Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day.

To those I have known, to those I have never known, to those that came before me and gave so that I could be free enough to remember them,


Happy Memorial Day.

We keep the fires burning within our hearts and minds. May we never have to return to the killing fields again, but if so, we will do so with the same vigor as those that have gone before us.

And the hits continue.

I am glad as hell I am an early riser. Otherwise I would have been woken to the sound of Drum Corps, sirens and lights, the sounds of SEIU yahoo's chanting communist "Representative" names, and well, a lot of the above. Lets just say, I have reserved the appropriate response to a more appropriate situation.

This is an annual event and every year I am reminded of just how sick the little community I live in truly is. I don't mind the parade; hell, Pride in community is a virtue not a vice(in as much as Pride isn't taken to sinful levels.) The sickness is in the fact that this little community is supported by the welfare state more than anything else. Few actually work for a living and those that do, are in state sponsored positions for the most part.(I didn't get the pictures of the purple and yellow shirts running around right at the beginning)

But to forgo the above and update my life here. I had a good and bad weekend all rolled up in one. Good(actually great but tempered by the bad) time with my dad, his new 7 weekold kitten, the bees, the rest of the family, getting out of this city to where real people live(not zombies) Good times. I didn't get up the hill to do any shooting. My dad had a valid reason and getting out into the woods a bit, I realized why no shooting. This spring has been so wet and temperate, you can't see past 15' in most places everything has grown so much. I saw the range area we normally shoot and you can't see JACK$#!7!!!! Oh well; without cutting down lanes of trees(not going to happen when we shoot 300-400 yards), no shooting. We just spent time together running around to the different planting sites and seeing who was growing what. Good times all in all. The other part of the bad was my Truck blew the line between the Master and Slave cylinder for the Clutch. Easy fix but damned time consuming and we were still 20 miles from anywhere to get parts when it happened. I am glad I haven't any reservations about using "McGyvered" hardware to make things functional. The truck made the return trip without hitch, little high on the temp scale but then, it was rather hot out and we came back in mid day unlike normal when I am traveling at night. I would imagine that alone lead to the higher temp. It was still within limits but it was reaching my red scale(which is a bit lower than the factory one)

Even though I wasn't able to accomplish all I wanted to while down there, I am two steps closer to making that move now. (and todays parade gave me a little more of a nudge in that direction.) Things are only going to continue to degrade, no matter what the "media" or administration are saying. As they degrade, it will become exponential in rate. I don't want to be local when things hit critical mass. I may be combat tested, doesn't mean I want to put that to the test again until I have MY choice in AO.

I am catching up on everyone right now, may have more to post when done. Only been 48 hours but so much can change in that time. Time to stick my toe in the water and see what direction the current is flowing. Back on later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Out of here for the weekend.

Truck is loaded up, My attitude is much improved from yesterday's rant, and I am ready for some good home cooking(been torturing myself describing it to my neighbor).

Ammo. Check
Rifles. Check
Overnight stuff. Check
Camera check
Spare cash Check(as if such a thing really existed LOL)

Keep the fort, I will return on late Sunday-ish. I need out of this damned city BAD!

Everybody stay safe, enjoy the time with your closer 'tives. Remember those that gave it all past, present and future. I only hope their sacrifices weren't in vain.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

quick post in a question, more later.

Driving between sites today, I saw a lady waiting for the bus. Now, first thing I noted was her dreadlocks, then her fingernails. These monsters were easily 6-8 inches long. Other than that she wasn't that far out of the norm around here.

Now the question: How is someone like that supposed to be a productive member of society? Seriously, how are you supposed to do anything with nails that long. And I don't even want to think about personal hygiene.(guess there was a reason she had Dreads. Can't imagine washing your hair with those pitchforks for hands) Seeing how she was waiting for a bus, I have to assume that she isn't independently wealthy. With that little bit of observation, she is a leech on society.

Am I wrong?

Go ahead, flame me as a racist. I can take it.

I say screw em all. They don't do anything to rate special treatment and I don't give a rats ass what history has said was done to 'their people' Every race upon this planet has been held in slavery or subjected to genocide at some point. I have ancestors that died on the Trail of Tears and you don't hear me harping 'bout "reparations".

I will be back when my Ire has cooled some.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outta the loop

I have spent the last week avoiding Talk Radio. My only source of info has been the blogs and Drudge Report. Funny how discombobulated I feel. A bit disconnected. I need the break every once in a while or I start to enter a positive feedback loop where I end up wanting things to escalate and a bit inclined to 'help it along'.

Obviously not the way to go about things.

The last couple of days I have been re-reading "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". I know that the revolution as written there was to parallel the American Revolution and seeing how Mike and Prof 'stacked the deck' when setting up the provisional government, I wonder if our Founders hadn't pulled a similar trick amongst themselves. It would explain a lot of why things went as smoothly as they did and why things quickly started to fall apart once the original founders had moved on. It wasn't obvious then and even with hindsight, can be fuzzy at times. It just seems to me that after Madison was president, things really started to get all wonky. Lincoln (as I have read since I left the Indoctrination camps of Public Education) was the worst and that really started things on a down hill run. Everything since then has only tipped the scales further towards Tyranny.

