Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The hurricane from a flutterby

Ya have to wonder just what kind of education really takes place within the halls of large, ominous Universities. I am talking Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the like. I don't think it is so much of an education as a Brainwashing. Education by my definition teaches one to think for themselves and deduce reality from fictions. The "Educated" I have seen lately tend towards Marxist ideologues that haven't the first clue what reality is. There are just some facts of nature that can't be broken, to include HUMAN NATURE, yet these jackknobs seem to think that human nature can be nurtured into something it is not.

I dunno, the shit just gets to me some days.

Was thinking about Chaos Theory and how it applies to so many different aspects of reality. Y'all know this one, The Butterfly Effect is only one aspect of it but really lays the gist of it out quite nicely.
In this case, I was thinking about the whole job aspect. My losing a job is 'dramatic' to me, but where does the ripple end? As a shipping business, there are so many other areas we reach into that will have major and minor effects across a much larger sphere than the dozen or so people I deal with on a regular basis. The fuel we use, the maintenance of our vehicles, the tires we burn through on a regular basis.(each vehicle puts on 2400 miles a week, 60K tires don't last a year under that grind)etc etc.
All of these things are usually handled locally even though we are a national chain. SO Shutting us down, while dramatic on a personal scale; has the potential for a much larger effect across a much larger area. Individually and locally, it may not be HUGE, but the accumulative effect WILL reach into the tens of millions. And quickly.

SO, When I see El Presidente harping about Jobs, I chuckle. I have to laugh about it as the only other option is to get angry. I am done being angry about any of this crap. I have no control over it outside of my personal sphere, therefore, I can't let it control ME. Would rather laugh and have a beer and wait for the fireworks show. But I digress, El Presidente: Talking about jobs. Laughter on my part. Why? That Marxist jackass hasn't the first clue about what a real job is. Not one. I don't think he ever held a job that actually produced anything. His title had been either "student" "Professor" or "Community Organizer" up to the day he entered politics (and technically that last one is political) BUT NEVER production of anything other than hot air.
Other than service positions, the Government is not, and will never be able to "produce" anything. Even with the Military Industrial complex, the Government only provides capital, not innovation. Even amongst the NASA types, there really hasn't been all that much innovation in the last 20 years. Even the Space Shuttle was farmed out to subcontractors.
Keep talking about Jobs, El pequeño Presidente , keep it up; your antics amuse me. When the races start, as we are seeing happen elsewhere and even in small variations with our borders, I will be ready. Not to fight them, only to defend that which is mine. But I will be one of the ones that is able to pick up the pieces you so flagrantly ignore as essential to what makes a country (and economy) actually exist, not just posture.

Let the wings flap, the hurricane will come.


Peter said...

What 'happens' at a college or university is certification, not education, and it's been that way for decades. You've mentioned this before, so I know you're on to it.

Folks have been told for years that the path to success requires a Bachelor's degree, and instead of it being an acomplishment well and truly earned, it's now nothing more than a ticket that one gets punched to start the journey to Wealth and Riches.

It's unavoidable that some of these Cetified/Not Educated people would go into politics. And as soon as they realised that elected office was better than a real job (in that you didn't really have to do anything), they told all their friends, and well, here we are. Pretty speeches and full bandoliers. Empty promises and full rice/bean containers. Spin and Spam. You get the point.

They're betting their lives that they can talk their way out of this. We're betting ours that they can't.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Production is the means by which someone SHOULD prosper. From apples to Zener diodes, it is the things we make that produce real value. Of course there are essential services as well, such as shipping, plumbing, electrical troubleshooting/repair, mechanical...

But the college dinks today have all been programmed to believe that playing with numbers, "regulation", and shuffling paper equates to "production", which is bullshit. Those things are parasitical, and are killing their host. Unfortunately, those things make up the bulk of our Ponzi scheme economy today, and we are now beginning to see what such "production" does to a country.

Some old fart once said "Everything in moderation". America was prosperous back when everything was in moderation, but now the table is tilted, and everything is sliding off because of it. But what do I know, I am "uneducated". Thank God.

Spud said...

U calling me an old fart Craig ?
Compared to ya'll, I suppose, I yam.

Me thinks that both you and James are highly educated men...

Actually, it were probly sum other old fart ya was referring to ha ha

Bill Nye said...


Come on by and say hello, I want you to be a mod.