Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gots it figgered out

Well, not all of it, but I can see where much of what is wrong with this country, resides.

Take for example the quake.

???? What quake? Oh, you mean the Japanese quake, right?

No, the east coast quake that had the MSM's aflutter with fearmongering and pantswetting.

And then consider the BIG Hurricane.

??? Katrina???

Nope, Irene, slamming into the Big Apple as I type this.

Again, Much Ado about nuttin. Panties in a wad, harping to the world about how horrible the planet is to them.(talkin 'bout the MSM's again)

Tam made a great point about this the other day.

And many AmeriCan's wonder why the rest of the world looks down noses at us.(well maybe not) How can any of us be taken seriously when we have such pampered numbskulls 'representin' us in front of the world. I am not talking about the SElected class either, these are college bred nincumpoops get HIRED to spout this shit. That leaves a lot to be said about those doing said hiring too. but I digress.

Is it any wonder that I REFUSE to watch the bubblevision with anything other than a bypassers role. The most I watch is about 15 minutes spread out over several days. Long enough to know that the disease is still in place and the infection is spilling over the same as yesterday.

Gah, I think its time to go climb a tree or something.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

Around here the TV weather-boobs sensationalize everything. Any deviation from "mostly sunny with a high of 92 degrees" is some sort of impending disaster, rain predictions are always overblown, heat waves to be hotter than they actually turn out to be, cold snaps way exaggerated...

But like we saw with Irene, Boobus Americanus hangs on their every word as gospel, never thinks for himself, and never prepares for anything. Every year it's the SAME DAMN THING. "Crap! A hurricane? On the COAST?! Who'da thunk it?! Quick, go fight the mob for bottled water and batteries while I get some plywood!"

Some idiots will go stand on the jetties, "OOOOOhhhhh, big waves", then wonder why they get swept out to sea. Some moron in a slicker with a microphone in hand will go stand on the beach, or on a seawall, and let us know that it's really windy and raining a lot. (I've always wanted to see one of those idiots impaled by a flying 2x4 on live TV, yes I'm warped that way : )

There is no help for the chronically stupid...