It brings me to a question though. This is a question asked of me after I left the Marines in '92. IF there were a revolution and you had say in what was to fill the vacuum created by ousting our current 'leaders': What kind of government would you attempt to put in place?

Should we re-attempt what the founders started? Should it be hybrid form of that endeavor? Elections being as blurry as they are, Should we attempt something completely obscure like Finite land mass(non adjustable of course) for districting? Or something even more radical? Lots of interesting thoughts can be brought up but I keep coming back to the original intent(principled Constitution establishing Defined limits of government). How to enforce it would have to be clearly defined. Unfortunately, the founders nailed it when they stated that a moral and principled people were a key to the success of that document. There are principled and moral people that make up this country, unfortunately, they aren't the majority.

K, nuff meandering over that thought line.
Seeing what I saw on Drudge today, It seems as if things are starting to escalate world wide. Speculation on the doings on Wall St is leaving some to question just how manipulated the whole Scheme really is.

Jennifer has a post up that, similar to mine above, only opens up more questions than it answers. It is an interesting thoughtline. Though not one that leaves a comfortable feeling afterwards.

I haven't been following the BP spill this week much. I figured it was something that, while an environmental mess, is also one that the PTB will utilize to cover up other things. Curiously though, the fact that there has been little updates in the MSM's leads me to believe that it may be worse 5000ft below the surface of the Gulf than is being let on. I haven't confirmed or found contradictory information on the floor collapsing over the reservoir. Null program at this point. About the only thing I could see, if that happened, would be minor Tsunami in the Gulf. The size of the Reservoir isn't large enough to raise or lower the ocean level significantly except temporarily and only locally.(and I am no scientist so I could be wrong.)

Well, It's time to crack open a cold one, sit on the porch and fend off flying vampires, and chill. Tomorrow I will listen to the talk radio to get a feel on the pulse of the nation. It may not be the most accurate but it is another viewpoint to consider when dowsing the current flow of trouble in the world.

Response to the Challenge

A gospel (from Old English, god spell "good news")

To be 100% honest, this is a rare bird these days. Not that there isn't some good news out there but it is rather far apart considering.

I did get a little uplift trying to find positive things though. I have to say that a comment from China on Elector Retards helped too.
Challenge met.The only good thing I can think of is that no matter how bad this crap gets I am in great company.Dudes like you,Mayberry,Diogenes,Michael,Shy wolf,Six Bears,Suburban Survivalist,Sunfighter,Pete Smith.Buddy's like the late 3% 4 Freedom the most Patriotic dude I ever met.His Buddy and mine R3Volution.That spirit is with us.

Yes, there are many that are looking towards the future. We may not be 100% confident on the direction the world is headed but, by God, we know that we will do all we can to stay afloat, functional and productive.

Here is one thing I found that is pretty cool. Angel Food Ministries. This is a Christian based 'company' that is doing good for nothing more than basic covering of costs. There are several other similar set ups around the country, some have people donate time to help in 'payment' for services, others like AFM, only charge enough to cover the cost of shipping and the website(and I am sure there is some basic administrative overhead but,,,) These aren't the end all Good Samaritan things you would hope to see but they are far better that "Lines for Government Cheese".

One thing I have noticed more of though is communal growth. Not Communes like Hippy communes but actual working functional conglomerations of people working towards self sufficiency.(and there probably are more than a few tree huggers in that crowd but I won't hold it against them so long as I get to eat MEAT that bleeds when I cut into it.) Here is a website that helps to bring like minded people together. Kind of a Classifieds section where you can shop the various places and see if Maybe you would fit in. I know that there are many that desire that level of independence but can't seem to break away from the ratwheel of our society without a support group. Not everyone is ready to make the jump. Not without massive training, or heavy cashflow. I know that one of my neighbors is looking into something like this and trying to find a broad scope of talents across many people that want to conglomerate and purchase land out west. That site is perfect for people like him. Not so much for those that have been prepping already. Really not my bottle of beer though. I will stick with the 'rednecks' 'hilljacks' and 'hillbillies' that I have grown up with. I know what we are capable of.

One other good point. This is usually covered on Days of our Trailers though. 2nd Amendment is becoming more of a strain to the liberal left. There are more states falling in line with "allowing" open carry, concealed carry, etc etc. Some may say that its Moot since the 2A only states the obvious right to self-defense. True that. We didn't enact the violating laws, but by slowly erroding those nazi styled laws, We are winning. At least on that front.

I had more to highlight but can't find the link that I wanted. There are good people in this country that really understand what being American is all about. We aren't the minority that we feel like somedays. We are spread out but that can be a good thing.

