Friday, January 29, 2010

This is what happens when the liberals get control.

The injustices will only compound the longer they hold power.Micheal Behenna

War is hell. People do things that under normal circumstances are horrific and due to the nature of where they are, necessary. Yet we are holding laws over our troops and basically handcuffing them when they need to be let off the chain to do what needs done.

Defense of self is a RIGHT and one that will be argued by the left forever.(ask the momma cat cornered in a box about self-defense. I am quite certain she will give you her opinion on it) This man was charged with Pre-meditated murder in a self defense case. Logic (or lack thereof) was he was armed during the incident.

I won't go further as I want to spit when I read these things and how they are driving good people out of the service.(you can bet after some of the changes TOTUS spoke of the other night, Retirements in commands are going to go up, as well as lack of re-enlistees.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

TOTUS spoke

and the garbage spouted returns to its source, similar to what we heard during the campaigns.

I won't go into details as it wasn't worth the time to listen. The only advantage of watching that crap was to get an intimate detail of the enemies face. To see those that were still sucking the teat full of kool-aid, and to watch the media clamor for something positive to spin out of it.(which is always humorous)

Sorry for lack of posts but lately I have been of the mind that I can't do much, as in NOTHING, to change the course this country in on. I can only worry about those near and dear and hope that enough people wake up to the fact that we have been invaded and are under constant attack from within. Selfish? Maybe, but then the Human Race has always had a selfish streak in it, Me being no exception. I am no hero, nor am I a martyr(nor do I have some yearning to become either.) I am only a simple man that wants to be left alone to build my house, grow my garden and putter about in the workshop. Until such a time comes that I can do those things, I strive to stay afloat during a time where History will be writ large for those in the future. I most definitely see the power of the teachings of my Grandparents now and I feel guilty for not paying closer attention when they were alive.(and I am sure that I am not alone in that fact)

Still, Ever onward, forward into the breach, and all of that hoo-haa. We aren't a species to sit idle on our gams in times like this and I won't allow my stone to gather any moss. (man I am just full of cliches tonight. My apologies in advance)
I am sitting on a decent return this year since I didn't plan to be unemployed for so long(and I overpaid substantially while I was working due to the tax bracket I was sitting in then) That money will be going to further preparations against the future that seems today to be quite dark.(just look at the closing report on Wall St.) Chin up Marine, The shooting hasn't started yet, there's still time to get the gear together.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Insomnia and politics(the cracks are showing)

Hermit posted about a book he is reading about the fall of civilizations yesterday. During my random wanders of the internet, I ran into this article and some of what it discusses set my brain to thinking.(please note, I don't usually quote from this site as it is a paid subscription, I will link to the free articles though)

Maybe we are starting to see the cracks show of the failure of our civilization. I haven't any doubt that we are in dire straits. The real question is, What happens when Large societies fall? If my memory serves me correctly; typically there is a lull in any progress and more usually a few steps back towards more primitive times until there is the rise of a new society to replace the last.

Are we looking at that as a possibility here? There is most definitely a rift between the people and those in power of this country. There is a blatant disrespect of the laws of the land from those in power.(Rule of Man or Rule of Law. We have had this discussion on this continent once before and Law won out then. Will it again?) The rift is growing larger and larger and can be measured on a daily basis.

I am not criticizing any one particular Administration at this point as I personally feel the last 4 administrations have had a hand in this mess: we are seeing the cumulative effects. Yet knowing that our current president has the power of Launch codes when he is so glib with economic maneuvers like he has shown this week, literally scares the shit out of me.

Still, this isn't about just the U.S. Look across the pond at the growing nightmare in the U.E. and Great Britain. Things are going to pot at an ever increasing rate there also. The Religion of Peace *cough Gag* is growing into areas that 20 years ago it would have been hard pressed to even have hoped to attain. The confidence levels of factions in that Group is extremely high, in contrast to the confidence levels we have with our governments.

Throw in what I mentioned in a post recently about fractured and splintered personalities common amongst us,,,,

Makes me want to find a cave to crawl into somedays.

One thing gives me hope. The speed at which our generations are accustomed to moving at. Even if things start to fall apart I feel(pray really) that there are enough people of like mindset for conservative values, that we could turn the tide. Unfortunately there will have to be some form of collapse to start that process: there will need to be a vacuum to fill. Powerbase's NEVER willingly relinquish power: it has to be removed by force (or disease).

Now I am not promoting a 'revolution'. I am thinking that being prepared for one may be in order. Just as we have been preparing for troubles and systemic failures, I think we need to take into account that at some point that the PTB will try to force our compliance similar to the forced compliance of the Gulags, and ghettos that were seen in the late 30's and early 40's of the last century.

