Monday, January 31, 2011

As the cloud lifts off my head.

There was a rather gloomy outlook I had that I am coming out of. Thanks to all that posted then, it was very much appreciated.

What really got me to thinking was a comment about the Sons of Liberty and their actions leading up to the Revolution to throw of the yoke of a Monarchy. These guys were at it for well over ten years BEFORE the first shots were fired at Lexington Green. The Tea Party (among others) is not even 4 years old at this point so I guess I will have to wait and see how things progress before I let it all get me down.

Facts are, this is not new. Not one piece of it is new. Heinlein was writing speculative fictions about things back in the fifties of how to fix the system. Pieces that included dissolving the Federal Reserve and returning to a specie exchange system. He wrote about how to effectively hold a revolution with increasing probability of success(would be nice to have a sentient supercomputer with a sense of humor but,,,)

Hell, just look at history and you see fuzzy reflections of the past that have a VERY close resemblance of today's issues. Inflation, Class warfare through the established systems, Religious failures and upheaval, disarmament of the populace, attempts to quell communications(all parts of that class warfare) Growing debt to an outside entity: the list would just go on and on. It's quite ugly. (of course most people choose not to look at the bigger picture, they prefer their quiet little lives in servitude.)

There are inroads being made to start further data mining projects,from the GOP no less, and having read it, I am of the mind that its more smoke to cover something else. The only reason I say that is how things are set up right now. If anyone thinks that Google isn't tracking you for the Government, think again. There are alternatives to Google and I will be using them more and more but the level of connectivity they have on you is scary. You can even access what they are tracking in your dashboard if you are using blogger. Access it, but not manipulate it, that's their job.

Now, in Egypt, the Government has shut down avenues of communication to help slow down the violence. Good Job Goobs!, you just threw 5 gallons of gasoline on the fire. Those that were sitting on the fence are now in the fray. Talk about unintended consequences.

Will we see that kind of action here in the States? You know it! It won't take but a push of a pen across a piece of White House stationary to make it happen. Its only a matter of time. We haven't seen the level of discontent needed to justify that level of crackdown yet, plus, the PTB WANT to see what us mundanes are up to so they can get further embedded into the trouble areas.

I know this post seems scatter brained,; it is; I am, and that's how I tend to get more intuitive thinking down. Insert Info, stir with a power drill and see what floats to the surface. LOL

Whats floating to the surface today is "BUILD THE DAMNED HOUSE" and that is just what I am going to do. I am far enough away from major cities to cut down on the Golden hoard, yet close enough that I can stay in touch with the pulse of the world (which is running about 180BPM right now) I have access to good growing lands, I have family around for all of the other things that I don't know how to do, I am building my little world for when the big world falls apart. Time to have my little castle too. The weather is starting to show signs of turning towards springtime and that means time to bust out the earthmovers and get the foundation and septic going.

The point of all this: I can't change the world, but I can make my little slice of it just a bit nicer. I intend to do just that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Discussion on Firearms, machinists, and the law abiding.

Ok Ok, maybe NOT the law abiding but the first parts are in order for this discussion.
There was a post not to long ago by another blogger directing people to an E-book on how to build a fully automatic sub-gun. I freely admit that I downloaded it; more for curiosities sake than actual useful information. There may be a time when the knowledge could come in handy, now is not that time.

To be honest, I really dislike full auto firearms. I see them as a flagrant waste of ammo. Having been in the military, I do understand that there is a time and place for such instruments of destruction: on a personal note, I would rather a good semi-auto or bolt action(in that order) far before I would choose something that dumps massive amounts of lead downstream. Maybe its that whole "one shot, one kill" that was drilled into my head while on Parris Island. (more than likely.) The only time I really see a good use of full auto is against equipment, like aircraft or whatnot. Especially when you are in said aircraft and are trying to shoot down the other before he does you. Using tracers makes it easier to 're-group' your shots when you are in that situation. BUT, in a field role, a machine gun really is only good in a defensive position. Somewhere that can have storage for the massive amounts of ammo that beast is going to eat and where you aren't going to need to worry about 'humping it all'.

As an aspiring machinist, I have thought about how I would build a rifle. I am still thinking about it. I have several books on the subject, have read all of them, and go back through them on occasion "just to freshen up" the old file catalog in my head. One thing I won't do is offer one for sale if, let me stress that part again, IF, I build one. The one that has been in my head lately is more of a whim than anything right now. We have a host of Feral cats that are running loose in the area and they have been the focus of my thoughts on this. Yes, I can bust out my Marlin 60 for them but that seems like overkill. (and for those that think its cruel, TO BAD, I have tried to live capture them, take them to the pound, etc, but they end up in the chambers there. Either way, they are not going to live: I would rather end it quickly. And I like cats so it isn't a meanness thing either) I have a .22 air rifle that I use to teach the kids how to handle and shoot: I could use that. But I am thinking something of a little bolt action .22 that shoots CB's that I can do something with.

No matter, I may never get around to it. These are just thoughts in my head on a slow blogging day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How do ,,,

This one is a philosophical/spiritual question.

How do you deal with the near constant apprehension/frustration/depression/what have you, of watching everything come apart?

I know all of the above hits each and every one of us at some point, sometimes more in one area than others. In my case, frustration tends to be quite prevalent. The more I learn about history, and current events, the more I wish it would all just break so we can start the clean up.

Then I read stuff like this. Dunno 'bout you but I have seen the after effects of agents like this and I really, REALLY don't want to see it up close and personal. I especially don't want to experience it, nor those 'self induced' counter agents. (needles are only a nuisance, but Spring loaded ones freak me right the f#*k out!) The fact that our government still has this crap on hand really disturbs my Fecal matter. We have seen in the last couple of decades where a leader used this kind of stuff on his own citizens. What is to say that it won't be used on us in isolated areas of discontent?

Maybe I am reading too much into it, but then I see Drones being deployed in law enforcement within our borders and not for border patrol, and it makes me really think about it. I see things like them 'contemplating' another run on (further) gun control, and I have to wonder. More laws on the books that would make using food or energy as a weapon against the populace, and I have to wonder.

WHEN WILL AMERICA WAKE UP????!!!!????!!!!!

I know that most all that read this blog are awake. We are but a handful of people. We may be a little paranoid, but I think we have just cause to be so. History may not repeat itself verbatim, but it rarely misses a beat. We are at that point were SOMETHING, is going to break. There are no two ways around that. Right now, there are several things poised to do just that. Will we see Herr Obama? Who the fu#k knows, only time will tell. Then again, maybe nothing will happen until after our next 'Selection cycle' goes through, IF it goes through. Again. No one really knows (and I don't even want to touch upon the 'conspiracy theory' in this post) The fact that something is going to break is inevitable. When, not if.