Bashing William is trying to be the good spirit by offering free food to people around him. Kudos to him for that. If said people are too "ashamed" to accept the gift, that is an issue they need to deal with, not him. There are good people out there. Many have been burned by the liberal/pc garbage being force fed this country and are now cautious. Some are just full of pride. Others are just stupid. Its up to us to discern the difference. Like making fire with sticks. You get the ember and have to work it up to a flame. WE have to find the good people and help bring them to the tinder of Liberty.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Challenge Glove Dropped

This is the kind of challenge I like, Bashing William has dropped the glove to fellow bloggers and I have taken it up. I am working on it now. There will be links galore as I can find them. There are good things happening in this country. BW is right; We have been so focused on the Doom and Gloom aspect that we lose sight of what we are striving for.

Till then, a little piece I have floating in my play list for your enjoyment.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to basics.

When I started this blog, it was with the intention of sharing my getting back into Rifle shooting after a few years Hiatus.(don't ask, long story.)

Well, It kinda turned into a political rant fest, documentation of other things, etc. Very rarely mentioning rifles.

Not for long.

Next weekend, I will be retiring to my dads land for a couple of days. We tend to go out shooting there pretty frequently and I know that I will be opening up the case on the PSL for a couple hundred rounds of fun. I will remember to bring the camera this time. My only beef with where we shoot is the range. It is longer than anything I can afford locally(440yds) but it still doesn't allow the PSL to achieve her full potential.(600+meters) Even so, shooting over 100 yards is challenging. Especially when you are shooting across a small valley at another ridgeline. It is rather hard to gauge the windage until you have taken a couple of shots since you can't see the wind mid-path.

Just for a preview, the targets this coming weekend are red balloons inflated to about 8" dia. At 300 yards, they barely cover the front post on iron sights.(my prefered method of shooting. Not much for scopes though I see the advantages. Both methods have pro's and con's but I still prefer Iron out to 500 yards.) The advantage of Balloons: Reactive target that disappears when hit. Being 8" across, they represent a good kill shot in most larger game (among other large targets.) The only downside, if you are close and hit a rock or something, they can burst so there is sometimes lively discussion of "I hit it!"," NO ya didn't, I saw the dirt kick up low right, adjust your sights or quit dragging wood!" LOL I am sure you can see it in your head.(and have probably had one or two of those conversations yourself.)
(quick note: I did a post a couple of months ago about adding a rear aperture sight to the PSL. This will be the first time I get to use it at more than 100 yards. )
I will also be taking the 1911 and a Nerf football for reaction/sight shooting. The Nerf doesn't last too long but its fun as hell to try and 'double tap it' (and for the safety conscious, yes we have a good backstop for that fun.) I will probably take the Marlin 60, if only for good trigger practice but after the PSL, the marlin tends to be something less than spectacular.

I will post more as the week goes by, I just felt like spreading the good vibes I get when I am headed 'home' for a weekend.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Census fun

I didn't get to have the fun that Blue Ghost was able to have , but I did get to have some fun with our local census worker.

She has been coming around the last couple of days trying to catch the strays that are always out and about in my building (and the one next to it) (little background: Most of the people that live in these buildings are either College students or travel career workers that don't want a large place while they are traveling) She started asking me questions about the tenents and I happily told her the number of people living in each dwelling. She continued and I would answer the same way: only the number of the people living in each apartment. She then started asking for my personal information and I had to shut the conversation down. She wasn't real happy about it when I pulled out a copy of the Constitution and showed her the article on the Census. She then wanted my name.

I sat for a minute before I answered her.
"When I was dealing with the CSEA (child support enforcement agency) I would ask the names of my caseworkers and all they would ever give me was their last name. No matter how much I tried I could never get a first name, badge number, employee number, NOTHING. Now,since I haven't a friggen clue as to your name, or if that badge that you are sporting is even real; Why would I demean myself by answering that question?"

"Sir, I need it to show who answered for these people in their absence."

"And what you are going to write in that spot is 'American Patriot' and be happy about it because that is 1) True information, and 2) ALL YOU ARE GETTING."

Least to say, she wasn't content with that information but found that, of the others that are in our building, she wasn't going to get anymore information out of us. I guess I did my job of informing the other tenents of what was legal and right in this sense.

I have a swirl of other thoughts at this point but nothing that will gel up for writing down. Maybe later I will post those thoughts. Stay tuned, more to come.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Musical interlude.

I have been a bit in the dumps the last few days. Why lie about it. I am feeling like I belong in a different time period. One were, when things begin getting strange like they are, you move into a new wilderness and start things up the right way. A time like our original frontier days. Life was simpler, work was harder and the chances of success or failure were completely up you and the higher power.

Yes the work was harder: Hard work hasn't 'skeered' me off yet. What I hate is having to chase that almighty dollar to make things work. Begging for a job is inherently wrong, and yet, if you don't have a job, making it in this society is nearly impossible. There are so many regulations, statutes, mandates, etc, to keep an honest working person down. You can't grow a garden unless you have X amount of land. You can't raise any livestock unless you have X amount of land and your nearest neighbor is more than 1/2 mile away. You have to have a certain septic system, approved by the state, inspected by the local administration, installed by licensed installers, inspected again by the locals, etc etc etc. Failure to comply brings trouble your way. Pay the man, for the 'liberty' of living so you can work to pay the man. They get you coming and going and pretty much everywhere in the middle. By the time you have everything paid off, you have nearly nothing and have to work harder to pay yourself. Then they want to tax that too.

