Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thought dump II

I said yesterday that today would be trivial and frivolous: I lied.

I run around crazy in my own head, to the point that some think I am 'slow' at times. In all actuality, this is due to the fact that I continually try to cook a 7 course meal for 8 on 4 burner stove. Things get put aside until they have simmered a bit.(and I know that I am not the only one.)

This is one of those times. This article was read in the past by me and while it meant something, it took more time to really pick up the flavor. I guess what it needed was a little spice. Craig gave me that spice unintentionally but my thanks go to him nonetheless.

I would recommend reading BOTH articles before proceeding as the rest of this is drivel without that background.

This is also gonna piss some off.

I have had my say on somethings involving SSI and SSD in the past, I understand the whole "worked my ass off and paid into the system for years" attitude. Believe me, I DO understand. The fact that the system is beyond broke(n) should be without question and, sorry 'bout your luck, but if you aren't on it now, you probably won't be. Remember, I am right there in the same boat as you with the 'paying up'. It is money that is taken without my permission that could be used for some greater purpose and I have no doubts that I will never see anything but the numbers on my old check stubs, never to return to my hands. I am over it. Move on.

But when you really think about where this country has been going over the last 80-90 years (longer actually but the ball really took off after WWII) You have to ask, What was the cold war really about? Look around you and you see multiple shades of Socialism: communism under a cuter name. Yes, I do consider SSI a form of socialism even if the original intent was not designed(worded) that way. There are far too many on the dole of that system that have not really worked for it, unlike the many that did. (for example, look to the first recipient of SSI. If this doesn't scream Ponzi scheme at you, you may need a hearing aid.)

Now we are facing a seriously screwy piece of legislation that is called medicine but makes the worst socialized medicine program look pretty good.
That brings me back to Fred's article. Maybe I am that heartless bastard. Maybe not. Then again, maybe I don't view the world through rose tinted glasses. (which in fact, I do not.)
First in my line of objection to anything that has .GOV written on it, I refer to the movie "Idiocracy". If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. It will come off as a campy BS comedy, but its a ticking bomb of thought; It will blow in your mind when you least expect it. Without giving too much away, there is a point that is brought up, in the movie and in Fred's article about stupid people. The point in the movie is how stupidity was bred into the populace. In Fred's article, how it is devolved from Societal standards. Both are correct.
My issue revolves around the fact that "Stupidity" more often than not is just plain ignorance. Ignorance is more of a choice than a standard. Some don't realize they are ignorant and that is rather sad. Some DO understand that and choose not to correct the situation: THAT is stupidity. Ignorance is curable, but the victim has to want the cure or any efforts outside of that person are wasted. I choose the word 'Victim' since many of the ignorant grouping are simple products of Government controlled indoctrinations.

And I am preaching to the choir on that note. We all know this.

Yes, there are many in this world that fall in the "Ignorant/Stupid" class and it is entirely by design. There are those that only want more power and control. Shallowly taught persons are perfect to lead around with fear and intimidation. It is those that are aware of the facts, that are difficult and dangerous. (Hence, why 'patriots' and 'Preppers' are considered "Terrorists".) And if you can encourage breeding enmasse (through subsidies to livelihood) your voting base grows exponentially, equating to even more power and control.

When this country was founded, 90% of the land mass was "unexplored". Granted, there were indigenous persons all over the place, but that didn't count. They were never taken seriously until they had a blade at your throat. And yet, with that threat, colonists and explorers would brave that world to achieve something. What was it that they were trying to achieve? A better life? Seems that it would be safer to raise your kids in town than drag them into the bush with God only knows what hiding behind every tree. And then there was all that hard work of clearing land, building a house, cleaning all the daggum rocks out of the soil to plant crops, raising cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, what not. Then hoping that at some point there would be travelers coming through to replace those things you couldn't make on your own, or having to send someone back to get them, never without a promise of success, on either end of that trip. And there was NEVER any promise of success to survive any of the above. Many didn't make it, but many more took the calling and challenge, and so we conquered the "New World". Why? Why go through all that, hoping and trusting in something you couldn't see or feel? Pride? I don't think so. I think there was something more to it and its something that we have lost: Freedom! Freedom from Government intervention. These people were more willing to take on "savages" and wildlife, than take on that critter on the hill. Then, it was easier to 'get away' as there were still areas that you could get away TO. Now, the encroachment is complete. The only way to get away is to drop out of the system entirely (which they did then but had better odds of doing so) and possibly find some other country to take you in. There are no places left on this continent to run to. You may be able to find somewhere within the confines of our prison country but the odds are much longer.

