Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Got check?

Well, well. Seems that a discussion is order. Not that I mind or that its a bad thing. Just that, maybe, my thought experiment hasn't panned out.

Unemployment insurance: Do you pay into that program while working? Many think that they do when the fact is, they do not. If you are a sub-contractor, doing things by the book, then you probably do. I did for a few years and know just how expensive that program is.
The fact is, when you are an "employee" you really don't see just how much money exchanges hands between a business and the GOV. Its HUGE. When I was sub-contracting in Audio, I was dishing out roughly 65% of my pay into taxes. When you are employed by someone else, they match your input so you really don't see just how much is going out every week. As for the unemployment insurance. That is never taken from the employee, but is a program that the business is involved in. The fact that it is a federal mandated program should give warning to just how monstrous it is. Many business don't pay into it UNTIL someone laid-off or what not, files a claim. Then the business is footing part of the bill towards that former employee.

That's why so many business have that '3 strikes, your out' thing going. Its a great way of covering your ass when someone files an unemployment claim against your business. It all boils down to being legit under the color of law. (if you have Tom's book, this isn't news to you)

Where unemployment is getting the hype is all the extensions that keep getting pushed through the halls. Those on unemployment want the money to keep flowing. Granted there are probably a majority right now that are fighting tooth and nail to stay afloat in this economic mess: but in many cases, those that go on unemployment, stay on it till it runs out, THEN go get a job. I have seen it on a few occasions. In some ways, its just another 'welfare' handout. I have even seen a couple of cases where the person works just enough to re-qualify for it then "gets sick" or some such thing to 'take a vacation'.

(I have to use my position as a case example here. Here I am being legitimately laid off, through no fault of my own or my actions: "its just business'. BUT, I am contemplating taking the money and running with it. There is an underlying cause to my thoughts but the fact is, my intentions are less than honorable here. Yes, there is some tossing and turning over it. AND I have not made up my mind completely yet. Fact is, I may have no choice but to take the shill.)

Now I know that there are those that have, and will need it to keep afloat. All well and fine. I hold no grudges for those that take this in full honesty of need. I just don't think the system functions very well and is full of corruption (on both sides of the desk) and actually inhibits job growth within the country. Much easier to farm out the work to a machine or computer program that only needs an initial investment and maintenance, then a lifeform that has moods and drive swings.(and believe me, there are positions that are filled solely to assess that investment curve to do away with a warm body.)

Social Security: I think we can all agree, the current system of SSI is a Ponzi Scheme that make Bernie Madoff look pretty tame. Right? Here is my problem with the whole mess. This is a fairly recent development of our country. There was no 'safety net' or 'retirement plan' instituted by our founders. NONE. Why is that? Didn't they have our best interests in mind when they started this country?
Yes they did. And they also understood human nature far better than and Degree'd and PhD'ed Sociologist of today. Given the right motivation (IE being left to their own devices) people are pretty danged good at looking out for their best interests. BUT if you take that motivation away by exchanging it with a "Free ride, just pay a little in and the accrued interest will take care of you later." many will fall right into it and forget about that whole "take care of your own". I pay into the SS system, damned near everyone does if they collect a paycheck (and there is a way to get out of it but I have no idea how to go about it. ) That money is collected up and distributed to those that ARE collecting now. It doesn't go into a "lock box" or some annuity account for later. The intended standard was for that, but as history shows, was NEVER held to it even before Reagan 'balanced the books' using the funds from SSI. (Don't get me wrong, Reagan would have been much better if it hadn't been for the whole compromising that HAS to be done to get anything done in D.C. No matter who gets in that seat, their ideals will be compromised into some pudding that only greases the rails, but never actually accomplishes anything)
Then you throw in the Re-Written rules of the system and you get into even more issues. For example: If a person dropped out of School at some point and is now unable to compete in the job market, they are eligible for SSD. Think about that.

Is that an award for failure or what? Someone may try to sell it to me as "insurance" but I see it otherwise. I have busted my ass for my position in life and never asked to be carried by anyone though I may ask for a 'hand up' from time to time. SSD for dropouts is only encouraging failure to those in school now, that don't want to TRY. Nowhere have I seen one of those (and there are a few around here) going to get that GED, or taking advantage of the schooling (big surprise) to move forward in life. (My dad was a forced drop out from the 4th grade(family reasons), He never received a dime from the GOV until his retirement and that is SSI, not SSD. He did well by us kids even as a single parent with little education. I do remember him 'helping' with homework, to supplement his education. Stubborn? y'betcha! Proud, without a doubt. And I take after him in many ways.)

Again, I know this doesn't apply to all, not by far, but the abuse is rampant. (again, take my example above) Does one go along because that is the norm or does one stand on the principles they were raised with and get trampled under the flood of parasites?
In the interests of "helping along the crash" I am considering 'going along'. But there is that ripple of pride in my spine cursing against it. I know what will win out in the long run.

Do I expect everyone to understand this? No. I do know that many were sold a bill of goods by a long past Government that had no possible way to fill the bill. The figures looked good until you actually factored in people LIVING past a point in time. That was the underhanded side of SSI. They didn't expect you to live long enough to collect on it. (and why they keep bringing up age adjustments) In all reality, SSI is just another form of taxation by the FedGov only it has a pretty bow on top to hide the festering wound underneath.


Anonymous said...

hey Dio you can collect mine it was taken from my checks for thirty-five years and I only took 2 weeks of it in in 1970

Anonymous said...

Dio, wouldn't hesitate in taking the checks...understand from your post, that you were terminated through no fault of yours...You are correct the employer pays the Labor Dept for un-employ Insurance, a cost of doing business. This cost is passed on to you and other employees in the form of a lower wage...indirectly you paid into the fund, here and at previous jobs...Take the check and use to prep and allow time to search and decide on future earning prospects...Having been an employer of many employees and paying thousands into the Labor Dept for years, I think it was designed for cases as yours, no fault termination....sleep sound and with a guiltless mind, my friend...booger

Anonymous said...


Do it. If your employer did not pay for the insurance, you would have been paid more instead.


Spud said...

Yeah right...