Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back on the block and lookin smart,

Well, maybe not lookin smart but feeling just fine. See, the "End of the World As I Know It" took place a couple of years ago. This is just a minor glitch in the already glitched up mess I see this world in.

Here is the deal. I have a job up until the 21st of this month. Standard hours, and standard pay. I will receive a severance pay in addition to any sick time or vacation time I have built up (and I have exercised neither so the build up is significant) Two more standard paychecks and a severance check and I am done. At least with that job I am. I have a couple of things lined up 'under the table' so I won't be hurting, the only real loss is the insurance. Since I haven't used that either, I am seriously thinking about calling HR in the morning and having it dropped completely for the last checks.(actually, I will, no need for it and it won't extend past the 21st anyway. The money in my check will be better used elsewhere)

C'est la Vie. Like I told my boss before I left the meeting: There is going to be about two weeks of "my 'give a damn' broke" and he gets to pick up the pieces in the interim. Not saying that I will act like that but there are a few others that I can see just that happening. I am sure that they are expecting that though. You don't cut loose several hundred people nationwide and expect everything to be hunky-dory. If you do, you are as delusional as the ass-cracks in the District of Criminals.(yes, this was a business wide decision, not just this region.)

Time to move on. Was hoping to string this out for at least another year. No loss really as It has allowed me to get my footing in place but I am not so in deep that I can't cut the roots I have set. Seeing how this is starting to become more and more "The New Normal", I am not setting my goals too high. And no matter what, I will survive this "TEOTWAWKI" and excel in the new one. I am a stubborn bastard like that; just ask my ex. LOL.

Who knows, I may get a newer job that allows me more net-time. Will see, I always do.


Anonymous said...

May the fog of the job clear and many open doors will now be visible...Have learned and enjoyed your teaching, look forward to many more words of wisdom by what I consider an honorable man.

Spud said...

What ? The system might be breaking down. Who could have ever seen this coming ?
Seems this has been the story of my life, one corporate failure after another.
Eventually the rich will downsize themselves into starvation...then what ?

Take care Dio, we all be feeling for ya.

Anonymous said...

Warrior on!

Peter said...

Use some of your remaning time to make calls and schedule interviews. Potential employers have this sixth sense and can tell the difference between someone who has a job and one who doesn't.

If you're lucky you'll be able to compare the new suck versus the old. Heh.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Well, that just sucks the big one, don't it? I was able to be 'downsized/laid off' more than a couple of times in my working life. The last time when I was within a year of my retirement age. It is really tough to go from a high paying technical job to delivering auto parts for minimum wage, thats a BIG comedown. I wasn't going to waste my time on unemployment though.I have a couple of nephews by marrige who have been out of work for several years and who won't look for anything else. I hope you have some luck finding a job within your field, seems like all the good, high tech jobs have flown to Hong Kong or India, or China.

Diogenes said...

Thanx for all the bestwishes,prayers, etc. I think I got my vibe across pretty clearly, that this isn't a brick wall but an opening of doors. I wasn't stuck in that job and I will never be stuck in one. I have way too many skills to narrow my searches down. The only problem I really run into is finding one that will pay something over "borderline slave pay". Even there though, 'Ain't nuthin but a thing". I will survive, even prosper to some extent. What I do within my own realm is what makes my wealthy beyond anything Trump or Gates could imagine: to hell with the almighty dollar.