SO, with those thoughts pleasantly out in the open, I leave you with some music.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

God doesn't play with dice.

The left is nuts.

One minute they Declare that God doesn't exist and in the next breath declare that he still extracts vengeance.

Seems to me that After the Flood(at least according to the bible) God swore that he would leave man to his own devices and stop interfering.

Just one point of amusement for me today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some observations.

Was on Mental Militias today and from that, and the experiences we(a friend and I) have had on IrateNation: I find it hard to discuss anything online with the exception of a handful of people.(and one of the reasons I have been doing more lurking than posting lately)

Far too many fractured and fragile personalities online. I see it as a sign of the decline of our culture myself. To few willing to step up and call things as they see them. Far to many willing to take offense at the slightest affront to their point of view.

America is sick. I really see it now. Its not just the politics either. They are just a symptom of the disease that show better since its isolated among a handful of the total populace. My grandparents wouldn't know this country if they were alive today. I think that is one reason I am desiring of moving to somewhere more "country" in attitude. Somewhere that people understand self reliance above all. Communities are fine but if the core of the populace isn't self reliant, the foundation of that community is non-existent. What was the saying? "all for one and one for all"? That should be the call to arms for the future. You can stand alone but to rise up take a multitude of people, skills, and ideas.(and resources) Something that, at one time, this country had aplenty. Not so much anymore.

Probably one of the reasons I have so few 'friends' here in town. The ones I do have are just as self reliant as myself and multi-talented. Also elusive as we don't "need" each other very much and tend to be loners. LOL and that is our downfall too. We aren't herd animals and the herd is able to be heard (no pun intended) better. Yet the herd will be dependent upon those of us with a clue when things get rough. I think one of the founders said " the patriot is the most despised person in the community until his services are needed." or something to that effect. Patriot. Self-Reliant. Morally upright and Steadfast in resolve. All the same and all different but all the basis of what this country was built upon. We are the smallest minority now.

I have been following the goings on in Haiti through Hermit and GR4U and see how quickly things can break down. The Herd will bleat for help and the wolves will do what wolves do. I have heard of the 72 hour cascade before but seeing it in action is something else. Hours 1-24 find everyone, to some extent, helping each other out. hours 25-48 find the wolves waking up to killing fields but not going into action yet. 49-72, the Wolves realize that they are now the law and things really escalate.

I mention the above Haiti points in reference to the first part of my post. With such fractured and fragile personalities afloat in the country, I see an added level of "prepared" people with false confidence. These are the ones that will inadvertently arm and feed the wolves. This will further raise the confidence of the wolves.

I do see many that are prepared for the worst but not thinking the environment through. People that have the means but not the big picture of what could be.

Then I meet people like Hermit. Already in place and far enough out that he may never feel the pinch except in boredom from lack of Internet.(and for his sake I hope that is the worst of it.)

No matter where our future goes, we are in for interesting times. Some days, I wish it would all blow up so we can get on to the restructuring that needs to be done. Other days, I hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime.

Sorry for the downbeat post. Just some random thoughts in my head today while catching up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back for a couple of days, then....

Back to putting together someone else's new life. I will be getting into building my new future here shortly(no excuses, the weather sucks for working outside, I am not the springbuck I once was and certain comforts are mandatory now, Like warmth!)

In the meantime, The Reluctant Paladin has posted something I felt appropriate and needed passed on to the rest of the blogosphere. He posts a picture of his ultimate driving force, I post a picture of mine.

I see no need for further explanation.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My apologies

I have been quite busy helping at my sisters house the last couple of weekends. Her brother in law through her late husband has a construction company and is donating the materials to renovate her house. I have been putting in long hours helping out the guys that are donating their time to do the work. This isn't a simple rehab either. All new plumbing, new shower/tub, commode, sink and vanity, New internal framing, all new insulation throughout the house, Rerouting electric to accomadate the new walls and hardware.(my specialty in addition to the framing)

Been busy. Will post more soon I swear.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back from the range. :D

Oh man, I forgot how good a 1911 feels in the hand. Everything lines up just right. The controls are right where you want 'em, no silly multiple safeties to worry about. Point, safety, squeeze, BANG! Gotta love it.

Even with my hands shaking at first(too much coffee this morning), Three shots right where I wanted them. Rapid fire with no hitches. Magazines slam home, slide drops, and you are rolling.