It's all a scam. And I just don't see a way out of it without collapse. The last couple of days have led me to be wishing for said collapse. Yes, it will be ugly, yes it will be deadly to many. Yes, its selfish of me to have those thoughts. SO WHAT! Maybe its time for those of us that know what the deal is, to be selfish. I know I have been doing everything I can to starve the beast. I am but one in 300 million on this continent. There are many (such as my Ex) that happily feed the beast, so long as they are left alone to enjoy the weed, TV, or whatever entertainment they derive from "liberty and happiness". That is their choice and I don't begrudge them that choice. I choose otherwise. I would rather work hard on my land for my own food, use my hands and mind to create whatever for sale for the things I can't produce myself.(Certain raw materials for the most part)

And yet, without retreating to the wilds of Alaska(slim but possible) or abandoning this country altogether(highly unlikely since there really isn't anywhere else to go) what is a body to do? You can ignore them all you want but they will arrive sooner or later with a gun in your face to make you comply. To retaliate at that time will lose you everything you have worked for if it doesn't kill you and yours.(Waco, Ruby Ridge)

Bring on the collapse so we can get on with regaining what was so flippantly given away in the name of security and safety by those to ignorant and lazy to understand what "LIBERTY" was all about.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rarely do I comment on entertainment

But this one really grabbed me and held me with an iron fist last night.

(you can watch it here if you have broadband.)

Supposedly based upon real events, the story takes place less than 50 miles from where I am moving too.(when that time comes) The entire time I was watching, I felt the call to 'go home'. Even with that laying in the back of my mind, The movie plays out well. I am surprised it didn't do very well. I guess I am odd. I prefer movies like this to a lot of the crap coming out now. Patricia Clarkson covers her role very well, Many kudos for her talent.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now I have something to say.

Funny how commenting on another blog lead to what could be considered an electronic conversation. I made comment over at China's place on Paranoia. Of course he responded like he always does.(which I find way cool but have a hard time fulfilling myself somedays.)

His comment lead me to some thinking. Here is his comment in quotes just for a little background in my thought process.
Diogenes,I don't know how people can not be paranoid? Or at very least concerned.

My Ex is a great example of that "not paranoid" class of people. I can understand her 'adversion' to the truth in some ways, yet I personally can't stand behind it. I am wired differently than most I guess. In her case, if she dwells on details bigger than her day to day existence, she would freeze up, becoming completely useless.(guess its a good thing we are separated eh?) She is good with planning detailed items like bills and making long term plans in a fiscal framework: her weakness is taking into account "What if's". She isn't able to do that too well. Her world is not able to accept that there would be any reason to NOT trust the government.

Sadly, she is representative of a large portion of the population. There are many that are unable to accept that we are heading into a rather tumultuous time period. That the Government may not be out for our best interests but only IT'S best interest. There are many that are waking up. Everyday, I hear or meet someone that is awake. One thing I have been finding encouraging is some of the younger ones that are awake. The ones that realize that money isn't growing on trees but out of pay they have yet to earn in life. That the Government is borrowing against their future without regard to how they feel about it.

Believe me, the ones that understand that, are PISSED. Its that group that leads me to think we may see a good ending to the mess we have coming at us. Knowing they are awake helps me sleep at night. Its going to be hard enough to survive without having to teach the principles to the young at the same time.

Stay safe out there. Things are going to get worse yet. Until people are hungry, we are only going to get worse off. That time will be coming.

Not a lot to say.

Been working on getting a full time job somewhere(even part time would be better than staring at the walls) and I upgraded my PC.

I have been watching the winds and nothing seems to have changed any. The winds are still blowing ill for the future. I see the writing on the wall and there really doesn't seem to be much to do but wait for the inevitable. I prepare my mind and body now and prepare my circumstances to the best of my ability with what I can spare. Things are getting tighter I have noticed. Not much individually, but across the board it adds up. The utilities are going up slightly, food costs are going up, etc etc. I have noticed that the fuel costs have been pretty much rock steady over the last few months. It makes me wonder if there isn't a certain amount of manipulation going on there. Seeing how the whole system is rigged, I have a hard time seeing it any other way.

I will post more later in the week. I just don't have a lot to say right now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Weather has been weird the last couple of days. Guessing that we are still getting Volcanic ash in the air and its playing merry hell with the climate right now. No, I am not subscribing to Al Gore's lines of logic but that of history. There was the Mini Ice Age back in the day that was recorded in history. That time period had snow recorded in July and there were massive crop failures.

I know its harping over uncontrollable circumstances, but the job hunt is still quite dry. I have had some work but more would be much nicer. I really don't want a full time job that means I have to submit to some companies will: Bills have to be paid though. Bite the bullet and do what needs done, keep moving on.

I was going to post some political stuff this week but seeing how its the same old same old, I don't think its really necessary. We have a known and documented wanna-be gun grabber being vetted for the Supreme court. One who has about as much legal experience as our Current president had at leading when elected. All I have to say to that in response, is to direct your attention to two points.

