Monday, August 8, 2011

Here we GO!

The job is toast: I have 7 total working days left before it goes the way of the wind(Last official day is Aug.20th), but I am not worried. The Goobermints within this country are about to take a shellacking with money; and at their own hands no less. I can’t wait to see that mess unfold. Maybe I should step back a bit and explain my own thoughts over the last few days while watching the time bomb unpack itself.

I stated the job situation, that’s a given. I can’t change the business model of free market enterprise, nor would I want to. Keynes did that way back when with his monetary philosophy, and all you have to do is look around to see the legacy of that mess. Nope, I am quite content with the job loss even though it tightens the straps upon me. Well, maybe; that remains to be seen. I am considering, seriously considering, Hoisting the colors. Since I have been employed with that company for over a year, my unemployment is back on track. Part of me wants to ignore that fact and do what I must. It’s a pride thing I freely admit. There are those that will tell me to collect on the unemployment as it’s an entitlement I deserve, that I worked for. Sorry; no it isn’t. It is one more example of just how the liberal (Communist/Socialists) have infected this country. I could expand on that thought line but I leave it as a mental exercise to those that read it and go “huh?”

BUT, why not? Not because I “deserve” it, but because “TPTB” deserve it. Take the money and run, take the free education “Re-training” option to boot and use it for my benefit (and it will have little to do with retraining me for a new job)

There is a term for this mentality. One that goes back to the Pirate days and is in common use amongst the entertainment industry still: S.W.A.G. It stands for Stolen Without A Gun. Basically, take what you can with minimal risk to your skin and breathing. If the Fed/Local governments feel like making such Swag available to me, I think it may be high time to play pirate and help that slippery slope get just that much more slippery. May not be much in the total picture (a molecule in the damned bucket with that new Debt Ceiling they ‘approved’.) but every little bit of highway robbery gets us that much closer to where it all accumulates (the Cesspool).

So lets put aside that thought for a minute: there are other thoughts in my head that need expounded upon. Let us discuss the Presidente for a minute. I was thinking, when I heard that our credit rating had been downgraded, that the Presidente must have some “Mucho Grande Cajones” with being able to sleep with the fact that he has done something NO other president of this country has been able to do. Then I thought about it a bit more. Of course he can sleep at night, his plans are unfolding EXACTLY the way he wants. Maybe not exactly, he probably would prefer a much faster fall then we are actually experiencing, but the point is moot. THIS is exactly what he intended with that whole CHANGE crap he spoon-fed his minions and deluded voters back three years ago. The HOPE part of it was his idea for being able to pull the drapes over our eyes long enough to get away with it. Yeah, this rat bastard sleeps quite well. That gray hair on his head is from fighting tooth and nail with the other rat bastards on the hill. Not one of them is rational about what our future holds, they seem to think that this is some grand evolution to a better country in our time. Evolution is a funny thing. They will find that out personally I am sure. She isn’t something you can force into anything, and it always takes time: Lots of time.

No worries though: “on a long enough timeline, the survivability rate for everyone reaches zero”.(tyler durden)

The time line has been accelerated towards the fall of the Great Experiment. I know that Tom B. sent out a letter stating that he sees said fall sometime in 2012 (and denies any ties to the Mayan calendar in the same breath, as do I ) But I don’t see the fall being confined to any one year. What I see is going to take at least a decade. The bell curve is on its downslope and has been for 40 years. We are about to hit the bottom, but if you look closely at the right side of said bell curve, it never really bottoms out. It steadies and then levels off. Rather like a pilot pulling out of a controlled dive. In this case, there is not a pilot, not in any real sense: the recovery from actual disaster will be due to people in general, dropping the charade of dependency and starting to fend for themselves. We may be monkeys, but we are smart monkeys.(Wildflower, I haven’t quite figured out if you are monkey or alien.) We just don’t always show it. (and that keeps us coming back to this shit century after century)

Like any monkey, we focus on our own welfare over that of the group. That is where these Socialists fuck up. They seem to think that you can get rid of that basic instinct in some way. They have tried it in their breeding programs (Planned parenthood) only to reinforce it. They have tried it in the welfare programs, only to reinforce it (generational welfare families) They tried it with the Social Security Scam, again, only to reinforce it. They only real effect they have accomplished is to reinforce the Mentality that “someone OWES me” across the board. That mentality is the entitlement process at work and is how anyone that follows it ‘justifies’ theft from others. AND that is why we are where we are today.

