Monday, August 1, 2011

Leashed to a wall :-(

Well, bit the bullet, dragged the charger along with me to the library so I could get my net fix. Using the phone is like slipping powdered sugar in the syringe for a junkie. Yeah, I am a Web junkie, but I have gotten better by not spending HOURS a day on it. I have throttled back to just a couple of hours a week.

The one downside of that being, lack of realtime information. I don't/won't use the mass media sources as the blatant lying has given me more nightmares than my ex-wife. I have to use Drudge Mobile for now to try and stay up on things. Works to some extent, but I also have to limit my file transfers to a set amount on the phone. (AT&T really gets outrageous with billing if you 'go over' even just a little.)

SO, without spending hours pouring over massive threads of information, I have very little to add to the fray at this point. Far too much information to absorb and process BEFORE I can give an decent opinion. BUT I can say that what I have seen, really boils down to "Stay of Execution". That kicking the can down the road that they have "accomplished" is just a further delay of the inevitable. It is really nothing more than giving the junkie a watered down shot of crank to keep him hobbling along for a bit longer. The look on Turbo-Timmy's face in the shot with Reid says far more, to me, than any MSM report about "doing the right thing".
(H/T to Concerned American for the pic, Link to post here.)
Yeah, that is the face of a power broker not getting his way," right now, the way I said to do it the first time; someone is gonna get put up against the wall if you assholes don't 'get on board" look.

I am sure that TT is getting that look quite a bit from O'boy and that O is getting that look (or at least the tone from the speaker phone) from Soros over the last 14 days. And of course Tearful Boehner had to play right into the shit with his stance (on jello).

Dammit, They can't do a damned thing right. Let this shit fail please! Yeah, its gonna hurt but you can't coddle the kids forever. They have to bust some knuckles, scrape some shins, get some stitches and end up in a cast at some point. If you surround them in protective padding, with rubber bumpers on everything, they will be far worse for wear when all of that protection 'goes away'.
Those 'kids' are the American populace, if you hadn't figured it out.


Conversation with my sis while in the Armpit of the MidWest: We were discussing everything from the Economy to Boson Particles/quantum physics to home repairs. That list went wild and I stopped trying to track it after awhile. What did get brought up was my take on what a collapse could do FOR this country. I had to pick an industry to show how things would improve IF the the Gov went into default and how it would better others around it in said situation. There is one assumption that has to be made in this argument and it hinges on that one assumption but the case can be made for MANY industries along the way using the same premise.
Higher Education: If the funding/subsidies all failed due to the Government going broke, The higher education system would go through a 'cleaning house period'. Those Researchers and Professors that are living in tenure due to those subsidies would take the 'high road' as they would be forced to 'earn a living'. Colleges are businesses, just like every other business. They would be forced to compete in a marketplace that was just as beat up by the economy. Without the subsidies to keep them alive, they would have to drop costs, and in order to do that, they would have to lower salaries among the professors. Many would just say to hell with it and move into public sector research or leave the country all together. The REAL educators would stick, they would be willing to take the cuts so long as they were able to do what they loved. Granted, Everybody has a limit as to how deep you can cut before they hightail it to higher ground, but there are educators in this world that Teach because it is the higher calling that they chose.(IF the government would get out of the damned way, I would jump into those waters with a quickness. I actually enjoy teaching people, far more than I enjoy any other thing I have done in my life. And I like to do many things.)

I am sure you can reason out the rest of that cycle. And it would be cyclic. Better teachers + more freedom in teaching style= better students= better teachers= better citizens= more business proposals=better country growth etc etc etc.

Did you figure out what the assumption was?

No tyrannical government to replace the one we (desperately) need to lose.

yup, big 'what if?" eh? I know, a pipe-dream of sorts because there will ALWAYS be those that want power over others. Always. Just as there will always be those that are more comfortable as slaves than Freemen. I really think it boils down to aspiration. So few have aspirations to grow past semi-adulthood: those are the ones that are happy in the chains of servitude. The ones that don't mind someone stealing them blind of 35%(or more) of their labor. The other side of that are the ones that think being fair is every one sharing equally. They are the ones blinded to the power hungry that would happily feed mom to the wolves if it meant they could gain one more ounce of political power.

With that in mind, I am going to cut this short today. My battery should be in soon and then I will be able to lug the anchor around without the chain. Both are heavy but together they are a real pain the ass. Tomorrow is that meeting and I really have no idea what is coming down the pike. I will drag the anchor with me tomorrow so I can update all on the further trials and tribulations of a working stiff named Dio. (and just for peace of mind: I have other work already lined up that falls very neatly into my plans of 'getting off grid'. I am good no matter what happens tomorrow)


Craig Cavanaugh said...

That 35% looks more like 50% to me when it's all said and done. And I's "little people", so it smarts a lot more than it does for the "successful". Keeping 50% of $100k is a lot sweeter than 50% of $38k, which are real numbers I've seen during my "career", but on both sides, the loss of 50% sucks ass just as equally. The only real difference being that at $100k I bought a smaller truck to save more gas for the boat. At $38k I'm not buying boat gas at all, or much of anything else. It all gets sucked up in monthly expenses. To think that it costs nearly $38k to live a "normal" life is sickening...

Diogenes said...

No doubt. 38k is a far cry from what I am making and every dime is absorbed into getting the property built up. I do splurge on tools on occasion but I also have the advantage of no bills other than fuel and insurance. If I had a rent or mortgage, I would be dead in the water.