H/T to the Rebel(yes Virginia, there really are people that stupid in the world.)

SECOND nightmarish warning.

If you hadn't seen it, its not nearly as bad as you may imagine. The implications are pretty huge though. The cliche of "if you want more of something, subsidize it." comes to mind. The writer did some research into it and for those aware of where we are headed NOW, it really comes off as a warning shot across the bow.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Continuing job hunts

It seems that if a company has an affiliation to the Chinese (read this as Harbor Freight, Home Depot etc) they are still in the hiring curve. Somehow I miss the correlation. (snark)

Local businesses aren't hiring at all. If its privately owned and ran, not a national chain, most are so underwater right now, many have shown signs of closure. Not all, but many. I know that this really shouldn't come as a surprise since the Corporations have the ability to soak up losses across a much broader range of area where the little guys are stuck with the local economy(which is something of an oxymoron seeing how we are stuck with a federal mandated currency)

TOR said in Comments
Jobs aren't really going away. I mean a few have recently but I am looking longer term. Due to a variety of factors formerly middle class jobs are becoming crap jobs. A job that used to make the equivalent of 40 a year with security, benefits and good retirement often now makes 28-32 without bennies, a non matching 401k and no security.

To some extent, I have to disagree. Most of the Computer Support roles that I have done are now overseas. With the Internet being as effective as it is, they are able to remote support from Turkey, India, and Romania just as well as I could from this country. There is the Language factor but Having talked to a few techs in Turkey, really not the factor that it was a couple of years ago when everything was in Northern India and the "Habib" factor was so prevalent. In example, The company I was working for had 1400 employees on first shift covering 36 accounts. Today they are down to 360 first shift covering 42 accounts. The majority of the accounts are handled at tier 1 overseas, the tier 2 is here but those people are making less than I was as tier 1 an handling more accounts to boot.(that goes to TOR's comment of 'middle class jobs becoming crap jobs'.

I guess the point of this post is "they Meddle".
The more TPTB meddle in things the worse they get across the board. Yet there is a 53% majority that voted this in out of ignorance or guilt and we have to put up with it till failure.(I really don't believe there is any hope of correcting course in either 2010 or 2012 elections.) I guess we will know more how our grandparents lived and hopefully some of those lessons are still seated back somewhere in our brains. I know that I have had to make adjustments but only for the better when looked at in hindsight. 2 years ago, I wouldn't take a job that brought home less than 450 a week. Now I am comfortable on half that. I could do with less but that means driving less and there is a fine balance of transportation and money generation. If I were able to have a garden, it would be half again.

Maybe its time to just up and go to the Gulch and establish that little base of operations. This City is filled with the walking dead waiting for the life support to get cut off.(then we will see death throes, of the violent sort)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am a freelance Carpenter/Electrician/Computer Tech/handyman/mechanic/welder(well rounded I guess). I just want that out in the open for the rest of this post so you can see what I am getting at with it.

I have recently started looking for something a little more full time (at least part time, temporarily) to make a large purchase. 2 years ago when I was working as a full time IT tech, I was making $14/hr and wishing for more. The Economy tanked and there were massive layoffs in the area and instead of trying to continue with the rat race I chose to go under the table. It has served me well up to the last few months. Its not that there isn't work, the problem is money: Everyone is broke and have to nickel and dime projects. I have to be more selective on taking on jobs so as not to lose my ass and yet still have to be conscious of how much I can ask for.
Well the same applies to the job market now too. I was looking at the IT industry and am seeing similar effects. Where 2 years ago the going rate was between $12-15/hr for helpdesk lvl 1. Now, its $8-8.50. I know that the market is flooded with all of the students but I didn't think it was that bad. I contacted some of the people I knew that were still in the industry and found that most of them are pulling multiple levels of work for the same amount that they were earning two years ago for less work. Of course they opted for that over losing a position, and I can well understand that. A couple of them have opted to just go solo same as me.

Now, I have that in mind while I am looking at the cost of living. So far, over the last 12months, I have noted about a 4% increase in the cost of food. I am not even looking at the silly shit that people want to buy but basics like bread and eggs. Yet when I look at the junk stuff in the world(IE Flatscreen TV's and Computers) I see similar or lower prices to last year. That tells me that the sales market is going down same as the pay market is. Housing has declined aplenty(as anyone with a house on the market can tell you.) and we still have this unGodly unemployment.

My last post I mentioned how the Entitled are the worst potential for strife. Toaster 802 mentioned how that aspect is going to go off the hook and that will be the key needed to 'round up dissenters'. Yeah, and of course the dissenters will be those that don't want to pay into the Ponzi scheme any longer. They will have to get the money from us in other ways.(ever heard of workcamps?)
I was reading this series awhile back and the Second book starts off in a workcamp. I can so easily see that coming to be though not 'soon'. We aren't that far along yet(at least I hope not, I could be wrong.) I know that books like Matthew Bracken, John Ross among others; are intended more as warnings disguised as fiction, Yet somedays, premonition comes to mind.