That is what keeps me in a continuous state of apprehension. I like 'edge of the seat' movies: I would rather not live my life that way though. Still this is the world I was born into, no choice of my own, so I must deal with it accordingly. I only hope something gives soon. I would rather be in the thick of it, DOING SOMETHING, not beating my head against a wall. (and that is what it feels like when I am trying to contact those that 'say' they represent my interests)(for those that say I am not trying hard enough: I have voted in every election cycle since 1988, NOT ONE PERSON I HAVE EVER VOTED FOR WAS ELECTED. Yeah, the system works, LOL ) If I were in a more stable position, I would have gone to D.C. to make my voice heard. Even so, I highly doubt that would have done anything either. Till something gives, I will continue trying. Till I can get my hands dirty, I will keep training my mind and body as best I can for "Whatever" is coming at us.

quick post

One thing that I STRESS to my students when I teach (taught, been awhile) is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

I found today that I need to follow up on that advice myself. I took one of the new pistols out today for a shake down. It is brand new and I did some trigger work to it, so I wanted to see how it handled.

I developed a flinch from lack of practice.(sorry excuse but I was trying to conserve ammo. Guess I just need to buck up and get more.) Granted, it happens, but its something that has to be worked through. Time to bust out the snapcaps and do some dry fire exercises for awhile. I don't want to go jerking a trigger and completely missing if/when the time comes when that first pull is the only one that matters.

(BTW, will post more later. Working on it now.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bashing William was right.

Sipsey Street provided the link.

White House to Push Gun Control

And Bill called it.

And I just purchased two more guns this past week. LOL

Sadly, none of those High Capacity Shoulder things that Go up. ROFLMAO.


Not sure what to make of this

nor if its even credible.

John McCain making a bid to become the new White House Press Secretary in place of Gibbs.

Now, I could really care less one way or another, McCain tends to be a RINO leaning towards lefty even as a RINO. But some little sniggling details came to mind when I heard this on the Laura Ingraham show.

Remember how McCain was shot down over Vietnam? Spent some time in the Hanoi Hilton? I remember this being brought up during the Election campaign of '08. I also remember some Vets from that particular version of hell coming out and trying to denounce McCain on it. Stating that he wasn't all that much of a hero because of his actions within the Hanoi Hilton. I also remember those same vets basicly being ignored, for the most part, by the MSM's. This was a very short part of the campaign but it may have taken its toll on McCain's chances.

I can't say one way or another nor do I want to speculate on the facts at this point. Fact is, I was a gleam in my dads eye when that 'police action' started and was starting in school when that war came to an end.(and yes, I am being sardonic on the police action thing. We all now what a war is) I vaguely remember seeing stuff on the news about it: specifically the chopper on top of the embassy and seeing them tossing Huey's off a ship to make room for refuges. Other than that, not a whole lot.

But you have to wonder if there may be some truth to what those guys were saying. Seems that McCain is rather quick to make a leap of faith into the other sides pool if it benefits his career. This little "bipartisan" shift for "civility" is rather convenient for him at this juncture.

One other tidbit that I remember about McCain is a scandal in AZ during the 80's. I was going to school there when I lived with my mom and I remember my stepdad talking about this.
The article says they were cleared of any wrong doing but seriously, we're talking about politicians here: How likely is the innocence in this case?

Can a stripe really change its tiger?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SOTU address

Listening to it now as I type this.

I have some notes from the first 15 minutes or so but so far I can sum it up in one sentence.

"Tell a big enough lie, frequently enough and the general populace will see it as the truth."

The lie in this case is our Economic Growth. I know I don't need to explain how using inflating numbers to show growth is EXACTLY opposite of the truth. Growing a currency buy inflating it, at one time was called debasing said currency.

Every single talking point PoTUS (should I actually say TOTUS since this speech was so polished) is based upon that collectivist lie. Every single one.

Well Mr. President. You were elected on "Hope and Change", You mentioned change in your speech (9:18) and how that change has been painful. I wonder if this is only a part of what your handlers have in their plan. There is change that will fix the system but that change will be VERY painful. We are talking cuts that will actually increase the unemployment by half of the working class in this country because that half will have worked for the system that no longer exists. I know that is EXACTLY what the handlers are trying to avoid. They don't want that kind of strife that we are seeing exposed in European countries now.

Normally I harp on the Education system. You mentioned it several times. I have to wonder if you would be willing to make the cut and end, not hobble, but END the Education Department and END the Tenure policy. Make it so that Teachers are held responsible for the growth of the children under their care. Education success/failure is directly related to the growth of a teachers salary. I don't give a squat if this country has the highest ratio of College grads if that ratio still can't comprehend 4th grade reading material. There is a reason we are getting our butts handed to us by Indonesian and Chinese college grads.

Still, I am willing to see just how much the Repugnicants are willing to slash the budget. More importantly, I am curious to see how many are willing to go directly to the source and get the Federal Reserve under reins or eliminated.

OOhhh Oh oH, Now you are starting to sound like Roosevelt.(9:40) I think being patient will be short lived. I think I speak for most of the Red states, and all of the Conservative/Libertarians on this one. You can't promise mass transit and say its going to be 'completely paid for'. I don't want to hear another damned 'fix' from the Government other than FIXING itself. Your track record for FAIL is unparalleled.

Time to go throw up. This shit makes me sick to my stomach.

Monday, January 24, 2011

black clouds in my world right now.

and not one of them is due to the weather(for the most part).

Just wrapped up the Hologram of Liberty. I did have one point where I had a "F#$KYEAH!" moment. That was this quote;

The Democrats are the ones that will give you a loan. The Republicans are the ones that will guarantee you a loan. The Libertarians are the ones that will leave you alone.

And really isn't that all we want? Just to be left alone? Our finances left alone?
Our children left alone? What we do behind closed doors, left alone?

Of course that flies in the face of everything that our current 'Elites' want for us: After all, They KNOW better than we, what is best for our future.

Maybe they do, if our future is going to be apart of their future. Of course, having been voted into office by a minimal majority, they don't really fall into that representative role very well. Rather like trying to force a Honda Half shaft into a Toyota. It'll go, but damned if you ain't gonna break something in the process.

That something that is breaking is the foundation of The United States of America.(in all senses of that legal fiction.)

A couple of years ago, I took an interest in the language of Jurisprudence after having a rather drunken conversation with my Public defender(Try to afford a lawyer when you are fighting the CSEA)(as for how we ended up in a bar, long story). Some of the things he illuminated for me made me realize just how much of a disconnect there is between the mundane and the legal-eze world. DISCONNECT! There is a far cry from the language we use EVERYDAY, and the language they use on a regular basis. KWR mentions at one point in HOL that Reading Law requires FOCUS. It does. LOTS OF IT! One little change in punctuation can completely change the focus of an argument or statement. Hence why he wrote Hologram.
Most people read the Constitution and see it at face value. Sounds good, or at least restrictive enough to keep things in line. NOT. This document was written by Lawyers, with an agenda. There was much manipulation and LITTLE counter influence. And all of it was done behind closed doors with little to no documentation of actual conversations of how certain decisions were reached.

