and the values decline. Can't have that when every country in the world is starting to look at a different currency as a base of trade. We are on the verge of becoming a third world country simply due to the debasement of the dollar by the Federal reserve and the Federal Government.

I think the tipping point is on us. Some may say that the TSA thing is it, I say its only part of the bigger picture of that tip. We are getting ready for the downhill slide, and once it starts, there will be NO turning back. We will start to see the real economic issues rear the ugly heads in February or March. (especially about the time that the CC bills come in.) Look for more big bailouts to be tossed around(though there is going to be a harder fight for them; with the new congress taking seat in January. I could be wrong on that one though.) Watch for feelers in D.C. for a new draft. They will need fresh meat for the grinder that is coming at us. N.Korea is only a spasm of what is to come.

Things are going to start getting really heavy soon.

Monday, November 22, 2010

So what do we do?

This is an extension of the last post. These things continue to fly around my head long after the fact of transmission, this one continues to bring out thoughts.

What do we do to fix the problem?

Some would say patience and voting out the bad and voting in the good. IF you can't find good, run yourself.

I find the very thought of that rather like a pipe dream. If, and I state this in firm confidence, the PTB thought voting were a threat, they would outlaw it. It may be the only peaceful solution but it really isn't one at all. The time lines are far too drawn out, the damage is quite extensive, its time to clean the slate and start over.

BUT, how to clean that slate. I just don't see a solution to that question. There are far too many that are content in slavery to want the changes I(and others) see needed. With that in mind, I really don't see a peaceful solution. Not one bit peaceful. I do see a growing rift amongst us. There are those that wish full individual liberty(truly the only real freedom) to those that would wish full intentioned slavery among those not in the 'elite'. Many in the middle of that and more than few fence sitters, undecided. Some may even consider me a fence sitter as I don't 'actively' pursue a solution. I voice my concerns, yell out opinions, but I don't bother going to rally's or protests any longer. (two reasons: 1- It doesn't really seem to be gaining steam and 2- I live quite a ways away from any real rally points and I can't afford to make treks like that when I am trying to get a house built using nothing more than a paycheck to paycheck system.)
I am not on a fence. I work very hard to gather that which my family and I will need in the coming mess. I strive to gather information about so many different topics, again, for the upcoming mess and the aftermath. There are going to be disruptions to EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our modern world: you can't escape that fact. Whether its from societal collapse, economic meltdown, or a harder version of the soft tyranny we are watching grow; shit is gonna hit the fan. I am finding little niches of like minded individuals locally and abroad on the nets. I would like to find someway of creating a network that doesn't rely upon the net or telecommunications system we have now. I can see a time when we will need each other and not be able to rely upon or even access the above systems, for whatever reasons.

That is where I run into another brick wall.

So, here are my questions to the handful of readers I have.

1: Have you a way of fixing the system, without violence, thought out?
2: Have you thought of an alternate communications system that doesn't rely upon current infrastructures?

Question 1 is only if you have thought of it. I really don't expect things to be "nice". As much as I hope for peace, I know better. People aren't wired like that no matter how we try to lie about it.

Roadsign: Wordspill ahead, procede with caution.

This whole TSA thing is really bringing a lot of things to light. Bring it up in discussion with others and you will start to get a real feel for what side of the fence they belong. And quickly I might add. Many are horrified by it, others, not so much. Its the 'not so much' group that bothers me. So many of them will drop it into the "doesn't effect me" file since they don't fly, for whatever reasons. But the fact is, it does effect them, if not directly, now, certainly in the near future: and that future is coming like an out of control locomotive with a psycho at the throttle.

The question I posed to myself last night, after making that quick little post directing you to other locals and links, was this: HOW, did we come so far down the road to complete loss of freedom and liberty?
We all know the answer, some are more in-tune to it than others. I have been skirting it for about 2 years now(and I freely admit it) If it weren't for a comment in a past post from Mountain Rifleman, I may not have put it all together.(well, I am not stupid, I just do stupid things sometimes. I would have eventually put it all together.)

Personal Responsibility. It all boils down to that. For so long, Far too many in this country have had the "Its not my responsibility" attitude. In this they have allowed someone else to take that role. That someone else is our government. Once Governments gain control of ANYTHING, they are quite unwilling to let go of it. Its like feeding a stray dog. The more you give, they more they take; until all they want is to take it all. Our country was founded by Self reliant people, that had well founded sense of Responsibility. They didn't need some cop to make sure that they were covered in case of accident/fire/theft/indian uprising/ etc etc. They took it into their own hands to make sure that things 'were taken care of'.

Todays world, not so much. How many people do you know that haven't the foggiest idea of how a car functions? I am not talking about the finer points of the Internal combustion engine, I am talking about simple mechanical points. Far too many know how to put gas in, turn the key to start and run, and if things don't work, call a tow truck and get ready to shell out a lot of money. Nothing more. Most haven't a clue how to figure out if a battery is dead, or what not. They would rather 'let someone else take car of it'. Granted, with the growth in technology, there are many many things that you have to rely upon others to keep in tune. Cars are no exception in this. Yet the basics are still there. Check your tires, check your oil, and yet there are many that don't even know how to open the hood, let alone how to check the basics. They have allowed themselves to fall below the level of personal responsibility.(can also be read as self reliance)

The TSA is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. Even if that symptom looks disgustingly like a hemorrhoid, it is still just a symptom. Let me step back 9 years to an incident we all remember. 9/11. 4 planes (and we are going to assume for the sake of argument, no conspiracies here.) 4 targets. Only three were hit. That fourth plane made a rather large hole in the ground. Not due to the ineptness of the highjackers/terrorists. Nope, due entirely to the fact that someone on that plane made a decision to not sit by like a sheep but to fight back. That person started a revolt on that plane that kept the body count down to low numbers. We will never know just what happened, but the fact that (and this was before the TSA, remember) someone got up and said, "you want to kill me, fine, but I am not going down without a fight" just illustrates what a RESPONSIBLE person is capable of. This person didn't sit around to be hung/shot/burned/stabbed. He/she got up and took the elephant by the tusks and started swinging. End result: Fewer people died that day.