Where do we go from here? Well, I haven’t a prognostication bone or anything so this is prolly the equivalent of a pantsload from a two year old. We know we are going down as a country. The road is full of holes and there is nowhere to turn around and the end of the road is actually starting to show through the fog. It ain’t pretty either. I am just going to state how I see things ‘progressing’ over the next 10 years.

Over the next 2 years. O'boy gets re-elected despite how much digging of a cesspool he has been doing. The opposition basically lets him have the race since they are so divided amongst themselves, they can't pull together enough electoral college rankings to get off the pot. (Go ahead and prove me wrong on this one, I would thank you for doing so.) That puts us into late 2012. Between this day and that, the name of the game will continue being "Decline". That will be our new norm. Each week will show further tumbles into the pit, people will continue going about the routines that they are programmed for until their program expires. Then they will just wander lost amongst the bureaus of local Governments, gobbling up the free goodies for awhile.

AFTER e swearing (in) of O'boy in January of '13, things will start to get a bit more interesting. Having no idea, nor any inkling of what kind of monsters will be inducted into the halls of CONgress, the only option I can come up with is that we will see further restrictions of permissions amongst the Mundano.(I refuse to say rights any longer as we have ZERO rights in this country as deemed by the founders. We gave them away and never realized it. Now we are only 'permitted' to do things and are all criminals just waiting to be sentenced, within the minds eye of the GOV. If you want proof, try to leave the country, you will figure it out real fast)

During the years 2013-2015 we will see a further splintering of the country along racial lines. I am not saying that we will see massive disruptions due to race, but I wouldn't rule it out either. There will be a continuation of 'Racial Drift' into or out of major metropolitan areas (direction being color coded BTW) This isn't a white or black thing either but a mental state. There will be those whites drifting into the 'black' areas just as there will be blacks drifting into the 'white' areas. It will really depend upon principles. We will splinter into large tribes of coalesced thoughts. We will also see further growth of the Latino population, both legit(by birth) and clandestine (by foot) This growth will center around areas predominated by Latinos now.

2015-2017: The splintering will become shards. SHARP shards and we will, WILL, see the riots and segregation of large blocks of land. Financially, this country will start to see the trouble noted in Greece and Britain lately. There will be those 'entitled' that fight tooth and nail to lay claim to further theft of the coffers. (I hope they can eat dust, that's all that will remain then.) Food riots are in order about this time too. Farmers won't be able to plant, or harvest if they could plant, the food needed by this country. No Golden Hoards, Yet! But to say that they won't happen is farting in the wind. Hoards are dependent upon several factors and usually started by rapid Destruction of some main System. Food sources are only one aspect of that equation though they are the motivator of the hoard once the ball is rolling.

Its during these two years that we will likely see a move for secession. No idea where the chisel will fall but fall it will. The only real question will be if the wedge gets seated and has enough drive to make the split. IF it doesn't, there will be another right behind the first and then things will really start to get interesting.

This is where my prognosticator gets really screwy. There are far too many points of contention at this juncture: Secession or not, Complete Federal GOvernmental control or not, Total financial meltdown or not. My only thought past this point is this: We ain't seen nothing yet. No matter what befalls this country into 2017, the next 4-10 years from then will be like making out with Lizzy Borden then inviting the entire Manson clan over for a beer with Freddy Kruger and Jason.