Sounds quite a bit like some of the recent events in our current CONgress(es).

Whats my take on it? Right now, its dark. Personally, I feel like we are living on a corpse called America. It hasn't started to leak too many nasty fluids but it really has become quite bloated and is ready to burst open. When it does, its gonna stink like no other EVER. I really think that some of what is in our future is gonna make the Civil War of Lincolns time look like a dress rehearsal. Considering the catastrophic loss of life then, we are in for one hell of a blood bath this time around. IF it comes to that.

I would like to think that there is an alternative. And unless that alternative is found or there is a major Natural catastrophe, I just don't see the PTB backing off any. History has no precedent were that was the case, ever. Power has to be taken away by force, it is NEVER freely given up.

One of the alternatives is a bear trap in disguise and I have mentioned it as such here on occasion. A new Constitutional Convention. The last one is a great example of what happens when a small group gets together to decide the future of a grandly larger group. There is far too much "dependent mentality" within our country now to think we wouldn't turn into a completely socialist country with NO rights other than the 'glorious right to slave for the good of all". I think I will take a pass on that one.
Another alternative is to see if there were a way to split the country peaceably BEFORE its split like it was in the 1860's. Again, this goes back to the Relinquish power without a fight thoughts. Not gonna happen.(extremely unlikely but who knows, stranger things have happened. Ain't gonna hold my breath though)

No, right now I am trying to figure out if building my house is even worth it. Seems to me that I am probably gonna be on the move here in the next couple of years. (depending of course on how all of this all plays out. I will go where like minded people are making a definitive stand. Even if that is in Wyoming.
(brrr! but beautiful.) I am not tied to the ground here by any means. Hence my indecision right now. I know things are going to get worse, MUCH worse before things really take off. I also know that since I started putting things together: the prices for basic building materials have been on a steady rise. Frequent enough that I have had to adjust my building estimates from 25K to 38K. Then I adjusted the build to something smaller since my pay isn't increasing at the same rate.(and depending upon the aftermath of my court date in February,,,,, I will deal with that as it comes, no sense in letting that paralyze me now)

TJIC linked

Not the last in the crowd I am sure, just a little slow on the catch up. Borepatch has the details.

I may not agree with TJ's presentation(well not 100% but pretty daggum close most days.) But I will defend his right to say it. Same as I don't like what certain Elites have to say, I won't stop em, I just chose not to pay attention to them(IE I turn off the tube). BUT! if someone were to try and outlaw what they have to say, I would defend them with just as much energy.

Working on another post, will be up either late tonight or midday tomorrow. This one has to do with my finishing up HOL.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nice lunch with Officer Friendly today

I have had a rough day.

Had a little incident today that is going to take some money and time out of my life. Officer friendly decided that I was guilty of a non-crime and had to figure out how to squeeze me for a few coins of the realm and make my life a little more complicated for a short time.

My crime?

Not getting out of his way fast enough during icy conditions.

My charges?
Impeding the progress of Emergency Vehicles.
Careless driving
and Failure to show proof of insurance.

First, I know you go right for lights, just common courtesy. That and its probably best 'just to be on the safe side. Never know if or when they may lose control. Well, the roads are icy as hell up this way and I wasn't about to put a 4000 lb vehicle into the ditch when these guys could have easily gone around me. I did pull over when the shoulder had a clear spot BUT, that wasn't fast enough for one of the guys.

When he came up to the window, He POUNDED on the vehicle because my window was still up.(I was busy trying to sift through all of the corporate paperwork on the truck for the registration and insurance cards). Well, Maybe I shot myself in the foot but I Sllloooowwwwllllyyyyyy rolled down the window(this guy was all in an uproar when he was walking up to the drivers door, Not one ounce of 'civility' to speak of.) Instead of asking me for anything his first response was, "Are you F##king stupid and not see us?" Then instead of even waiting for an answer, he demands my DL and proof of insurance. I show him the mess I am trying to sort through and let him know its in there. I do pull out my drivers license which he immediately takes to his cruiser. Not one more word or even a minute to find the other piece he DEMANDED (not requested)
Now, it takes him about 15 minutes to run a check on me, See that I haven't had any violations moving or not, nor any criminal activity (do they count being a dissident yet?) nor any accidents in 15(!) years. When he returns I have found the card for the insurance, show it to him while he is handing my ticket, and his only response is "your court date is Febuary 15th, you can't prepay this ticket, you have to show up" and about the insurance card "Show it to the judge! you took too long to produce it."
At this time he gets back in his cruiser and leaves. I take another 10 minutes to just sit there and smoke and try and cool off. This Jack-knob was a complete prick, no sense of professionalism. He was all hyped up getting out of the vehicle, if it had been a 'routine' stop, I would have been worried about him since he is openly armed. This guy, to me, represents every reason why we want to change the course we are on. He openly displayed his contempt for citizenry, or even common courtesy. He could see the (near phone book proportions) mess in my lap looking for a piece of paper while I was sitting in a CORPORATE vehicle. How likely is it that a national corporation is NOT GOING TO HAVE INSURANCE? Then he completely stacks the charges up.

I can fight this one, and I am going to. I have to. My job could be on the line thanks to the wonderful 'service' this hired hand delivered to me this afternoon. I can have the insurance crap completely dropped just by appearing with a copy of it. The other two charges are the ones I am more worried about. That 'Careless operation" charge could cost me my job. Either way, it is going to cost me in my personal insurance(if it sticks) since there is no distinction between Private and Working conditions when it comes to your DL.

So, without disclosing names; Officer Friendly, if you are reading this,( and you will know its you just from the above description of events.) I want to thank you for your excellent discourse in screwing over a decent taxpayer. Your zeal is noted.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

PHD for all!!!!

and no, I am not giving away Doctorates or anything like that. In this case, I am talking about Heinlein's PhD. PILED HIGHER AND DEEPER.

Seems that most of those in the District of Criminals are PhD's of some sort or another. Most are from Ivy league schools. Normally I would have no issues with someone wanting to further themselves in an education but I have to condemn those "institutions of higher learning" when the only thing higher about them is the tuition rates and how far you have to shove your head up your ass to not see how Leftist they have become.

This brings me to how far the Public is expected to shove their heads up their own asses now.

A couple of weeks ago we were exposed to the Wanna be Janet Reno AKA Janet Napolitano and Wal-Mart working towards further Orwellian morphing.

Guess that wasn't good enough. Now we have Michele O and Wal-mart making inroads to make the 'good citizens' trim the fat.