There is a slope we are on and I can't see anyway to stop the slide down. We as individuals, haven't the power to stop any of this. In the end there is only the individual and that persons actions. Keep that in mind while you prep. Your actions are really all that matter in the end. Do nothing now, work harder later or die trying. Do everything you can now and you will be better off so long as the Golden hoard doesn't figure you out.

I personally have made great strides loading up on information and skills. I haven't the property available to me locally to do any serious material preps. Where I have the property, I haven't the opportunities to make the money to continue the advance of prep. Believe me, its a fine balance of when is enough of one and time to bail towards the other. I think that time is coming faster than I would like. Then again, the sooner this dance kicks off, the sooner we can start the efforts to Fix it. And it will be an uphill struggle no matter how things turn out.

Addendum: Reading Ol Remus right now and he summed up my point quite succinctly.
Reality is already making margin calls on the former middle class and creating a nouveau poor. And at the same time we're in deflation for things we don't need and inflation for things we do, meaning bling is cheap but supper is dear. Finally, the underground economy has at least doubled in the last few years and is close to that of Europe, typically twenty per cent.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Angry as hell, and that makes me mad.

Redundant? You betcha! There are times when I have to wonder if I am not living in a version of Pre-WWII Russia. Seriously, when you read the things going on, that, Of Course, the MSM's won't touch; You have to wonder just what really has happened to this country.

Will Grigg is one of my reads, Weekly since he only updates on Mondays. He always hits home with his articles though. This one is no exception.

Remember this guy? I have brought him up on occasion as it is a story that I have been trying to keep up with. Something of a litmus test to the true acidity of the systems in place.

This time it went completely off scale.

This man's life is ruined. Because his Liberal wife got scared of the things he was saying(that ended up being something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, ironically). Now, Even though he hasn't been actually found guilty of anything other than having an opinion, he is forever blocked from LEGALLY owning firearms, will bear the stigmata of "crazy loon" even though I bet he is far saner than those around him, and will still have to pay restitution for the court proceedings(insult to injury)(that last is not verified but I can easily see this whackjob of a judge handing that down). I would imagine that he no longer has work, since he has spent so much time in jail. I would be fairly unsurprised if the bank hasn't started proceedings on his condo. I wouldn't be surprised that he has a restraining order against him from his (Ex?) wife. And now he has to be subjected the gamut of Modern Psycho-analytic's and psycho-tropic drugs.(to be normal? WTF?)

All because he was afraid that the Government was going to start Militant Style raids on Gun owners.

Angry. YUP
Worried? Yeah, that too. If this is where this country is headed????

Throw it all in with the Economy, Immigration, racial divisions being instigated by those up high, etc etc etc. The ingredients for a mess are in place, I guess we are just waiting on the Fuse to touch it off.

Addendum: It gets like a Thriller/movie where the tension has built to a point where you just want something to break. We are at that point now. I somedays wish for something to break so we can get on with the rest of the show. I guess maybe I am a part of the crowd that has seen the plot line and understands what is coming but the rest of the crowd is still caught up in the mundane details of who is screwing whom and not at all concerned that the ones being screwed are themselves.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Damned fine point made here.

H/T to Rico at Theo Sparks.
You may remember a time when you were asked "will that be paper or plastic?" and it queried how you wanted your groceries sacked.

It works pretty well for buying gasoline (or most other items) these days. Bear with me:

In 1970 you could buy three gallons of gas with a dollar bill or a silver dollar. Anyone could easily get a silver dollar for a paper dollar.

Today you can buy about five gallons of gas with a silver dollar, but you can only buy one-third of one-gallon with a paper dollar. When was the last time you could trade a paper dollar for a silver dollar? Tried lately? Good luck!
- This is a difference of fifteen times (15x) or 1,500%! It is also called INFLATION.

And there are still some who believe the Government when it says "Inflation? What inflation? We don't have no stinkin' inflation!"

The only point I have to add to that: Try getting paid in Silver. Yes you can if you work for certain minded people but they are not easy to find.

Happy Mom's day to all the Moms

to all of the mom's in my life and others. You are loved. Hope your day brings that to light.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A trip back in time for me.

This was a popular hit while I was in Kuwait. It still brings some pretty strong feelings to mind.

Hope you enjoy.

Further response to Comments.

This is actually in response to comments from Mayberry. I was posting comment back and realized that I had a LOT more to say.

Here is the comment for those that hadn't seen it.

Matberry:That is beyond frightening that the brainwashed leftists produced by our "education" system think that comes from the Founders, or the Constitution. Absolutely sickening....

Me:There are so many aspects of our current society that, I guess 'horrify' me would be the correct word. This attitude of Entitlement is only one of them. Entitlements are the reason we are seeing the riots in Greece right now. And I can't say those rioting are wrong. They were promised something that they were paying into and are now being told they get the short end of the stick. I would be mad too.

Sounds a little like Social Security and Medicare doesn't it. Every one has been paying into it but only a few are going to be able to collect on it. Ponzi Scheme at its finest.

Lots of interesting times ahead of us, Keep the Barnacles off you boats. You may need the speed soon enough.

