Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peekin out from under my rock..

Haven't really been dwelling much on the nets lately, same reason as always: lack of reliable net access. Yet, Seems to me that things have settled down a bit, for now.

Not that its a good thing. Tribulations means that there is just nonsense abroad, silence means something bigger is brewing.

I read somewhere,(I believe on The Woodpile Report) that what is itching the .GOV types is not "Terrorists" so much as what they define as "domestic Terrorists". In the Domestic terrorist realm, a terrorist is someone that doesn't wish to "toe the line" with the system. Seems counter-intuitive to me seeing how I was taught a terrorist is someone that uses violence against the public at large to sway government action to their (terrorist) point of view. Seeing how so many of us preppers just "want to be left alone", Terrorist is the last thing I would call us. But then, I am just a little fish in the big bad sea with no influence on public opinion in any form.
No, what I see is a label to sway public opinion towards the thinking of TPTB/W. THAT equates to terrorism by the definition given above. Even if a word is not violence in and of itself, the connotations of said word reflect violence. And words are all we have at this point. Words can kill. History will reflect that every war started within the last 2 centuries started with little more than words that escalated into violence. Yes, words can kill.

But how does one little guy in that ginormous sea, use words to inflict damage upon a self-designated enemy(as they have done by applying labels) ?

I don't see it.

Not one person. And there are so many that are out there waiting to infiltrate any group that seems to be gaining traction,(see current TEA party affiliations) that forming a group seems even more pointless.
Yes, I think we could make great changes in the system as it stands now, IF and only IF, we could maintain integrity internally. Yet, that is actually the harder part of the game, is it not?

I guess that I will just bide my time as best I can, to see this leviathan implode. Monetarily, we will. Where we go from there will say more about the integrity of "Americans" than anything else. I personally feel there are more "Ameri-Kants" than the former, and if I am right; there will be a new tyranny unleashed upon the face of this planet, and it will be at the whim of the last group.

There are days where I think our best hope is for the racially driven tribes to rip us apart internally before that can come about, but I ain't holden my breath either.

Will be back tomorrow with something completely trivial and frivolous. dunno what yet, but it won't be near as intense.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

The internal rippage is progressing in earnest, driven by TPTB. They want us fighting each other, makes the looting so much easier with the added bonus of people ASKING for more tyranny in the form of "protection". What will count is who can move the swiftest in the melee and make hay while the sun shines... Maybe we'll wind up fractured into several smaller countries. That wouldn't be a bad thing in my book.

Anonymous said...


It wouldn't be a bad thing... if we were living before about 1900. You are right, Dio. This economy is coming apart, starting with Europe (again), and we will soon see much more civil disorder. It has already started, and our muslim Prez. is encouraging it. You are also right in that those in power DO want to see us fighting with each other. Look for more union and minority violence. That, too, has already started.