I have more than a few issues with this whole mess. First, I hate shopping at Wal-mart, just to clear the air on that note. At one point they proudly attempted to carry as much American made products as possible. Granted, this country produces nearly nothing now, so I can understand that they will find that nearly impossible. Still, they are so in between the sheets with the Chinese manufacturers, I would be cautious to touch anything in one of those stores, if fear of getting Gook splooge on my hands. Guess I don't have to worry about that since I will no longer even go into one of those treasonous brick and mortar gravestones. Of course the Lefties think that EVERY common person on this continent shops at Wal-mart, and they aren't far off since in many places, it is THE store to go to. since they wiped out every mom and pop local business in that area (before raising the prices back up) This only shows the true contempt they have for the people of this country.(they being the lefties, many of the Rinos, and the corporate wal-mart people)

Since the left seems to think that we can't take care of ourselves, we need someone to do it for us. Again, I bring up the 40+ years since I left my mom's tit: I think many feel the same way. Well, except for those that choose to keep the bit in the mouth, blinders on and keep trudging forward, pulling the wagon without wheels that is loaded with politicians. (I don't want to pull up a stereotype here but from many of the customers I see in the lot at the local Chinese whore store, I don't see a whole lot of intelligence in their eyes. Maybe it's all that crap food they eat from that store. Rather like an aged draft horse that has seen better days and can only see the glue factory ahead: Keep pulling and they leave you alone, take a break and its off to meet that hammer between the eyes. )

All I have to say to Wal-mart: keep it up, you will start losing business. When people realize that they can buy what they like elsewhere instead of being forced to 'choose' healthy, they will. There are many preppers that may go there for the quick purchase that can't be had elsewhere, so they will be forgiven, but I highly doubt you will see them frequently(unless you are the only game in town)

As for me, you will never see another thin dime of my money. I would rather travel all the way to Knoxville or Lexington to get the things I need then let my shadow fall on your door sills ever again.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cuestiĆ³n de lo mundano

I know I promised a book report and I think I have a better idea now.

Reading this book; I am not finished yet but, it raises more questions than it answers, at least for me. If you have read the book front to back, you can ignore this post as I think there are answers or at least possible solutions later in the book. I will finish this weekend but for now, I need to get some thoughts out or I am never going to get sleep 'fore I go to work at zerodarkthirty.

First question. The Declaration of Independence is a great document as is the constitution, problem being: Why is the bill of rights a section of AMENDMENTS and not DECLARATIONS in the original document?
Answer: The entire document is written by Multiple lawyers, each with an agenda, and the entire document is a compromise at best and only a thought experiment at worst. It was also written several years after the fact. The Bill of Rights, (focus on the Bill part, like a law but not ratified) was added (amended) to silence some of the dissent that was building within the states. To be truly a founding document, it needed to be written and agreed to BEFORE the Revolution was commenced not after the fact, behind closed doors. (hmm, sounds like most of the law making that has taken place over the last 20 years.)

Second question: If the above statement is a fact, why did it take this long for the ugly truth to really start to come to light?
Answer: It didn't take this long. Facts show that there were more opponents of the Constitution as it was drafted then. States submitted over 200 different possible "rights" and the 10 we got were sorted out behind closed doors by the same lawyers that drafted the original document. (hence the amendments). The MEDIA was the culprit in the smoke and mirrors.(granted the Federalists purchased the most outspoken paper of the time and essentially shut it down. Go figure)

Funny how things change the more they stay the same, ain't it?

So far in this book, Boston does one hell of a job of pulling documentation up from history(many of the same ones I was taught with) and applying them to the correct correlation of events. The way I was taught these facts was in a rather cryptic, well, maybe not cryptic but highly biased way. It really ticks me off that the level of deception is so deep and so widespread. Knowing what I do know of jurisprudence (side line hobby thanks to my Ex's dad) The core of any legal-eze is buried in Semantics. Little slices, but each building upon the last. Various forms of words that mean one thing in the mundane world have a completely different translation under the jurisprudence codes. (want to realize how little you understand the word 'corporation' or the word 'legal fiction', just look them up in Blacks Law Dictionary. Pay close attention to the difference between Law of Admiralty and the Law of the Land. Two VERY different things. Do you know which is used in this country? or if they are swapped for convenience? Or if it even applies to you on a daily basis? )

Facts are, this country was founded in the blood of people that believed in freedom over slavery, but was usurped by a bunch of lawyers with an agenda to create an entirely different form of power than the monarchies of the past. They were 'little men' with visions of Grandeur and power. Jefferson was the cobalt rod that kept the whole mess from turning into a bond market from the start.( Research just what a Bond is and the historical reference from slave trade days and you may get a glimpse of how bad it really is.)

Just as I have been discovering the truth behind the Civil War and how I had been duped for many years by an external liberal agenda, I am finding similar lies exposed about the Constitution by reading this book. It pisses me off.(not at the truth teller but at those that came before.)

I won't lie, its leaving me with little hope that there is a solution. I see one solution but it is extreme to say the least. Revert back to the villages and tribes. The Natives of this continent understood grouping and survival better than most really attribute to them. They knew that congregating too many people into too small of a space created imbalances within the world around them.(they didn't have words like environment but they understood the concept) They also had little to no property concepts: this was the Achilles heal for the tribes. I see many things that seemed crude within their setup but the facts are, they were much healthier in mind, body and spirit that we are today. MUCH healthier.

But that setup couldn't survive a swarm of people looking for liberty and opportunity. And those two things are what inspired people like Jefferson to write the Declaration.

The Constitution may have aborted that point.

It also opened doors for people like Madison, Hamilton, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush (all of em) etc etc. (obama *cough*)(I wrote that only to say, he hasn't had enough time to REALLY show just how bad its going to be when he is through. Heck, it took 7 years, arguably, for the Bush issues to really come to head, We are only half way through his first ( and last? ) term. We can speculate all we want, truth will come out in the end ) Some of these people were 'shooting stars' to grow into quickly and burn out just as quickly, others have been 'bred and groomed' for it from the start (usually while in college they are chosen though how and or who makes that decision is far beyond me. The only thing that really answers it is "follow the money". I will let you make of that what you will.)
Facts are, we are not free any more or less now than we ever have been. Yes, there are more laws on the books, and many more agencies to 'enforce the will of the people' (whatever that means) but we are still more free than most. Freedom comes from willingness to make choices. HARD CHOICES. When the original colonists ran into oppression on a local level, they chose to vote with their feet and find somewhere else to go( or fight back). Why do you think the expansion of this country was so fast? Many people, consciously or not, felt the stirrings of tyranny from the District of Criminals and chose instead to go elsewhere to live free. How many of them would rather face the uncertainty of the wilderness and angry indians over an oppressive government? I would bet that number bordered 100%. Sadly, Government followed them.
There are many out there now that would rather be coddled than have to make a decision much harder than what to have for breakfast or should they downsize that Latte at lunch. They are equally free. They also have no worries of running afoul of the laws because they swim in very shallow waters of existence. Those that take the Constitution to heart and the Bill of Rights to heart, feel a bit more restrained. Especially if they want to keep the peace.(as most of us do, we only wish to be left to our own wills, not some petty and ignorant lady with a mission to make others conform to her idea of a 'better world'.) Preppers walk a fine line between law abiding and outright lawbreaking due to the nature of our convoluted law structure. The more you learn the more you realize just how UNFREE we are and just how ENSLAVED everyone short of the political class truly are. (well, Bill Gates may not be enslaved but he could buy off any politician he wants and not be hurting for it.)

