Saturday, August 27, 2011

a lil catchin up

It has been something of a crazy week for me. As y'all know, I am no longer employed with said company, no matter, and have been getting things taken care of while I still have some cash flow (in).
Went to Cincy to see the kids and sis, had a good time and grabbed some good pics of Granbehbie and a short video of her being her cutest. Had a few beers with Sis and had some good conversation.

Another good highlight of my week was cutting another shackle to the system.
When I bought this PC I was planning on making it a linux machine and just never got around to it. Lazy, I know. Won't make any excuses about it, just lazy.

No longer.

I had a little issue that arose that I have had before on other units and it is strictly a Windows issue that annoyed the hell out of me. I am sure it is one that you all bite your lip over too. UPDATES. How many times have you been trying to do something and the whole system seems slower than glacier drift?? Reason being that update engine is running in the background and hogging processor power and RAM. Well, I tried to suspend it and ended up causing a glitch in the system. PLUS I managed to completely FUBAR Office at some point and had both 2003 and 2010 loaded up, and neither would work at all, nor could I get rid of them through control panel.

Now before anyone goes posting cures or suggestions on fixes, I murdered that OS, MURDERED IT I say! FUCK MS!

I loaded up Mint 11 on this machine and OMG! it IS a different machine. FAST! Responsive, and forgiving. I am having to bone up my commandline skills but I have needed to do that for sometime. Command line in MS is highly discouraged by MS and finding info on the newer OS's CL is daunting. TO hell with that infection prone system. OS from here on out. There is the one point I have to address of installing Itunes so that I can manage my phone but there is plenty of documentation on that.

I do have some good computer habits that I have carried with me for some time. All music and vids that I have are stored on external harddrives, Same for all of my files that I don't trust to fickle machines. One thing I love about Firefox is its portability. Being able to quickly transfer ALL bookmarks and settings from one machine to another is pretty damned sweet (and for those that say its a tedious process, bah! cut and paste baby, cut and paste!)

Now, since I made one major change, Maybe its time to get serious about switching to Wordpress.


Anonymous said...

don't know which desktop you are running but try gtkpod - works good for me. Thursday was the 20th anninversary for linux, you know.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Wordpress all the way. Sooooo much better than Google!

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

I use Windows mainly because I'm a gamer. I am looking to go to Ubantoo linux as a back up system and to rejuv some older hardware. I love tweaking pc's to get the best performance out of the parts you got on hand. Any rich idiot can buy a highend PC or parts. But to tweak a 7 year old PC to play today's games takes knowledge and not money. Yes I'm running an old 939 socket AMD X2 3800 cpu and I can play all the demos of today's Hi end games.
That being said I think I will have to upgrade, But 7 years good use out of pc is not bad for $600.00 in 2003, and the PC is still a great little workhorse. It just can't do all the Highend stuff. Plus since I build my own PCs I will get a lot more bang for my buck and I can build and buy in stages.
Yes I'm chick, I build PC's, I game, and I shoot and reload ammo. We are not comman but we are out there.

Spud said...

Dunno about any of that stuff.
I buy, I hunt and peck.
Too much useful info ta stuff into my limited little brain. To waste any storage space on geek stuff.
Give me good old analog tech, with pure mechanical relays. It will all still be functional long after the micro stuff is history...

Diogenes said...

Gonna have to try that desktop out anon.

CC: Wordpress it is, but again, gonna hav to play with it first.
Upshot though, My wireless connection is stronger under Linux. Not 100% sure why that is, but I am not complaining.
ASR: Girl Geeks are cool, Girl Geeks that shoot guns are way cool! So whatcha doin Saturday night? LOL

Spud. I am with you on that point, up to a point. I study Old Tech to the point that some would call me steampunk though I think the steampunkers are more rabid about it than I could ever bee. I Like my Sliderule over a pocket calculator (and just picked up a new one while in Cincy. Post 1447 made in 1958 and in perfect shape) I prefer analog tools to the Computer controlled machines. But for now, those tools rule the industries. There will be a time when the kids running them are coming to guys like us for insight in 'what went wrong'. LOL And I am only 43, still just a young punk in the world.

Diogenes said...

Oh, ASR, since you are into Gaming, go Check out Wines website on compatibility.

If you like trying out the new games, there may be a window of opportunity for you to get away from the microsoft platform all together. And since you seem to have some knowledge of how MS works, Wine will be a breeze for you since it emulates MS near perfectly.
I had stuck with windows since nearly every job I have ever had in the past required me to be on top of the game on what that evil empire was pumping out. (and this is yet one more way I am breaking out of the system.)

Joel said...

Mint is great. Approached it with great trepidation (and the help of a much more knowledgeable friend) but haven't ever regretted making the move.

Of course I'm not a gamer - I just want the damned thing to run and not tell me what I am and am not allowed to do with my own machine.