(back to this post)
Yes the Leftists have had control of our learning institutions for some time. Dewey had a lot to do with that back in the early part of the last century. I was fortunate enough to have some damned good teachers in my lifetime that hadn't fallen prey to that mentality. I wanted to be a teacher due to their influence. Having seen the way the winds were blowing and knowing in my gut(though I didn't then have a solid basis for it) that there was something substantially wrong with the system(this was during the Reagan Years), I chose to not go that route.

Education is everything in the long run. I am not talking about your Ivy league booklearned idiots either. I am talking about the basics that should be taught from the start. Societal standards, basic education, the learning process, etc. You can teach a person anything but if you don't teach them how to learn, you have accomplished nothing. A good teacher will get the lesson plan out in such a way the students will be encouraged to enjoy the subject. A great teacher will set it up so the student will seek out more information on their own(without encouragement)

seeing how the Education system has degraded to little more than adult daycare in most of the country, I worry about any hope for things to improve, no matter what happens outside of the economy, politics, etc. Thats not to say there aren't highly educated and intelligent people out there. There are, but I see what most of the schools are turning out and I get a knot in my gut. I feel for those teachers that really care too. The system is set up to kill any good points they attempt.

I have had this discussion before with some around me. I was chastised about how great the system is and how more and more people are getting degrees. Sorry, Heinlein nailed it when he called a PhD "Piled higher and Deeper". Look at the letters sent home from the Civil War and compare those to the Language we are seeing on the nets (youtube comments are the worst.) Its sad when you need to interpret a paragraph at a time as if you were reading a foreign language. Here's the kicker. Those letters from the Civil War: Most of those written were educated to the 6th or 8th grades at most. Some progressed on the "Higher School" and many of those went on to the Universities. But most were either home schooled, taught in small schools by a locally hired teacher who was teacher, principle, administration, and disciplinarian.(and sometimes doubled as the town librarian.) Larger schools were a bit more than that obviously but the premise was the same. Bottom heavy responsibility. Small administrative staffs if any.

Now we have more admin than staff. And that doesn't just go for schools but for EVERY aspect of our lives. When the Government has locked up 50+% of the work force and the Private sector is less than a third of the actual 'working age' society, We are on a slippery slope to hell.

I hate hearing how we are a democratic society. Those that have read history know that this is so far from what was intended. Franklin said it, "A republic Ma'am, if you can keep it." We didn't and while they call it a Democracy, in all actuality, we are, Argue with me on it if you want, Already a socialist society pretending to Democracy. More people are on the public dole, receiving things that are promised by those with the power to make promises but no real power to provide.

So, Is Gerald Right?

Between the Education of Entitlement(read indoctrination/propaganda), The GOoBerment, and the economy tanking, banking industries of corruption. I have to say Ayup!

Have a good weekend all. Get some preps in, have a few suds, do some walking and other passive training. If you have the luxury of oodles of ammo, get some practice time in. It's a comin to a town near you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How ya like them Apples?

As a one time Aspiring teacher, I find stuff like this just a little disturbing.
From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

According to a 2002 Columbia Law School study, nearly two-thirds of persons polled thought that this phrase came from the Constitution or might have been crafted by the Framers.

H/T to Tam for this one.

In line with the last two posts in some way.

Be afraid. The Zombie hoard is growing and with the financial signs coming from across the eastern pond, we are in for a world of shit. We already know our economy is only held up by a serious case of denial by a large percentage of people. A case of denial supported by lies from TPTB. Yesterdays little mess shows just how fragile the lie is too.
When the real failures come, and they will since nearly every state and major city is already in the red for the year if not completely off the chart: the city is the last place you will want to be.(Note to self: keep an eye out, I will only have 24 hours at best to haul ass)

I haven't much hope for the future as we are running now. I have great hopes for the Real Americans that are prepping, digging in per se. I know the little community I will be heading to will be fine. They have seen worse times than this and people tend to be tight nit.(and I have a LOT of family in the area.) I wish I could say the same for others though. TOO many still have the cranial/anus syndrome going on.

So, Friday night, how about a little break from the front lines and a glimpse of what may be headed our way.(and those fresh back from the sandbox don't need a reminder)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Quick note.

The Census is sending a guy around my neighborhood 'tracking' cars and license plates. I saw him walking around writing stuff down on a clip board and asked him what he was up to.(not a local person and his activity was strange) He showed me his Census Credentials and told me that this is something new they are doing in more urban areas.

I was polite and let it go at that(I could have made something of it but I would rather lay low under the radar for awhile longer), but I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of ACORN in this mess. There are many aspects of this years Census that have left me cold.

100-150 a day.

Fair warning. This may offend some with 'soft' emotions.
H/T The Agitator
100-150 times a day this happens in this country.

They found enough MJ to get a misdemeanor offense but also stacked on the charge of Child endangerment.

Where, BEFORE they busted in the door and shot both dogs, was the child really in danger? Seriously?

And this is a growing factor to our lives. This "War on Drugs", "War on Terrorism" isn't really about drugs or terrorism, is it?

Think about that.