OK, time to wrap this up a bit. More questions than answers but here comes another one.

When, not if, this all falls apart, HOW can we make it so it can't happen again? (I am fairly certain that persons such as Jefferson, Adams, Henry, Rush and Hale, felt the same way.) OR

Are we doomed, as a species, to continually repeat our mistakes?


Just curious. Am I the only one that sees a problem with this picture?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book report soon,

Reading the "hologram of liberty" by Boston T Party at the strong encouragement of some others on the nets.

And from what I am reading, if ya ain't pissed off yet, this would do it.

I won't go into it in depth nor will I spill all of the beans but if you haven't read it, try to find a copy and go with it. There is much more going on than we know or can know and the more information we feed ourselves will allow us to figure out what the truth is. This book is illuminating on only one aspect. There are others. I refuse to wear the blinders any longer. Facts are, this country is toast and the toaster hasn't been turned off or unplugged yet, so its starting to burn. The only reason the masses don't 'feel' the heat yet is because of the very same government controls that started the burn. Once those break down, we will see flames and MANY will go into shock at just how bad it truly is.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lets talk about guns

Seems that everyone is talking about the attempt to criminalize "High capacity magazines" in handguns. Really this is just a back door to further restrictions and everyone knows it, no one is really talking about it(at least, not in the main stream) and yet, there seems to be little forming up to counter it other than words: I certainly haven't seen the big guys doing anything (IE, the impotent NRA)
I won't lie, I haven't anything that has a mag over 10 rounds. the largest mag for my .45 is an 8 round extended plate, the rest are all gov surplus 7 round mags. My PSL is all 10 round mags (and I wouldn't want more than 10 for that. They would only get in the way when using a rest or in the prone position.) That is a personal choice I have made that has not one bearing on 'being civil' but very much a decision to enforce accuracy. Less rounds encourages better aiming(at least in my opinion)

But the simple fact is this; it matters not what the gun is, how many bullets it holds, how large the caliber is, or even how long the barrel is. Those are all particulars that apply only when deciding what the gun is designed to do. Just like when choosing a hammer: you don't build a house with a 6 oz ball peen and you don't want to use a 22" 22oz waffle faced framing hammer on a cold chisel. The real fact is what happens in the gray matter of the (hopefully) sentient cognizant human being behind the gun. I can take a 2" snub nose to the 100 yard line at the range and shoot it down range but it more than likely won't hit paper (at least not with a lot of practice on my part: this reinforces what I just said about the shooter, not the gun). Those that wish to disarm the public in general refuse to acknowledge the fact of shooter responsibility. The gun is ONLY a tool, nothing more. I have made the argument of being able to kill, just as dead, with a pencil as with a bullet. The only real factor is range and determination. The gun makes it easier. And that is what has these jackasses shitting themselves. They know they have pissed off a great majority of the population and the only insurance they can come up with is to take away the tools we COULD use to level the playing field. They know that given time, there won't be a line in the sand to cross because they will have backed us into a corner. They wish to relieve us of our teeth before that point is reached. They have made maneuvers to corner the food markets so that they can use it as a weapon when things start to really fall apart.(no proofs here but history has set precedence here also) And fall apart they will, its just a matter of when.

Yesterday I went to check on a carbine I have been thinking of picking up. Something that I can hand off to someone with little practical experience and know that they can utilize it quickly with little instruction. Simple .45 carbine from a small company in Ohio. The slide is made of pot metal but it holds up well enough under pistol loads that I have little worry about. The action is simplistic enough that there are only 3 moving parts in the slide and 2 pieces for the trigger. And the major selling point,: I can get it for less than a Glock or S&W. $330 suggested retail (I won't tell you what I was quoted since its a bit less than that. Most retailers that deal in these sell them for less than MSRP) The range on it is about 100 yards, able to do that since the longer barrel makes more use of the powder charge giving a slightly higher muzzle velocity. Being a blow back operation, little to no recoil in comparison to 'big and ugly' making it an ideal backup for those that may be intimidated by the recoil of guns like my PSL or the Mosin-Nagant. (and it will make a great game getter when they start to make food a weapon. A .45 hollow point will drop a deer with a quickness.)

Even with the enjoyment of going to look at a new gun, I was pissed off. They are taking the joy out of my favorite pastime. Why should I have to jump through hoops, get an FBI approval for something that my father, grandfather, great grandfather etc etc etc were able to walk into the hardware store and pickup without even thinking about "is my DL current? Have I pissed off some government jerk lately that may get me flagged for a 'hold'?(happened once) and yet, they only want to restrict us further. Hell, I was ID'ed today when buying an energy drink, and it wasn't even one of the alcoholic kinds(those have been banned in this state anyway). Seems to me, I am in my 40's, haven't been attached to mommies tit in well over 40 years, and yet, SOME would like to baby me and treat me as a child. 'Don't think so. I won't put up with it any longer. This is the last piece I will purchase through a retailer/dealer(and I would stop now if it weren't for the fact that its already enroute) All others will be either through private sales or I will make the damned thing myself. ATF be damned, they can't take us all out. And the more they try, the harder each one will get. NOTE: they have been rather quiet ever since the Waco mess. That's not to say they aren't still up our asses, sniffing around hoping for the 'next big bust' to help push the agenda of 'getting guns of the streets'.(one could say trying to 'engineer' said bust)

I won't be corralled into anti-gun debates any longer(nor am I the only one). I am sick of trying to make the points. WE are a nation divided, gun control is only one aspect of that division. I won't be going to D.C. to defend that position. It shouldn't need to be defended. It should be a fact that we are armed, we don't want to be fucked with, and as long as those first two points are understood, we can be big fuzzy teddybears that you can sit on the porch with and have a steak and beer with. (well, most with the exception of the four linked to above. tharn weasels ain't welcome on my properties. :-)) )

Saturday, January 15, 2011

deleted last post.

Realized after reading it just how out of wack I was. Over 1000 miles under my belt this week and didn't realize how of kilter I was.

I will post tomorrow and (hopefully) have some more rest so I don't sound like a half baked wack job.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rant, fair warning, may explode with expletives.

This whole shooting mess in Tucson really has me fired up. I am certain that there are some that feel the same way, just as I am certain that there are those that are indifferent to it.