I do think that we will see instances similar to the Great Depression long before we ever see things really start to melt down. The fact that this country is on the ropes should not even be a matter of discussion any longer. It is, but that is beside the point. What we do from this day forward should be the only thing to discuss. The "leaders" in CONgress need to be removed but that will take much more doing than we are able to deal with at this point. Now our only goal should be to live through to the other side as best as possible for the rebuild; IF there ever is one.


Toaster 802 said...

Take the money and continue to prep.


Remember the stop clawing start pushing meme?


Diogenes said...

Baddabing! Wehasawinnryessireee!
As it stands, all is in the air and I will be like a feather on the breeze. Whenthe wind blows like I am forcasting, being loose enough to flow might be the only way to survive.
Gonna take the shill with crossed fingers and a stupid grin.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Suck 'em dry. A little swag be just the thing to top off the magazine... er... larder in preparation for... Well, you know what for. Hoist the colors!

chinasyndrome said...

Yep go for it! At one time I would of backed up your first thought (pride thing) but now,break em!Use it!


Bustednuckles said...

Let me buy you a drink and introduce myself,
My name is Phil.

I would like to start by saying you have some very valid points that I will not begin to argue with, the whole shebang is going down the shitter at a high rate of speed.
Note the "New" NAFTA and just about everything else I could point to.
The one thing I am going to disagree with you is the unemployment insurance, and by extension, Social security.

I paid for that with blood sweat and tears.
I lost my job a year ago.
The last time I collected unemployment was in 1985.
That is a long time, even in your book.

It has allowed me to find some other type of work, nothing steady mind you, but work, at a lot less per hour .
At least I am working.

Four hours away from home at times.

The "unenjoyment" gives me a bit of cushion to take up the slack.
I actually have not collected one thin cent from them in a couple of months but I file my claim and declare my earnings every week. Since I do not work steady, when I do work, it fucks me for the next week because I made more money than they were going to pay me.

I actually had some one talk me into getting food stamps and I found their generosity to be quite overwhelming, a whopping sixteen dollars a month.

Ya know what? Sixteen bucks is a bag of beans or rice to put away.

I did decline though.

I do believe we have more in common than not and I wish you the best of luck.

I would just like you to realize that everyone has their own strategy of trying to survive in this fucked up mess and it may not fit with your outlook.

Once again, my best to you, I mean no hard feelings and am of a certain feeling that TS is HTF as we sit.
I am an old fart and getting married in two weeks to a wonderful gal that I am having a great deal of trouble getting her to understand just how bad it is going to get but I WILL make her understand.

Why else would I be here, rambling on?


Spud said...

I read both, you and Dio.
What does that make me ?
A trait which our country has forgotten. Everything is not black and white, rather it usually is grey.

The world is a better place, because both of you continue to write.

Diogenes said...

No Worries Busted Knuckles (Phil)
I realize that my outtake is not meant for everybody, I only state things here where I can have an open forum.
I am working on a post about entitlements and why I feel that they are just one more lever in the great machine of further communism in the U.S. I know that there are many that feel that Social Security is a good thing and while I appreciate the view, I don't hold it myself. IF the original intent had been held to a higher standard; my opinion of it would be different. The problem being; it never was held to that standard, and it was sacked from within before it ever had a chance to prove its mettle. Since that time, it has been raped and pillaged beyond means and the coming years will show just how bad that case is. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, all the money have paid into it over the last 30+ years is gone. It has been used to pay those on it now and to pay back that stolen before then. I will NEVER see it even if I wanted it. With that in mind, my 'preps' are my retirement plan. I won't be dependent upon a social program nor any government agency for anything. I am doing my damnedest to get off the utilities too.
I know that plan is not for everyone. I know that health factors can take that plan down with a quickness. I know that it is not a perfect plan by any means.

But its the plan that works for me.

I know what you are saying is your gospel, as my words are mine. So we agree to disagree and then have a beer, "it's all good!". Cheers.