And now the encroachment is to force us all into one system of medicine whether we like it or not.
I know this is late in the game but there comes a point where one has to vent a thought. This one took on some damned potent spices from Craigs post.
There was that thought, of my being some horrible bastard because I don't like the idea of supporting every swinging dick in America; habits or sniffles. The one thing I have seen in countries with SM is decline. Decline in the level of care since it takes money to support that care, and decline in the skill levels of the care givers since many that learned the practice, wish to make a decent wage at it; not 'just give it away'. Like anything in this world that requires skill, the choice should be placed on the one with the skill, not the receiver. If I chose to do machine work or mechanic work for free, I would have no end of work, but free doesn't put food on the table. Another side of that being, that free work tends to be the most critically eyed. Many times that 'customer' will be the first to backstab you when you can't afford to help out any longer. We all know that negative word travels faster and farther than positive ones: truth has little to do with it.

(side note: There was recently a free dental clinic in the Atlanta metro area. They had to turn away people and even have the police manage the line. This was a great deal for many and I applaud their efforts. My concern are of those that will be less than happy with that work, and try to turn it into a money maker with some lawsuit or what not. I am sure they covered themselves on that in some way, but the fact that it could rear its head shows just how bad that side of our culture has become. This also goes to my argument of "provider choice".)

So, Ignorance/stupidity, Skilled labor wanting to retain the value of that labor, Bad attitudes from the first group when denied, Government intervention from the wrong direction (mandates) and Power Junkies with a vested interest in keeping the first group 'happy' (at the expense of all groups of course)

So how does Craigs work cycle into all of this.
Every man for himself is the new "normal", best get used to it.....

What if that is the lowest common denominator and always has been, DESPITE all of the liberal mouthwash that has been ingested by us over the years? It fits right in with the natural order of the world, and while we don't have to like it, there could be much worse that we would tolerate. (as witnessed by all of those groups that have been wiped out via genocide in all parts of the world, including this continent.) What if all of this is really just a cover to something much bigger that is leading to a full out class warfare, instigated by TPTB, to get further control over "the voting class"?

And what if EVERYTHING you were ever taught was ass-backwards wrong?

Including what you were taught about that green piece of paper, folded up in your wallet?

More thoughts to follow, as always.


Anonymous said...

"Granted, there were indigenous persons all over the place, but that didn't count."
maybe not to you. They had maps, government, monetary systems, etc. And they sure counted to their friends and relations when the "civilized interlopers" killed them.

Spud said...

There ain't nothing civilized, about civilization.
Indeed class warfare is upon us.

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

Diogenes said...

Anon: thank you for putting that ' maybe' in there. Please go back and re-read the article without the bias that I 'hate indians'.
Spud: BINGO!! There it is in all its poisonous trappings, everything we were taught is intended to keep us divided despite the stated intent.
Masid: your singing to the wrong key here, maybe if you give us a set of lyrics, we could join in. Otherwise, comment on the article or go away.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

"Including what you were taught about that green piece of paper, folded up in your wallet?"

We know that is bass ackwards wrong. There's no tangible value to back it up anymore, and the wrong people are in charge of it.

I really do feel like it's every man for himself. Especially among the ranks of our "leaders", from city on up. They're bleeding us dry for their own gain, and we're allowing them to get away with it. Time to start looking out for ourselves, and shut off the tap.

Heh, speaking of "spice", methinks I now have some writing to do : )

m_reichert58 said...

(excuse my grammar)
I thought you were goin to bash SSI at first and wasn't going to read it..
Who really knows what it was like in those old times except the will to survive at all costs. And they did for our sake they did.
I marvel at what they did with what they had to do it with. In just building a home they had crude tools but crude tools and creative minds built this country. We have become dependent on help to get things done today. Financial, contractual, safety(permits), intellectual(tech)etc. Every entity has to have a hand in it, a say so on how you have to do it.
Now that all the open state land is being bought up by the feds in prep for Agenda 21, there IS no where to go to where a person might have a chance to start over and escape this immoral country.
This country has a sense of throwing their old out with the trash as well. Take away their SSI and let them die, they had their chance. What if you do take it away what is it going to save when in the midst of things it's really chump change compared to the trillions being trashed to other countrys.
Damn I'm just rambeling. Sorry. At 66 I tend to do that.

Diogenes said...

Thank you for reading it anyway despite your hesitation. I know that eradicating SSI would kill thousands, I am not that inhuman of pessimist. BUT, I think you and I would both agree, that the system is broke and broken. Something needs to change. Sadly, we as a society, have changed far from that of those that started this country and those that followed and built it. I wonder if the backbone and fortitude that our ancestors had is still in circulation.

There are days where I really doubt it. I read posts from fellow bloggers and that really supports my hope, as I can tell it is still out there. It just may be lean in existence.

Ramble all you want, I enjoy reading comments no matter what the grammer or syntax.(so long as you aren't a liberal trying to convince me that socialism is a good thing :) )