What is getting in my craw is the stupidity of some of the upper ranking Elected. Seriously, I get the impression that they are scared shitless about this whole mess. GOOD! Maybe you should be. Just as those of us out here in the streets, burbs, fields, woods and mountains have been scared for God knows how long. I can't speak for everyone but of those that I know who are not Law Enforcement, being in proximity of a LEO tends to make one feel just a bit intimidated. It's not that we are doing anything wrong, the real problem is that we don't know any longer if we are or not. The laws have grown so convoluted and archaic that I don't think even the lawmakers have a fuckin clue any longer as to what is 'legal' or not. How are we, the mundane supposed to be free if we aren't even sure if there is a 'right and wrong' any longer(other than our own moral codes. Even there, we may be breaking a law now). The whole "ignorance of the law is no excuse" standard can no longer apply if the lawmakers don't even understand what the law is, let alone those hired to enforce it. Seems that any LEO with an attitude can charge us for whatever they want and have at least one item stick. Seems to me that the whole charade is just that, a charade. You pretend to give us freedom and we pretend you aren't stomping on our throats.

I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show while she was interviewing CONgress Critter King on his new bill. This is just a proposal at this point I believe but essentially states that no mundane will be permitted to have a gun or weapon within 1000 feet of a Federally elected person. I know that there are many others that are ranting about this and I am sure that the backlash is hitting the phones in the District of Criminals. I am quite certain that there is a grouping of mundanes that feel this is justified too. So be it.

Here is my take on it. First, let me state this: THIS IS IN NO WAY A THREAT!!!! Just points to ponder for those that seem to think that the whole disarming of citizens is OK if it only applies to a set perimeter(or at all for that matter). I am a former Marine. every Marine in bootcamp goes through a training period with rifles. That training is at 200 yards, 300 yards and 500 yards. DO THE MATH. 600' 900' and 1500'. Just how is that 1000' perimeter supposed to stop a determined person with a carbine from taking out a senator or representative? It sure as hell didn't stop Oswald (no conspiracies here, if you want to say he did it, look at his distances. 1000' was nothing. Especially if you consider a target that was moving at 30mph AWAY on an oblique from the shooter.) And that doesn't account for those that go into sniper training. That is just your basic ground pounder or Office pogue. EVERY MARINE learns to shoot that way. I can't account for the other services, but every one of them has some sort of qualification with the basic weaponry. Take that into account. The other side of that coin is that there are MANY non-military trained people that have a sport called long range shooting. There is an annual event called Boomer Shoot where the shortest distances shot are measured in 100's of yards; some are over 1000 yards. Again, no threat implied or intended, just points to ponder. You may have need to be scared if you continue on this path of Political class warfare. I understand you feel intimidated by some mundane with a loose screw that injured a (possible) friend of yours. Killed a Federal judge and a young girl and injured many others. Let me ask you this: How many Federal officials have been killed by civilian shooters in the last 100 years? Then I ask you to look at how many people have been gunned down by LEO's in the last 10. You don't even have to include the ones that were trouble, just the innocents that 'happened to be' in a bad place at the wrong time. Yes, the numbers are out there. Look em up. When you do, I am POSITIVE you will see a larger number of civilians killed than 'officials'. And that is on a 10:1 ratio of years.

Mr King, you stated that you want to see the police in that instance with more powers to make a decision on how to approach security. Strip us of weapons if you want, giving the Police more powers is only going to aggravate an already touchy situation. Just look at the stink that is being caused by the groping of the TSA. Yes, there are more and more that are willing to just 'put up with it'. That is called adjustment to dictates. We have been 'adjusting' for many years. Each time you further the reach of an already powerful Police state, you unintentionally set us up for further transgressions.(or is it really intentional? you tell me.) Keep encroaching upon Constitutional rights and you will eventually find out just what Enumerated really means. 2A won't be a clause on a piece of paper under 2" thick glass; it will be a heavy mass traveling at supersonic speeds. I am certain you don't want to see that. I know I don't. Somewhere though, someone is going to feel pushed around enough to push back. It may be an event like what we have seen in the past at Ruby Ridge, or Waco. Then again, it may be something similar to some fictions online; published as warnings of what could be. Right now, the political class has all of the 'cool toys' available. Keep pushing and you may find out just how 'obsolete' a military grade bolt action is. Once shooting commences, the toys will go to those that get their paws on it, or those that defect from the federal side and bring the toys in tow. One thing you always need to keep in the front of your mind when thinking up these bills is the law of unintended consequences. Look at the consequences of Prohibition. What I see coming is going to make that look mighty tame. Hell, the blood baths of the second American Revolution may be repeated if things continue upon the paths we are seeing. I would like to think you would want to avoid that. Again, I know I would prefer to avoid using my guns in that manner. A fact that I know is held by everyone that considers themselves a 'threeper' or 'patriot' in this day and age. We don't want to fight, we only want to be left alone to enjoy our rewards in life. (that also means not supporting every welfare case from cradle to grave at threat of violence from on high.)

Again, this is not a threat, nor a manifesto, but you could consider it a warning of what may be if the paths are forced along much further.

Just points for all you D.C. persons to consider before you go harping about 'civil discourse' while threatening disarmament.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let the blood dance begin.

Caught several clips from prior shootings this morning. Letting the media dance in blood again.

This shit really ticks me off. You NEVER hear about how there are more crimes diverted by handguns EVERYDAY. You never hear about the 100 million guns that haven't killed more than a piece of paper at a range today. You never hear about the billions of rounds that pour through the stores, that aren't used for more than target shooting or hunting in legitimate roles.

You never hear about how there are more people killed by accident by LEO's than by civilians. You never hear about the training practices of most(not all) LEO departments.(more specifically a serious lack of training.) I know more 'civilians' with more trigger time than most cops. How many police/sheriffs/deputies/etc that regularly practice off hand shooting, moving targets, accuracy at distance, shoot and move to cover, let alone just simple drop tap and rack exercises? How many will 'qualify' with their service weapon and never touch it again until its time to actually "use it" ? (98% of the police in Cincinnati. Empirical evidence only so don't slam me later if its wrong.) Hell, even the gang bangers seem to have more trigger time than some cops.

Maybe that's a good thing though. When things get rough, I am not sure I want someone with a chip on their shoulder, a legal excuse for violence, and skill using those tools; on the other end of the range. Maybe that sounds cowardly but it is not. Its a statement of hoping that I don't have to come up against a professional. Bumbling fools are dangerous enough; to themselves and others. A professional raises the stakes. Just having a badge does NOT make you qualified to carry a gun. (and yet, how many people go through the trouble of getting deputized just for that benefit? I know of a couple myself. It is an easy way to get around some really stupid laws so I can't hold that against them.)

But this is about the media. The bias has reached a point similar to that of a rotting cadaver. IT REEKS. I can only hope that the general populace is more aware of the fact that the 'saviors' in this instance were NOT law enforcement but regular Joes that did what should come naturally to anyone with a pulse. Self defense is NOT A CRIME! Taking down someone during a reload is just plain smart. Again, the police were there to take notes, not 'protect'. IF just one IF, there had been someone there with an openly carried side arm, what do you think the outcome would have been? Probably would have been a non event. There may have been a couple of shots exchanged but more likely the actual shooter would have backed off before hand. I could be wrong; the media is starting to paint this guy as 'off his rocker', but you have to wonder. Even if he had made the opening salvo, I don't think the wounded list would have been so large. Either way, if even one person were injured, the media would blow it out of proportion and made a blood bath out of it. As it is, they get their blood dance this time too.

