Monday, August 22, 2011

All Quiet in LaLaLand.

At least that is my take on things right now. I haven't had much to say over the weekend, and with the surfing I did do, seems that others were of the same mindset. Little to add to the fray.

The predictability of the MSM and our .GOV is actually pretty pathetic when you get right down to it. While stopping for a cuppa, I saw the headline "Gadhafi's reign ends!"

woohoo, yippie, time to party like it's 1001BC

Just for giggles, would someone please, please, tell me what that has to do with jackshit in this country: just one snippet of reality here, and it doesn't need to be much at all.

Probably can't come up with much can you? Well, let me tell you why its "important": It is the "hey, whats that?" that someone pulls when they don't want you to see the suckerpunch coming. That is what this is all about. Only, in this instance, its to distract us from the fact that O'boy is on, yet again, vacation. Its smoke in front of the mirror, pure and simple.

And it works.

I know the mans job is a hard one, every president needs a break from that role even if its for a few days every once in a while. And while I really want to bitch about how many times this guy has done this and how many trips he has taken that were blatant holidays on our dime; I won't. The fact that he is taking time away from his job is a good thing as it means that there will be less intrusions developing in the interim. Not to say that there won't be further intrusions later on; there will be. BUT right now, Him, CONgress, and whatnot all being "on vaca" is a damned good thing for those of us in the field.

Only, O is schmoozin it up with, you got it, The MSM's. Hmmm, could that mean he is starting to lose his base of "objective" supporters and is working on regaining that confidence? Prolly: more than likely I think.

And who fuckin cares right?

Well, seeing the teeter totter of reality this country is on, I think there is much more going on behind closed doors in high places than many would suspect. I think that there is a coming power grab that is going to shock people into submission if they aren't 'all for it'. And many will be for it since they want something for nothing at the expense of others. Even though we all know TANSTAAFL is reality, there are many that don't and think we are crazy.

The tipping point is past, long past. Now we teeter on the fall that has been predicted time out of mind. Only it won't be fast and sudden. No, the training of the progressives has made fast and furious impossible. Just as in the Roman Empire, the fall will be spread out over time, more sudden in small areas but incremental over the whole sphere. And like the Roman Empire, our Armies will be spread out around the known world, to be absorbed or destroyed over time.

It ain't TEOTWAKI so much as HISTORY humming the same old tune.

When will us hairless monkeys learn to dance to a different tune?

Or am I holding too much hope for the species?

Back on later with my trials and tribulations within the Circus of Local Government agencies. LOL what a hoot, and nearly as predictable as the MSM's are.


Spud said...

There is no hope, only the same old tired tune.
I got mine will rule to the end...

Pray for a big ass solar flare or some such. Equalize this mass produced clusterfuck !!
Most of the sheep are just too well fed to care about those that aren't.
After all it is their fault that they are poor...

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

Actually I think it's a push from the Big banks to get Libyan Gold. Chavez asked for his gold back and I don't think the banks have it on hand.
I can't think of any other reason for the rebels to suddenly become so effective!
Plus Obama and the EU/NATO need a win in the PR department. I think they are reading the public's reaction wrong, but look at how BHO tried to leverage killing Osama and what a bust it was overall.Plus war is a distraction for the TBTF banks and countries ready to default in the EU and the USA.
I have no love for Hugo Chaves. I think he is a socialist dictator. I don't think he's stupid.

Soffitrat said...

BOA fails soon. The Bernank is in Jackson's A Hole and won't give us anything of substance. The Chinks are supporting the Euro (temporarily) until the oil from Libya stops flowing their way. Gold is soaring. Syria's been warned. Israel is fighting again with Egypt and the idiots next door. Silver is not (JP Morgue) is manipulating again. The Prez uses EO to push thru the Dream Act. Water's is mouthing. Blacks are looting. Unions are boiling. S&P is getting its (payback) comeuppins.

And that's just this past 7 days!

Put it all together and we have one race war. No, make that two.

One currency collapse. No, make that two.

One war. No, make that two.

See a trend?

Diogenes said...

That tune is starting to sound like "Lalalalalalalalala!" while the fingers are rammed in the ears. It gets old in about 2 seconds and is typical of those with a three year olds mentality.

ASR: I have no love for any dictator/tyrant, but they do get my respect if only that respect I give a snake. Caution is best used when dealing with that type. Something that our PTB/W have been tossing around with abandon over the last few years. Not Good by anyones standards.
Soffitrat: Trends? What trends? What I see is a choreographed nightmare about to implode/explode/meltdown and swirl down the trap like the load it really is. Yeah, that trend of keeping the floor moving is getting old fast.