John Moses Browning did it right, what else is there to say about the 1911. Glock ain't got a thing on this pistol. :D Enough heft to take the recoil out of it without being overbearing, slimmer than the plastic guns and the lines are just, well, Sexy is the closest word to describe it. Kind of like the lines on a well built Italian sports car are sexy.

Ok, nuff Gun PrOn from me.

She ran through 100 rounds like no ones business and all the way out to 25 yards everything was in the black other than a couple of flyers and those were strictly due to me. $400 EXTREMELY well spent. I have a keeper.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1911 is home. Range next.

Funny thing about that too. I actually was put into Delay status on my NICS check. Rather floored all of us at the shop. I started Joking that Janet Napolitano was catching up to all of us 'bad boys'. I left and went to help my sister out and got the call that all was clear when I pulled into her driveway.


Had some people asking what I picked up so here goes.

This link has many better picks than my cheap-o camera could take and it is of the same model. I am a cheap bastard in one sense so I carefully shop around. I had made plans to spend double what I did but after seeing this pistol and getting to play with it a bit, I was sold. We did a quick check of some of the parts while at the store and this unit is spot on to a Colt GI in measurements of things like the extractor,barrel bushing, and firing pin. Aftermarket parts won't be a problem like they would if I had bought a Taurus.

For $400 out the door, I have a Deluxe Model 1911 with several of the higher end bells and whistles. The Skeleton trigger that is adjustable, skeleton hammer, Walnut grips(not plastic or rubber like some) Several of the tuning tricks already done.(throated chamber, Beveled extractor, polished feedramp)

I am really itching to get to a range now. If I hadn't been delayed I would have already gone but having to make a return trip put too much time into today. It can wait till tomorrow. I will post about that then, but I think it will be a blast, pun intended.

China's Market just opened up

and the price of gold started climbing. Over $6 an ounce in less than 1 hour and it is still climbing.

What do they know that our press isn't telling us?

Side note, I am still up but I am heading to bed. Still antsy though. Snow is coming down pretty good and the streets around here are slicker than snot, but the 4 wheel drive on my truck is working perfectly. Yay me.

Will post more tomorrow. Have to pick up the 1911 then I am helping out at my sisters for a bit. Going to try and talk her into going to the range and get some recoil and gunsmoke therapy.

Like a daggum kid at Christmas.

Today I pick up my 1911 from the gunshop. I have been tossing and turning all night, just like when I was 9 and thought I was getting that BB gun.(which I did.)(no it wasn't a Red Rider though it was a Daisy)

Grrr, I know I need sleep but I am too wired up and anxious. I haven't owned a 1911 since I was in the Corps. I didn't own it then either but May as well have since it followed me from one post to the next for 4 years.

LMAO at myself. 41 and still excitable by little things.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Had my pessimistic fit earlier, here comes some snark.

This is from another site, and I have noticed it in a couple of other places. I get a kick out of it though. No holding back, make sure you have put your coffee cup down and swallowed that last little bit. Enjoy.
After some years now of reading internet bulletin boards, I think I’ve got the pros and cons of possible SHTF rifle choices figured out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the following is my analysis based upon the wisdom of numerous gun board gurus (you know them, they’re always the first ones to tell you a particular model gun is “junk” and enlighten you as to why they have made the only logical purchases)…

The AR 15:

Great, awesome, unbelievable rifle(when it works). Can hit a fly in the butt at 300 yards (when it works). If one is ever attacked by a pack of feral poodles post-SHTF, this is the perfect defensive rifle (unless it jams, in which case you’re poodle food). The upside is that one can hang more plastic aftermarket doo-dads on it than a Christmas tree, which may effectively frighten away bad guys when the gun jams. Also, by simply changing the upper, one can convert it into a Ruger 10/22.

The MINI-14:

Could be a good rifle, but it’s not black.

The SKS:

Best obsolete rifle ever made (even if it isn’t black, but you can buy a black aftermarket stock that looks kinda like an AR). If you need to lay in a big mud puddle and shoot at bad guys, this is the rifle to have. It will shoot as well as ever (maybe even better) when full of mud and the ten round mag makes puddle shooting a breeze since unlike hi-cap mags, you can hold the rifle upright in prone (mud puddle) position. Major drawback is that everyone knows that in a post-SHTF situation one must immediately fire thousands of rounds, a task for which a fixed ten round magazine is ill equipped, which is why they invented the AK. You can buy aftermarket hi-cap mags, but they often jam, creating the illusion that one is shooting an AR when combined with a nifty aftermarket stock. Other major drawback is that the 7.62 x 39 round is not .223 or .308.