Dance media Dance. You are really only showing just how sick and twisted you truly are. I feel for those that are suffering for this mess. I feel for them knowing that you, the media, are using their loss for your gain. I feel for the loss of liberty that your blood dance has inflicted upon this country for the last 80 years. (FA34 was the real start of it)

Here's a clue for you if you wonder what I mean. PROHIBITION has never had the desired intent EVER. It matters not if its alcohol, drugs, sex or guns. IT DOESN'T WORK! There are always unintended consequences. Yes, this shooting was a tragedy, they all are. Using it for political gain is just wrong.

Addendum: Some 'yahoo' in the state legislature here in KY has proposed a gun legislation bill. I don't have the full wording on it (they aren't up to speed on internet posting around here) but I did hear the words of said 'yahoo'. "this isn't about restricting people from having guns, this is only to restrict access to guns that kill people, are used in crimes and for killing cops and firemen."
Did this guy miss the memo on Guns are tools and if you outlaw them, only outlaws will have them? Did he miss the memo about how laws only apply to the law abiding?(redundant I know) Did he miss the fact that I(and any determined person) can kill with a pencil just as dead as with a bullet? I am not 100% certain but I can say with confidence that there is not one Gun manufacturer in the WORLD that specifically makes a gun for killing cops or firemen. Just as I am certain that the guy that made Lizzy Bordans ax didn't intend it for murder either. Tools are tools, applications may vary.

Monday, January 10, 2011

just tripped over this

This over at Sipsey Street.

Oh my God, did I get a belly laugh out of that one.

All I gotta say to the DA that wrote this crap: GO for it. She shoots Moose and other large things that don't exactly like to fall down easily. If you really feel like making a target of yourself, knock yourself out.

It just had to be said.

It never stops,

I was claiming a slight paranoia last night, several others concurred that feeling.

It ain't paranoia when the things you fear start happening at the same time.

The link to the politico report says that.

The link to Caroliyn McCarthy says that.

The Neil Bortz show is saying that.

John Galt is saying that.(specifically that this will be a turning point in our future. I don't doubt his intent one bit.)

Bashing William REALLY summed it up for me. No tears, at least not for the victims. (more than a few for the future though)

There is only one direction to go when a country gets to a certain point. I can't say with 100% certainty that we are at that point but damn if we aren't within a point or two of it. The education system sucks, the media is a lapdog to enemies of the state continually selling that propaganda, the citizenry is apathetic as hell about anything that doesn't directly effect them today(and lets not even think about tomorrow for chis'sakes). Seriously, I see a lot of shit coming down the pike and none of it is for the benefit of those that don't have a seat in power.

And of course not one thing I am saying is news to anyone that reads this blog. Not one thing.
It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.
About the only good thing I see from all of this was a chance to talk to my dad, show him some reasons why I am paranoid, pull up some history that he lived through and could understand(like the fact that before I was born he could buy guns at the local hardware store, cash across the counter and without having to go through a background check, etc etc. Now you do and we still have, maybe much more, issues with people doing bad things with guns and less and less ability to defend against it.) It gave me a chance to wake him up a little. Especially about the fact that while the little girl was mentioned a couple of times today, the real light is being cast upon "one of the elite" and she ain't dead. There is a definitive chasm between the mundane and the 'master class' and today is giving us a chance to really point it out, given the right circumstances.

Seeing that division of 'class' also shows that we WILL see something coming down the pike to further restrict what few freedoms we have left. I see that Drudge has mentioned the 'internet ID' crap. I also see that those behind it our feeding on the laziness factor. " it will make it so you won't have to remember multiple passwords" and "we want the private sector to set this up. If the government does it, no one will trust it."(truer words were never spoken BTW) Personally, if they go that route, I am gone. Each little infringement will only lead to further abuse, that the 'mundane' will pay for with money and freedom.

That path is getting closer and closer, and at some point we are going to get to a point were we can't turn back and the fork in the road isn't really an option. Get on the rail-car or not.

I personally will have taken a side path at some point, long before that choice is thrust in my face. I may not last long on it, but at least I will have chosen to be free, completely free, for the remainder of my days. I would rather live in the woods with a rifle and little hope than even contemplate giving up. PERIOD!

It would do the Mcarthy's, Bloombergs, others of the world to consider that there are many in this country that would rather die with gun in hand than follow the road we are currently looking at going down. I am one of them, I am certain that there are more than a few that read my tripe that feel the same way.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Color me paranoid

I have been taking in some of the 'information' on the MSM's (don't shoot at me yet, let me say my piece first) on the shooting in Arizona.

Color me paranoid but something stinks.

The timing for one.

Recent events being, the swearing in of new batch of suspected conservatives in the house. The Demoniods still control the senate and there is a treaty with the UN #1 (still under construction but,,,,)that would effectively circumvent the Second Amendment. As has been stated by this administration in the past, "Never let a crisis go to waste, it opens the doors to do 'great things' "

Maybe I am wrong but the spin I am seeing from the libtard media is spewing more and more feel good BS out there instead of honest to God facts of what the hell went down. Instead of reporting on the facts they have and awaiting a real investigation, they are doing what they always do and dig up every little heart wrenching string they can find.

My real concern here is based upon historical reference. The Firearms Act of 1934 was sold as a way to control a no longer dangerous crime element. Then in 1968, they amended it with another bill that only further restricted civilians. (facts are facts, Criminals don't give a rats ass about the laws. THAT is why they are criminals. Therefore, laws don't effect the criminals but MAKE criminals out of civilians.) Again in 1986 it was further amended and while it only affected machine guns, it further reduced the scope of what was not "approved" for the general public. Each time, there were high profile killings involved. Killings that may or may not have been 'coordinated' but that fact will probably never fully be uncovered in this or any other lifetime. The only true high profile killing that didn't result directly in some other infringement upon our rights was that of JFK . That one is still so controversial, that one has to wonder just what really happened. The fact that there wasn't a move on the FedGov's part to infringe upon us, well, again, color me paranoid. I think that due to the fact that they didn't go out of their way to 'tighten the reins', shows that it was an inside job and ALMOST didn't get covered up.(that whole Jack Ruby thing rolled it up nicely.)

Maybe it doesn't help that I am reading 'Unintended Consequences" again during my down time at work.

Again, color me paranoid.

Either way, I think its time to splurge and go buy another couple thousand rounds BEFORE they start some BS legislation.

Just in case ya know.