The IRS is growing positions and acquiring weapons.

All in the name of National Healthcare.

Who's health? Ours? or the Governments? I am leaning towards the latter on that note. They really don't give one Flying F#@K about the citizens of this country so long as we shut up, and keep paying.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Primary Election cycle.

Went up the street today to the polling station today. Registered voter, no problems.


I am so sick of the game that is set up by those that have been in office since time out of mind. Closed party Primary voting. When you walk in you are offered all of the various party lines to choose from. ONE party line. Demon-Crat,RINO, Libertarian, Constitutional, Socialist, Labor, Green, Etc, etc, etc.

No Cross platform voting in the primaries. No write-ins. NO CHOICE.

Little to no choice, and even if you like two candidates from differing parties, TOO STINKING BAD. Party loyalty is the name of the game.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I can't look at it any other way any longer. This Country is in the hands of the powerful and the foolish. Those that COULD make a difference are going to be buried under media hype, and money. The money from the PTB in position to keep the media trained on them and away from those that we need. Even if one starts to get ahead in the 'race', the media will brandish the sword of misdirection and cut them into little pieces to be scattered amongst the entitled.

The scam is in place, the national Ponzi scheme is quite advanced and ready to collapse and at this juncture, I am ready to cheer on a collapse in the worst way. I know that myself, my immediate family and several people I am close to would be ok. Not Perfect but ok. Heck, in some ways, maybe better off since we wouldn't be 'chasing the almighty dollar' and would be able to concentrate on getting what we need, not the latest and greatest whatever.

Yah, Very, VERY pissed off.

Maybe there will be an Election Revolution in November but to be honest, I ain't holdin my breath over it. I would rather spend an extra buck on the lottery. Better chance of hitting that than the seeing a turnaround in November. I am proud to be an American, don't get me wrong, I am ashamed of what America has become. Dammit, we were the shit at one point in time. Told a Seated King to shove it up his ass then proceeded to help him shove it there. We lost our asses for the first year of the war then turned the tide and busted some serious ass for the remainder. We then proceeded to become the biggest nation of FREE people and turned the entire world on its ear, becoming the base for world Economy.


Not so much. There are serious divisions in the populace. Those that remember and those that were taught something completely different. Those that are proud to serve, and those that serve because it beats being downtrodden in the ghettos.(ever notice that the majority of the enlisted come from either poor areas or areas that are known for supplying family traditions in the military?)(there are exceptions to that rule but generally speaking its true)

Whatever happened to kids learning like this?

Those were Americans that were proud to be American. Proud to actually accomplish something by their own hands without 'support' of the Gooberment. Proud of what our country represented and understanding of Civic Responsibility.(ask some kid on the street today about that. Most would stare blankly at you. But ask them about social justice and you would get a torrent of, something, but I wouldn't call it knowledge.)

Ok Rant over.

Update on last night. Homebrewed Beer Rocks. Woke up at 6 this morning after being pretty crocked up until pass out at 2AM, Bright eyed and Bushy tailed, no hangover. Way cool in my book.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tying one one.

What the hell. Why not?

Been a crazy week. Seen so much bullshit from the PTB's that I have decided tonight is a chance to re-affirm why I don't like getting shitfaced.(that and my neighbor decided to have a party on a weeknight for some reason.)

And it has been some time since I got really stupid.

Yes the guns are locked up and the key is in someone-else's hands.

Here goes.

Started with several beers,moving to the Sambuca here as soon as the runner gets back with the Fresh Coffee beans(a kick ass drink that I was introduced to By the Guitar tech for Ronny James Dio. Thank you Tom W. Like liquid cocaine without all of the ill effects of said drug.)

I promise to post more tomorrow when the hangover wears off. I swear.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Piss on 'em.

O'boy had a stacked deck when he held another campaign style speech yesterday. 80000 loyal supporters (you can read that as athletic supporters as they are just about the same usefulness to O )

Here's a snippet of that.

But Obama was direct in urging both sides in the political debate to tone it down. "Throwing around phrases like 'socialists' and 'Soviet-style takeover,' 'fascists' and 'right-wing nut' - that may grab headlines," he said. But it also "closes the door to the possibility of compromise. It undermines democratic deliberation," he said.
and a link to the article.

and here is my response.


I will even make sure to not wash it before you do.

I am so sick of seeing them going on and on about how Gooberment is the answer.

I read that crap and see, FORCE is the answer, Bend over and stop your whining.

Screw those ((@*&)*)JH)@__$$%$%% up there on the hill that are showing just how "elite" they are while never have held a private sector job or had to budget a payroll and overhead to show a profit. I figure I pay out over 35% of income in taxes BEFORE I start deducting local and state and that money is going to things that I never see. Like actually doing the job that was dictated by the Constitution for the Federal Gov. And that doesn't even take into account the excise and sales taxes or any of the other Direct Taxes we are exposed to.(you know, the ones that are legal by Constitutional setup)

Right there with you Mayberry, I AM DONE. FED UP, PISSED OFF, ETC ETCETCETC.

Piss on 'em if they don't like it.