The AK-47:

The AK-47 solved the difficult problem of firing thousands of rounds at approaching bad guys by allowing you to deftly change 30 round mags taped back to back, or for the truly ambitious, drum type magazines may be found. Unfortunately, buying an AK-47 is difficult, as they only come in full auto configurations. The good news is that a number of semi-automatic variants are available, allowing you to simulate an actual AK-47 by pulling the trigger really, really fast. Like the SKS, AK variants function best when filled with mud, but actually filling them is difficult as the hi-cap magazine makes lying in a mud puddle while shooting much more difficult. Fortunately, tactical experts from a mysterious facility known only to us as “the hood” have developed the “homeboy” method of handling an AK variant which promises to alleviate the hi-cap magazine vs mud puddle problem. One drawback of the AK variant is that (like the SKS) it’s not black, however, aftermarket vendors have corrected this tactical faux pas on the part of Soviet designers by offering black furniture for those “in the know”. Like the SKS, the AK variant also suffers from the troubling problem that the 7.62 x 39 round is not .223 or .308. However, recognizing this problem, Russian designers have created a similar cartridge to the .223 known as the 5.45 x 39.5. The problem of the 7.62 x 39 not being a .308 has not been addressed, as Russian poodles are apparently no larger than American poodles. Nevertheless, the quest to make smaller and smaller projectiles for combat weapons continues and rumors of a newer and better innovation known as the “pellet gun” have recently surfaced. We await an AR upper to accommodate this promising new caliber.

The Mosin-Nagant:

This unpronounceable rifle has a long history of military service. Napoleon reportedly had one. The unusually long 91/30 barrel combined with bayonet insures that it should be especially useful should a SHTF scenario involve the “redcoats” coming. The major drawback of this rifle is that it is a bolt action, which could make firing the prerequisite thousands of rounds at approaching bad guys difficult. However, if the Mosin owner and the bad guys are patient, one should be able to sling enough lead downrange by the time they are older than their rifle currently is. Like other eastern block rifles, the Mosin also is not black. This may be a possible reason why the Soviets lost the cold war. However, like the SKS and AK, western vendors have corrected this problem by offering an aftermarket stock in black. Unfortunately, none are available with a pistol grip. If Napoleon’s Mosin had a pistol grip, he may have very well conquered the world, but that’s another discussion. Other “carbine” type Mosins are also available, which would be the perfect compliment if one’s SHTF plan includes charging at bad guys on horseback while wearing a fur hat, swinging a curved saber and swilling a bottle of vodka.
Read the rest here, He goes on to combat pistols too.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tomorrow begins a new Business year.

and the Escalation of whatever those in charge have in store for this country. New laws are taking effect, Agendas are going to be ramped up(in the unlikely event they lose the November elections. They being the Democrats) and The People that make up the sleeping giant of Conservatism are and have been making plans for more "Tea Parties" and Assemblies throughout the year, to voice complaints to an Administration that has proven it isn't listening to us.

I Link to an article I read this morning for a better voice on my feelings.(Caution, F-bombs and caustic language ahead.) This isn't one of my daily reads, that changed today. Words are razors when properly used. We need more of these if we hope to retain what is being robbed from us and our children. We have been far too nice for far too long. Granted it is from our wishing to be left alone to live our lives, Being nice works when those around you are also. It works against you when those around you are out to rob you blind.

To wit. I carry a handgun to defend myself from those that would rob me blind in the street. What do I carry to keep those that are robbing me blind from 1500 miles away? A vote? That has turned into the biggest joke, in a very not funny way.
I sat down with a calculator, pay stubs, sales receipts and a bottle of vodka recently. I hadn't posted about that until now because what I came up with floored me. By the time its all said and done, I have been paying over 60% in taxes to a government I DIDN'T VOTE FOR. I vote but not one of my candidates made the cut. Recently I read somewhere that our votes are really nothing more than us giving consent. I am starting to see the validity of that claim. The system is a stacked deck of cards and they have the dealers position. Makes you wonder when, if, and how, this can be corrected.

I fear for the future of this country. I have less fear for myself knowing I will survive or die by my skills. I have less control, a lot less, of the future of my Granddaughter. I would like to see her growing up knowing the freedoms I took for granted while growing up. I just don't see that as possible with our current paths.

All Right, my rant is over for now. I would highly recommend reading the article in the link. I would also recommend watching the markets over the next week to see how wild of a ride we are in for. I predict that you will see a growth that is illusory. It will look good on the surface until you realize how many investors are making bank by bailing on American companies and taking their money overseas. Short term it will be a positive, once gone though, we never get it back.