#1: Don't ever forget that Snopes is mostly driven by a leftist organization. They are biased and it shows in some of their reports. I only link to them to show one side of the coin.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

can we say, "told ya so"

Rat Bastards read it, then shit all over it. Maybe I am taking it a bit over the top with that statement. Still the two that were supposed to have sworn in BEFORE doing anything like 'voting' on issues, were too damned busy raising funds for the next campaign.


That is called a negative career move in my neck of the woods. Only, these guys have been around for awhile, know what they were able to get away with and, more than likely, rub elbows with some serious cases of rich-itus infected people that only want the wagon to keep rolling.

This is only the start of the fun. I am quite certain that there will be further and further transgressions that will be swept under the rug before this is all said and done.

One thing I can say about the leftists that were openly spitting on the read. At least they showed their true colors out in the open. I can't fault them with that honesty. I can on the other hand add those names to that ever growing list of traitors, tyrants, basic evil doers etc etc. They too take that oath, therefore they are openly betraying the trust that has been in place. An oath is an oath, whether it is between two people in business, in a marriage, or representing those that voted to pay you to do a job. If you want the job, you had better know something about what you are supposed to do, not do what you f*ckin want when you want.(dunno bout the rest of you, but if I were to do that in my current position, I would be looking for work with a quickness) How is it these rat bastards can get away with it session after session, for years and no one holds them accountable. Just look at the mess with the recent yahoo. Censure! Thats all he got. 'a formal reprimand' IE a slap on the wrist, no, that would be physical. He got a "stern talking too" and that was it. If any of us had pulled that crap, we would be serving 10-20 for fraud and larceny. )

Maybe I am just to the point of not caring anymore. Then again, maybe not. I guess the next 12-24 months will show just how fragile our current situation is. In that time period, I continue to hold course or my personal Gulch, (self taught) education, and prep for current family members that will 'come too' when things get real rough.

As for the original article I was going to post today. It was brewing nicely then some bug got into the batch and turned the entire mess into vinegar. I am working on a re-write hoping to salvage some of the wort I was using. (and no, Mr BATFE, this is not code for something else,,, just using analogies for a creative process you wouldn't understand.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow, more snow.

Well, it is winter after all. Hey, Al Gore, Global warming my ass!

Other than that, I got nuthin today.

Back tomorrow with something, its brewing now but doesn't have enough octane for my tastes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick note on todays events.

Listened to more and more 'spew' today on the happenings in the District of Criminals. To be honest, it makes me a bit on the sick side hearing this stuff. Yeah, we got a bunch of new blood in the mix. Yeah, many incumbents were left on the wayside in the process. Yeah, they are reading the Constitution in its entirety on the House floor. Yeah, Boehner is making a lot of the right noises.

Will it change anything. Hopefully yes. I ain't gonna hold my breath on it though. The Gaurdians of Liberty are heading towards the Hill: Maybe, just Maybe, the thought of being under a microscope will enhance the forward movement towards a smaller more financially responsible .GOV. I guess only time will tell.

One thing that I mentioned above rankles my fur a bit though. The reading of the Constitution. This may be a valid attempt at something good. Then again, it may only be a positive smoke screen. The problem being similar to that of the bible. Many read it, few study it, fewer still understand it, and no matter how you look at it, it is wide open to interpretation. Granted, the Constitution is a much shorter document and the wording is quite implicit. Time had changed the meaning of those words to some extent, leaving misinterpretation a common problem. The fact that few actually understand the original intent within those words has allowed us to get to the point where we are today(that and years and years of apathy within the common people that are supposed to protect that document from abuse.) Fortunately, there is little 'lost in translation' as with the bible. (How many different languages and dialects was it written in, then translated with personal bias from those translators? Only way to know would be to go back in time and witness it in person.)

It's still early on in the game. We have control of only one house and if that one house has a chance, now is it. I will watch further to see just how effective some of the Speaker Boehner does, how much of his ideas are actually put to use and/or how much of it is just smoke up our butts.

One good note though, PELOSI IS OUT OF THE SEAT OF POWER. Thank GOD for that small miracle.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

back to the Range today.

I shot on the short range today. Was sighting in my Dad's .222 that I did some scope work to. Took along the PSL too; what can I say, Hate leaving my baby behind to pout in the gun case.

I like the .222. Decent round, high velocity, excellent mushrooming on the bullet. Sadly it has been ousted by the .223 round. Just bad timing on Remingtons part I believe.

Not an MBR though. While it has an excellent trigger/action set up. Bolt action with a max magazine capacity of 4 rounds, well, its only a deer rifle then. And a damned good deer rifle at that. Yes, in a pinch it could be used for more, but I wouldn't want to get myself in a pinch like that.

On the other hand, there is the PSL. Shoots a round that was developed in the late 1800's, was perfected in the early part of the 1900's, and has been in use in various weapons since then. The weapons may become less than desirable, but the round still very much kicks butt.
Below are some of the rounds I recovered from the berm. These are the steel cored Yugoslavian rounds I purchased last year.
As you can see, they don't mushroom, they disintegrate. On the right hand side of the pic are the copper jackets. This seems to be a cupro-nickel jacket. Its quite hard and doesn't bend except under pretty good pressure from a pair of pliers.(or impacting the berm as is the case here) On the left hand side are the steel cores. I looked at them under magnifying glass and can't find any deformation at all on any of them. Seeing how the jacket rips apart and the core is intact, I would have to imagine this thing tumbles like mad after impact.

I could be wrong though. Reason: that bullet at the bottom of the pic. This one was recovered from the berm also but only after it passed through a section of old red oak stump. The stump was 18" in diameter and I still had to dig about 8 inches into the clay we call soil around here, to recover that bullet. Seems that what stopped it was a rock as indicated by the tip. I didn't find the rock though. Still not 100% certain what happens with these bullets after impact. I would imagine that no matter what does happen, if you are on the receiving end, it ain't gonna be good. And for fact, with this round, a large tree is NOT cover. I know a 5.56 NATO round won't penetrate that far into hardwood. I haven't had one in hand for a few years, so I am not sure what they will penetrate any longer; though I have to doubt it has the kinetic energy to do the above feat.

Why the post on bullets? Why not. I wanted to show that what was, is still EXTREMELY viable as a combat weapon. Maybe more so than some of the toys we are issuing our troops now.(wonder why the Marines have been dipping back into the M-14 reserves? Hmmm??) It matters not if its a Mosin-Nagant, M38 carbine or a more modern version like the Romak3 PSL 54c or the honest to God Dragunov(though with the cost on that thing, you could get an AR10 and have money to spare for Ammo. .308 is a bit more pricey in ammo though the ammo is more readily available)

Just thought I would throw out some food for thought there. I always find it a learning experience to see what the rounds look like after they have done what they are supposed to do. Really gives you some Idea as to what the real end result will be. I usually try to push the limits of my shooting abilities but today was not that time. The mud around here is atrocious and getting to our 'long range' was not happening. 4X4 or not, just not going to risk getting up that hill today. Still, felt good to get out and make loud noises and destroy some targets.