We can scream all we want about how we are being violated by the TSA, Our Government, etc etc Ad nauseam. Fact is, we, as a people, have allowed this to happen. Even asked for it in most cases. I know that I didn't but I also didn't bark loudly enough when things were really getting started.(back when the Repugnicants were pushing through the PATRIOT act just as the Demonoids recently pushed through Obamycare) Think about that(and I know some have).

WE DIDN'T DO ENOUGH TO STOP IT! Our parents are equally at fault, in many cases, our grandparents and great grandparents as well. The rape of the Constitution started back in the 1860's under Lincoln. Things were still somewhat in check even then but the road map was laid out. Along comes 1913 and the creation of something that should have been pulled out of its cave and slaughtered but was blatantly ignored (even into the 21st century)(Arguably, the fall started BEFORE the Declaration was even signed. The original intent of the Declaration and Bill of rights was for Life, Liberty, and Property. Property is a metric, you can measure it. As are life(live or dead no inbetween really), and liberty (a bit more elusive but still measurable). If you can make a measurement of something, it exists. Happiness is relative to each individual with no true measurement possible.)

Some may want to call me a racist for part of that last. Go ahead, I have been called worse by better. Read the facts and make up your own mind than you can call me whatever you want.

Slowly, in small increments, we have given away ALL that the Revolutionaries fought for. Even now, the Socialists/Progressives call it 'taking baby steps'.

THEY KNOW that they are stripping us of rights and responsibility!!!! They feel justified in this thought by those that are willing to 'give it up for safety'. Of course that is a downward spiral. You can "hope" that the police will save your sorry ass when the house gets invaded, that is a personal right in my opinion. Things aren't 'changing' for the better of the country or its people. They are changing to allow those in power to stay there. The TSA is only one of the visible symptoms of that fact.

I can only pray that a good majority of the sheep wake up. I won't hold my breath for that to happen.

I am just going to sit back, watch the fail, and hope to be alive to pick up the pieces after the fact. It is coming, just a matter of time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

To ticked to talk.

Mayberry has a couple of posts and massive amounts of links.

I posted a couple of comments but really have not much to add(that doesn't weigh in around 200 grains and travels about a 1000 feet per second) right now. I have said it before, I say it again. This shit can't fall apart fast enough. People NEED to see how much the lies have been layered over the last 150 years and just how far down the path we have traveled into that whole Marxist mentality. Maybe the trepidations over the next two holiday seasons will be enough to start something much bigger.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Things in my neck of the woods.

I have been having a bit of fun with my new netbook, I highly recommend one to all that want to simplify their net experience. Best keep your bookmarks handy though; your gonna want them. If you are using Firefox(and you should be if not) the following folder transferred over to the new Opsys will make the change seamless.

type this into your runbox. %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ and you will have all of your bookmarks, cookies, and passwords. Just copy this to a thumbdrive then do the same thing on the new machine and paste EVERYTHING in that file in the new file.(delete the others first) Shh, I didn't tell you how to do that.

Anyway, since I have this new powerhouse, I have been getting more posts in due to the fact that I can now access the net here at the house. I am really enjoying sitting on the back porch listening to streaming audio while posting. I am picking up my cousins wireless up the hill (over 1000' away!!!!! )and getting great reception to boot. One of my cousins found out I was connected and told me about a local that is an avid YouTube user. (I can't think of what you would call that,,,) If you get a chance, check out his uploads. He goes by Madbadvoodo. He interviews locals and comments about things around here that I leave well enough alone.(don't want any enemies. Want to get established here first) He is from up north, same as me, and seems amused by the locals where I take 'em at face value. There are many around here that will give you the shirt off their backs and know how to do most anything (short of monkeying with PC's I am finding.) There are also the usual pieces of dreck that are completely absorbed into the collective and those I steer clear of.

Little update. Was listening to NPR this morning. I can only tolerate so much of it but I do try to listen to the other side of the coins flying around the airwaves. There was some liberal POS talking about reinstating the draft 'so that the young of this country could understand the sacrifices made by soldiers today'.
Umm, excuse me, was this POS EVER!?!? in the military. He sounded old enough to have witnessed Vietnam but young enough to have missed out on that debacle of 'volunteerism'. I don't use the term POS lightly either. This guy was WAY out on the leftist limb. I could tell he hadn't a fricken clue about what soldiers really do nor how much sacrifice is actually paid even if that sacrifice isn't the ultimate one. I was screaming at the radio for about 10 minutes.

I try to be open minded, Really, I do. But to be open minded enough to accept Turds like that, my brains would fall out.

This shit can't collapse fast enough some days.

Anywhoos, here is a little something of melancholy to warm your soul. I love her voice.